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Bad BunnyBad Bunny, originally from Puerto Rico, is most recognized for his explosive and infectious trap songs. Even one of the perceived godfathers of current trap music, Future, has his share of emotionally wrought numbers. But while Future’s confessional depression comes with heaping doses of blame toward others — particularly women — Bad Bunny’s comes with self-reflection, openness and a general willingness to learn and do better.

The 25-year-old considered the face of Latin trap – a booming genre that fuses reggaeton with elements of hip hop from the US south – said in an Instagram TV video late Thursday that after finishing four contractually obligated shows in Europe he would return to Puerto Rico rather than record his new album.

Overalls are the Bad Bunny signature I enjoy the most. He wore a pair with an X-crossed back with a red bucket hat alongside veteran Latino rapper Daddy Yankee in the music video Como Soy” (There, he files his nails as he bops around a basketball court.) You can’t pry those overalls off of his gyrating body. It is one fashion quirk that he stays true to. In fact, in the recently released music video Mia ,” with Drake, Bad Bunny donned a pair of Beetlejuice-style yellow and black striped overalls—24-year-old baby fat and all—and stole the show.

A young Puerto Rican artist who was originally discovered by Daddy Yankee and who has now penetrated the Reggaeton and Latin Trap scene with his talent. He is well known for various tracks like Bebé Remix”, Netflixxx” with Bad Bunny, Bipolar” and Assesina”.

Wednesday night (September 18) on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Bad Bunny and Residente stopped by to perform their hit collaboration “Bellacoso” with some backup dancers and brought the reggaeton tune’s energy to life onstage in true magnetic fashion. Everyone involved probably burned 10,000 calories with all of their bouncing around, and if the camera was turned towards the audience, it would probably show them equally as bouncy and energized, too.

The Puerto Rican rapper is not a fan of either gender norms or the machismo that is often prevalent in Latinx people. Last year, the singer got vocal on social media after a nail salon in Oviedo, Spain, denied him service when he wanted to freshen his lacquered, colorful nails.

His style, with its healthy punch of dork factor, is of the now in a way that is similar to Post Malone ‘s very self-aware, disheveled, sleazy look. Take the music video Estamos Bien ,” where Bad Bunny fearlessly wears high-waist shorts (denim!) with a dad belt, pulled-up sports socks, and a camp shirt. (In this look, he holds the leash of a ferocious, chunky-faced pitbull who wears sunglasses.) Bad Bunny seamlessly sells the short shorts look as well. He really knows how to wiggle those knobby knees in a pair of shiny citrine basketball shorts. Trust me and watch Como Soy” again for the full effect.

On the heels of his highly-successful tour, GRAMMY-nominated rapper-songwriter and Latin music’s King of Trap,” Bad Bunny is coming to Atlanta with the X100PRE Tour Presented by Corona Estéreo Beach.

Bad Bunny’s latest explosive performance comes on the heels of his show at the 2019 VMAs when he performed “Qué Pretendes” with J Balvin. They brought out cartoon cactuses and more in one of the wildest highlights of the night.

Posting a clip of the “Solo de Mi” video on Instagram, Bad Bunny emphasized his point, condemning Puerto Rico’s high rates of violence against women and saying, “The time to take action is now.” He called for respect for women, men and all life: “Less violence, more perreo,” he wrote.

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Just two years have been enough for Lyanno to become one of the most streamed artists in Puerto Rico. His silky voice and explicit lyrics work smoothly together in both Latin Trap and Reggaeton. His hits slap and include Pa Mi”, Vuelva a Ver”, Toda – Remix”, A Solas – Remix”, and more.

Bad Bunny originally posted his music on SoundCloud independently but was quickly noticed and signed on to a record label. Since then, he’s been a consistent heavy hitter on the Hot Latin Songs chart, with 46 tracks, and seven on the Hot 100. Along with his own singles, he’s teamed up with other Hispanic and Latino top artists to create Billboard hits, such as “Sensualidad” with J Balvin and Prince Royce, and a remix of “Te Bote” with Ozuna and Nicky Jam. In 2018, he collaborated with Cardi B and J Balvin for “I Like It,” making it Bad Bunny’s first No. 1 single on the US Billboards. It was followed with another collaboration with Drake for “Mia,” and Jennifer Lopez for “Te Guste,” garnering him even more fans in the US and around the world.

