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27 She has been in remission since 2006. As a child he played the guitar and piano, and soon after, he joined the San Juan Children’s Choir. Jan. I thank God every single day for the many blessings.

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LUIS FONSINamed by Billboard as ‘Leader of Latin Music’s New Generation’, Puerto Rican born singer songwriter, Luis Fonsi, has enjoyed a remarkable career that was a huge success from the start. I’m lucky that I had that background. In Puerto Rico I had the best of Latin music — I grew up listening to salsa. That’s what my dad would listen to. You name any salsa song and I can probably tell you the name of it and who sang it and who produced it. But then I moved to Orlando, the capital of early 2000s pop music. My best friend, still to this day is Joey Fatone from ‘NSync, who I sang with in an a cappella group in high school. Bands like ‘NSync and Backstreet Boys, they were all formed in Orlando. I worked at Universal Studios. I worked at Disney. I sang with all those guys on every street corner in Orlando. But still, I decided not to go that route.

Long before he was the man who wrote Despacito ” — one of the world’s most ubiquitous and all-time greatest hits — he was Luis Fonsi, the Spanish-language heartthrob with millennial pop charisma. He toured with Britney, recorded with Christina and, with every album, he steadily ascended the mainstream Billboard charts by the power of his evocative Latin balladry.


I didn’t not want to be in ‘NSync or Backstreet Boys, you know? I love those guys. But when ‘NSync got together as a group, I was already a sophomore in college. I decided to study music at Florida State University, and got a degree because I wanted to be prepared for the business. Pop and R&B are where my heart is. But I think being Latino defined my sound very early in my career. I wanted to keep my Latin heritage always present. I wanted to use everything I learned and do it in Spanish for a Latin American audience. The Latino ballad singers were a little bit more traditional — they wore the suits and the tuxes when they sang … I love them all as well, but it was always a bit formal and I was a bit more informal.

Have the class read Luis Fonsi and the Latin Crossover Boom (page 30 of the student edition). The article sums up the career of Latin chart-topper Luis Fonsi and how he helped to bring latin music to the surface.

Once every decade or so, a pop song turns into a global phenomenon. That is most definitely what happened to Luis Fonsi’s smash hit Despacito ” — and that was before Justin Bieber came on board for a remix. The song’s infectious chorus melted language barriers as Despacito” became a club craze in anglo and Latin worlds alike… and it didn’t stop there. Fonsi recently hit up W Doha to find that his Puerto Rican musical influence has made it all the way to the Middle East.

If Despacito” were to win the Grammy for song of the year, it would make history as the first Spanish-language song to do so. Except for Bieber’s intro, the song is almost entirely in Spanish. Despacito means slowly,” but the song’s meteoric rise and crossover appeal has been just the opposite.

You used a word that I absolutely love. You said hope — that’s what I feel. There’s hope. For those of us living in the United States, you see how … or at least I feel as though Latinos are treated a certain way. We’re obviously living in tense times. But the reality is that last year, or two years ago, we saw that a song in Spanish could tie the record for most weeks at Number One at the Hot 100… At the same time, the government wanted to build walls? I think it’s hopeful. There are people out there, no matter what their political preference is, who just want to sing a song in Spanish. That’s the power of music and that makes me feel hopeful.

But those are all tangible measurements of the phenomenon of a song that is sung and danced to by people around the world, from one country to the next, at parties and events and on their wedding days. When asked to reflect on the song’s intangible impact, Fonsi noted that having a song that becomes a part of people’s lives is what indicates the meaning of music in general.

From his first single, “Comenzaré” (1998) to his most recent “8” (2014), Fonsi has broken record sales and has become immensely popular, thanks to his impressive performances and extensive list of successful radio hits, which have managed to captivate thousands of people around the world.

In 1995, Fonsi was granted a full scholarship to Florida State University School of Music, where he went on to major in vocal performance. He got to travel around the world as part of the school’s choir team, an experience that allowed him to record several demos, which ultimately led to a recording contract with Universal Music Latin. He released his first album, Comenzaré,” in 1998.

Many people thought I moved away from that romantic side and I always said `I haven’t, I’m not going anywhere.’ I am still a romantic singer, I still talk that romantic language. But at the same time I like to do both things. I don’t like to be limited,” Fonsi said in a recent interview with The Associated Press, in Spanish.

