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It was really simple.” Someone else did it. Looking incredibly loved up, the pair enjoyed a meal together at a restaurant in London, with Cheryl sporting a massive necklace with the word ‘love’. It was karaoke.

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LIAM PAYNELiam Payne is the 228th most popular pop music artist and the 174th most famous Liam Payne is described by fans as: Crowd pleaser, Catchy, Great musician, Calms me down and Great lyrics. Liam Payne has stripped that down, stacked it up, and now, he’s finally gracing our #SongAssociation series. For our latest episode, Liam stopped by ELLE to for a turn at besting the internet’s favorite game. Tune in as he sings tunes from Justin Timberlake, Post Malone, and his own arsenal in a race against the clock.

Despite rumours circulating that the pair could be dating, Cheryl and Liam walked the BRITs red carpet separately in 2016. Instead, Liam was joined by his former One Direction band mate Louis Tomlinson.

He also appeared to get very into Formula E, and you can see why. It’s a pursuit that has all the hallmarks of things that are flashy and modern – fast cars, wealth, the letter e” – and yet, when you scratch the surface, all you find are old grumbling carburettor enthusiasts. It is Liam Payne in sport form. Even when he tried to Bieberly lash out at his own fans it didn’t quite work. When he complained about people asking if One Direction will get back together he tweeted: I get asked this ridiculous question 500x a day (exaggeration)” – that final parenthesis just letting people know he has gone completely off the rails.

Cheryl and Liam made their first public appearance together in March 2016. Looking incredibly loved up, the pair enjoyed a meal together at a restaurant in London, with Cheryl sporting a massive necklace with the word ‘love’.

In all honesty, Payne’s description of One Direction’s friendship makes total sense. They were five strangers put together because of The X Factor. And like many relationships people have with their co-workers, they don’t always exist outside of work.

His musical attempts at credibility have also fallen short. The current trendy sound in the charts is reggaeton-influenced pop performed by mostly South American rappers. Never one to say, Oh, this trend probably doesn’t involve me”, Payne made his own attempt with a song called Familiar But he pronounced it familia” in lyrics such as, Can we get famili-famili-famili-familiar … let me be the one to fill it up”, like someone delivering a particularly embarrassing Spanish GCSE oral exam.

Sudden fame was overwhelming, Payne said. And he often tried to cope with the relentless tour and writing schedule (One Direction released five albums and performed four international tours between 2011 and 2015) with alcohol.

Payne and Tomlinson co-wrote the majority of One Direction’s songs, often referring to each other as a writing team. In 2014, Payne co-wrote a song for Cheryl , titled “I Won’t Break”, featured on her fourth album Only Human. In the same year, Liam remixed One Direction’s ” You & I ” and ” Steal My Girl “. Payne and Tomlinson were named in 2015 as some of Song Splits Top Songwriters in the World. The annual list showcases who in the entertainment industry is the most relevant and valuable, based on airplay, digital sales and web streams. They placed 54th and 55th 2 For One Direction’s fifth album Made in the A.M. , Liam played instruments on Hey Angel , co-produced and played all instruments on ” Love You Goodbye ” and remixed ” Drag Me Down “. In 2015, Liam co-wrote a song for Irish boy band Hometown called “The Night We Met”. In 2014 and 2016, Liam collaborated with American rapper Juicy J on several tracks which remain unreleased.

To make Liam Payne nervous certainly takes some doing. Back in 2009—when ambitions of winning X-Factor as a solo performer were still very much at the forefront of his mind—Payne sang in front of over 29,000 fans as part of the pre-match entertainment of a game between his local football team Wolverhampton Wanderers and Manchester United. A pretty heady experience for a boy not yet old enough to drive a car.

Jason HetheringtonChristmas is coming early for Liam Payne fans. The British singer previewed the wintry song on social media with a 13-second clip to a snowy background. After certain news outlets claimed Cheryl and Liam’s public display of affection at The BRIT Awards 2018 was a ‘stunt’, Cheryl angrily hit back on Twitter, calling it ‘ludicrous and weird’.

Liam’s star sign is Virgo. Liam released his debut single, Strip That Down , on 19 May, 2017. His debut EP, First Time , was released on 24 August, 2018. The source also detailed Cheryl’s feelings about Liam’s comments about his new relationship with model Maya Henry, 19.