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Bad Bunny may be introducing a more vulnerable disposition within rap, but he still clearly operates within the genre’s cultural confines. Some of his lyrics arguably objectify the very women he at times tells us we should respect. Like on Cardi B’s smash hit, I Like It,” where the rapper lists the traits he likes about various Latin American women including certain accents, body features and ways to copulate.

After a successful 2018, Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton singer Bad Bunny — born Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio — gave fans an early Christmas present when he dropped his 15-track album on Dec. 24 at midnight.

But who is Bad Bunny? Here, everything we know about the rising Latin music star. BAD BUNNY: The last time I went shopping, I spent a fortune. I spent as much as a new car on sunglasses.

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio (born March 10, 1994), known by his stage name Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton singer. 2 While working in a supermarket as a bagger and studying at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo , Bad Bunny gained popularity on SoundCloud and he was signed to a record label. “Diles” was his 2016 breakthrough single, and was followed by a number of hits, notable appearances, and a collaboration with Cardi B and J Balvin on the Billboard Hot 100 number-one single ” I Like It ” and with Drake on ” Mia “. His debut album, X 100pre , was released in December 2018.

BAD BUNNY: Fashion is one thing, but style is another. Sometimes big companies say, Look at that cabrón! He loves fashion.” But I don’t follow any designer. Everyone has their style and your style explains a lot about who you are—you feel me? I’ve had style since childhood, so I like to dress how I feel. But maybe I get carried away by some trends.

Like many artists, Bad Bunny is just the singer’s stage name. (Though we would commend his parents if they had given him that moniker at birth.) His full name is Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, and he was born on March 10, 1994, in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico—a municipality located on the coast of north central Puerto Rico. It’s also part of the San Juan-Caguas-Guaynabo metropolitan area.

BAD BUNNY: I sensed it. I showed them many things I had made and they did not even look at them. Today, that’s what makes me who I am. They didn’t even want to hear many of the songs that became my first hits. They thought they were crap.

Balvin and Bad Bunny’s global mission is apparent on the second track of their joint LP, Yo Le Llego,” as they each shout out Latin America, beginning with their homelands: Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Panama, the Dominican Republic. The final song, Como Un Bebé,” features vocals — and rhythmic influence — from the Nigerian Afrobeats singer Mr. Eazi , who himself fuses Ghanaian highlife sounds with R&B.

A day before releasing his album, the singer, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, was distributing 30,000 gifts for Puerto Rican children through his Foundation Good Bunny, including musical instruments and balls.

The Puerto Rican Reggaeton trap rapper crossed over to the mainstream with his verse on Cardi B’s “I Like It,” which became his first chart-topper in the U.S. Bad Bunny hosted six episodes of “Trap Kingz,” Beats 1’s first Spanish show.

Fans can buy Bad Bunny tickets for shows in Miami, Salt Lake City and San Antonio. For a complete list of upcoming Bad Bunny tour dates, check out the list at the top of this page.

BAD BUNNY: I can release it today or in 20 years, and I know it will be a good song. But I want to record it in a special place where I feel happy. Usually I record in hotels—my album was recorded in hotels.

BAD BUNNY: Oh, I hate flying. I think my fear inspires me. When I take vacations, I go home. I recently took a vacation in January, and I had the option of going to Bora Bora, St. Barts, the Maldives, or St. Kitts, which is next to Puerto Rico. So I said, I’ll go to the closest one.” I’d rather stay in the Caribbean. I used to tell my mom when I was a kid, Mommy, I’m never going to leave Puerto Rico.” I was afraid of flying, and now it’s my damn life.

