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8 Pandora Trendsetters chart. The rapper would jump out a window, with police chasing him. It was P’s QC partner, Kevin Coach K” Lee, who saw something in Lil Baby and encouraged him to rap. In February, Atlanta introduced us to its new Holy Trinity.

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Lil BabyLil Baby and his girlfriend Jayda Cheaves recently welcomed their new little baby into the world. Rapper Lil Baby grew up in Atlanta hanging with friends like Young Thug , Coach K, and Pee, leaning more toward a life of petty crime and street hustling while his friends went on to thrive in the music industry. In 2015, at age 19, Lil Baby went to prison for two years for a probation violation. Upon his release in 2017, he jump-started his rap career with a mixtape called Perfect Timing, released in April of that year. The mixtape featured cameos from friends like Lil Yachty , Young Thug , and Gunna , and strong production from 808 Mafia , Brickz, and many others, highlighted by Lil Baby’s woozy flows. The mixtape immediately brought the young rapper fame, in part due to his affiliations with friends in the Quality Control family of artists as well as the 4 Pockets Full clique.

Going from a trap star to a rap star has changed Lil Baby’s life and no one saw it coming—including him—but yet he still believes it’s his destiny. But what they think about you also is connected to what they think when they see Lil Baby (hopefully), and whoever else shows up Thursday night.

So let this be your annual reminder that the 18,000-plus fans who will fill FedExForum are not the audience for Memphis Madness. They are simply just an important part of the spectacle. They are, much like Lil Baby or any other star who appears at FedExForum, an important part of coach Penny Hardaway’s strategy.

Baby hung out in the studio with acts like Migos and Rich the Kid as they were coming up, but mostly he was in the streets. It was P’s QC partner, Kevin Coach K” Lee, who saw something in Lil Baby and encouraged him to rap. For years, Baby dismissed the idea. He was about money—his goal was to accumulate a million dollars, even though he had no idea what he would do with the money. Rapping wasn’t for him; he barely rapped along to the songs he liked. Sometimes he’d change a word here or there to make a joke or a statement, but mostly he liked the way the music sounded coming out of his cars; the way he used to visualize it back when he was wearing headphones on the bus on his way to school.

But Rich Gang: Tha Tour Part 1 is its own story. The tape sounded amazing when it came out. It sounds even better now. It’s a classic of 2010s rap music, a case of lightning striking. Here we had two talented rappers, innovative guys who played around with words and flows and melodies and bent Atlanta rap music to suit their own needs. They pushed each other. They had chemistry. They loved rapping together, and you could hear the symbiotic energy crackling between the two of them. They were paired up with a producer, London On Da Track, who understood both of their voices and knew how to use them. Everything about it just worked, to the point where it was hard to even feel sad about the story ending, since what we happened to get was so magical.

But it’s not just the sound, and it’s not just the way they rap. Lil Baby and Gunna are real-life friends, not business associates, and that warmth shines through. They’re both young, but they’re not insurgent SoundCloud-rap teenagers. Gunna is 25, two years older than Baby, and he’s a total older-brother figure. Baby started rapping after getting out of prison on a two-year weed charge. And Gunna has said in interviews that he more or less taught Baby the nuts and bolts of how to rap — how to ad-lib his songs, how to save his tracks to his phone. That’s a real bond, and it gives me hope that the collaboration will keep going after Drip Harder.

No other rapper would bring you to the block like this, just walking around, no security,” Lil Baby said, almost offhandedly, as we shot some photos. Ced and G-Five nodded. It was hard to imagine, in that moment, anyone having it out for Lil Baby. As we’d arrived, he’d yelled up to the corner, where a middle-aged guy in a skullcap greeted him and came down to chat. They traded a few updates, and as we turned away, Lil Baby explained that the man was the true hustler on the block.

Older hip-hop fans may shake their fists at the fast rise of rappers that aren’t as lyrical as even your least favorite Wu-Tang member (looking at you Masta Killa), but you can’t knock the hustle. Similar to Lil Baby, Tekashi69 jumped on the scene with Gummo” and in a short period of time had about a dozen records on the Billboard charts. Despite now heaving plead guilty to a plethora of charges while cooperating with the feds, his business savvy is something to admire.

It’s difficult to say what makes Lil Baby work. People will have reasons, but nothing that gives a full picture. P says it’s about authenticity; Rashad thinks that it’s the relatability of his journey. As for writers, we’ll pull something out of our asses to try to earn our keep. We’ll say that there’s something about his gaze, the way he speaks solely from the first-person; that he’s the most I-centered rapper in a minute and how his rap flows—melodic but unsure, confident yet searching—speak to a greater feeling of a generation that is being told that there may not be a future for the planet but are determined to enjoy life on their terms regardless.

I was expecting the fans to be young for this show, as Lil Baby is himself only 24. But people of all ages crowded into the pit and rapped along, especially when popular songs like “Drip Too Hard” and “Freestyle” blared through the speakers. The rapper didn’t communicate much with the crowd but did shout out, “If you smoke weed, make some noise!” — as if this crowd needed that sort of encouragement.

