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This past July, Lil Kim canceled two interviews, citing that the outlets wouldn’t put respect on my name” and wanted to be messy.” But the rap legend known as Queen Bee has had plenty of blessings this year.

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LIL WAYNERaised in the tough neighbourhood of Hollygrove, New Orleans against a backdrop of drugs, gangs and an absent father, straight-A student Lil Wayne dropped out of school at 14 to become the self-professed “best rapper alive”. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., known to most of us as Lil Wayne , was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. At just 11 years old, Wayne met Bryan Baby” Williams (Birdman), rapper and co-owner of Cash Money Records at a local record store. From that point on, Baby became Weezy’s mentor and father figure (and eventually his boss after signing him to Cash Money).

Like its predecessor, Tha Carter IV is unyielding in the amount of hits on its tracklist with songs such as’6’7,” featuring Cory Gunz, John,” How To Love” and ‘She Will” featuring Drake all in heavy rotation on radio and selling across the board on the singles charts. Guests on the new album include Jadakissand Drake on It’s Good,’ while T-Pain joins Lil Wayne on How To Hate.” Rick Ross, Bun B, Nas, Shyne and Busta Rhymes all round out the guest list. The latter three appear on the triumphant outro. I wanted to make sure the LP went out with as much intensity as it begins with, so I assembled some of the best spitters in all of world to beat the track up,” Wayne says of his album’s ending.

Lil Wayne released his seventh studio album, the rock-influenced Rebirth, in February 2010. His eighth studio project, I Am Not a Human Being, was released that same year. Both projects were well-received.

On March 8, 2011, Lil Wayne released another song, “We Back Soon”, produced by StreetRunner , though it was not included on the official track listing of Tha Carter IV. 83 The second single, ” John “, was released on March 24, 2011, which features Rick Ross and is produced by Polow Da Don 84 The album’s artwork was unveiled on April 20, 2011. The album was originally scheduled to be released on May 16, 2011, 85 but Mack Maine had confirmed its delay until June 21. On May 26, 2011, the third single, ” How to Love “, was released. A song called “Dear Anne (Stan Part 2)” was released in June. Lil Wayne said the song was a throwaway track from Tha Carter III and was originally supposed to be on Tha Carter IV, but decided not to put it on there because of its age. Lil Wayne said that he liked the beat, but not the lyrics, and was thinking about revamping the song.

Artists have historically relied on video games to pass the time during their tours, and Wayne has always been known for his adoration for the Madden NFL series. He’s a die-hard sports fan, as seen from his social media and his appearances on sports talk shows with his friend Skip Bayless. Years ago, T-Pain said he saw Wayne and Cash Money co-founder Birdman bet up to $10,000 on games, while letting the computer battle it out to see who wins – like sports betting, but you get to pick each other’s competition.

The Williams brothers were loved for the music they were putting out. Wayne, determined to follow his dream, approached the brothers one day in a record store with an attempt to catch the attention of his future mentors with his rhymes. Mission accomplished. Not only did Birdman like Weezy’s unique rapid fire style, and boldness in the way he delivered his raps, but the youngster’s audacious nature impressed the budding mogul. Wayne was immediately welcomed into the family and adopted” as a son by the Williams brothers. Two years later, at just 11, Wayne would release his first album True Story, a joint effort with label-mate B. G.

As a CEO, Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment has become the premier brand in music. No other company has been able to break the amount of new acts with the success of Wayne. His franchise players Drake and Nicki Minaj both became household names in 2010 when both of their LPs Thank Me Later and Pink Friday respectfully debuted at the top of the charts and went on to become multi-platinum. Wayne himself went multi-platinum last year, twice, despite being incarcerated for most of the year. The fans clamored for his releases Rebirth and I Am Not A Human Being.

Weed addiction is real, and it’s time we start talking about it. I’ve seen industry friends—artists, journalists, creatives—never reach their full potential because of their addictions to Xanax, Percocet, and yes, even weed. Some people, when they learn of my sobriety, confide to me that they’re scared and worried about their spiraling weed usage. I tell them that they’re not alone.

