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Keep reading. So going viral doesn’t beat patience and consistency. Lil Pump immersed himself in hip-hop culture growing up by listening to other artists such as Chief Keef and Lil B , so we wouldn’t be shocked to hear that he was inspired by their music.

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LIL PUMPThe Gucci Gang” rapper claims he violated his probation. Floridian rapper Lil Pump has been slammed after posting a video, bragging about “mistreating” a woman. Pump reveals he kicked a lady out of his house after a sexual encounter. The Gucci Gang” rapper has yet to comment on the responses to his posts. On Sunday evening, Pump tweeted his condolences to slain Los Angeles artist and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle.

Miami native Lil Pump is scooping up a home in his hometown. Records show the rapper just shelled out $4.65 million for a modern showplace on Miami Beach’s Biscayne Bay. Lil Pump, the rapper best known for the hit Gucci Gang,” was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly firing off a gun inside his San Fernando Valley, California home.

He also tells fans he has some “crazy ass” music dropping while he is behind bars and tells them, in the video’s caption, that his social accounts will be looked after by his management. The song Fasho Fasho” exemplifies all of these faults in Pump’s style.

Pump’s first self-titled album was released in 2017, and included the super-viral, 889 million YouTube views and counting (yes, you read that number right), SNL-mocked , Billboard Hot 100 song Gucci Gang,” which cemented Pump as a rapper who loves drugs and luxury clothes and hates school and was still young enough to wear braces. Harverd Dropout, his hotly anticipated follow-up, features assists from rappers like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, YG, Offset, and Quavo and debuted at No. 7 on the US Billboard 200 While this debut is lower than his first album, it’s still pretty successful for a guy who pours cold medicine on reheated steak.

After the release of his first song, “Pump,” the lil guy was amazed by the success of the track and how rapidly he rose to prominence. “This is happening quickly,” he said, making a point to dish out some poetic words to his fans and critics: “I fk with all my fans and fK everybody who’s hating.” So there you have it, kids. You can be anything you don’t set your mind to.

Dirt Bag is a hilarious statement because Blueface has never tried to be the likable, charismatic rapper. He just is and it’s been working tremendously for him so far. So that “anything goes” atmosphere extends to the EP and its collection of lively, uncompromising tunes. It contains the recently released braggadocious cut “Bussdown” that features Offset , the sensual Father’s Day anthem ” Daddy ‘ with Rich The Kid , and even slightly older records like “Bleed It.” In addition to the previously announced guests, there’s The Game on “Stop Cappin,” Lil Pump on “Bussin,” and Mozzy on “Gang.” It’s a compact package, but one busting out the seams with large personalities and even bigger performances.

Pump exists somewhere in between the heavily curated social media presence his fans can’t get enough of and the sleepy, bored kid who doesn’t seem to want to do the things necessary to fulfill the contractual obligations of being a star. Spending time with him makes it clear that there’s a disconnect between Pump as a person — a child whose understanding of fame is still undeveloped and largely focused on strippers — and the version of himself he puts online in videos which show him peeing on money and spanking women with his friend and fellow Soundcloud rapper Smokepurpp. With me, he veers between the character he’s playing in public, talking about the drugs he likes (mushrooms at the beach, acid in the studio, molly at a bowling alley) and the person he seems to be at least some of the time: a sulky teenager who can’t find his weed.

With his vibrantly coloured dreads, gleefully childlike face tattoos, and compellingly ignorant lyrics, Lil Pump represented a long-distance sprint over a line that his countless young fans would only dare to dream of crossing. Unshackled by social expectations and fiscal responsibility, doin’ drugs, fuckin’ bitches, buyin’ cars and houses,” he says, are what makes him most happy.

Lil Pump wasn’t really rapping on the microphone. He was at my house and I made him record his first song, no microphone. He recorded on a headphone microphone. His new album Harverd Dropout” includes some of his other hits like Esketit” and I Like It,” which features Kanye West.

An interview followed the speech, in which Lil Pump answered specific questions regarding his background and his songwriting process. As a child, Lil Pump explained that his parents did not have much influence on his musical stylings and preferences. I ain’t listening to any of their music, I listen to my shit!” he said.

Pump is, frankly, still stuck in a high school mindset, his concept of fame an underdeveloped one at best: strippers, clubs, diamond chains, big houses, hanging out with other celebrities, Lamborghinis (of which there are two parked in the driveway, though Pump’s management tries to discourage him from driving), and doing whatever the fuck he wants. Remember being an 18-year-old guy and thinking the pinnacle of manhood was being able to fuck a porn star while a whole squad of people in the kitchen rolls joints for your pleasure? Here, that dream is alive.

In 2016, Lil Pump freestyled over a track that Smokepurpp had produced. Pump’s cousin introduced the two artists to each other when Pump was only 13 years old, and they’d been collaborating since. A good album makes you yearn to hear more from its maker. Harverd Dropout” made me wish to never hear it, or Pump, again. From fad to sad in less than eighteen months.

Lil Pump is the stage name of Gazzy Garcia, an American rapper from Florida who gained popularity after several of his songs went viral. First beginning his career in 2016, he would go on to release a debut mixtape with viral hits such as “D Rose,” “Flex Like Ouu,” and “Gucci Gang”. He is also noted as one of many rappers in the burgeoning rap scene known as SoundCloud Rap, alongside artists like XXXTentacion and Lil Uzi Vert.

I’m not a SoundCloud rapper anymore — I’m off of that,” he said in New York in April, before playing a transfixing set in Webster Hall’s Marlin Room, on a stage that included the sagging bed from his Los Angeles apartment, the one on which he’s made much of his music. His songs find a middle ground between hip-hop bluster and emo’s bulked-up anxiety, a blend that feels eminently of the moment, and inevitable.