He and Maya made their red carpet debut at Rita’s clothing launch at the weekend – even posing with Liam’s former collaborator at the swanky do. And just to show that they are still friends, Liam showed his support for Cheryl last Friday when she released her new single.

Payne’s lived pretty much his entire life on fast-forward. He had his first X-Factor television appearance at the age of fourteen. He embarked on his first world tour with a little band named One Direction—you might have heard of them—only four years later. The band sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, and had four albums debut at number one in the US charts. He even found the time to meet the future mother of his child somewhere in-between. As for fatherhood, that’s a life achievement the singer notched at just twenty-three.

Liam Payne has hinted his duet with Rita Ora contributed to his break-up with Cheryl, 36, last year. Due to his live performance experience, he was often lead singer in early One Direction songs, and placed at the front of their earlier live performances.

Cheryl has reportedly left the family home she once shared with her ex-boyfriend Liam Payne with she and son Bear, two, said to be moving in with her mum Joan. Sophia joined Liam Payne in New York when One Direction were in the city for their Where We Are tour in August 2014.

Payne and Ora delivered a risque performance of the song at the Brits while Cheryl watched on. Liam dropped his first solo single ‘Strip That Down’ in 2017. The track was co-written by Ed Sheeran. Liam Payne appeared in high spirits as he arrived at Berners Tavern in London to celebrate the close of London Fashion Week Men’s on Monday.

Liam Payne (born August 29, 1993 (age 18)) from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England, a music technology student at City of Wolverhampton College. Payne had auditioned in 2008 to The X Factor’s fifth series when he was 14 but Simon Cowell thought he was not ready for the competition and asked him to come back in two years. He failed to qualify as a solo candidate in the Boy’s category along with other members and were advised to join together to form the band, thus qualifying for the Group’s category.

Liam Payne just gave his Payniacs an early Christmas present. The singer announced on Friday (Oct. 18) that his debut album, LP1, will be released on Dec. 6. Liam Payne’s music has been streamed over two billion times to date. His debut single ‘Strip That Down’ featuring Quavo has totalled over 10 million sales worldwide.

When 1D lost their X Factor trophy to semi-hot handyman Matt Cardle and were beaten to the silver medal podium by classy Scouse songbird Rebecca Ferguson, Liam was 16. He had auditioned for the show previously, at 14, as a kind of minipops Michael Bublé, Wolverhampton’s hitherto unseen swing angle. On his first induction to the X Factor factory, he was instructed by producers to go home and rethink his shtick as the last 24 were whittled down on TV. He says it attuned him to the hard knocks of rejection. Such was the omnipotence of the show back then Liam’s audition storyline was enough to grant him a local working men’s club career where he honed his skill and paid his dues.

All I Want (for Christmas)” is Liam’s latest release off his upcoming debut solo album, LP1, due out December 6. It follows Stack It Up,” which he co-wrote with Ed Sheeran. The popular boy group, consisting of Liam, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and at once Zayn Malik, announced their indefinite hiatus in 2015.

Liam used to get into trouble at school and often spent time in the headmistress’s office. ‘śI used to have water fights in the toilets and climb on the roof to get footballs back,’ť he once revealed.

Yet we have to admit that not everything Payne has done has been quite so cringey. It’s widely believed that he is dating Naomi Campbell , which is quite impressive for someone who seems like he would flinch at a car backfiring, nevermind romance with the most no-nonsense living celebrity in the world. The couple caroused till dawn at a New Year’s Eve beach party in Ghana and then, weeks later, Naomi started posting things such as beautiful soul” on Payne’s topless selfies, a phrase that is really only used when you’re being dumped or, post-coitally, by older lovers. When the Sun splashed on the story in February it came with the headline Liam: My Mind Blowing Sex With Naomi” – and it is easy to imagine Payne as the little emoji with his head exploding.

Recorded in a variety of locations across the globe including London, New York and LA, the album has Liam’s signature urban pop sound throughout plus some more stripped back tracks. The record sees him collaborating with a host of A-list producers and writers including Ed Sheeran, Ryan Tedder, Zedd, Jonas Blue, Steve Mac, Joe London, and The Monsters and the Strangerz.

Liam spent a lot of time in America as he promoted his solo music, leaving Cheryl and Bear at home. Liam Payne has revealed the brutal truth about his days in the boy band — and the massive toll it took on him.

Payne — who has opened up in the past about his struggles with global fame — explained that the group’s popularity was mega stressful” for himself and members Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson. While he admits that ending the group was really scary at first,” he says it had to be done.