Lil Wayne’s co-headlining tour with blink-182 officially ended last week in Sacramento. Across its 30-plus stops, the tour celebrated the 20th anniversary of the pop punk veterans’ seminal 1999 album Enema of the State by performing the album in full. Wayne’s latest album Tha Carter V dropped in September 2018 after years of delays.

Wayne tweeted out the crappy news Saturday morning, saying he wouldn’t be able to do the show later tonight at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre – where he was set to take the stage with B-182 and Neck Deep – due to some BS at his the Ritz Carlton.

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In August 2011, Wayne released his fourth installment of Tha Carter series, Tha Carter IV, which quickly met with success. In its first four days online, the album saw 300,000 song downloads on iTunes—setting a new record on the media-downloading application. Hits from the album include “Mirror,” featuring the smooth vocals of R&B singer-songwriter Bruno Mars, and “It’s Good,” featuring fellow rappers Drake and Jadakiss.

In reality, Wayne (born Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.) has not announced any issues concerning his health, much less his impending demise. But ‘s story was actually an extended regurgitation of a fake story that reportedly dates back to at least August 2015.

Trailing Bledel at No. 2 is talk show host James Corden, followed by Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, actress Anna Kendrick , movie star Lupita Nyong’, talk show star Jimmy Fallon , martial arts master Jackie Chan, the rappers Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj , and finally Marvel actress Tessa Thompson at No. 10.

Quickly following up this latest wave of success, Wayne released Tha Carter II in December 2005. The album debuted at the No. 2 spot on the Billboard pop charts and brought more critical praise for Wayne. A cameo appearance on the Destiny’s Child smash hit “Soldier” only further enhanced Wayne’s popularity.

Spreading the gospel in today’s world comes with a creative gamble. There are those who still take to streets with hugs and messages from the Bible and there are others who have found ways to include today’s biggest artists into scripture. Insert Beyoncé Mass, a church service mixed with inspirational songs from the Grammy-winning singer.

But don’t think that her debut album, Stacked, is anchored around her famous special guest stars. She certainly has her fair share of famous supporters — aside from Lil Wayne’s appearance on Kitten,” Big Sean drops bars on Ready Set,” Summer Walker and Teyana Taylor drive-through for No Lames” and Feel Something,” respectively, and Trey Songz lights up On Sight” — but she actually does best when she stands on her own.

The Hebrew Bible scholar in me has to say, we have to be attentive to the fact that race was not operative in the biblical world, right? So these distinctions of black and white are not there in the Bible. What is there for me as a Bible scholar is that there are communities that were being formed and there are some people who are celebrated and belong in the text and there are some people who don’t. So it’s not about talking about black women in the Bible, but it is about how black women can find themselves in the Bible.

Reginae Carter (Lil Wayne’s eldest daughter) follows me on Instagram,” she said. So I DMed her one day asking if she could get my stuff over to her dad. And she did, and he liked it, so we started talking and he eventually came through and recorded Kitten” with me. When I tell you…whoo. You know, I am such a big fan of his, and to get him on my song knowing that he’s got that kind of respect for me…” Her voice trails off, as though she’s trying to process having a name like Weezy’s on her debut album.

Not here, apparently — at least not at length. While some have been quick to point out that the guy who raps, Weezy, where you been? The people miss you,” on the track Hittas” sure sounds a lot like Drake, the Toronto rapper doesn’t appear in the album credits, and he certainly doesn’t have a verse on any song.

Every battle for hip-hop’s throne consists of a power struggle, as the incumbent King fights to keep his crown from a hungry successor. Sometimes, though, this transition of power can happen smoothly, as was the case in the mid-2000s when the GOAT, Jay-Z, tossed the keys to the rap kingdom to hip-hop’s new King, Lil Wayne. Of course, the lack of animosity between them had much to do with the fact that Wayne’s Best Rapper Alive claims, while boastful, always respected Jay’s legacy. Consider: on 2004’s Bring It Back,” Wayne only claims to be the best rapper alive since the best rapper retired;” while on 2007’s Dough Is What I Got,” he defers his own greatness again, calling himself the LeBron to Jay’s Jordan. And so, by the time the two linked up on Mr. Carter,” in 2008, an official coronation was in the air. In just over five minutes, the baton was passed, Jay’s reign was over, and Wayne’s had begun.

