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Lil Nas XOn June 30, 2019, Lil Nas X fired up his Twitter and posted his song ” C7osure (You Like) ,” along with the caption: “Some of y’all already know, some of y’all don’t care, some of y’all not gone fk with me no more. But before this month ends I want y’all to listen closely to c7osure.” He also included a few emojis, including the rainbow graphic.

How exactly did “Old Town Road” get so big so fast? From one vantage point, it’s a tale as old as time: A Star is Born , but starring a teen in Atlanta with a dream and a SoundCloud account. It’s also a complicated story about a tech-savvy, meme-aware artist gaming the complicated modern streaming music ecosystem. Put your horses in the back, slip on a pair of Wranglers, hop on the tractor, and giddy up – sorry, sorry – to read more ahead.

If ‘Old Town Road’ has been in your head – and in your heart – for months now, this story is for you. Lil Nas X has broken down the lyrics behind the viral sensation and they’re far more meaningful than you might imagine.

The ‘ Old Town Road ‘ sensation took to Twitter yesterday (September 27) to explain that his life has become wild” after the 2018 viral hit propelled him to worldwide fame.

Lil Nas X shared the stage with Miley Cyrus on her tour and dropped down the fact. Lil Nas X has revealed in a BBC interview that he is gay. He says that he has nothing to hide, and his fans know it as he has been dropping hints. While on the stage, he pointed out the lyrics to his EP7 and thought he made it clear back then.

Eventually, there will come a day when Lil Nas X runs out of new terrain, when he has finally ridden so far down the Old Town Road that he can ride no more. This is not that day.

Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” a country-inflected rap song celebrating the act of taking your horses down to the “old town road” of the title, is currently the number one song in America. It’s been that way all summer. In fact, this week “Old Town Road” was the number one song on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart for the 17th week in a row, breaking the record for longest chart reign previously held by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s “One Sweet Day” in 1995-96 and Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” in 2017. “Old Town Road” is now one of the biggest chart hits of all time.

The country-music rapper closed out Pride Month all but saying so in a series of rainbow-hued tweets pointing fans to his song C7osure (You Like)” and acknowledging that it might make them lose interest in him.

But if you’ve watched every ‘Old Town Road’ video that exists on Twitter and TikTok and are still wondering, what, exactly taking your horse down the old town road entails, the rapper himself has you covered.

Now, he’s a superstar. His smash-hit debut single, Old Town Road,” is currently the longest-running No. 1 single in Billboard’s history. In 2019, the rapper rose to fame after his breakthrough single, Old Town Road, became a viral hit.

key. Lil Nas X went viral earlier in 2019, thanks to the country anthem, Old Town Road,” which spent a record-breaking 19 weeks atop the Billboard 100 He followed up with a song called Panini,” which has since achieved platinum certification.

The problem here isn’t whether they might a legitimate claim that Don Lee’s song was copied (or portions, or in some way, rerecorded or not). They are not trying to present the fact that the songs sound similar as evidence that copying occurred. They are not alleging that any copying occurred. The problem is that they are only alleging that the songs sound similar and that sounding similar is infringement in and of itself.

The song’s path to ubiquity was not totally without precedent. As Billboard noted at the time, Lil Nas X was the first artist to grab the number one spot with his first Hot 100 charting song since Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” in October 2017. Like Bauuer’s “Harlem Shake,” the first track to really benefit from the addition of streaming data to the Billboard chart formula, “Old Town Road” initially caught fire because of a popular video dance trend. It’s impossible to know what the future holds for 19-year-old Montero Lamar Hill, who goes by the stage name Lil Nas X, but he’s already signed to Columbia Records, met one of his heroes , released an EP, and made some really great tweets As the lyrics go, he’ll probably ride this until he can’t no more.

Lil Nas X — the viral rapper who shot to fame with Old Town Road” — sat down for an interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning to discuss coming to terms with his sexuality. The 20-year-old artist from Lithia Springs, Georgia, officially came out as gay in his song c7osure,” released in June (Pride Month) as part of his debut LP 7.

He released ‘Old Town Road’ back in December of 2018 – but now, he’s having the best summer ever. He played Glastonbury and Miley Cyrus joined him onstage. Blondie covered his song. He got Cardi B to embrace his yee-haw agenda.Lil Nas X

Rolling Stone has an interesting feature on the backstory to ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X (a song we presume you’ve heard at least 853 times by now). It broke, of course, on TikTok and then got a second push when a version featuring Billy Ray Cyrus was released. But the true origins go back to the site BeatStars (The World’s #1 Marketplace To Buy and Sell Beats!” ) where Lil Nas X bought the underlying trap beat for the song for $30 which was, as Rolling Stone notes, less than the price of a tank of gas”.

Old Town Road was released on December 3, 2018, and went viral due to a related ‘yeehaw challenge’ on TikTok, as well as the movement, ‘ yeehaw agenda ‘.

