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She remains the same straight forward, unique, smart, spirited individual, who initially insisted on sharing her songs and thoughts with the world for free – and ended up on the cover of Rolling Stone, Billboard and Teen Vogue as a result.

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LORDEWhere previous generations of teenagers frequently had to endure middle-aged marketing managers’ ideas of what entertainment should look like, millennial teens were #blessed with one of pop culture’s greatest young laureates: New Zealand’s Ella Yelich-‘Connor, a.k.a. Lorde. is a 22 year old New Zealander Singer. Born Ella Marija Lani Yelich-‘Connor on 7th November, 1996 in Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand, she is famous for The Single ”Royals” in a career that spans Musical career. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Next time you take a ride on the New York City subway, you may just find yourself waiting out the never-ending delays next to Lorde. In an interview with The New York Times , the Kiwi singer admitted that she took a lot of subway rides while recording Melodrama in Jack Antonoff’s Brooklyn apartment. She wanted to hear how the music would sound to an average person in their daily life, so she grabbed some cheap earbuds, hopped on the subway, and gave her rough mixes a test-spin.

The story of how a Kiwi schoolgirl concocted her own brand of sophisticated, observational and distinctive pop music, and took it to the world, has become so ubiquitous it has almost become a cliché – but it bears some repeating. Taken on by Universal at the tender age of 12, on the strength of an amateur video and some very good instincts, Ella spent the following years establishing and developing her craft, and finding her musical feet. When she linked up with producer and co-writer Joel Little, she found a kindred spirit and a musical catalyst, who was able to help translate her razor sharp lyrics and melodic sensibilities into something truly special.

Lorde is one of the few artists with enough raw songwriting talent that she doesn’t need to use an instrument to pen her hits. This is a saving grace because, according to The New York Times , the Kiwi singer doesn’t actually play an instrument at all. She joins the ranks of the enormously talented Sia, who admitted to NPR that she can barely “crank out a chord” on piano but has written hits for Beyoncé and Katy Perry.

The album is a delightful cluster of such contradictions: Lorde is content with the world she’s created for herself but eager to make waves in the one outside. Bored by the suburbs but endlessly in love with them. Critical of the other songs on the radio but wondering if she’s any better (follow up a listen to Royals” with Still Sane ”: Only bad people live to see their likeness set in stone—what does that make me?”).

Though Lorde claimed Melodrama is an album “about being alone,” the starlet eventually had to enlist a collaborator to make her songs come to life. Strangely enough, she keeps collaborations extremely limited. For Pure Heroine, it was Joel Little. For Melodrama, it was Jack Antonoff.

You know, just when I thought that the internet would stop giving me gems like the infamous Area 51 raid , that inexplicable meme about 30-50 feral hogs , and the brief summer obsession with White Claw , the internet (specifically Twitter) just keeps on giving. And honestly, bless it! Because now, Twitter has turned its collective sights onto a new target—singer and songwriter Ella Yelich-‘Connor, more commonly known as Lorde.

According to her Pure Heroine collaborator Joel Little, Lorde hadn’t “really written any songs” when they sat down to create her debut LP. When the album debuted, it hit the top of the charts in New Zealand, Australia and the United States, following with a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year.

Lorde’s fat-filled, fried-up passion actually borders on semi-obsessive. In an interview on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon , the singer confirmed rumors that she was secretly behind the Instagram account @OnionRingsWorldwide. The account was exactly what it sounds like: pictures and reviews of onion rings from the singer’s many travels. According to a screenshot captured by Spin , she was not a fan of Burger King’s onion rings option.

Amazing, been waiting for ages to read this type of interview with Lorde, i’m just so interested in what she likes, what she thinks and what she’s like because sometimes it’s a bit difficult to actually realise these people are your age and do the same things as you but (shocking) they are! so yeah this was all kinds of wonderful and I can’t wait to see Lorde live on march. Greeting from Chile.

Lorde is so amazing! This interview made me really happy because Tavi and Lorde are two of my idols. They just talked about stuff I really wanted someone to address like navigating the mainstream and annoying people that discredit your taste if you like anything that plays on the radio.

Ella Marija Lani Yelich-‘Connor (born 7 November 1996), known professionally as Lorde (pronounced “lord”), is a New Zealand singer, songwriter and record producer. Taking inspiration from aristocracy for her stage name, she is known for employing unconventional musical styles and thoughtful songwriting. Born in the Auckland suburb of Takapuna and raised in neighbouring Devonport , Lorde expressed interest in performing at local venues in her early teens. She signed with Universal Music Group in 2009 and collaborated with producer Joel Little in 2011 to start recording material.

Lorde recently participated in the birth of her best friend’s child, which, she says, blew my mind. It’s literally life-changing.” She knows she wants to have kids. She wants to finally get her driver’s license. She wants to go back to school one day (I think that moment’s going to come,” she says, where I’m like, ‘OK, let’s listen to someone else talk about what it means to be a human being’ ”). For now, though, she’s on board to ride this all out and see what comes of it. I don’t know if I’m a pop star for a reason, but I do think that I should be here, I think that I should be doing this,” she tells me, her stare unwavering, just before we part.

