Lil Ju Explains How He Made Cash St” For Meg Thee Stallion & DaBaby

Megan Thee StallionThe rapper lost her mother to brain cancer earlier this year. Sadly, Megan’s mom Thomas passed tragically in March of 2019 before seeing her daughter fulfill all she promised. In a touching Instagram post, Megan announced her mom’s death with a throwback photo of the two and a heartfelt caption.

A recent clip , which made the rounds on pretty much every social platform there is, features Megan rapping to “Freak Nasty,” a standout album cut from her 2018 project Tina Snow. Wearing a lime green cropped hoodie and matching, ass-out chaps and heels, she sinks down into a squatting position and proceeds to twerk expertly for 15 seconds straight, a feat that any woman — or man — can tell you isn’t easy to pull off. In the background of the video, you can hear the crowd screaming in delight like they do in every city she performs in; meanwhile, her fans online zeroed in on a particular body part.Megan Thee Stallion

Thomas encouraged her daughter to pursue an education, which Megan continues while her rap career rises. However, Megan inherited more than a passion for education from her mother. They both share a love of hip hop.

Look at Megan Thee Stallion. She got that voice that sticks,” Cardi told T.I. Not only do she rap good – a lot of girls rap good – but she got that voice and she got that confidence that sticks. So now, there’s no excuse for it,” the Rhythm+Flow judge established. Cardi offers high praises to Hot Girl Meg in recognition of talent, and as I mentioned, it’s mutual. This is an example of what the media needs to highlight more of, females uplifting other females, whether they stay slaying in the same category or not. This is a great look.

In the new clip, social media star Jaimesha Thomas struggles to find the ideal Hot Girl Summer outfit and attitude to bring with her to the hottest pool party of the summer.” She settles on a cowboy hat and long-sleeved paisley blouse before practicing her twerking skills and squats in the mirror. At the Stallion-hosted party, song collaborators Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign as well as track producer Juicy J dance and drive the boat” (drink alcohol straight from the bottle). Thomas’ outfit transforms into a bright neon version, more appropriate for the festivities. Ari Lennox, Summer Walker and Lala Anthony are among the other attendees.

Megan was inspired to rap because of her mother, who was also a rapper that went by the name Holly-Wood. Megan told ESSENCE she would spend countless hours listening to her mom and started writing her own rhymes at an early age.

This weekend, the Bay Area hosted its iteration of Rolling Loud. The festival hired an influencer, Brittany Renner, to conduct backstage interviews with several performing artists. During her conversation with Megan, things quickly became awkward when Renner called the Houston native b—h” three different times.

At a pivotal moment in her ever-blossoming career, Megan Thee Stallion lost the most important person in her life. Once Megan was officially legal, she had her mom’s full support in the form of a manager.

In the video Megan teases her mom while she stands in a parking lot. From their interaction you can tell their relationship was loving and playful, even in the midst of conducting business.

Amid her success, her mom, Holly Thomas, passed away from a brain tumor in March. In an IG post, Megan called her mom the best in the world and that she was a strong woman.

B—h, you are really that b—h, though,” Renner says to the 24-year-old At another point, Renner sounds more like a fan when she attempts to compliment Megan’s beauty. You are really f—king beautiful in person, b—h,” she said. Understandably, Megan tries to casually walk away from the conversation, however, she is pulled back in. After the video went viral, many shared their thoughts on the interview.

Last night, Megan Thee Stallion enlisted the help of Jimmy Fallon and Black Thought to declare that it’s Hot Girl Fall. Naturally, Hot Girl Fall follows Hot Girl Summer, which was fraught with lots of debate about who Hot Girl Summer is actually for. The internet argued about whether married women could participate, and men also jumped in with Hot Boy Summer” and City Boy” memes in an attempt to eclipse the women who were enjoying their summer shenanigans. The phenomenon got so divisive that the Hot Girl herself had to break it down.

Tbh I love Megan thee stallion, so seeing her just made the whole experience at VSU one to remember. Megan’s performance could have been a little longer, but overall I enjoyed my night.

Megan Thee Stallion signed with indie label 1501 Certified Ent in early 2018, before heading to 300 Entertainment in November 2018. She is the first female rapper to be signed by the label. In September 2019, Megan then signed a management deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Megan will continue to release music through 1501 Certified Ent and 300 Entertainment.

Megan Thee Stallion wasn’t the only act whose time at ACL Music Festival didn’t go according to plan: The Cure’s bassist Simon Gallup had to miss out on their headlining set on Saturday night due to a “serious personal situation” that forced him to return to the U.K.

On March 22, Megan shared the heartbreaking news with her fans that her mother had passed. The best mom in the whole world. The strongest woman on the planet. I can’t even put complete sentences together right now. RIP mama,” she wrote as her caption.