Named Phoenix New Times’ Best Rapper in 2017, Tomineek has a role in “High Strung Free Dance,” which opened on Oct. 11, placing three songs in the soundtrack.

Many of the homes here are boarded up. Others you can’t tell if they’re abandoned or just temporarily unoccupied. It’s not hard to look at this neighborhood and feel a tinge of sadness. Even for a city that’s produced as many stars as Atlanta, the biggest name to come out of here before Lil Baby is YC of Racks on Racks” fame. But Lil Baby is home. At an auto works yard, he and members of 4PF mill around, getting on dirt bikes and four-wheelers that they race up and down the street, popping wheelies or attempting to.

As good as that song is, Baby and Gunna sound better together. A lot of that comes down to producer Turbo, who handles the bulk of the mixtape, including all the best tracks. Turbo works within the Atlanta-trap format, but his style is subtle, driven by quiet and moody tones. At times, his tracks sound like mutations of psych-rock; the floating acoustic guitars of Business Is Business” and the aquatic float of Belly” are just gorgeous. Turbo gives these two a sound — one that’s in conversation with everything else happening in rap right now but also one that sets them apart.

With Quality Control: Control The Streets Volume 2 aiming at a Friday release this week, the label has taken care to ensure awareness efforts are through the roof, with not just one or two singles, but 10 of the album’s 33 tracks out now, including Soakin Wet ” with Marlo and City Girls, Longtime ” with 24Heavy and Young Thug, and Stripper Bowl ” by Migos.

Lil Baby was never interested in academics. His lack of interest in studies made his parents worry about his future. In the late 90s, a musical genre called ‘Gangsta rap’ was at its peak and almost every other kid was influenced by it. Lil Baby too, was attracted to the musical genre, which eventually pulled him towards rap. However, making a career out of it was never the plan.

It wasn’t until Lil Baby landed in prison on a two-year drug sentence that the message started to get through, or at least that Lil Baby showed an interest in diversifying his income stream. Coach and Pee kept talking to him, and when he got out, he started coming around the studio again, this time to make music. Pee had producers feed him beats, and Baby started to find his sound.

Lil Baby and DaBaby previously appeared alongside each other on the latter’s Today ” remix. The new track appears on Quality Control’s upcoming label compilation Control The Streets Volume 2, which is expected to arrive on August 16. Both Baby” and another track, entitled Come On ,” featuring City Girls and Saweetie have been released in promotion of the new album.

It’s not a knowing that can be readily quantified. If it could be explained as a process, it would be much more readily duplicated. If it were a sum of parts, Lil Baby would likely not be here for a cover shoot because this magazine’s brain trust would have figured out that he belonged as part of the Freshman Class last year. Sometimes mistakes work out for the best.

He released his first mixtape on April 14, 2017, with Perfect Timing The project features fellow Atlanta rappers, Lil Yachty , frequent collaborator Gunna , and childhood friend, Young Thug. Baby immediately rose to fame and attracted many listeners. This caused him to drop two more mixtapes in the same year with Harder Than Hard and Too Hard all being released in 2017.

2. Jalen Green declared Lil Baby to be the GOAT” in a Slam Magazine video in January. Antwann Jones is introduced to the crowd during Memphis Madness at the FedExForum Thursday evening.

While the claim that Lil Baby restores the classic trap feeling might seem bold at first—after all, his name is Lil Baby, while Young Jeezy raps like he was born with a kilo of cocaine in both hands—it makes more sense when you consider what those guys represent. Trap music may literally be about selling drugs or whatever, but it’s really about motivation. It’s about being a hero to the hood. Nearly everyone I talked to about it described Lil Baby’s music to me as no cap rap” or reality rap,” and at first it seemed like a familiar claim. Every artist wants to claim they’re real. But Lil Baby is more concerned that you understand the reality of what he represents. What’s real about Lil Baby, beyond what he literally says in any song, is the inspiration that comes with it.

All of Lil Baby’s exploits might make him look like a perfect rapper, but they wouldn’t mean nearly as much if Lil Baby weren’t also making incredible rap music. And yet, in just a year, Lil Baby has managed to end up with not only the career of someone far more experienced but also the technical ability. His music works within the expanded dimensions of vocal manipulation and melody Future and Young Thug injected into Atlanta trap over the last half decade, but his own style tends toward a nimble-tongued sing-song that naturally matches the quick patter of his conversation.

Rashad doesn’t like his last name being used unless it absolutely has to be. He has no social media profiles and prefers texts and phone calls over anything else. He’s from a small town a few hours south of Atlanta and his older brother, Twin, was somehow involved in the formation of Quality Control by linking Coach K (who had done stints with both Gucci Mane and Jeezy) with P, who had in his possession a wealth of studio equipment and space after divesting himself from his former venture, Dirty Dollar Entertainment. (P refers to Twin as a partner”). Basically, Rashad has been with QC from day one, learning every aspect of the business that he can. He currently manages Lil Baby, who he had known mostly by reputation before Baby started rapping.

