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58 The Eminem Show sold 30 million copies worldwide 50 and was the best-selling album of 2002. It sold roughly 1.76 million copies in its first week, making it the fastest-selling rap album in history.

marshall mathers daughter laney – Eminem Unleashed “The Marshall Mathers LP” In 2000

MARSHALL MATHERSWhite rapper that has become the phenominin known as Eminem. Criminal” is Em’s best outro, by far. A lot of people ask me, stupid fucking questions…” states Marshall in an angry growl on top of church organs. His verses on Criminal” are impossibly hilarious and intelligent at the same time. I laugh every single time he shoots the banker during the mid-track skit. Everything about that song was orchestrated to perfection.

Today marks The Marshall Mathers LP fifteenth birthday and commemorate, we’ve tallied up the fifteen most controversial lyrics. We as a population have since been desensitized to most things but back then, these rhymes were a pretty big deal.

Where Jay Z’s album felt chilly and glazed-over – the work of a king in search of a specific mandate – Eminem’s scorches, spewing emotion as hot (and as damaging) as lava. If anything, the record shares more with Yeezus” by another of Jay Z’s recent touring partners, Kanye West, who like Eminem appears to view aging as a sharpening process.

Eminem has long attempted to show off his complexity; sure, he might rap nasty, but he’s got feelings too, you know. And he is a kind of mosaic, really, at least music-wise: on his 2002 album The Eminem Show, he throws around homophobic slurs (calling Moby a fag” on ‘Without Me’) and, frankly, the entirety of ‘Superman’ is one big misogynistic tirade, purportedly inspired by a relationship he had with Mariah Carey, one that Carey denied and later slammed him for on her track ‘ Obsessed ‘ (And I was like, why are you so obsessed with me?”). No doubt ‘Superman’ gave credence to many jilted, lonely men’s hatred of women from inside their bunkers.

Eminem will never know the kind of fame he did in, say, 2000. And this is a deal of his own making; he decided to be the artist he became, one that rode in on bluster and exaggeration and hateful noise (not unlike Trump, really) without the stones to back it up. It was bound to be a short-lit flame.

You’ve probably heard the version of this track that came out on Jay Z’ s landmark The Blueprint — but true heads prefer the widely bootlegged original take, where Em trades the same mean-mugging verses with his hometown pal Royce da 5’9″ instead of Jay. Eminem handily steals the spotlight on both songs.

Much of what people think they know about Eminem is what they learned from the semi-biographical movie “8 Mile,” and while many of the events, locations, and music mirrors that of Marshal Mather’s real life, it’s a fictionalization that takes a lot of creative liberties with the retelling of becoming a famous rapper from Detroit’s 8 Mile.

Another highlight on the album is The Real Slim Shady.” Yes, it is the most mainstream song, and the most fun, and the only song without layers to it. It’s a fun song to listen to, it’s fun to rap to, and he doesn’t compromise lyrical content for a radio single.

From 2000 through 2002, that rage was coming out in precisely the right way: irreverent (Marshall Mathers”), unpredictable (Kim”), personal (Cleanin’ Out My Closet”), ridiculous (Under the Influence”), political (Square Dance”) and hella fun (Business”). At full stride, Eminem was at once hilarious and dead serious, violent and thoughtful, infuriating and exhilarating, inviting hate and impervious to it.

I think when listening back to these albums you pay attention to the way he uses sound effects and adlibs in almost all of the songs on SSLP to add character but also put you in a mindstate so you can actually feel like you’re there with his daughter in Bonnie and Clyde, or there where his head falls out his his skull in brain damage. Specifically in My Name Is there are certain adlibs that serve as a 2nd voice in his head talking to himself.

Eminem said, “I don’t want to go overboard with it but I do feel like that if I can help people that have been through a similar situation, then, you know, why not?” The revealing album won Eminem a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, has made no secret of his lifelong grudge against his father and rapped about never meeting him in person. His hit songs like “My Name Is” and “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” reflect those feelings.

