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MarshmelloOne white helmet. All of the previous events were somewhat scripted – but if this really is a live event, the experience could be completely different. This would be a live concert in the game. How, exactly, Epic and Marshmello would pull that off are still a mystery, but it’s certainly exciting.

And no worries for folks who weren’t able to attend the event (or its encore on Sunday) — Marshmello uploaded the full set to YouTube, where it’s since garnered nearly 12 million views and is No. 4 on YouTube’s Trending at press time.

The DJ ( who’s a Fortnite enthusiast himself ) tweeted that more than 10 million people attended the virtual event this past Saturday, during which he played a 10-minute live set on a custom digital stage, with accompanying custom graphics (like the one seen above).

At 2PM ET today, every one of the likely tens of millions of players of Epic Games’ battle royale title were transported to a virtual stage. There, Christopher Comstock — who goes by the DJ name Marshmello and is known best for his signature food-shaped helmet — began a 10-minute mini-set, all while while up to 60 players across thousands of individual matches were able to watch live. Epic, having learned from past one-time live events like its iconic rocket launch and its most recent freezing over of the entire game map , smartly launched a special game mode specifically for the show.

What is also not surprising is that along with the fandom came fraudsters who tried to scam players. “Apart from the number of users it attracted and the fact that it had an audience 25 times larger than attended the legendary Woodstock Festival, the incident puts the issue of security back into the spotlight,” wrote ESET security researcher Luis Lubeck.

Though Minecraft and Second Life have hosted online concerts before, neither of them produced an audience as large as that of the Marshmello concert on Fortnite. In order to allow for a greater number of viewers on the stream, Epic Games, the developers behind Fortnite, disabled the ability for players to use their weapons, allowing for players to watch the gig without risk of disrupting their game.

The figure catching everyone’s eye about the concert is that over 10 million people attended the event. And this wasn’t merely a livestream where people watched something on a screen together. This was 10 million people controlling an avatar in a shared 3D virtual space.

A Fortnite server limits the number of players in each instantiation of the game’s map to 100 concurrent players. That means there was something like 100,000 mirrored versions of Marshmello’s performance this weekend. Therefore no one attendee was part of any million-avatar flash mob, but were instead situated inside a multiverse of 100-player venues.

Marshmello is an American DJ known for his collaborations with Selena Gomez, Larsson, Anne-Marie, among others. He work has earned him four Billboard Music Award nominations. His solo music video Alone” boasts more than one billion views on YouTube.

On Saturday, Marshmello, a popular DJ, performed a live virtual concert inside the even more popular online video game Fortnite. If you missed it, it’s worth checking out the full 10-minute set.

His crafted brand of feel-good melodies and trapped-out dirty bliss is both uplifting and unabashedly intense. It’s enough to fill a stadium with unison sing-alongs while demolishing worldwide dancefloors within the same beat. Game recognizes game, and soon after debuting, dance music heavyweights Skrillex and Diplo sought Marshmello for an official remix of their Jack Ü mega hit, Where Are Ü Now” with Justin Bieber. Elsewhere, Marshmello has done official remixes of fellow superstars Avicii, Zedd, Ariana Grande.

On the day of the concert, Fortnite released a special mode that prevented players from shooting each other while they were in the concert area. Above: Marshmello is launching Joytime III via new mobile game Marshmello Musc Dance.

His 2016 breakout hit, Alone,” racked up 1 billion views on YouTube; his first album, Joytime (2016), reached No. 5 on the U.S. Dance charts. Major labels came calling with multimillion-dollar record deals, but Marshmello and Shalizi weren’t convinced that giving up their independence was worth it. They wanted to sign us just to sign us,” says the DJ.

And if you’re interested in seeing the set live in-game again, or if you live in a time zone that didn’t permit you to see it the first time, Marshmello announced on Twitter that he’ll be playing an encore at 2AM ET this Sunday, February 3rd.

The concept of an in-game concert is not new, according to Rolling Stone, but the massive success has helped to catapult Marshmello to internet fame, the kind of recognition that young new artists crave.

In June 2019, he released ” Rescue Me “, a collaboration with American rock band A Day to Remember as the first single from his third album, Joytime III 44 Following which, Marshmello revealed the full tracklist on his Twitter. 45 unreliable source? The album features collaborations with producers Bellecour, Crankdat , Elohim , Flux Pavilion , Wiwek , Slushii , Tynan, and Yultron. The album was released on July 2, 2019.

