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Red Roses” was streamed over 3M times when it dropped in July and coolly received another million in the first week of the long-awaited visual’s release helmed by Chicago director and new-rap impresario Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade.

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LIL SKIESAs a youth, Lil Skies spent his time between Chambersburg and Waynesboro where his father – a local rhymer – planted seeds of rap success in the then 4-year-old toddler’s fertile mind. Lil Skies (born Kimetrius Foose) is one of the most hyped rappers to burst onto the burgeoning emo rap scene. Born in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, in 1998, Foose began stitching up mixtapes as a tender third grader.

Pennsylvania-bred rapper who began writing rhymes when he was 12 and signed with Atlantic before he was 20. Check out the entire episode, and all of the pairs that Lil Skies walked away with in the video player above.

Lil Skies has been played on NTS in shows including Yayo, featured first on 28 February 2018. Songs played include Lonely, I Like Girls and Nowadays (Original Version). We talk to Lil Skies about growing up in a small town, putting his own spin on The Sauce, and making music for the world.

Lil Skies is an American rapper from Waynesboro, Pennsylvania currently signed to All We Got Entertainment through Atlantic Records. His two top singles have appeared on the Billboard Hot 100: “Nowadays” (#55) and “Red Roses” (#69). His major label debut mixtape, Life of a Dark Rose, was released on January 10, 2018 and peaked at #10 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Skies would channel the dichotomous lessons he learned from his father’s aspirations to make a way and his mother’s determination to provide for her family into his studies and rhyming. A straight-A student in high school, Skies enrolled at Shippensburg University, where he continued to work on music between schoolwork. While he was the people’s champ in high school, it was the students of Shippensburg who immediately and fervently took to his music, eventually leading to an opportunity to open for Fetty Wap at a 2016 university-sponsored concert. The draw of that moment was too much to ignore, and within a few months, Skies would drop not only out of his school, but two buzzing mixtapes – Good Grades Bad Habits and Alone – via Soundcloud.

The Pennsylvania-born rapper just released his latest single, Magic,” via All We Got Ent. Featuring an emotional melody set atop a haunting guitar arrangement, Magic” hits the spot for those waiting on the rapper’s next full-length release. Check it out below.

Lil Skies’ hit single Red Roses” featuring Landon Cube was released in July 2017. The official video followed months later in October. It was directed, shot and edited by Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade. The video has been viewed more than 151 million times on YouTube. Since his debut, he’s received co-signs from the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, Wifisfuneral and CUFBOYS. Lil Skies has his own record label All We Got Ent. His success in 2017 also led to a recording contract with Atlantic Records. Skies’ other 2017 songs include Signs of Jealousy”, Atomic Bomb” and Nowadays”. He was featured on Adam22 ‘s No Jumper podcast in September 2017.

Born Kimetrius Foose, Lil Skies spent a majority of his life in Waynesboro, PA, where his roots in music were planted at birth. His father, Michael Burton Jr, is a construction worker in Pennsylvania; however, Burton moonlighted as a musician under the moniker, Dark Skies until Foose was a toddler. Dark Skies’ musical talents transferred over to his son, evident from his ability to freestyle from age 3. Music came easily to Skies, professing he didn’t take music as serious as he should. During a conversation with Billboard, Skies — whose name is an ode to his father — referred back to his mindset changing after nearly losing his father. (It) Definitely changed me,” Skies speaking of his father survived an explosion at work, I was still young, but in school, I just thought I was that dude.” Skies used this jolting moment to fuel his musical approach.

Foose first found his inspiration for rap and hip hop at the tender age of 4, after a life-changing studio session with his father. A straight-A student in high school, Skies enrolled at Shippensburg University, where he continued to work on music between schoolwork. In 2016 he opened for a university-sponsored concert, kickstarting his career. Within a few months, Skies would drop not only out of his school, but two buzzing mixtapes – Good Grades Bad Habits and Alone – via Soundcloud.

Moreover, the “Red Roses” rapper currently shares a roster with heavyweight wordsmiths like Cardi B, Post Malone, and Young Thug for the Rolling Loud Los Angeles festival taking place on December 14 at Banc of California Stadium. Lil Skies’ American tour dates continue well into 2019.

