lil billy – An Open Letter From Lil B To Kevin Durant

I’ve been on this same mission for a minute. In a post-regional rap world, this album feels and sounds like California. It was just exciting for my mind to be as free as Clams’s music is. The music is just extremely free, freer than my mind.

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LIL BAlthough New York hasn’t been the center—or even an especially noteworthy hub, for that matter—of rap music for over a decade, it still holds a special meaning. The rapper claims to have started the “stir the pot” celebration. It’s an exact replica of his own cooking dance, which he invented in 2010 Similar to Durant, Harden ignored Lil B’s repeated requests to talk to him about the celebration so TheBasedGod put a curse on the Rockets All-Star during the Western Conference finals.

Yeah, see. That’s why I feel, it’s like, Damn, because I have all these opportunities to go on these platforms and really give a great opinion on sports. But my stronger opinion is within hip-hop, that’s what I love.

The Based God always works in very different ways. Me being Lil B, I don’t want to say it was super unexpected, but it was amazing. The Based God understood. I know The Based God definitely knew and had it foreseen.

Lil B took offense to Joe Budden not following him on Twitter after Budden released a series of tweets apparently mocking Lil B’s message of based positivity. In response, TBG called Budden “a worthy opponent”, and claimed that he destroyed him lyrically in his track, “T-Shirts and Buddens”.

Meanwhile, Kevin Durant is like the Mother Teresa of the NBA. Nobody can possibly hate KD. You would think by now people would’ve started hating KD just because he’s so unhateable, but nope. It hasn’t happened. Until now. #FuckKD is its own Based movement now It’s another important moment in the intertwined journeys of two legends.

Brandon McCartney (born August 17, 1989), better known as Lil B “The BasedGod”, is a rapper from Berkeley, California. Formerly a member of Bay Area rap group The Pack , his career has now spanned innumerable mixtapes and several studio albums.

Born Brandon McCartney, the Bay Area rapper has amassed a cult following on social media, which has helped fuel his music career. Lil B may not have any radio hits yet but he has performed at big music festivals like Coachella and South by Southwest. He has also adopted his message of love and positivity on social media into actual lectures at universities like MIT and NYU. Lil B envisions himself as more than just a rapper. He is the definition of an artist. He also has a strong passion for basketball, both playing and supporting his hometown team, the Golden State Warriors.

So the Kevin Durant curse started, me minding my business on a regular day on the internet, talking to people who support me and love me, love my music and love my art. I’m looking through my mentions and I see Kevin Durant talking about Lil B, saying he couldn’t believe that Lil B was saying this, or something along those lines. He was saying my music’s trash. I decided to message Kevin Durant, and I said, well, if you feel my music’s trash, I challenge you to a game of one-on-one, 21. I’ll retire if I lose. And he agreed, he agreed to play me, and he followed me, we talked on (direct messages) for a little bit – it was five years ago so I don’t remember extreme, particular details.

At first glance, Lil B seems to be a total clown. Those unfamiliar with the bay area rapper were likely introduced to him through his Kevin Durant diss track, which absolutely screams meme rapper.” He’s off tempo, the beat clashes terribly due to shoddy mastering, and he has some questionably crude bars about WNBA players. If newcomers take a closer look, the crap doesn’t end, seemingly ever. Lil B has one of the highest outputs of any rapper today, save perhaps Viper, and a good percentage of it is entirely dismissible. It’s hard to blame the vast majority of listeners music lovers for dropping Lil B at this stage, especially with his overwhelming discography and cartoony demeanor, and while we hope the best for these poor souls, it’s a pity they didn’t dig their heels in and reap the benefits of being a devoted fan.

The summer of 2011 was a tough time for NBA star LeBron James. It was full of lingering ill-will for his decision to the leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and snarky schadenfreude over his initial failure to win a championship with the Miami Heat.

On August 17, 2017, Brandon McCartney, better known as artist Lil B (or alter ego The BasedGod), celebrated his 28th birthday by releasing his first official mixtape ,” Black Ken. First announced in 2010 through songs Thank You BasedGod” and Call Me Black Ken,” the 27-song collection pays homage to the West Coast sounds that raised him, finally seeing its release seven years down the line.