While the band waited for them onstage, Marshmello and Brown rolled up to the Ellen soundstage in a sweet ride, before being handed a guitar and a microphone, respectively. The pair walked through throngs of fans and Ellen attendees while performing, and they arrived in the main studio to find the audience already on their feet and clapping. Marshmello and Brown then walked down and finished the song onstage with the band.

I’d like to start off with saying that i was late to Brännbollsyran in Umeå, Sweden. I spent some well deserved 140€ on a ticket, just for the saturday. Not only did i get to watch Future and Brooks, but also Marshmello later at night. And the only thing i have to say, is What. An. Amazing. night. It was truly something to behold both visually, and being in audio. I have to say this myself, it’s 100% worth buying tickets to one of Marshmello’s live performances.

Briefly, Fortnite Battle Royale essentially ceased to exist. You couldn’t load into a regular game, and the mode for the concert had no murder, no closing storm circle, no victory royale. It just had Marshmello, and a cascade of stage effects.Marshmello

Fortnite: Battle Royale , a free online video game released in 2017, allows up to 100 characters to fight for survival on a dystopian island. According to the game’s developer, Epic Games, it had more than 200 million registered users worldwide in November, making it the world’s most popular video game.

Collect new characters to help you play through all of the songs! Build a strong team and crush those music tiles! Open your chest to discover and unlock new powerful characters! Will you get the legendary Marshmello?” as the blurb puts it. In-app purchases of the game’s virtual ‘gems’ currency will provide the monetisation.

According to Rolling Stone , 10.7 million users ‘attended’ the two 10-minute events featuring the fictional DJ known as Marshmello, a concert that the magazine said will prove to be “revolutionary” for the music industry.

On this episode of “You Sang My Song,” DJ Marshmello watches YouTube fan covers of his songs “FRIENDS (with Anne-Marie),” “Wolves (with Selena Gomez),” “Silence (feat. Khalid),” “Alone,” and “Happier (ft. Bastille).” Fans react to DJ Marshmello watching their music.

For 24 hours, fans can get exclusive access to Joytime III in the iOS and Android mobile game, ahead of the public release. If you missed Marshmello’s in-game Fortnite concert at nope ‘clock this morning, an encore performance has been announced for tonight.

According to The Verge , the live concert was held simultaneously in several thousand games, each hosting up to 60 players at a time. Weapons were also disabled during the performance, so nobody had to worry about having their dancing rudely interrupted.

We’ve looked at the free-to-play video game’s annual turnover ( $2.4bn in 2018 – more than Sony Music’s entire recorded music operation generated from streaming in the same 12 months).

A virtual performance hosted inside of the world’s most popular video game may have been an early glimpse at a future cultural phenomenon. More than 10 million “Fortnite” players logged in to the game on Saturday to watch a 10-minute virtual concert performed by the electronic dance music (EDM) star Marshmello, a massive success for the game’s first live performance and evidence that players are interested in more than just shooting each other.

Kicking off with ‘Alone’, the short 10-minute set was a spectacular light show. On top of the colourful stage lights and bright screens behind the DJ, giant holograms of the pink Cuddle Team Leader bear as well as Marshmello himself appeared throughout the performance.

Although the game is free to download, it makes money by charging players for costumes and other accessories in a virtual in-game currency. As for Marshmello’s in-game Fortnite concert, it looks very likely to have brought the faceless superstar a good deal of new fans.

If Fortnite, a fairly standard battle royale shooter game, is really more like an online social space disguised as video game, the Marshmello concert is a big deal because it showcases the true potential for large-scale human gatherings inside 3D virtual worlds.

For Saturday’s concert, players gathered at Pleasant Park, a static location in the shooting game, to watch the performance and dance along with the music. Players visiting Pleasant Park in the days leading up to the concert could see the stage slowly being built — the sort of small detail that has helped the world of “Fortnite” feel like a living place that changes with time.

You can play along to some of Marshmello’s greatest hit songs including Alone,” Fly,” and all new titles from Joytime III. Gamejam and Marshmello aim to give fans a glimpse into the future of music and gaming by creating a one of a kind experience. You can play as Marshmello and level up your characters to progress in the game.

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