SoundCloud has become a promising platform for budding new artists, particularly rappers, to expand their reach. It’s given us artists like Lil Pump, Suicideboys, Lil Yachty, and XXXTenacion, to name a few. One of the newer and younger rappers to emerge onto the scene is Lil Skies, who’s already been dubbed one of SoundCloud’s most promising young acts.

The clip is kept relatively simple for the most part outside of some trippy effects added to enhance Lil Skies’ moves and looks to be shot at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Skies goes from hanging with a few women by the pool to exploring what nature has to offer on a hike alongside some homies.

Pump will be showcasing his new YouTube series, ‘Pump University’ in support of the upcoming tour. The series gives viewers an insight into the rapper’s version of college. The rappers will kick off their tour in Seattle and hit 17 cities across America.

At first I was skeptical of Pennsylvania rapper Lil Skies.” His style and sound seemed pretty basic. But after delving deeper into his catalogue of music I realized that the nineteen year old rapper is a breath of fresh air. Sometimes all the drama with rappers facing court cases, beefing with one another, and getting strung out on Xanax (among other things) clouds up the rap scene, but Lil Skies is the perfect antithesis to hip hop’s overcomplexity.

Lil Skies developed an interest in rap music at a young age. He began recording at age 4 and by age 12 he was already writing his own lyrics. He was first introduced to rap music by his father. His music influence also include Lil Wayne , 50 Cent, Travis Scott and Lil Uzi Vert Skies began uploading music to his SoundCloud page in early 2015. His debut mixtape, Good Grades Bad Habits, was released in September 2015. The second installment of the tape was released in February 2016. It featured tracks like Some Kind of Love” and Always Lit”. Skies opened for rapper Fetty Wap at Shippensburg University in October 2016. He dropped his 10 tracked mixtape, Alone, in January 2017. It featured production from AllSteezy, Cashmoney AP and a few others.

Lil Skies fans were blessed last night, as the Waynesboro, Pennsylvania rapper unleashed his surprise project titled Shelby , dedicated to his mother. Serving as his first official debut album via Atlantic Records, this follows his 2018 Life of a Dark Rose mixtape, which declared his name in the rap game.

Skies’ has two mixtapes out, Good Grades, Bad Habits and Good Grades, Bad Habits 2, and he just released his first album Life of a Dark Rose. His subject matter isn’t very deep or diverse, but his flows are neat and clean, which add to his playability.

I always knew I was going to drop out of college. I was an excellent student, but the experiences there were to help my music,” Skies explains. It was a necessary step in my life to get the music out there.” The friends, fans, and resources he soaked up in that short time would come in handy for Skies when his breakout song with friend and collaborator Landon Cube Red Roses” started to gain speed. Over a woozy and sparsely-produced track by Menoh Beats, the pair emotively meanders through tales of their vices, women, trust issues, and goals. Red Roses” was streamed over 3M times when it dropped in July and coolly received another million in the first week of the long-awaited visual’s release helmed by Chicago director and new-rap impresario Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade.

Overall, listening to this was an enjoyable experience. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys trap music and wants a little more until the subgenre fades from being the cultural zeitgeist in contemporary music. Despite their liberal use of autotune, Skies and Cube both have solid vocals, which are enjoyable to say the least. Life of a Dark Rose” is a bit of a one-trick pony, but it is engaging front to back. Skies shows a decent amount of skill, but it would be nice to see him come into his own before the trap sound fades away completely. Hopefully he will be more ambitious in his future endeavors.

Lil Skies, who made waves as he walked in Philipp Plein’s show during New York Fashion Week, joined forces with Lil Pump for their 2019 Spring co-headline tour. This highly successful trek, which saw Skies and Pump each headlining their biggest venues yet, will wraps on May 22nd at The Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles, California. This summer, Skies will continue to wow audiences on tour with more live dates and festival performances including Lollapalooza on August 3rd. Check out the full confirmed itinerary below.

As a child, Michael loved listening to rap music. Skies, however, was introduced to all genres by his father. Michael would often take him to the studios with him. Inspired by his father, Skies started freestyling on his own. His father recorded his voice and showed it to his friends. Hence, Skies was inside a recording studio for the first time at the age of 4.

It seems like Skies himself wants you to focus on the sound and energy of his music, rather than look between the lines for a message. His stage name is derived from his fathers stage name Dark Skies”, his dad was a huge source of inspiration to him when starting his rap career because, he was also a rapper.

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