Fonsi shot to mainstream stardom in January 2017 with his hit single, Despacito,” featuring Daddy Yankee. In April 2017, he released the song’s remix with Justin Bieber, making its popularity grow astronomically. By August, the hit song became the most watched video on YouTube, with more than 6 billion views and counting, setting a record for music video history.

Now in its second week on top, Despacito”—whose title is Spanish for slowly”—has the kind of upward momentum going into Memorial Day that often makes for an eventual summer-song winner Unlike other contenders such as Khaled’s I’m the One” or Lamar’s Humble,” both of which opened huge but were heavily front-loaded, Despacito” grew into the No. 1 spot, and at this writing its sales, airplay, and streaming are only expanding (And there isn’t even a video featuring Bieber yet, which when it inevitably drops will only supercharge the song’s chart fortunes.) This broad-based U.S. acceptance of a song whose lyrics are less than one-quarter English makes it the year’s definitive crossover hit. But the truth is, Despacito” was already a crossover song, and a smash, in its prior incarnation, when none of its lyrics were in English at all.

Born Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero April 15, 1978, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Latin superstar Luis Fonsi told “Good Morning America” today that the lyrics to his smash hit, “Despacito,” came to him in his sleep.

I’m just really happy that people are embracing the music and they’re having fun with the shows,” said Fonsi in a phone interview on Wednesday. The singer, who will also be performing at Good Morning America’s summer concert series on Friday, Aug. 24 in New York City, said that the joy of music helps fuel him and his band to keep up the pace.

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee‘s “Despacito” was among the most popular songs of 2017, streaming 1.3 billion times. The Reggaeton and Latin pop single was already burning up the Billboard Latin charts after its original release in March 2017, but when Canadian singer Justin Bieber appeared on the remixed version of the song a month later, Fonsi became a crossover sensation.

Luckily for us, Fonsi already released a new single a couple weeks ago from his new album. The song is called “Sola,” and it has a wonderful melody. It sounds like Santana is playing the guitar on the track, and Fonsi’s vocals are stellar. The song doesn’t have the star power that “Despacito” has, but we have a feeling another song from the album will be just as catchy. You can watch the music video for the song below.

Luis Fonsi explains the process of writing the song lyrics, the influences in the beat, and the story behind the album art. Find out how Justin Bieber came to be featured on the remix and what it was like shooting the music video in Puerto Rico.

It was as a great concert, aside from a few that were complaining because everyone was standing up. Security made everyone sit down at one point which made th concert boring, until Luis Fonsi told everyone to stand. Now that’s when the party started, and it was probably the most fun concert I’ve been to this year. Concerts are suppose to be fun, and I’m so glad everyone could have a good time after all. Hard to just sit and do nothing with great music. Stand up and enjoy the party.

Luis Fonsi is an award-winning singer, songwriter, musician and producer from Puerto Rico. He is best known as The Voice of Pop” from his 1998 debut album Comenzaré to his latest 2014 studio album, 8.

As one of the leading Latin music figures of his generation, Luis Fonsi has received some of the most prestigious awards in the music industry, including five Latin GRAMMYs, two American Music Awards, two Teen Choice Awards, and five Billboard Awards. He’s received three GRAMMY nominations for his smash crossover “Despacito” with Daddy Yankee, which was the biggest song of 2017 in the U.S., according to Nielsen. The monster hit accrued 1.3 billion streams and shattered many records across Billboard charts, including tying Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s 1995 collaboration “One Sweet Day” for the longest run at No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart.

Long before he was the man who wrote Despacito ” — one of the world’s most ubiquitous and all-time greatest hits — he was Luis Fonsi, the Spanish-language heartthrob with millennial pop charisma. He toured with Britney, recorded with Christina and, with every album, he steadily ascended the mainstream Billboard charts by the power of his evocative Latin balladry.

What Emilio Estefan calls the “reverse crossover” was in full effect. The success of the song inspired collaborations with Anglo artists looking to sing in Spanish. All of a sudden, Drake, Beyoncé, Sean Paul and Katy Perry began joining the likes of J Balvin, Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee, further affirming that Latin Music was stronger than ever.

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