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Now, less than two years later, the soulful Scottish singer-songwriter has more than 14 million monthly listeners, Bruises” has been streamed over 160 million times, and he has just released his long-awaited debut album.

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Lewis CapaldiLewis Capaldi has been swiping his fingers to the bone” on Tinder – but is still single. The sold out crowd seemed to thoroughly enjoy Capaldi’s heart-wrenching lyrics along with Capaldi’s hilarious onstage banter as the show was not only a concert but he made it more of a stand-up comedy with song being performed between the jokes as fans throughout the venue were not only crying tears of happiness but also sadness from connecting to the lyrics.

Addressing the ‘tough time’ is has gone through during his career James added: ‘I think I care less about what people think now and when you hit 30 you start to live life for yourself in a good way.

In April, he sold out an eight-date 2020 UK Arena Tour (nearly 100,000 seats) in 10 minutes – the first artist in history to sell out a run of arena dates before releasing a full-length debut album.

The music video, starring the former Doctor Who star (and Lewis’ distant relative) Peter Capaldi , depicts him as a widower. He is content; however, when he meets a young mother and her family, who his wife had donated a heart to, and he gets to listen to her heartbeat again.

AUCKLAND, NZ (June 27, 2019) – As his blockbuster debut album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent ticks over to 1 billion streams worldwide and enters its fifth week at the top of the UK charts, Scottish singer-songwriter LEWIS CAPALDI has wasted no time in announcing his first show in New Zealand in 2020.

Meanwhile, Lana Del Rey received the gong for Song of the Decade thanks to her hit track ‘Video Games’ – which was released in 2011 – marking the first time the prestigious honour has been handed out at the ceremony.

Lewis was the fastest unsigned artist to reach 25 million plays on Spotify, and the first to sell out an arena tour before releasing an album. Lewis , who on Wednesday won the Best Track gong at the Q Awards for No1 hit Someone You Loved, said: We did do a song together. I love it.

The story soon became familiar all over Europe, America & Australia and America where it became Capaldi’s first top 10 single in the US. With a record breaking 6 back-to-back completely sold out headline tours all over the world in less than 18 months, his ascent, simply unprecedented, his rapidly developing fanbase ravenous, outstripping the supply for tickets for every show. His talents didn’t go unnoticed among his peers with Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran & The Killers all inviting Capaldi to open their Arena & Stadium shows.

One of the first artists in history to announce an arena run before the release of a debut album. La chanson “Bruises” figure sur son premier album, “Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent”, et existe en ligne depuis mars 2017.

Having a really good album that you can maximise over a campaign buys you more time. What worries me in the industry today is when you have artists – at all levels – who release albums and then quickly move on to new music. Some artists are releasing albums, and then three weeks later putting new music out.

It’s not unprecedented to see an artist offer an ironic running commentary on his own gig, but it does become notable when said artist is the biggest new act in the country and sings about nothing but romantic calamity. Like Adele before him, Capaldi’s throaty, blue-eyed soul draws its power and specificity from a formative breakup, which he anatomises with a masochistic thoroughness. Sparser songs such as his 2017 debut single Bruises wallow in damage and loss, as if reluctant to move on: I hope I never lose the bruises that you left behind.” Even the relatively thumping Hollywood , which he says you can dance to as long as it’s with tears in your eyes”, is about his failure to distract himself from what he’s messed up.

Like many in his generation, Capaldi, whose aspiring rock star of an older brother led him to start playing music in grade school, was discovered by a manager after he posted homemade recordings online. His meal ticket of an instrument, though, sets him apart as much as his attraction to classic arrangements does. Where artists like Eilish and Khalid do this super-cool kind of mumbly, vibey thing,” as one of his producers, Malay , put it, Capaldi uses his powerful chest voice to reach the cheap seats. In the weathered grain of his singing — rich with echoes of Otis Redding and Daryl Hall — you can hear a performer capable of turning pain into beauty.

Correct. I’d been friends with Daniel Lieberberg for years, and he remains one of my favourite people in music. Lieberberg, who signed Capaldi to UMG, was head of Universal’s domestic labels in Germany before jumping ship to Sony in October 2017. Daniel’s an incredible person to be around – he’s one of the very few people in music at his level who takes such sensibility and pride in what he does. We were WhatsApp buddies.