Marshall Mathers was still going by MC Double M in 1991. That was the year Nathan Feuerstein was born into a broken home in the small town of Gladwin, Michigan—about 150 miles north of Detroit. But by the time Feuerstein was a pre-teen, Mathers had firmly cemented his fast-rapping, maniacal alter-ego, Eminem. Slim Shady was a huge influence on the younger Michigander, who is now better known by his stage name NF. Like Eminiem, NF spits at a breakneck clip and uses his music to vent about his own psychological and physical traumas. NF dropped his fourth full-length album, The Search, in June.

EDUCATION & YOUTH: Eminem via his foundation has supported places like The Horatio Williams Foundation, which provides educational and athletic support to Detroit metro youth, The Youth Connection, Excellence for Detroit, which prepares youth for college, Michigan State University, and Life Ties, which helps youth in crisis.

The Marshall Mathers LP sold over 19 million copies worldwide, won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, received a nomination for Album of the Year and is widely considered among the greatest rap albums of all time.

I don’t think people expected this collaboration as they recently heard them together on Revenge, but I think they will like Need Me more than it. It is a bombastic ballad with a brilliant chorus which makes you think of this track as rock one. The song’s floundering rhythm is the thing to take away.

Shortly after Eminem produced his first album, Infinite, in 1996, his career took off like wildfire. Eminem went on to sell over 80 million albums worldwide, making him the biggest in the game. Eminem, a white boy from Detroit, ran circles around hip-hop legends such as Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z, Dr Dre, NWA, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg.

The album also contains lyrical samples and hip hop references, such as the the hook on “The Way I Am”, which samples “And The Rhythm Goes On” by Eric B. & Rakim. The first two lines of I’m Back are based on a song by the same group called “My Melody”. The pre-hook of the song “Marshall Mathers” is a parody of “Summer Girls” by LFO. Snoop Dogg makes an appearance of the album with the song ‘Bitch Please II’ which is a sequel to the original “Bitch Please off snoo is the only song that Snoop and him did together.

At 14, he began rapping with a high-school friend. They frequently skipped class to participate in freestyle rap battles at a nearby school’s lunchroom. Soon enough, Marshall felt like he needed to earn the approval of more than just the high-school crowd. In preparation, he took his initials and renamed himself as M&M” – which eventually became Eminem”.

The beef hit its apex when Benzino released Pull Your Skirt Up” calling Eminem the 2003 Vanilla Ice” and claiming he birthed Em’s career after featuring him in the Unsigned Hype column in The Source back in 1998. Eminem clapped back swiftly with one of the best diss records of all time, Nail in the Coffin” in which he eviscerated Benzino on a number of things including his age, the his pseudo gangsta persona, and shady business practices. The beef didn’t get any better when Benzino used his own magazine to smear Eminem and released Die Another Day” where the Boston rapper threatened Eminem’s daughter Hailie. The beef hit its breaking point when Benzino got his hands on a record titled Foolish Pride” that featured Eminem using racist remarks against black women. The Rock the Party” rapper released the song on The Source’s website and printed the lyrics in the magazine.

Hey guys. Last semester I attended a course in my university dealing with “unreliable narration” – the question whether a given narrator is reliable or not, the possible ways of categorising different narrators and explaining certain styles of narration. As a possible subject for a term paper I gravitated towards Eminem and his crazy, sometimes perhaps questionable lyrics and intended on doing a simple analysis of the songs ‘3 a.m.’ and ‘Framed’. The question whether what he says in those two songs is reliable or not might seem mundane and trivial to you as, of course, neither of the serial-killer-like scenarios did not happen but more often than it is not the content that is important in the first place but the way it is presented to you.

This guest appearance alongside Detroit underground group Indigenous Tribe was apparently issued on cassette around the time of Eminem’s 1997 Slim Shady EP, back in the days when he was making a name for himself at subterranean showcases like Rap Olympics and Scribble Jam. While the song is kinda wack, Eminem’s verse — he’s third on deck — is worth checking out. Hurry, I’m trying to pick up Cage’s sister early,” he raps, taking a shot at indie rapper Cage, who was complaining to anyone who’d listen that the fast-rising Eminem had stolen his style.