As her Melodrama world tour came to an end, Lorde shocked fans by removing almost everything from her social media accounts in the middle of 2018. She assured her fans that she was fine and just wanted a simpler, easier public persona. Less is always more,” she explained as she justified her decision.

Despite the fact that Lorde will never be a royal, the singer is definitely a relatable queen. Can you be a self-sufficient adult if you’ve never burst into tears in the back of an Uber while listening to Rihanna? This is one thing that’s definitely part of a few of our coming-of-age tales.

In two weeks’ time, and despite her nerves, her Coachella show will come off as a success. No one will get electrocuted, and she’ll be hailed in some corners as the festival’s brightest star. Then, just before the album is released, Lorde will have a few weeks of just being Ella. She’ll return to New Zealand to be surrounded by family and friends who knew her in her talent-show days. Maybe she’ll walk along the beach. Maybe she’ll float in some pool, slip into water like a womb and drift there with her eyes closed and the gentle sounds blooming behind her eyes. Time will go both fast and slow, as it always does. Then the album will hit. Then she’ll get on the rocket ship headed for Mars. Then Lorde will return.

Lorde’s Melodrama reads like a coming-of-age story, one where no teenager is immune to the pitfalls of young love or the strife of learning how to be alone, no matter how famous one is. From the top of the charts to the depths of the New York City subway, the untold truth of the Kiwi star isn’t all that different from most people’s.

i like so much about this interview i can’t pinpoint anything particular. i love lorde’s music and thought processing and tavi’s too and this just feels so intimate and at the same time really open. it’s very…i really really like this. ok, off to listen to pure heroine now.

Lorde was previously in a relationship with photographer James Lowe, but the couple broke up in 2015. The lead single “Greenlight” from the Melodrama album is based on the demise of their relationship.

LOL, no—of course not! This is just simply a case of the stans trolling the crap out of everyone and having a laugh. The original story was provided courtesy of New Zealand’s Newshub , which explained that their country’s National Party is thinking of creating a policy that fines the parents of children who leave school early and leave their studies incomplete. The fine would be $3,000, and the current New Zealand law requires students to stay in school until age 16.

Ella Marija Lani Yelich-‘Connor (born 7 November 1996), known professionally as Lorde (pronounced “lord”), is a New Zealand singer, songwriter and record producer. Taking inspiration from aristocracy for her stage name, she is known for employing unconventional musical styles and thoughtful songwriting. Born in the Auckland suburb of Takapuna and raised in neighbouring Devonport, Lorde expressed interest in performing at local venues in her early teens. She signed with Universal Music Group in 2009 and collaborated with producer Joel Little in 2011 to start recording material.

Lorde’s depictions of teenage indifference and celebrity culture, respectively, grow darker (in both sound and lyrics) on ‘Team’ and ‘Glory And Gore’, the latter of which imagines the public arena as a literal arena for entertainers to duel like gladiators. As with ‘Royals’, these are pop songs that play like critiques of pop songs, and they push back against the mainstream and its expectations of a young pop artist. This also extends to the music video for ‘Tennis Court’, which consists of an unbroken shot of Lorde staring unsettlingly into the camera and mouthing the occasional yeah”.

Lorde is not in jail, Lorde has never been in jail, and yet #FreeLorde is trending on Twitter. The ruckus began when a New Zealand publication called Newshub wrote an article about a proposed policy which would see parents of high school dropouts fined $3,000 (£1,551). Lorde was named as one of the notable people who would be impacted by the as-yet-unconfirmed penalty – as the singer didn’t return to school after the release of her 2013 debut album, Pure Heroine – though Newshub never suggested she would receive jail time.

Using preternaturally mature talent to tell mature stories and priming these kids to be effortless performers denies their peers from the same age demographic an opportunity to see themselves reflected on stage. Lorde’s work is distinctive in that it is written by her and for her: a document of the nuanced fabric of one adolescent’s reality that has resonated universally.

In the months leading up to our paths crossing for the first ever time, I fell in love. It was raw, it was powerful and it was pure. As my friend’s grandma explained it, I had found my tingly boy. The boy who made my stomach feel like it was full of butterflies and could light up a smile on my face instantly. He had me feeling a way that no one else had ever made me feel before and I believed that I had the same impact on him.

The distance between expectation and reality is an optical illusion at the crux of inhabiting the teenaged world. As I watched Lorde’s graceless, passionate movements, I realized it doesn’t really matter if you’re fooled by that gap. Secure in her art, Lorde wasn’t beholden to the opinion of the outside world or the pressure to be embarrassed by her own dancing.

Last week, local reports claimed the opposition National party was considering the idea of fining the parents of early-school leavers NZ$3,000 if it won next year’s election. The fine would be enforced on the parents of students who were not going onto further study or employment. At present, it is legal to leave school at 16 in New Zealand.

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