With a hypnotic flow and mischievous flair, rapper Lil Pump scored a 2017 viral smash hit with the single “Gucci Gang” from his self-titled debut. Lil Pump was arrested in Miami after driving without a license.

In 2017, the rapper posted a tweet confirming the suspicions: I REALLY DID DROP OUT OF HARVARD TO SAVE THE RAP GAME.” He includes this speculation as a part of his brand — Lil Pump, the rapper who selflessly left the world of academia to do the rap game a solid. The result of the popular reception of his Harvard dropout brand manifests itself in the title of Lil Pump’s second released album, called Harverd Dropout.” Lil Pump did not actually go to Harvard, but his playful nature is evident in the way he presents himself.

Garcia was pretty much expelled from every single school he went to, mainly for getting into fights, and inciting riots. Garcia enjoyed to rap from a very young age; and if you have a look online, you’ll be able to see some of the videos in the early days.

And since Gucci Gang” was occasionally accused of being too similar to Migos, it’s only fair that Quavo (Too Much Ice”) and Offset (Fasho Fasho”) appear on Harverd.” Oddly, the two Migos members both sound more intense on their Pump tracks than they have on their recent solo efforts.

Gazzy Garcia is rich, and he’s very happy about it. In fact, wealth is one of the only things he cares about, and he would tell you the same. This is because he grew up in project housing in South Florida, and now he lives between a mansion he owns in Miami Beach, and another he rents in LA. Three years ago, when he uploaded his first material to Soundcloud as Lil Pump, he was a 16-year-old high-school dropout with little more than a few years of drug dealing on his CV and a penchant for prescription pills.

Pump soon became an in-demand collaborator, doing a song with Diplo and French Montana for the Deadpool 2 soundtrack (“Welcome to the Party”) and, later, a song with Skrillex and Maluma (“Arms Around You”). Pump worked with Kanye West for the smash “I Love It,” which the duo performed on Saturday Night Live dressed as water bottles. The song ended up on Pump’s second album, Harverd Dropout, which debuted in the Top 10 and features appearances by Lil Wayne, Offset and Quavo of Migos, 2 Chainz, and more.

Lil Pump isn’t chasing a Pulitzer or even Grammy nominations with Harverd Dropout, but there could still be more effort put in or at least a willingness to take chances, even if it means more purists will turn their noses up at it. On the basis of Pump’s youth and energy, it’s a mostly enjoyable listen, but those are traits not at all unique to him, and it’s hard to feel optimistic about how much longevity he has. After all, he’s not getting any younger.

That’s serious talk about an artist who may not be taking it that seriously, but Lil Pump is doing fine in an environment that allows him to profit. Just a few years ago he was a kid caught up in a scene where absurdity in both music and image became the formula for success. After the deaths of contemporaries like Lil Peep, XXXtentacion, the incarceration of Tekashi69 and continuous legal troubles of Kodak Black, Lil Pump seems to be doing fine and made it out unscathed so far. All in all, Thursday night’s show was harmless fun, and that’s all Lil Pump needed to deliver.

Otherwise, Lil Pump is a caricature — literally a stick figure of a rapper. Dropout” is too innocent an adjective to characterize Lil Pump. This album merits an indefinite suspension from music-making.

Lil Pump likes to release music alongside a cartoon character of himself. Every single piece of single and mixtape artwork includes a cartoon version of rapper, featuring his signature colourful braids.

The production is even worse than Lil Pump’s rapping. More often than not, it sounds like DJ Snake or The Chainsmokers hopped on the track. The mix between South Florida trap and Mountain Dew commercial EDM sounds like how Four Loko tastes: sugary, full of chemicals and pungent in the worst way.

It also makes the message he posted on Instagram this week all the more curious. Yes, Lil Pump is breaking YouTube records and has a platinum record, but that’s all online activity. Things aren’t hitting the same in real life. Travis Scott, for example, has nearly as many Instagram followers, does better streaming numbers, sold out American Airlines Center in November and just headlined JMBLYA, which pulled in more than 10,000 fans to Fair Park. Lil Pump did not sell out South Side Ballroom. So going viral doesn’t beat patience and consistency.

It was just another unpredictable, bruising night in the world of SoundCloud rap — a swelling subgenre that takes its name from its creators’ preferred streaming service — which in the last year has become the most vital and disruptive new movement in hip-hop thanks to rebellious music, volcanic energy and occasional acts of malevolence.

In his Instagram post, Pump tells fans he will spend time in jail due to parole violation. Rapper Gazzy Garcia, known professionally as Lil Pump, has returned home to Miami , where he just purchased a waterfront home for $4.6 million.

Lil Pump is out here trickin’ hoes at his crib. Over the weekend, the Gucci Gang” rapper took to his Instagram to brag about a story of kicking a prostitute out of his house and not paying for some top.

He also tells fans he has some “crazy ass” music dropping while he is behind bars and tells them, in the video’s caption, that his social accounts will be looked after by his management. The song Fasho Fasho” exemplifies all of these faults in Pump’s style.

He goes through the routine for Be Like Me” with his dancers twice, mugging in the mirror and hitting his mark when needed. It’s a perfect song for a guy like Pump, someone who really does want people to admire him enough to mimic him. Yet he himself is just an iteration of an iteration of an iteration of rappers past. He’s hardly the first artist to sell records on the back of being reckless, young, rich, and goofy, but he is undoubtedly charismatic and charming when he wants to turn it on. He insists upon holding a joint and his mug of lean while rehearsing Be Like Me ,” accidentally ashing on one of the dancers’ arms. His publicist reminds him not to curse on live television. They let me say ‘bitch’ on Jimmy Fallon,” he whines.

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