On a lighter note, Megan continues to rise to the top. After announcing that she is officially a Roc Nation signee, Megan’s focus is on her upcoming album. While speaking with Variety at Rihanna’s Diamond Ball, Megan confirmed that her upcoming LP will feature empowering women. Towards the end of the interview, the Hot Girl Summer ” rapper let the cat out of the bag regarding one featured artist.

Thug made a brief cameo in the Juice Wrld set that immediately followed, making no reference to his previous absence and coming onstage only for a few minutes — an appearance that felt less like consolation than insult to injury. And yet, the rapper suddenly showed up again on a separate stage later, during what was Lil Uzi Vert ‘s scheduled slot, playing a partial but nevertheless fun performance.

Founder of the Hot Girl Summer movement that is literally sweeping the globe, the American rapper is the hottest thing since sliced bread at the moment.

Megan’s mother, Holly Thomas, was a rapper who went by the name Holly-Wood. Meg has previously admitted that her love of music was born from sitting in on her mother’s studio sessions back in her youth.

Hot Girl Summer” debuted at Number One on the Rolling Stone Top 100 Chart in the second week of August. She also recently teamed with Quavo and City Girls for Pastor ,” which appears on Quality Control’s Control the Streets, Volume 2 compilation.

Meek Mill, Da Baby, Megan the Stallion and Moneybagg Yo will hit the stage on December 14th at the Royal Farms Arena. Keep your ear to 92Q to listen to win your free tickets.

Azalea noticed the tweet and reminded Megan that she asked to collaborate with her through FaceTime when she was filming Big Ole Freak. She also claimed to have sent the songs to her manager, who turned down the request.

Rap’s hottest couple, made up of the fuming meteor that is Megan Thee Stallion and the slick-talking street charmer Moneybagg Yo , has released a new collaboration, “All Dat.” With it comes a video of a super date that all but guarantees the happiest partner that money can buy. If this is what they’re doing day in and day out, there’s no wonder why when you see them in pictures that they’re cheesing like kids given an entire candy store as a Christmas gift.

It’s late July, and I’m stalking Megan Thee Stallion’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. I feel like a fucking creep, but we’re supposed to be meeting at the 300 label offices in Manhattan; Megan’s canceled flight out of North Carolina foils those plans. Instead, I watch her pass the time in the airport with her team before eventually getting on an evening flight. For the next six days, I watch her social profiles as she bounces from the East Coast to the West Coast, back to the East Coast then right back to the West Coast. In Miami, she’s meeting with superproducer DJ Khaled; in San Francisco, she’s performing for her Cali “Hotties,” the nickname she’s given members of her fast-growing fan base.

Megan Thee Stallion ‘s breakout summer continued with a performance of her songs Hot Girl Summer” and Cash Shit” during the MTV VMAs 2019 pre-show on August 26. The performance capped the night’s red carpet portion.

The Bay Area edition of Rolling Loud, arguably the country’s biggest hip-hop music festival, took place this past weekend, offering a hyped — and packed — gathering across three stages at the Oakland Coliseum grounds. The third Rolling Loud to take place in the Bay Area, this year’s festival saw a star-studded lineup — Future, YG, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert , G-Eazy, and the like — collectively put on an impressive show, save for technical issues that marred a handful of high-profile sets. Here are nine highlights from the weekend.

For Megan, being a Hot Girl was always more than showing off the body she has EVERY right to show off. This summer, after finding out about how pollution was affecting the oceans, she got her legion of hotties to meet her on the beach in hottest swimsuits to do a beach clean-up She is always conscious of the world around her, also using her platform to promote education. Before become Thee Stallion, Megan Pete was Thee Student,” attending the HBCU, Texas Southern Although she took some time off for career, she is preparing to go back to finish her degree in Health Administration, where she is in her third year.

HOT GIRL MEG!” a fifth follower remarked passionately in capital letters. But before Megan became the star she is, it was her mom who demanded that school came before rap.

Megan clarified that she had never received any song although Azalea had her personal email and number. She made sure to end the sentence with ”love Iggy tho” to remind the fans that it’s all love between these artists.

Sadly, Megan’s mom Thomas passed tragically in March of 2019 before seeing her daughter fulfill all she promised. In a touching Instagram post, Megan announced her mom’s death with a throwback photo of the two and a heartfelt caption.

On Instagram, Megan is privy more than 6 million followers with that number continuing to grow. Megan Thee Stallion has a French Bulldog called 4oe. He even has his own Instagram page (@frenchie4oe) with almost 100,000 followers.

Twitter – Megan Thee Stallion and Iggy Azalea had a brief misunderstanding that was aired out and cleared up on where else but Twitter. The issue was over a song that Azalea claims to have sent to the H-Town native to hop on though Meg says she never received the track.

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