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Before Lil TJay became the Internet heartthrob with delectable deliveries and streams in the multi-millions, he was just a kid from the Bronx with an equal love for Jay-Z bars and Justin Bieber songs.

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Lil TjayPeople who like Lil Tjay might also like these artists. Stream it below. In a tweet, Tjay teased that if enough fans like the song, he just may release his debut album. Update: Tjay revealed on Instagram that his new album will be released October 11th.

Inspired by artists like Usher and Michael Jackson, the rapper has set himself apart with a ‘melodic rap’ sound used to colour incisive and autobiographical accounts of his experiences in the Bronx. Originally crafting his songs on his phone and computer, in 2018, he won first place in a Coast 2 Coast LIVE NYC competition which gained him the attention of a major label, and the rest is history. Fans can catch Lil Tjay on tour with fellow rapper Lil Mosey all throughout 2019: be on the lookout for his upcoming projects, which he provides updates on through his active Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The Columbia Records artist’s debut LP features 17 tracks, but six of the songs previously appeared on his F.N EP. Lil Wayne, Lil Durk, Lil Baby, Jay Critch and Rileyy Lanez make guest appearances on the project.

Tione Dalyan Merritt (born April 30, 2001), better known as Lil Tjay, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter from the Bronx, New York He is best known for his collaboration with Polo G , ” Pop Out “, peaking at 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as “Resume”, “Brothers”, and “Leaked” with the latter receiving 44.4 million plays on SoundCloud , which led to his signing with Columbia Records It has also been a staple on SoundCloud’s Top 50 chart.

The song was Lil Tjay’s first charting single, but his song Brothers,” has more than 45 million views on YouTube, and Resume,” has 15 million views. Other songs include Goat,” which has 19.4 million plays on SoundCloud, and Leaked,” with 16.8 million plays.

Every episode of Open Mike Eagle’s new Comedy Central show The New Negroes ends with a rap-video kicker, and they’re always textually rich and fun to think about. But they’ve all worked really well as rap songs, too. And this one, with OME and Little Brother veteran Phonte stunting on each other’s level of cultural awareness, is the best one yet.

Likewise, on the hook to Hold On,” he laments that his broski servin’ time, he been gone for so long,” and unlike imitators like Tecca, Tjay’s biography supports the references to his gritty street tales. A future project on which Tjay delves more deeply into the circumstances of those narratives, employing more storytelling and more varied flow, might be a project that truly sets him apart. For now, though, he has the bearing of a star in the making: A compelling backstory, a knack for picking catchy (if slightly repetitive) beats, a gift for penning inescapable choruses and hooks, and the self-possessed confidence to put it all together into one, marketable package. As long as he remains true to himself, his originality will eventually become undeniable.

I didn’t know who the fuck was leaking my songs. My songs were just popping up on everything and everybody was laughing about it like, Yo, I got the unreleased Lil Tjay.” So I’m like, Aight, I got some more heat. I don’t give a fuck if y’all are leaking it. I’m going to keep dropping more shit.” So I named the song Leaked” and put the cover art as a leaked song.

The following tracks will sound good when mixed with Lil Tjay – F.N, because they have similar tempos, adjacent Camelot values, and complementary styles.

Thanks to all my supporters for allowing me to make it to this point in my career,” the 18-year-old rapper wrote on Instagram. Were only going up from here !! True 2 Myself OUT NOW ON ALL PLATFORMS I LOVE YALL ❤️đźŹđźŹľ thanks to everyone helping me promote. Let’s run them numbers once again love y’all love y’all love y’all.” Listen to True 2 Myself and let me know what you think.

Stream Lil Tjay’s True 2 Myself on Spotify and Apple Music below, and watch the documentary on YouTube above. I don’t even give a fuck. It’s just that nobody is getting my music anymore. It’s staying with me. True to me.

Billboard reported on February 28 that Tjay had recently signed with Columbia Records, home of Beyonce and Pharrell Williams. A Rolling Stone feature on Tjay from earlier in 2019 describes his style as insanely joyful pop music with a sobering edge.” In that feature, Tjay described his older influences” as Meek Mill and Drake.

