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The best part is that Lorde asks Tavi stuff as well. But it proves that for Lorde, now past the age of adolescence, working outside the norm is part of her creative practice and not just a facet of her age.

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LORDEIn 2013, a 16-year-old LORDE quietly, yet confidently asserted herself as the voice of a generation with her full-length debut, Pure Heroine. Though still a teenager Lorde is swiftly establishing herself as a mighty force on the music scene, co-headlining shows with established acts like Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys. The lead single, “Greenlight,” was released in the spring of 2017, followed by “Perfect Places” and “Homemade Dynamite,” which Lorde performed at the MTV Music Awards in August 2017.

Although she was initially written off as a one-hit-wonder, her top-ten second single Team,” curation of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay soundtrack, and her friendships with other A-listers like Taylor Swift have kept her in the spotlight, as well as general intrigue about new music.

Lorde’s bizarre performance at the 2017 MTV VMAs was met with as much criticism as it was praise. Rather than singing, the artist chose to do an interpretive dance to her song “Homemade Dynamite.” So, why’d she make the odd choice? According to The Mirror , the starlet lost her voice to the flu, and, rather than pull out of the awards show at the last minute, she switched up her performance to include a dance routine. Lorde’s illness was so severe that she even received an IV drip before hitting the stage, but she managed to soldier on.

This girl put on such a great show! I’d been wanting to see Lorde for a few years and I finally did in my favorite city. Just wish her stage had been bigger. Focused on the themes of heartbreak, loneliness and solitude under an electropop mood, Melodrama is Lorde’s second studio album.

It’s sad that she seems a little self-consious of her lyrics to Royals. That song is brilliant and she had something really great to say. I feel that people were really unfair in scrutinizing her lyrics and picking them apart to mean what they felt would cause drama and make them look like heroins for pointing it out (racism?!). Young girls (and adult women) should speak their minds and express themselves without the fear of being so quickly questioned, misunderstood, and judged. I hope she stands proud behind the song that won her so much attention and success. It was for a reason. Because it was NOT racist, just really smart and sincere, from the perspective of a girl who grows up among those powerful images and sexist lyrics. Those same critics give all that sexist music a pass, because it’s so much easier to pick on a little girl” than the tough guy.

Best interview ever, laughed out loud a bunch of times. I love that Tavi and Lorde are just people my age who are into the same vibes that I am and made it big doing what they wanted to do. Very inspirational.

As always, Lorde tried to let herself be guided by her instincts, the keen perceptions that had served her so well. She has synesthesia – seeing songs not only as colors but also as textures – and grew up in a middle-class way that cultivated this, with a civil-engineer father and poet-laureate mother who taught her through an overwhelming sensory experience of the world,” she says. Everything is so vivid to my mum. And it’s all kind of governed by the senses in quite a literal way – like, the taste of different fruits can be art.” Despite being a child who was kind of solitary, dreamy, off in a place,” she grew up with a deep reverence for pop, which she sometimes studied more than her subjects in school. I have always been super-allergic to anything that feels exclusive in art,” she tells me.

In the episode ” #REHASH “, Lorde is asked to play a concert by his record company called “Women of Rock” with Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea, and a Michael Jackson hologram. His daughter is a fan of Lorde’s and does not know Randy’s secret. He plays the concert singing in his own voice and is booed off the stage. In an act of desperation, he mimics female masturbation thinking that is what the audience really wants to see anyway.

Definitely the best interview with Lorde I’ve read! The fact that it’s a conversation between peers gets the point across so much better (the point being, well, Lorde). I just want everyone on the face of this earth to read this and like, realize that teenagerdom isn’t synonymous with ignorance. Love love love love.

Lorde returned in 2017 with Melodrama, written at the end of her teenage years and the beginning of adulthood, and in a true reflection of growing up, the colors were no longer muted. On songs like “Liability,” she stripped back the veneer of self-deprecation and detachment to immerse herself in the sincerity of rock-bottom insecurity. A teenager might rear back from it, but as a newly-minted adult, Lorde is ready to sit with it, stand back up and move on, acknowledging that those feelings exist but not letting their weight anchor her in their depths.

