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Dark Skies’ musical talents transferred over to his son, evident from his ability to freestyle from age 3. Music came easily to Skies, professing he didn’t take music as serious as he should.

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LIL SKIESAs a youth, Lil Skies spent his time between Chambersburg and Waynesboro where his father – a local rhymer – planted seeds of rap success in the then 4-year-old toddler’s fertile mind. Lil Skies was also savvy about using the internet to neutralize any geographical disadvantages he faced, migrating to SoundCloud and connecting with influential figures on YouTube. Watching a vlog from YouTube crew Cufboys – their channel has over 700,000 subscribers – Lil Skies happened to hear the group’s Landon Cube playing one of his songs. He reached out and befriended Cube and the other Cufboys, including booster Cameron Haller.

Not many people can definitively say they knew their purpose before kindergarten, but Lil Skies is not your ordinary 19-year-old. While some saw an unassuming, skating stoner, saturated in tattoos – a fixture in forgotten small-towns across America – beneath the surface laid a sharp and perceptive mind that gravitated towards punchy lyrics masked by melodic delivery like those of 50 Cent and Lil Wayne.

Vocally, Skies relies heavily on autotune. This is blatant on nearly every song. And while it is pretty tolerable for the duration of the project, on Garden” it becomes hard to listen to. Acting as the background vocals are these ugly, distorted autotune cries similar to the ones found on Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” but much more uncoordinated. It feels as though the producers only added them in so Skies did not sound so bare by himself. Other than that, the melody does not go anywhere interesting as an autotune-slathered Skies mozies through the track stripped of any humanity in his voice.

Haller was putting me in his vlogs – he had a nice platform, and he was like, ‘Go fuck with the kid,’” Lil Skies explains. Cube sang on both Red Roses” and Nowadays,” adding winning melodies that might entice listeners outside of the world of SoundCloud. And through Cube, Lil Skies also met the director Cole Bennett, who has helmed popular clips for SoundCloud stars like Lil Xan and Lil Pump. Bennett subsequently directed the videos for Lil Skies’ two hits.

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Taking cues from Wiz Khalifa‘s bad-boy eccentricity and Lil Wayne’s eclectic edge, Lil Skies’ showmanship is poised somewhere between rigor, grit, and a dash of flamboyance. Often seen sporting a charming yet mischievous grin and brightly colored braids to boot, Lil Skies’ enthusiasm and high energy both exhilarate and beguile audiences as he fiercely cues his brilliant trap beats.

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Lil Skies, who made waves as he walked in Philipp Plein’s show during New York Fashion Week, joined forces with Lil Pump for their 2019 Spring co-headline tour. This highly successful trek, which saw Skies and Pump each headlining their biggest venues yet, will wraps on May 22nd at The Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles, California. This summer, Skies will continue to wow audiences on tour with more live dates and festival performances including Lollapalooza on August 3rd. Check out the full confirmed itinerary below.

Lil Skies is around 5ft 9in tall and he’s mixed. He has multiple tattoos, including the phrase Cold Heart” written in Chinese below his right eye. Lil Skies’ net worth is estimated at $3 million. He earns from music sale, tours and concert performances. Skies has 1.7+ million subscribers on YouTube and 8+ million monthly listeners on Spotify. He also has millions of fans across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Lil Skies fans were blessed last night, as the Waynesboro, Pennsylvania rapper unleashed his surprise project titled Shelby , dedicated to his mother. Serving as his first official debut album via Atlantic Records, this follows his 2018 Life of a Dark Rose mixtape, which declared his name in the rap game.

Skies’ biggest flaw is that he references his contemporaries a little too frequently to the point when it almost becomes mimicry. His voice has an uncanny to cadence to Drake. He comes off as a mixture of alternative R&B, Atlanta autotuned crooning and South Florida SoundCloud rap. On Cloudy Skies,” he even uses an instrumental and vocal styling similar to the late Lil Peep. The only aspects that prevent Skies from being a direct copy cat of his contemporaries are his lyrics.