There’s no reason to really talk about that stuff. It just came from thinking about trying to be mature and putting myself in a better headspace. People look up to me, so if they feel like that’s what I think is cool, they’ll think it’s cool. There’s no reason to preach it like it’s cool because I know it’s not cool. So me saying something that I know is not cool, just because other people think it is cool, is just feeding ignorance. It’s just going to keep the same trend. And who knows? I can’t put myself in the exact same headspace as before, but rapping could have been influencing my bad decisions and I wasn’t noticing. Somebody has to make that change and make that difference. I’m not saying that I don’t talk about shit in my music. I do. But I like to get in interviews and talk serious about what’s really in my head, besides the fun shit and the stupid shit.

Of course, with the influx of similar-sounding, melodically-inclined rappers currently flooding the game, it’s important for him to do so in more than words. In just the last year, rap has seen a rise in hits from trap-inspired artists hailing from cities outside of the subgenre’s origin of Atlanta, including Roddy Ricch , TJ Porter , Lil Tecca , and Tjay’s Pop Out” collaborator Polo G , with whom Tjay scored his first major hit. Once Atlanta-born trap stars like Lil Baby and Gunna get added to the mix, it’s clear that this is a lane which is rapidly filling up; any new artists merging into it must also find ways to distinguish themselves. On True 2 Myself, Lil Tjay makes a promising start, but also shows just how far he has to go.

The 18-year-old rapper is always plotting his next move. Back in 2016, he was serving time in a juvenile detention center for robbery. While incarcerated, he planned out his future success, filling two notebooks with handwritten verses. At that moment, he promised to himself that he would focus his efforts on taking the crown as the King of New York. Three years later, he believes he can check that goal off of his list.

I took a coin and flipped. I said, If it goes heads, it’s Columbia.” That shit flipped like 10 times and it was Columbia, so I was like, All right, bet.” Nah, I’m fucking with you bro. I just felt comfortable with it.

Lil Tjay was born Tione Dalyan Merritt and raised in the South Bronx area of New York City with his mother and siblings. In middle school, Lil Tjay began to get into fights and get involved in robberies leading him to serve multiple two and three-month sentences. In 2016, at the age of 15, he was sentenced to one year in a youth detention center. This longer time period influenced Lil Tjay to begin writing lyrics. In late 2017, Lil Tjay made a promise to his mother that he would no longer be involved in crime. Before recording in a studio, he made several songs on his phone and computer, using bars designed to work in hip hop style. He was inspired by Usher and Michael Jackson , which his mother would play as he was growing up. He made a song that is called “No Escape” which talks about his life.

In 2019, he has dropped two documentaries, an EP, and landed high-profile features on French Montana’s Slide,” Yung Bans’ Touch The Stars,” and Pop Smoke’s War.” Now, his debut album, True 2 Myself, has finally arrived, and his face is plastered on billboards all over Times Square.

Listening deeper, that fatalism has always been there in Tjay’s music. The gravitas isn’t in the sound; it’s in what he’s saying: Bodies drop all the time, I don’t feel nothing.” Tjay is young, and he sounds young, his voice half-cracking as his cadences blur the line between flow and melody. But he’s got dimension. And if he can come up with more songs that hit people the way Pop Out” just hit me, then he’s going places.

Lil Tjay and Lil Baby make a great match on “Decline.” They both have a knack for nasally melodies that can slither around pretty much any instrumental, but sound pristine over something that’s got some soul to it. The TnTXD and HemmieOnThaBeat production fits the bill for this task. Plaintive keys and guitar linger like the young rappers’ crooning. The song is an ode to all that’s left at home when they’re on the road, but continues weigh on their consciences amidst all the bustle.

Tjay clarifies that he’s merely talking about people outside of his generation. Given that rap generations in the streaming era cycle in and out about every 18 months, conservatively, that helps explain. Still, the realization of how young Tjay really is lingers. He shields his mouth, squirms and answers in short, clipped sentences, just like any teenager — albeit one in crystal-crusted Gucci sneakers.

As that ominous trap beat bounces in the background, you can hear the high pitched voice of Lil Tjay. Running your mouth, outta my head, I just run in your house, you could be dead before the suns even out,” Lil Tjay raps while gesticulating to the Jamaican born DJ. The caption from Akademiks seems confirms that this freestyle may to be something new that the rapper is looking to release is short order.

I’d know. And as far as that rapper goes. I hate to say it, I hope I don’t sound ridiculous I don’t know who this man is. I mean, he could be walking down the street and I wouldn’t know a thing. Sorry to this man.