He churned out single after single—he’s appeared on over 70 in three short years—but didn’t really skyrocket until he was recruited for Cardi B ‘s smash 2018 hit “I Like It” alongside friend and frequent collaborator J Balvin It became his first No. 1 and delivered him to a level of fame that he admits he wasn’t quite ready for. After all, he’d yet to even release a full-length album.

El Conejo Malo often invites surprise performers to his live set, adding more excitement and unpredictability to his already wild romp. With the recent Christmas release of his full-length debut album, X100PRE (a stylization of “Por Siempre,” or “Forever”), Bad Bunny takes to the road with a tour of North America in spring 2019.

More than a lark or a flex, the unexpected feature speaks to the cumulative, overlapping creative projects of Balvin, 34, a native of Colombia, and Bad Bunny, 25, who is Puerto Rican, as they expand the reach and rules of Latin music. Each has taken the blueprint of reggaeton — the rhythm-driven, Caribbean-influenced strain of Spanish-language hip-hop — and with some added flair and international collaborations led a new generation of artists to the pop mainstream under the wide umbrella of genres known as música urbana, or urbano.

In July 2017, he was featured on pop singer Becky G’s single “Mayores.” In November of that year, his song “Tu No Metes Cabra” peaked at number 38 on the Hot Latin Songs chart—and around the same time, the song “Sensualidad” was released as a collaboration between Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Prince Royce. It peaked at number eight on the Hot Latin Songs chart.

The biggest surprise isn’t so much that Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny, released his debut album on Christmas Eve with virtually no warning, but that he released a debut album at all. A musician who has thus far scored a single British hit, he has become a mainstream star in the US by avoiding albums altogether and relying instead on a mind-boggling torrent of singles. In less than two years, he’s released 27 singles as lead artist and a further 37 as a guest star, a not-unappealing strategy in an industry in which hip-hop and R&B artists have taken to releasing ever-more expansive and exhausting opuses.

I think I’ve already released many singles, there are many songs by the rabbit out there, but I think that as an artist it was time to do a full album,” he said, speaking in Spanish.

For Bad Bunny, this achievement serves as a testimony of his great talent and unique musical vision. In recent years, the artist has clearly demonstrated his professional growth – managing to transcend boundaries with his music, constantly innovating and expanding the high quality of his productions and creating new trends that have redefined the concepts of urban music.

Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado is an influential chart-topping Reggaeton giant from Puerto Rico. Ozuna is currently #16 in the world on Spotify and was the #1 most-watched artist on youtube for 2018. We are hyped to have this Boricuas raw talent and undeniable flow headline Baja Beach Fest 2019 in Rosarito Beach.

BAD BUNNY: As a person I’m humble, but musically, I am sure about who I am. If I make a bad song, I’ll tell you, I did this. It’s crap, but I did it.” This industry is hard, but I was so sure of myself. I had an ego, but not in a negative way. I just believed in my music.

The question that accompanies Oasis is whether it could possibly live up to the chart-destroying standard that Balvin and Bad Bunny have set. Even coming from a scene where stars and standouts record together so often that just about every possible permutation already exists, the eight-song project arrives amid heightened expectations. These are tremendous artists who can headline festivals and fill sports arenas all across America, performing their music entirely in Spanish for audiences happy to shout and sing the lyrics back towards the stage. Radio stations have come to rely on their fairly prolific output, as have content-hungry streaming platforms. Their YouTube videos typically prompt millions of views in the first 24 hours, climbing into the tens and hundreds of millions with ease.

I am huge bad bunny fan, his performance was great but too short. I am very disappointed with the people who organized this event. They should have promoted this concert as a party with Bad bunny not as a concert at a venue with seats. It was supposed to start at 6:30pm. They played music for 3 hours!!! There was a point we could tell that the hosts were killing time asking the same questions to the audience over and over again, and bad bunny started at 10:00pm!!!! to finish at 11:00!!!!! When the concert ended, he left without a proper goodbye and everyone was expecting to see him back and come with a second part of the show. Many people went to the stage and asked the event team if the show was really over?? We could not believe it! So much bad organization by “Collado Productions”, I will never again spend a dime on something organized by them.

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