His debut studio album, Harder Than Ever peaked on the US Billboard 200 at the number 3 spot. The tape’s lead single, Southside” peaked at number 79 on the US Billboard Hot 100 while the second single, Yes Indeed” features Drake and topped off at number 6 on the charts.

It doesn’t seem like any other legal issues have gotten in the way of the rapper enjoying his family’s new blessing. Check out photos of Lil Baby’s new little baby below.

Baby pays more attention to content, rather than form, weaving vignettes of his past into most of his catalog. Harder Than Hard’s My Dawg” sported a highly addictive hook that was poised for radio, but it was on his fourth mixtape of 2017, Too Hard, where Baby found his sweet spot. We came from the bottom we used to wear each other’s clothes,” he raps on Freestyle.” Baby could boast about his money, cars, and women, but is best when he’s recounting what survival meant for him before the record deal. So when they’re together, Baby and Gunna offer a unique proposition; they’re the yin and yang of Atlanta’s new class of rap, each filling in the gaps in each others thematic concerns. Gunna can bring the glitz, and Baby the gravitas, but that isn’t exactly how it plays out on Drip Harder.Lil Baby

Still, the crowd was captivated by Lil Baby’s performance and rapped practically every verse along with him, alternating between moshing and lighting up blunts.

A hit record is nothing without superb production to complement it. Rashad Jackson was announced as the Doritos Spark The Beat” producer. The Baltimore native moved to Atlanta, GA, almost one year ago in pursuit of becoming a renowned hitmaker in Hip-Hop. As a teenager, Jackson landed a placement with drill rapper, Cheif Keef. Now Lil Baby is rapping to his beat. Jackson hopes to use this foundation to build a relationship with Lil Baby as well as the Quality Control team.

Tigers fan Na’Kenya Yarbrough-Myers dances outside the FedExForum before the start of Memphis Madness Thursday evening. Rapper Lil Baby performs onstage at Streetzfest 2K17 at Lakewood Amphitheatre on Aug. 19, 2017 in Atlanta.

The prolific Atlanta star has only been rapping a year and has already made his name as one of the city’s best storytellers. Drake’s a fan—it’s only a matter of time before everyone else is too.

According to jail officials, the rapper, whose real name is Dominique Jones, was arrested and booked for failure to signal, eluding police and reckless driving. A mugshot showed Jones wearing the same clothing as seen in the video.

Illmatic remains one of music’s most vivid and poetic albums, hosting quintessential East Coast rap melodies from DJ Premier, Large Professor, Q-Tip, Pete Rock, Faith N., and L.E.S. The sole feature goes to fellow The Firm member AZ.

In March, my editor and I joked on Slack about the proliferation of the name Baby” in rap right now. That conversation quickly turned into the piece, The Best Rappers in the World Are Babies” From there, the headline spun off into an in-magazine graph, incessant questions from social media on why I didn’t include more babies on my initial lists, and constant explaining that Lil Baby and DaBaby are, indeed, different people.

The 24-year-old rapper had two Billboard Hot 100 hits in 2018. Those songs were Drip Too Hard,” which also featured Gunna, and Yes Indeed,” which featured Drake.

On their own, they’ve each offered flashes of brilliance—verses and approaches that earn the acclaim that’s been bestowed on them. In 2016, Gunna made his first appearance in the rap game on Thug’s Floyd Mayweather.” Amid cameos from Travis Scott and Gucci Mane, the still relatively unknown rapper established his style in a way that felt fitting for a song named for a braggadocious boxer: flashy, nimble flows draped in drip. Since then he’s become comfortable leaning on the dreamy melodies of his friends or wedging extra words into bars. For his verse on Scott’s ASTROWORLD, his biggest mainstream look to date, he downright sails over the strings of YOSEMITE,” in a flow that’s so precise that it feels wrong when Travis Scott mirrors his cadence. It was proof that he understood his greatest skill, the thing that allows him to be a chameleon in Atlanta’s new soundscape, that few can manipulate their voices quite like he can.

The Quality Control rapper listened to hundreds of submissions. Finally, he selected Phoenix, AZ’s own, Ali Tomineek as the winner of the grand prize. After hearing about the competition from his dad, Tomineek, 22, did not hesitate to submit his entry. Now the Arizona native looks to build upon the Spark The Beat” momentum. Be sure to catch Ali in Netflix’s upcoming music competition series, Rhythm & Flow.

Nas’ discography of studio albums has reached double-digits since the release of Nasir in 2018 but given this span, his fans and hip-hop aficionados continue to herald the impact of his debut album Illmatic. Celebrating 25 years this year, the Cherry Wine” rapper raised a glass in commemoration of this milestone by previously hosting a Symphony Orchestra performance and receiving accolades along the way.

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