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The State Fair of Texas is filled with tons of incredible things to do. With all things from fried food to thrilling rides, the fair is a place of wonder. This weekend at The State Fair of Texas was extra special because Billy Ray Cyrus performed his Lil Nas X collab song in Dallas.

The plaintiff also sued Lil Nas X’s new record label, Sony Music, saying it chose not to properly vet the 20-year-old’s music because it was far more important” to preserve the chance to generate millions of dollars of revenue from his career.

Buttigieg was pitched on a preliminary idea of appearing via video, reciting the lyrics to Old Town Road” in some form of a collaboration with the surging pop star. But according to sources, the plan was foiled when Lil Nas X rejected the proposal.

Within the world of country music, groups like Florida Georgia Line and artists like Luke Bryan have been adding a healthy portion of hip-hop to their arena-packing country music for years, and rappers have worked country music reference points into their work for decades. On a broader cultural level, “Old Town Road” also arrives at what could arguably be the peak of the ” Yee Haw Agenda ,” a term coined by Bri Malandro to describe the current rise in country-western style.

Old Town Road,” which features country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, shares the record with Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s One Sweet Day” in 1995-1996, and Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber’s Despacito” in 2017.

At the end of the video, Lil Nas X was pressing paninis for the staff he’d just fired. Everybody got a cowboy hat, and they all popped streamers. It was joyful, a break from the unrelenting tragedies the internet makes easily visible. Just yesterday there was a mass shooting at a garlic festival in California , and another at a party in Brooklyn Twitter, naturally, was the best place to keep up with the news.

Lil Nas X followed that up with a video he filmed while taking a bathroom break. The kid certainly knows how to multitask. Post Malone landed eight songs on the US Top Songs chart with the release of his new album Hollywood’s Bleeding.

With some irony, the song was listed on the country charts where it peaked at No 19 in March. Then Billboard said it was not country enough and took it off, attracting enough controversy to propel it up the pop charts.

If any of that was alleged in the complaint, you might have a point. However, there don’t appear to be any allegations of copying the exact track, or even that the tracks sound identical. Furthermore, there doesn’t appear to be a claim that the producer of the infringed piece was in the business of creating such incomplete tracks and selling them or licenses to them for others to use in complete songs. The only claim seems to be that they have a similar feel, like in Blurred Lines. That’s the problem.

Columbia gave him the creative control he wanted and helped sort out the publishing on Old Town Road.” (Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have 50% of the original track’s publishing.) The label also helped realize an idea Lil Nas X had first floated on Twitter in December, the day after he released the song: a Billy Ray Cyrus remix.

Even the tagging of “Old Town Road” as “#country’ on SoundCloud can be seen as a clever maneuver to get the song in front of more listeners. The SoundCloud country section is considered less competitive than other genres, allowing “Old Town Road” to rise faster – and generating some controversy in the process.

Inspired by the hit song Old Town Road by Lil Nas X. This limited release collection offers fresh remixes of classic Wrangler styles for the kind of modern cowboy that can’t be put in a box.

Lil Nas X first dropped the horse-ridin’ cowboy anthem last December. It was his fourth independent release overall. Everything prior to the song was released to his YouTube account.

From left to right: In the music video for one of the “Old Town Road” remixes, emoji depicting Billy Ray Cyrus, Lil Nas X, Young Thug, and Mason Ramsey.

In April, Billy Ray Cyrus hopped on a remix of Old Town Road” and performed it with Lil Nas X at the June BET Awards. Lil Nas X has revealed that he will be taking a little time off” from the music industry.

Lil Nas X has had an eventful year after dropping out of college to pursue music. He’s created remixes aplenty but his most recent might be the best yet – he’s teaming up with BTS member RM (short for Rap Monster) on ‘Seoul Town Road.’ The song recently beat records set by both Mariah Carey’s tune ‘One Sweet Day’ and Justin Bieber’s ‘Despacito’, as it’s now officially the longest-running number 1 single to dominate Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart.

A few hours later, Lil Nas X posted the album art for his eight-song EP, called 7,” on Twitter. It features Lil Nas X in his cowboy gear, riding a horse and looking out on a skyline bright with rainbow lights.

Week 17 version of Lil Nas X’s Billboard #1 hit, Old Town Road (Remix)” featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. The 20-year-old Old Town Road” rapper pointed to the lyrics of c7osure,” a song off his new EP, as confirmation of his sexuality.

Lil Nas X, who is known for his country rap breakout song “Old Town Road,” was advertised as the headliner for the 35th annual barbecue. The event was expected to draw 5,000 people and include six hours of live music, food trucks, games and a beer garden.

The latest version of the track is a remix of the Billy Ray Cyrus-assisted edition. Trapstar Young Thug and Mason Ramsey, who you might recognize as the little boy who went viral for yodeling at Walmart, join Lil Nas and Billy Ray to put their own spin on the record.

Songs have come close to displacing Old Town Road from the top spot, including Billie Eilish‘s Bad Guy and a pair of Taylor Swift singles, but ultimately were unsuccessful.

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