Then young women started coming forward that Lil B specifically DMs these girls to send him photos of themselves half naked with his name on them so he can post them on Twitter and Instagram,” she continued. And I’m not saying he’s specifically going out to prey on underaged sic girls but I have yet to see one girl say he asked for their age.” A number of Twitter users posted nearly identical messages from Lil B soliciting photos, and claimed that they were underage when they received the requests. One poster, who did not respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment, shared messages from Lil B on the Twitter thread, and said that the rapper posted photos of her online when she was 15 and 16.

For someone whose iconoclasm and boundless creativity caused so much hand-wringing among hiphop purists, it’s a bit ironic that Lil B ended up making an old-school rap record. The Bay Area MC’s long-rumored, labored-over Black Ken mixtape sports production that honors regional traditions as well as some of his most focused, least fanciful rapping to date. It’s a relatively straightforward rap album that could score Basedgod some new fans, something Lil B might care about more if he didn’t already exert an undeniable influence on what rap sounds like in 2018. Joining him at this show is local producer and longtime collaborator Keyboard Kid.

Kevin Durant: Historical figure in the annals of the Based God’s Curse, Durant is among the greatest NBA players of our generation. Has, however, run into a string of tough luck since crossing Lil B a couple years back. More on that later.

I’m not going to let people just have it and be like I’m onto the next thing. Because everybody’s doing that, I’m not going to do it anymore.” And honestly nobody’s done it successfully to the point where it’s good enough. Some people can think it’s maybe it’s about what type of sampling it is, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s a lot more detail. They don’t really know, and they kind of just steal the surface stuff of it.

Kevin Durant’s decision said a lot of things. I definitely commend him for being brave, for trying something new. Making new things happen. Making things happen that people wouldn’t normally think is conventional. He did something that was very brave, I think, and showed he does feel something. A lot of questions were answered.LIL B

I was always just protecting The Based God. The Based God said the curse is over, so the curse is officially over. As for a sorry, I don’t need one. I think Kevin Durant has shown where his heart is. And his heart is in the Bay Area.

There are over 100 songs on the six-hour long mixtape 05 Eff ‘Em” (all censorship of titles of albums and songs handled by yours truly), and all of them slap. They don’t slap in the bumpin’-in-your-whip post-Drake Migos-drenched era we live in now; rather, they slap in a this reeks of insanity and I’m really scared of what’s going on” manner similar to listening to, say, Captain Beefheart (papa avant-garde of the rock music) or The Shaggs (with their proto-punk inability to play instruments after receiving word they would become famous musicians from a psychic in 1968). Lil B’s songs slap and it sort of hurts but you sort of like it.

Unsurprisingly the post blew up, with more than five thousand upvotes in two weeks. A few commenters were skeptical, arguing that XIJ3S0NXX385 had opened the floodgates, and Lil B would now be inundated with offers of pennies in return for raps. Others pointed out the artist was no mug: lil b probs wouldnt have done it for literally nothing if he didnt fuck with this dudes music heavy,” reasoned HighlyBaked0. I highly doubt he would do a 40 cent feature from some nerd whos music is cheeks.” Mostly the responses were heartwarming, appreciative and congratulatory — what Lil B himself might call based.

Lil B is difficult to listen to, if only because, like many DIY artists, he almost isn’t meant to be listened to. He is an object of fascination, an enigma. I have no idea how many Lil B followers actually sit through all six hours of a mixtape like 05,” or delve the depths of a mixtape like Glassface” or Illusions of Grandeur 2.” That said, there is an entrancing element of Lil B’s music, which, like the aforementioned Shaggs or Captain Beefheart, are unnerving and frightening, naive, possibly idiotic, but fun. Listening to Lil B begins as a joke, and ends as genuine enjoyment. For an artist who’s had such a large and unique impact on hip hop since before the 2010s, Lil B is perhaps the most underappreciated.

Reviews of 2015’s Thugged Out Pissed Off, for instance, mostly center on his public appearances and his rate of releases instead of their content. One goes, “First off, I want to state that I listened to this mixtape in its entirety.” (Congratulations?) Another glibly insists that the “message” of Thugged Out Pissed Off is that “he’s thugged out, and he’s pissed off.” I couldn’t find a review that takes seriously the critique of toxic masculinity threaded throughout the full-length, which is why the common argument that Lil B the “motivational speaker” is as artistically significant as Lil B the rapper is probably bullshit peddled by bloggers whose job it is to make news posts out of his tweets and feuds.

Despite the lack of a formal educational background, though, Lil B could be a competitive candidate for admissions. In addition to his musical endeavors, he has published a book on living a positive lifestyle and has given speeches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of California, Los Angeles.

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