As soon as he ascended into hip-hop’s upper echelon in the first half of the decade, rap fans labeled Kendrick the heir apparent to Lil Wayne, a lyrical genius worthy of capturing the throne once occupied by his idol. Unfortunately, their peaks never overlapped — with Kendrick hitting his stride right as Wayne began his decline — forcing us to accept the fact that a potential collaboration would likely feature an in-his-prime Kendrick rapping circles around a washed Wayne. Alas, four years after the track was first teased, the two best rappers alive let loose on Mona Lisa,” the standout from Tha Carter V, as the GOAT more than holds his own in the same ring as rap’s current King.

This mixtape, Sorry For The Wait, is a thank you to you fans for attending the first leg of the I Am Still Music Tour, supporting the upcoming second leg of the I Am Still Music Tour, which kicks off on July 13th at the Comcast Center in Hartford, CT and for your continued support of Tha Carter IV, which will be released on August 29th.

Lil Wayne is a member of the group Hot Boys alongside Juvenille, B.G, and Turk. Fans lined up for his scheduled 9:20 p.m. show, but were notified after arriving via a written message on event monitors that the rapper would not perform.

Nivea is opening about her former relationship with Lil Wayne and unlikely friendship with Lauren London, who was pregnant with the rapper’s child at the same time she was also carrying their son. But Schwartz said the rapper and his party left the hotel voluntarily and were not forced to leave, as his tweet suggested. No legal action was taken.

Have we missed one of your best Lil Wayne songs? Let us know in the comments section, below. Skylar Diggins and Lil’ Wayne dated from 2010 to 2011. Lil Wayne married Antonia Carter in 2004, they divorced in 2006 and they have onne child.

Nivea and Lil’ Wayne were engaged for 6 years. They dated for 10 months after getting together in Feb 2002. They were engaged on 11th Dec 2002 but later separated in Feb 2004. Nicki Minaj is rumored to have hooked up with Lil’ Wayne in 2011.

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., known to most of us as Lil Wayne , was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. At just 11 years old, Wayne met Bryan Baby” Williams (Birdman), rapper and co-owner of Cash Money Records at a local record store. From that point on, Baby became Weezy’s mentor and father figure (and eventually his boss after signing him to Cash Money).

Rap artist who is best known for his Carter series of albums. He won four Grammy Awards in 2009, including the award for Best Rap Song for his song “Lollipop.” He is the CEO of his own label, Young Money Entertainment, which was founded in 2005.

For a generation of listeners, ‘Fireman’ was their introduction to Lil Wayne; it may have been their first time seeing A Bathing Ape gear in a music video, or recognising the Phantom on the cover of Carter II by name. For others, it was a moment of Wayne’s noticeable transformation into a more diverse, freely associative rapper. With ‘Fireman’, it became clear just how much potential Wayne had.

His rap bonafides are unquestionable, but Wayne has also dabbled in rock: his tour with Blink 182 was paired with a mashup of his song A Milli” and the band’s What’s My Age Again,” and he released his own rock album Rebirth in 2010. When asked if he would consider making another rock album, Wayne said he liked the idea.

Backed by a stripped down Swizz Beatz track, Lil Wayne put his own spin on a concept as old as the genre itself: making hip-hop the leading character in a song. Only, this time, instead of playing the rapper’s love interest, as so many rappers had done before, Wayne treats the genre as his patient. As Dr. Carter, he addresses hip-hop’s depreciating gamesmanship which, masterfully, helps props him up in the process — a GOAT among mere men.

The first service at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral brought out over 500 people, a huge difference from the normal 50 attendees. While some saw the mass as a “spiritually awakening experience,” critics questioned the presence of secular music in the church. There’s also the immediate likeness to Kanye West’s Sunday Service where the artist blends his discography with gospel hymns. But Rev. Norton says the two have nothing in common.

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