lil xan height – Lil Xan Is Having A Baby Five Months After The Noah Cyrus Breakup Drama

Rapper Lil Xan grabbed attention on social media for his recent trip to Indianapolis, but as usual, none of it had anything to do with his music. He is undoubtedly one of the hottest rappers going into 2018.

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LIL XANDiego Leanos, otherwise known as Lil Xan, gradually developed a fanbase through the internet, joining an emerging generation of Soundcloud rappers who are steadily using the internet to self-release music and share their lifestyle with their fans. Lil Xan performs onstage during Day 1 of Billboard Hot 100 Festival 2018 at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater on August 18, 2018 in Wantagh, New York. His real name is Diego Leanos. His mother’s name is Candy. He has been dating Annie Smith since 2019. He briefly dated Noah Cyrus in 2018.

The incident took place after the unnamed man called Lil Xan a “bh.” Then, the rapper exposed his gun, and made an explicit statement, in which he used the N-word. “What the fk you want, bruh? Get the fk out, n!,” he was heard saying in the video.

Went for Diego, venue was cool, set was interesting, I higly recommend seeing a Lil Xan show. Lil Xan’s net worth is said to be around $500,000. In addition to the video he uploaded, Xan wrote a caption underneath the video to introduce fans to the woman he’s been talking to.

Whether he chooses to remain Lil Xan, embrace the identity of Diego, or continues to use both names, the question of where to go from here continues to loom over Leanos’ head. The past two years have proven that the sky is no limit for him. He can attempt anything he wants right now, including things beyond the world of music, and there will no doubt be people there to support him. That is an envious position for any aspiring talent to be in, but it also creates the potential for disaster if Leanos should choose to listen to the wrong people.

Check out Lil Xan’s original post below. In response to the reports, Xan wrote on Instagram: Fk all you old head a bhes still talking bout that 2pac sht.” He also believes that the media is gonna try and twist” the details.

Lil Xan took to social media to share his side of the story. He wrote that he was about to be attacked and resorted to having to use self defense.” He added that old” Tupac fans should live their own lives and stop picking on a kid.” It is hard to imagine anyone considering a 22-year-old with a handgun a kid, but apparently in Lil Xan’s world, age is but a number.

The 22-year-old California native — who was in the news recently when he claimed that eating too many Hot Cheetos sent him to the hospital — shared a clip of him and DJ TOPGUN on the Canal walk to his Instagram page Tuesday evening.

People call me a poser all the time. They’re like, You don’t do Xans. You’re Lil Xan and you don’t do Xans?” I was painfully addicted to Xanax for like two years of my life, so anybody trying to tell me I’m a poser, can shut the fuck up. Because I know what it’s like to be addicted to that. And I was lucky enough to get off of that shit.

Fans believe a moment in the new single’s music video also references the Halsey collab. In Him & I,” the rapper refers to himself and Halsey as Bonnie and Clyde.” As fans have noticed in the music video, G-Eazy teams up with a woman to execute a Bonnie and Clyde-like heist in the city.

Nicholas Diego Leanos was born September 6, 1996, in Redlands, California to a Mexican family. During his youth, his family was poor, and they lived in motels. He dropped out of high school in 9th grade and stayed home for several years, selling drugs and working as a street cleaner. He then got into photography to support his rapper friends, until he had his camera stolen. Instead of getting a new camera, Leanos chose to start rapping.

According to TMZ, Lil Xan is not checked into rehab but has instead isolated himself in a forest” while he focuses on Be Safe” his forthcoming Mac Miller tribute album. Official music video by Lucifena, Lil Xan performing Lost At Sea” directed by Ursus Magana.

Lil Xan serves a purpose. At the risk of sounding like a funky supply teacher earnestly preaching from a flipped-around chair, rap is America’s folk music, constantly taking stock of the nation. Some rappers vocalise its troubles, but others, like Lil Xan and his SoundCloud brethren, reflect them – their violent misogyny, torpor and inarticulacy reveals as much about a rudderless generation as, say, Kendrick Lamar does. But that doesn’t mean it’s good to listen to. Like the much-memed Simpsons quote from Principal Skinner, it’s tempting to say the children are wrong about this.

Taking inspiration from alternative rock, Diego initially wanted to be a photographer – but his sudden desire to start writing lyrics overwhelmed his photographic talents. Although his camera got stolen at a show, he took this as a sign to focus on music instead. As one of the hottest rappers in the world right now, Lil Xan is about to release his debut album Total Xanarchy.

Leanos’ cautionary, anti-Xanax lyrics almost seem like the hiphop version of an afterschool special, with the maximalist melodrama of emo. But this isn’t emo that centers on angsty white kids living in McMansions; instead, it reflects the experience of kids growing up in the middle of the Great Recession, the foreclosure crisis, the opioid epidemic, and the rapid gentrification of American cities that force poor people of color further to the margins. Lil Xan’s first singles only begin to describe it.

Earlier this year, the rapper shared the news that he was out and sober” after successfully completing time in rehabilitation. Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus‘ appearance together on the red carpet at the MTV Awards went viral after a photo of Lil Xan pressing his nose against Noah’s cheek got the wholesome meme treatment.