I always knew I was going to drop out of college. I was an excellent student, but the experiences there were to help my music,” Skies explains. It was a necessary step in my life to get the music out there.” The friends, fans, and resources he soaked up in that short time would come in handy for Skies when his breakout song with friend and collaborator Landon Cube Red Roses” started to gain speed. Over a woozy and sparsely-produced track by Menoh Beats, the pair emotively meanders through tales of their vices, women, trust issues, and goals. Red Roses” was streamed over 3M times when it dropped in July and coolly received another million in the first week of the long-awaited visual’s release helmed by Chicago director and new-rap impresario Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade.

After graduating high school, Skies got enrolled at the ‘Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.’ By then, he had decided that it was the right time to get into a full-fledged music career. He tattooed his face to prevent himself from getting a steady job. He dropped out of college in the first year and ventured into a rapping career at the age of 18.

The tape was released and became an instant commercial hit. Two of the songs from the album had been released earlier and provided momentum to the official release of the album. The album featured 14 tracks and featured artists such as Jamaal Henry, Alex Petit, Julian Gramma, Snodgrass, and Nicholas Mira.

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As a child, Michael loved listening to rap music. Skies, however, was introduced to all genres by his father. Michael would often take him to the studios with him. Inspired by his father, Skies started freestyling on his own. His father recorded his voice and showed it to his friends. Hence, Skies was inside a recording studio for the first time at the age of 4.

19-year-old rapper Lil Pump will head on tour, which comes after dropping his successful ‘Harverd Dropout’ that he brought out last year to huge positive appraisal. Pump will be joined by rap newcomer Lil Skies, whose debut mixtape, ‘Life of a Dark Rose’ peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200 chart when it came out last January.

The devil is in the details as Skies readies his forthcoming dark and lit” mixtape Life of a Dark Rose. His next single, Signs of Jealousy” continues his sing-song cadence powered by a distinct flow and etched with his pragmatic and relatable musings.

Waynesboro, PA does not come to mind when you think of contributions to hip-hop, but Kimetrius Lil Skies” Foose hopes to be that boundless rose to spring forth from the concrete. Lil Skies (Kimetrius Foose) is an American rapper. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family, personal life, etc.

Honestly, my skepticism has been crushed. I think Lil’ Skies knows how to rage. I’m bumpin him on the regular now. You should too. Following the release of his album, Skies embarked on a tour called the ‘Life of a Dark Rose Tour’ in 2018. However, the tour was cut short, as he fell ill midway.

Pennsylvania-bred rapper who began writing rhymes when he was 12 and signed with Atlantic before he was 20. Check out the entire episode, and all of the pairs that Lil Skies walked away with in the video player above.

From a surface level, Lil Skies (real name: Kimetrius Foose) checks off all the 2019 rapper boxes. Pennsylvania hiphop artist Lil Skies has garnered recent attention thanks to his popular Soundcloud releases. He’ll be in town promoting his latest project, Life of a Dark Rose.

At first I was skeptical of Pennsylvania rapper Lil Skies.” His style and sound seemed pretty basic. But after delving deeper into his catalogue of music I realized that the nineteen year old rapper is a breath of fresh air. Sometimes all the drama with rappers facing court cases, beefing with one another, and getting strung out on Xanax (among other things) clouds up the rap scene, but Lil Skies is the perfect antithesis to hip hop’s overcomplexity.

The opener, Welcome to the Rodeo,” starts the album off in a surprisingly aggressive way. Skies describes his come up and how he will continue pursuing his ambitions in spite of his hardships. One line that stood out the most not only on the song, but on the album as a whole was, I got tattoos on my face, I use that shit as motivation. I could never get a job, so for my dream, I’m dedicated.” This line as well as a few others show an interesting side of self-awareness on Skies’ part by offering the audience a chance to see the high stakes involved within the music industry.LIL SKIES

It can be hard not to write off new rappers who all tend to lean towards similar styles, but Skies defines himself by keeping his topics simple and easy to listen to. By doing this, his songs contrast the more complex (somewhat taxing and gimmicky) material that’s entering hip-hop and trap, giving you something you can relax and vibe to. Life of a Dark Rose offered a better look at Skies’ history with violence and drug dealing, but it wasn’t anything that hip-hop heads aren’t used to. In fact, it pretty much mirrors the classic story of dealer-turned-rapper that we hear in most hip-hop narratives.

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