Lil Tjay has been building up steam for some time now and he dropped his debut album at the perfect time to capitalize on it. The 17-track True 2 Myself came out on Friday it boasted one of the most highly-coveted features in the game right now. No disrespect to Lil Wayne (who appears on the remix of Tjay’s hit “Leaked”), but this year, Lil Baby has been popping up on everyone’s records and knocking his verses out of the park every time he does.

While in prison on robbery charges, New York rapper Lil Tjay found the motivation to get through his sentence by writing lyrics. Upon his release in 2017, Tjay, still just a teenager, began recording his songs and posting them online. Almost overnight, several tracks took off and were being streamed in the millions, gaining the rapper massive attention for his often-downcast songs that combined vocal hooks and rhymes about hardship written while he was in jail.

The rapper, a native of the Bronx, began releasing music on SoundCloud in 2017, when he was just 16. He signed with Columbia Records after it noticed Brothers” had amassed millions of streams on SoundCloud.

I feel like I’ve been playing one lane a little bit. The thing behind the album is, I didn’t want it to be one sound, but I did want it to be one mood. So when you go through it, it’s kind of mellow, besides F.N.” No Escape” is another sound that I’ve been playing with. It’s just me straight rapping. This is going to be a transition throughout my career. I’m going to step into different lanes. I have different ways I can approach a track.

The New Jersey DJ recently posted a video on his Social Media pages showing the young Bronx rapper spitting a barrage of lyrics. It seems the Jamaican born DJ could not get enough of the 1-minute freestyle, seemingly nodding his head in agreement to every line the Resume” rapper dropped.

Reports of rap regionalism’s death were greatly exaggerated. For decades, almost since its inception, rap was the most provincial form of popular American music — a loosely interconnected constellation of local scenes, each with its own sounds and aesthetics and characters and rules. But a few years ago, we started hearing about post-regional rap music — about the idea that the internet had collapsed all the geographical boundaries of those scenes, to the point where those local scenes were on their way to being obsolete. A$AP Rocky had exploded out of Harlem by playing around with Houston and Memphis rap sounds, and that looked like the wave of the future. It wasn’t. Rap regionalism lives on. If anything, it’s thriving now.

Lil Tjay released his debut album True 2 Myself on October 11, 2019. It includes many of his original SoundCloud songs, as well as new ones with features such as Lil Baby and Lil Wayne.

Lil Tjay caught up with Complex to discuss his new album, why being incarcerated was the best thing that ever happened to him, and how he continues to challenge the throne as the King of New York.

Lil Tjay, like A Boogie, comes from the Bronx. He’s only been making music for a couple of years. Tjay started releasing music in 2017, after spending a year in a juvenile detention facility on a robbery charge. He was one of those baffling, out-of-nowhere viral success stories, with his songs racking up millions of plays on SoundCloud before the press or major labels noticed what was happening. Tjay might’ve grown up hard, but there’s nothing forbidding about his music. He sings about life struggles and conspicuous consumption in the exact same tone, a nasal and airless sing-speak, and sometimes he toggles back and forth between them mid-bar.

Lil Tjay is the rapper who was involved in a brawl with YBN Almighty Jay, TJ Porter and Bay Swag, in New York City. TMZ was the first to report that YBN Almighty had been robbed outside of Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

YBN Nahmir is such a fascinating case: A video-game kid from Alabama who effectively remade himself as a Bay Area rapper when he was still in high school. And he’s good at it, especially when he gets on real Bay beats.

The first song he recorded when he got out was Resume” Lyrically, the song is a crude screed against average” women; it showed an inkling of Tjay’s sense of songcraft, and was recorded the first time he was in a studio. When he released the song on SoundCloud, Tjay barely had a social media presence. The only platform he used was Facebook. By his estimate, on the second day of its release the song had 5,000 listens. A year later, the song is at 13.7 million streams on SoundCloud and over 8.5 million views on YouTube.

At just 18 years old, hip-hop artist Lil Tjay has already proclaimed himself The Prince of New York The numbers might just back him up, too; most of his singles have at least 25 million Spotify streams each, with his most popular Brothers” nabbing over 63 million. That’s all on top of his star feature on this year’s Polo G hit Pop Out” and scheduled performance at the Big Apple edition of Rolling Loud Festival next month.

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