Since welcoming son Bear in 2017 he has shared only a handful of snaps of the toddler. So Liam sent his followers wild as he posted an adorable shot of the two-year-old he shares with ex-girlfriend Cheryl.

The singer, who performed at Hits Radio Live in Manchester on Sunday 25th November, has opened up about what went wrong in the relationship, admitting to the Sunday Times’ Style Magazine that Liam wanted to ‘settle down’.

Liam and the boys were the first band to taste that fame level in the age of social media, making their story simultaneously that of the boys next door and untouchable messiahs. There was something refreshingly undone about them. Their best songs, What Makes You Beautiful”, Little Things”, Steal My Girl”, even the precociously titled Best Song Ever” are undeniable additions to the Great British pop cannon. Liam says the 1D song that he’d buy above all others is Once In A Lifetime”, the little known track from their 2014 album, Four. That’s my favourite song. Very Coldplay-esque. I wanted it to be a single but they just wouldn’t have it. It was very relaxed the way we chose our records and made things. It was really simple.” Someone else did it.LIAM PAYNE

The second half of 2016 was an eventful time for Liam Payne, presaged by his signing a solo record deal with Sinatra’s old imprint Capitol Records on 21st July, the first fruit from which – Strip That Down” – has just dropped.

Liam Payne rose to fame after auditioning for ‘The X Factor’ in 2010, where he was put into One Direction alongside bandmates Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson. Since the band went on hiatus, Liam has released several solo singles and is working on his debut album.

Liam is in a relationship with model Maya Henry. He confirmed the relationship on his Instagram account on 20 September 2019 16 and in several interviews after. Band member Liam Payne recently appeared on “Table Manners with Jessie Ware” and dished on his years with the band, and why staying together “would have killed” him.

Former One Direction members Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson. A blushing Liam Payne read out pervy fan tweets on BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast show on Thursday. The saucy tweets revealed left Liam in fits of laughter as he read through them.

Cheryl is not happy with comments Liam Payne made about their relationship on Jessie Ware’s Table Manners podcast. Liam Payne has revealed his relationship with fellow pop star Cheryl came to an end months earlier than previously thought.

When Payne first had a taste of singledom he continued his Benjamin Button descent into teenage rebellion. He reportedly had a fling with the then 18-year-old Instagram model Maya Henry who he first met at a 1D meet-and-greet when she was 15.

Liam Payne and Maya Henry packed on the PDA as they headed out for a romantic dinner at celeb hotspot Chiltern Firehouse in London on Tuesday. The former One Direction singer, 25, decided to take his recently purchased Ford Ranger Wildtrak Deranged Edition, worth around £35, 995, for a spin in central London on Tuesday.

Liam’s star sign is Virgo. Liam released his debut single, Strip That Down , on 19 May, 2017. His debut EP, First Time , was released on 24 August, 2018. The source also detailed Cheryl’s feelings about Liam’s comments about his new relationship with model Maya Henry, 19.

The last few years have witnessed a real boy-to-man transition for the ex-boy band squaddie. A coming-of-age moment came when he arrived at Frank Sinatra’s house in Palm Springs to record his part of ‘For You’ with Rita Ora. A crooning, finger-snapping, rather embarrassingly-waist-coated rendition of ‘Fly Me to The Moon’ was what Payne sang to get through his first ever X-Factor audition. Walking into Old Blue Eyes’ home, for Payne, came with the realisation that he’d made that complete full-circle journey”.

Despite their split, Cheryl and Liam have remained amicable and maintain a good relationship for the sake of baby Bear, who was born in March 2017. Liam Payne is opening up once again about his time in One Direction and how it wasn’t the best time of his life, especially when it came to his mental health.

A little bit Slim Shady and a little bit Rock DJ, that intersection of pop and rap is reflected in Payne’s solo career so far. His debut single, the catchy-as-the-plague earworm ‘Strip That Down’, featured Migos alum Quavo and went on to be certified platinum in both the US and the UK. The title track of his First Time EP also saw Payne join forces with rapper French Montana. Payne’s certainly not the first popstar to align themselves with a more urban sound in an attempt to appeal to an older demographic. Nor will he be the last. The transition from squeaky-clean boyband member to fullyfledged solo artist is, after all, anything but easy. To use a Take That comparison: for every one Robbie Williams, there are a hundred Mark Owens.

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