The formidable response left people impressed on social media, with some believing MGK came out with the win in the first round. Eminem spoke to Sway about his issues with MGK, explaining that he dissed him because MGK thought Eminem was trying to hurt his career. “I don’t give a fuck about your career. You think I actually fuckin’ think about you?” em said. “You know how many fuckin’ rappers that are better than you? You’re not even in the fuckin’ conversation.” He also admitted to Sway that he was stuck in a position of wanting to destroy” MGK but not wanting to make him any more popular.

While exactly where he lived as a child is disputed, he did grow up poor and moved around a lot like his character Jimmy Smith, Jr. in “8 Mile.” He also struggled to break into rap as a white artist, hustling his music to record stores in Roseville and Warren and participating in rap battles at famous Detroit hip-hop venues.

In a year when Eminem has been effortlessly brushed aside by better releases from those he helped create (Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler The Creator, Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky, Chance The Rapper), you have to wonder how many more times he’s going to hurt his reputation by giving us further sub-par albums. The only way is downward from here; it seems an impossibility that Eminem will ever create another album worthy of Slim Shady, and the best course of action, at least for this fan, is to call time on a career that has revolutionized rap music and allow us to bask in the legacy of the one of hip-hop’s greatest artists, rather than continue to taint it with further mediocrity.

While scrounging for work under the threat of being kicked out by his mother, Marshall poured his heart and soul into the only thing that mattered: music. In 1997 Eminem released The Slim Shady EP, which was discovered by Dr. Dre , the legendary rapper and former producer of Eminem’s favorite rap group N.W.A.

Despite the pushback – even from peers such as pop singer Christina Aguilera who he dissed on The Real Slim Shady” — the album still took home the gilded trophy for Best Rap Album. Eminem photographed in 1999.

That’s about the extent of the similarities, though, between Magna Carta Holy Grail” and The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” due officially Tuesday following an unauthorized leak this week. This time of his life was made into a semi-autobiographical film called 8 Mile.

Serpick, Evan. “Eminem – Biography” Rolling Stone. Retrieved March 10, 2012. So, let us now dethread each track of Revival one at a time and know what 2017’s Eminem, Marshall Mathers, and Slim Shady sound like.

Since he smashed into popular consciousness, Eminem has tailor-made his music to upset, offend and ridicule. As the rapper achieved worldwide fame in 2001, Bruce attempted to reach out to his son via a letter posted in a newspaper, claiming Eminem’s mother Debbie kept their son from him.

Prior to the release of The Slim Shady LP, underground rapper Cage claimed Eminem copied everything from his style down to his lyrics. Eminem wasted no time in dissing the rapper as he took shots on Role Model” off The Slim Shady LP. Em continued dragging Cage as he dissed him on Drastic Measures” and on a Tony Touch mixtape freestyle.

Eminem attended Lincoln High School in Warren, Michigan, where he failed the ninth grade three times and eventually dropped out at the age of 17. Yet despite being a poor student, Eminem always had a deep affinity for language, devouring comic books and even studying the dictionary.

The title track off The Marshall Mathers LP is a direct reaction to the turmoil his life went in to after the release and runaway success of The Slim Shady LP , most notably the lawsuit his mother Debbie Mathers brought against him for defamation due to the way she was portrayed on that first record.

But of course the boundaries in each of his songs are not clear-cut and he sometimes switches between his different personae. It’d be really cool to hear from you guys what kinds of songs you think I should keep in mind in an analysis like this and I’d like to hear a couple of examples you could give for each of his personae so I can go in-depth with all three of them.

Things weren’t much better for him at school. Marshall was always the new kid” so he made very few friends and mostly kept to himself. He was smart but did badly in almost every subject – all except English. Marshall found the power of words fascinating and would study the dictionary to expand his vocabulary. He also loved comic books, devouring them daily and dreaming of illustrating his own comic books in the future.

It’s weird to think about a world where we all hung onto everything Eminem said, which inspired millions of fans and protesters. He had so much influence and it weighed heavy on his shoulders, as you can see in the progressions of his albums. And in 2000, after the release of The Slim Shady LP, Em was getting ready to find out just how fucking big he was with his magnum opus: The Marshall Mathers LP.

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