A few hours earlier he revealed more of himself during an intimate warm-up show in Trinity Apse, just off Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, in front of no more than 50 people: three stripped-down songs followed by an interview with the comedian Daniel Sloss Up close it’s apparent that Capaldi served his apprenticeship performing cover versions in pubs, wrestling noisy, boozy rooms into submission with his burly, husky voice and quick wit. It’s no discredit to the songs to say that the interview is even more entertaining.

Lewis Capaldi will release his debut album — Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent – on May 17, 2019 via Capitol Records. The 22-year-old Scottish singer-songwriter also announced plans for a U.S. June tour and recently shared the official video for his new single, Someone You Loved,” which stars Scottish actor Peter Capaldi, who portrayed the Twelfth Doctor in the iconic British television show Doctor Who and is a distant cousin of Lewis.

Now Someone You Loved” — the key track from Capaldi’s debut album, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent” — is in the running for January’s Grammy Awards, with music-industry insiders speculating about its chances of being nominated for song and record of the year. Capaldi himself is tipped for a best new artist nod.Lewis Capaldi

Capaldi’s debut album, Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent , is the fastest selling UK debut of 2019 with 90,000 albums sold in the first week. To date, it has sold over one million adjusted albums worldwide and combined global streams now exceed 2.3 billion.

Earlier this month, Capaldi released the four-track Bruises EP , which includes the album version of Bruises” plus a Live Orchestral Version, a guitar acoustic and the Steve Void Remix. Watch the official video for Bruises” HERE After Capaldi self-released Bruises” two years ago, he became the fastest unsigned artist to reach 25 million plays on Spotify.

After playing Bruises,” his debut single from 2017, to resounding response, he reprised the chorus with just his voice and his pianist. In fact, the melancholy numbers with just voice and piano stood out, though Headspace,” featuring all four backup musicians, unfolded like a majestic hymn.

The other thing that was a huge help was having Ted and David so actively invested in the UK. That all came about after we put out the first song, Bruises in March 2017. We got a million emails when that landed; we met a few labels in the Universal UK building but I’d already worked with a few people in the Virgin system before who I knew were brilliant, like Andy Knox, while Clive and Ted’s reputations go before them.

Maybe Bruises” was the first ever song that changed things, in fact, maybe a song called Headspace that’s on the album, that I wrote when I was like 17. Those are the first songs where I really really wrote about what I was thinking and what was happening in my life and those are songs that people seem to gravitate towards.

These tracks appear on Capaldi’s debut album, Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent, which has attracted more than 2 billion streams globally to date. It is signed to Virgin EMI in the UK, Capitol Music Group in the US, while Capaldi’s publishing is looked after by BMG.

Lewis Capaldi is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from West Lothian, Scotland. His debut single, Bruises,” was released on March 31st, 2017, and has since notched up over 25 million plays on Spotify.

Capaldi , who has become a huge name this year, won the Q best track award for the chart-topping Someone You Loved, and Foals picked up best album for Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (Part 1) – which was also up for this year’s Mercury Prize.

It’s hard to imagine things moving faster for a new artist, especially given that Capaldi was discovered after releasing his music on SoundCloud less than three years ago. And while his parents only partially sanctioned a career filled with pub and wedding gigs before that, they’re a bit more tolerant of the choice now.

While other artists with millions of streams can sometimes struggle to fill rooms, the demand to see Lewis Capaldi performing is feverish. His goosebump-inducing voice and astonishing musical moments make sure that fans are always dying to come back for more. There’s something surprisingly unifying about being in a room with thousands of strangers and losing yourself, just to fully embrace yourself in the palpable, anguished emotion embodied in Capaldi’s music and lyrics. At the same time, the more sanguine-sounding songs in his setlist remind one of the euphoric elation and life-affirming hope that can be found even in moments of hollow emotional emptiness.

Lewis Capaldi is a 22 years Scottish singer-songwriter. He achieved the mainstream successes throughout 2018, and in 2019. As he reached number one on the UK Singles Chart with his single Someone you loved.