The 22-year-old rapper, arguably best known for his dramatic public breakup with Noah Cyrus last fall, was approached by a stranger who began taunting him around 10 p.m. on Friday, June 7th. In a video obtained by TMZ , the alleged victim can be heard calling Lil Xan bitch” while Xan shouts racial slurs and waves a handgun at him multiple times. The rapper eventually retreated into his Mercedes SUV at the urging of his girlfriend, Annie Smith. Smith can be heard in the video defending her boyfriend, shouting, You started it, you dumb fuck!” before joining him in the car. The man chose to file a report with the LAPD.

It was probably one of the last days I did Xans. The song is an anti-Xanax song. You can’t deny that. The song is about not taking drugs. I was off a Xanax that day when I made that song and I feel like it helped inspire it, but I realized that it’s bad. I’m off that shit completely, now. But I definitely think it helped the creativity for the song.

His debut album, Total Xanarchy, came out in April and peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard 200. He counts Mac Miller , N.E.R.D., Arctic Monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age among his varied musical influences. Steven Cannon is also one of his favorite rappers and best friends.

I didn’t come to Emo Nite looking for Sum 41. I didn’t come to hear an onslaught of Warped Tour classics either. In fact, neither thought ever even entered my mind. See, I came to catch Lil Xan , who just dropped another track with Lucifena And I expected to get hip to the latest sad rap superstars. Turns out though I got all that – and then some. A genre-busting night that combined the roar of Warped with the gut-baring introspection found on SoundCloud. A deep dive into the dark night of the soul shared among 2000-plus just like us.

Annie also posted an Instagram story referring to Lil Xan as her “husband”. The rapper wrote “The girl is @dani_toorish a girl I’m talking to you dummys lol,y’all just wanna see me fall,also I look so funny in this thumbnail,” Xan wrote in the caption.

It’s unclear how the conversation escalated but the video began recording when things were already on 100. You a btch. Look at this little btch. Do something, homie,” the man behind the camera taunts the rapper.

Xan’s decision to quit taking the drug that earned him his nickname was partially inspired by Peep’s death. He sees the impact that the tragic incident is having on the rap community and decided to step up and take action.

Smith and Leanos have not yet addressed the accusations publicly, but comments underneath the YouTube video have since been disabled. Comments on recent Instagram posts from both Smith and Leanos have also been recently disabled.

We’ve only just moved on from Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus’ breakup. Now, he’s a soon-to-be father and possibly married? We’re going to need a minute to process all of this. A St. Louis rapper whose viral video threatening to shoot California rapper Lil Xan got the latter’s October performance at the Pageant canceled will not be charged with a crime.

This song started blowing up after popular Rap music video director Cole Bennett made a music video for the song. The Total Xanarchy rapper posted a message to his five million followers on Instagram after being discharged.

The similarities become more obvious when one considers the role culture plays in each artist’s work. Whatever came about during a time just before cell phones and social media would replace traditional dating practices. It captures a moment when people still had to leave their home to hang with friends and meet potential mates. Leanos’ material, on the other hand, captures the now. Betrayed,” for example, finds Leanos rapping about his girlfriend hates his Instagram feed and how so-called evil bitches” want him to mention them on social media. He talks about using drugs to get through the day, something more and more people are doing on a weekly basis, and he also talks about not knowing how to regain control of his life. His world is the rebooted version of that presented in the past by bands like Arctic Monkeys, and just like a Hollywood remake, it’s far grittier than most may recall.

Due to exhaustion, Lil Xan has cancelled his concert at The Van Buren on Saturday, November 17, 2018. Refunds available at point of purchase. In a new video that Lil Xan posted, he is heard saying “Are you guys fking serious?,” in the video.

The 21-year-old, who has only been rapping for a year-and-a-half , is, of course, talking about Xanax, a highly-addictive controlled substance used to treat anxiety and panic disorder that has risen in popularity among hip-hop’s younger acts and audience over the past three years.

In February 2018, Leanos did an interview with Revolt TV, where they asked him what he thought about the late rap icon, Tupac. Looking uninterested in the topic, Leanos shrugged and said he felt like he made boring music.” Rapper Waka Flocka Flame was one of the first celebrities to publicly call him out, tweeting that Lil Xan is banned from hip hop. Leanos responded saying he will continue rapping, however, will not participate in any more interviews.

Leanos has a point. Prior to February, there were only sixteen Lil Xan songs available on streaming services. Of them, only three were released after Leanos claims to have started to become more serious about his career in music. To say he is anything other than an artist just yet would be a disservice to curious music fans everywhere. He is, for lack of a better word, an ambassador for those who believe they never see themselves represented in pop culture. You might not get it, but chance are he doesn’t understand your lifestyle either, and that’s perfectly okay. All Leanos asks is that people listen with an open mind and allow the music to speak for itself.


It’s coming up on a year since Lil Nas X took over the music industry with his debut single “Old Town Road.” Before it reaches that milestone, the Georgia native’s popular hit, featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, has reached a feat that solidifies its place in history. The YoungKio-produced track was certified diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the first to do so this year.

Back in September, Xan posted an Instagram story saying he felt like he was “probably being cheated on”, and then accused Noah of using him to further her own music career. What do you think about Lil Xan’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus dated from 30th June to 2nd September, 2018. Thankfully no shots were fired and Xan addressed the situation on his Instagram story that day. Los Angeles police are investigating Lil Xan after footage has emerged of the rapper brandishing a gun at a gas station.

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