It was no easy feat for Lorde to deliver on her sophomore album after shifting the paradigm of popular music so strongly on her first try. Not only did she deliver, she reminded us that adolescence doesn’t set the high-water mark for all-consuming emotion. It may be period in our lives when it’s easiest to cede control from our heads to our hearts, but there will be many moments after our teenage years end when our brains betray us, when our physiology follows orders from the wrong organ. Lorde’s ability to tell these stories at her young age speaks less to her as an unprecedented figure and more to the fact that we have been ignoring young voices for far too long.

I think this is so great Lorde is so real shes not trying to be what the corrupt music industry is telling her to be. That is so important because in this world people will constantly try to tear down who you are and form you into this fictional hybrid of a perfect being”. Which is totally damaging and harmful to society, but Lorde is redefining this by not morphing who she is for the sake of making sales”. I am really glad that she is putting her talented music out there and saying you can do what you love and be yourself.

In the episode ” Freemium Isn’t Free “, his son becomes addicted to the game “Terrance and Philip Give Us Your Money” on his smartphone. He runs up the bill in thousands of dollars and his father has to pay for it with his savings selling Lorde songs.

Even if you haven’t heard ‘Royals’ in years, it’s likely that just seeing the title has caused its slinky, subdued groove to worm its way back into your mind. There’s not much to the song’s arrangement – finger snaps, a hip-hop beat, a wobbling bass after the first chorus – but it’s enough to get stuck in your head, and it doesn’t distract from Lorde herself, whose deep vocals and sly, self-assured delivery made her one of the most immediately compelling singers since Adele. Clearly, Lorde was onto something, and ‘Royals’ topped the Billboard Hot 100 for nine weeks.

Lorde attempted to join the Harlem Writers Guild, but the overt homophobia of the group caused her departure. She held numerous teaching positions; formed coalitions between Afro-German and Afro-Dutch women; founded a sisterhood in South Africa; was a co-founder of Kitchen Table Women of Color Press; and established the St. Croix Women’s Coalition where she was living at the time of her death in 1992 from breast cancer. Lorde’s first book of poetry, The First Cities,” was published in 1969.

I was a teenager when I was first acquainted with your little sister Pure Heroine. I was so naive at the time as I had never been in love, never properly dated anyone, and I was only just figuring out my sexuality. There were a lot of compromising thoughts running through my mind but that album reassured me that my time would come. From smiling and laughing along to the coming of age ‘Ribs’ to the dark and empowering reflection of ‘A World Alone’, I found my confidence.

The only flaw I have with this song is that the outro is too long which means I can’t play it at parties! I do like the repetition of “in my head I do everhthing right.” However outside of an album listen, I think the fade out drags it down. I was hoping Supercut would be a radio single with the end chopped off or shortened tbh.LORDE

Kiwi electro-pop songstress has drawn comparisons to Grimes, Lana Del Rey, and Sky Ferreira. Singer who has a debut EP called The Love Club that was released in November 2012. Her single ” Royals ” led her to be nominated for three Grammy Awards.

Ultimately though, fans can rest easy. Lorde isn’t behind bars, but is instead working on the follow-up to 2017’s acclaimed ‘Melodrama’. Samantha Hayes has New Zealand’s first ever television interview with teenage music sensation Lorde.

Lorde is not in jail. We feel it’s important to make this clear up front before you, like so many others, begin to sob quietly into your hands wondering what happened to the New Zealand pop star in the time since she was last in the public eye. No, as often as you may see #FreeLORDE on social media today and in the days to come, Lorde is, for now at the very least, neither in jail or in any immediate danger of being arrested.

Weirdly enough, the superstar was able to slide through the transit system relatively incognito. She claimed, “Nobody recognizes me.” In the event someone did recognize her, she usually smiled, put a finger to her mouth, and motioned, “Shh.” Usually, that keeps her from being bothered. Hey, if Jay-Z — the arguable king of New York hip hop — can still meet people underground who don’t recognize him , Lorde’s probably got a lot of tracks left to cover.

The release of her, by now ravenously awaited, debut album Pure Heroine, in September 2013, added further substance to the extraordinary success – scaling the US Top Ten, and once again amassing a veritable mountain of platinum sales around the world. From best kept secret to a decidedly different kind of international superstar in a matter of months, Ella had to decline the school ball, in favour of the likes of the Grammy’s (though she still wore her school shoes) where she was awarded Best Song Of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance, The Brits (Best International Female Solo Artist) and a swag of NZ Music Awards.

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