Capaldi: That song is actually one of my favourites on the album and I think it’s been one of the favourites from the live set too; people really seem to enjoy it. That session came about when I texted my pal, an artist called JC Stewart, as I had just come from a session. I was like, I wanna do something else, I still want to write more today.” I’d been in a session from 11 AM to like 7 PM and I texted him at 8 being like, Do you want to get in a studio and try and do some writing?” And he was like yeah sure, I’ll ask my pals Plested and KIN — whom I think is another amazing writer and producer.

Cabello is expected to release her sophomore solo album ‘Romance’ sometime this year. She teased the new record early last month with a cryptic video featuring a monologue about love, wonder and romance In June, she collaborated with Shawn Mendes on the steamy chart-topper ‘Señorita’.

Capaldi: I came out to L.A. for three trips—one was a longer trip, and two were quite short. In L.A., the bar is so high in terms of songwriting and musicianship. You think, Oh I better bring my A game.” Plus it’s sunny all the time—it makes you kind of want to get up and write, instead of when it’s gloomy and you want to stay in bed.

The pair struck up a friendship after the Scottish singer-songwriter stuck up a banter-filled feud with her father and former Oasis songsmith, which all stemmed from a Radio X interview in which he “slagged off” his music.

Capaldi: The title is actually in reference to the process of recording an album. There was a point when I was making the album that I was down on myself, and things weren’t going as well on the music business side of things…some of my songs didn’t do as well as people were hoping. And I felt like…Oh God, is this gonna work out? Then I wrote this song called Figure It Out” that was initially supposed to open the album. And the first two lines in the song are, Broken by desire to be heavenly sent, Divinely uninspired to a hellish extent.” Those two lines summed up the feeling that I had, of having the desire to be good at something, but sometimes feeling like you’re just shy of your goal. This song isn’t quite right yet, but I would love to put this song out later.

The more I listen to Small Talk,” the more I love it. It’s a great little telling of a sad story almost anyone could relate to. The lyric I just can’t believe we went from strangers to lovers to strangers in a lifetime” is especially good. As at least one Stereogum commenter pointed out, it’s reminiscent of the Purple Mountains album, though several degrees of difficulty lower than the lyrical gymnastics David Berman pulled off on That’s Just The Way That I Feel.” Still: Good song. Are we actually seeing the beginning of the Katy Perry renaissance ? Or maybe, with her former Teenage Dream” video costar alleging she exposed his penis to a room full of people, her comeback is about to short-circuit.

His debut album Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent released on the 17th of May, 2019 featuring 12 songs including his singles Grace,” Someone You Loved” and Hold Me While You Wait.” Someone You Loved” was Lewis’ first UK #1 and spent seven consecutive weeks at the top.

2019 opened in the midst of Capaldi finding himself widely plauded from seemingly every critic spanning every corner of the globe, his debut album ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’ instantly becoming the fastest selling debut from any artist for over 6 years, rocketing to number 1, where it spent no less than 6 weeks at the top of the chart.

Capaldi: Yeah, I think it’s absolutely wild. You put out these songs and you never expect people to find something on it. When I started this, and even now, I’m writing it all for me. I’m not writing thinking what do people want to hear. I’m writing songs that I want to listen to and like. It’s weird when people come up to me and go Oh my god, I related to the song in this way and it’s helped me through this.

During the week ending October 5, 2019, Someone You Loved” peaked at #3 on the Hot 100. It is his first song to crack the top 5 on the chart. The ‘Someone You Loved’ hitmaker admits he sometimes questions why he is the one selling out arenas because he’s “no better” than other artists.

Songs such as Capaldi’s have an unlikely role on pop radio, according to Nate Sloan, a music professor at the University of South California. He’s also a co-host of Switched on Pop, a Vox Media podcast about music trends.

Take Forever,” which plays out as a story of redemption and love of nigh-heavenly proportions. This is cascading moment is immediately followed by a track like The One,” which follows as a quick succession punch to heart with its multifaceted reflection on the scars we carry with us from relationship to relationship. Truly, in its twelve tracks, Capaldi’s debut album cements himself as a master at tugging heartstrings, while never feeling trite or overly-bearing.

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