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He is best known for the songs “Silence”, “Wolves”, “Friends”, and “Happier”, all of which have been certified multi-platinum in several countries and appeared in the Top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100.

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MarshmelloI came across some interesting information about Marshmello’s supposed identity and hometown after doing some googling. Sleuthing aside, social media has also unmasked Marshmello’s identity in the past. Twitter users found Marshmello and Comstock had the same leg tattoo back in 2016, and another producer accidentally added footage of Marshmello without his helmet on to his Instagram story.

The conversion of his peers at school happens quickly, which also rings true. Think about the guy who taunts Marshmello by biting into a s’more at lunch — two notes of Marshmello’s music, and he’s wearing a white bucket.

Marshmello got a boost from Coachella in 2016 even though he didn’t play the festival. Shalizi rented a nearby highway billboard and splashed an image of the DJ across it. Then he hired two bodyguards and a photographer to follow Marshmello around the festival, where he posed with celebrities like Zedd and DJ Khaled A year in, we already had over a million followers on Instagram,” says Shalizi (today’s count: 13.7 million). Marshmello returned to Coachella in 2017 and headlined the Sahara Tent, the festival’s premier electronic stage.

Also in 2016, after a set at Electric Daisy Carnival, Dutch DJ Tiësto jokingly emerged from under Marshmello’s mask, fallaciously proclaiming he was the mysterious DJ. The real Marshmello continued to perform and release singles throughout the year, later starting his own Joytime Collective record label. More collaborations followed in 2017, including “Silence” with Khalid and “Wolves” featuring Selena Gomez Both tracks became Top 30 hits and were certified platinum around the world.

The story begins in 2015, when the young DJ and Shalizi—who met Marshmello while he was still experimenting with different sounds and identities online—picked the name Marshmello in a nod to his music’s mellow feel (during the 30 Under 30 vetting process last year, Forbes confirmed his age, 26, and full name, Chris Comstock).

At some point the main part of Marshmello’s marketing strategy was to create a beef with Deadmau5 who was notorious for being incredibly petty over social media. When Joel eventually got too flustered he brought the hammer down and called Marshmello out for starting his new identity since Dotcom was losing notoriety pretty quick. Dotcom is better known as Chris Comstock and Chris is better known as Marshmello. That is pretty much a wrap folks. If you needed to know who is Marshmello … there is your answer.

At the time of his arrival to the world of dance music, Marshmello’s sound was original, and incredibly exciting. Trap was more of an intimidating genre, especially to newcomers to the world of EDM. It was filled with intense bass, and had it roots deep in hip hop and dubstep. But Marshmello was one of the first artists to take the trap arrangements and lay a more lighthearted almost pop vibe on top. He quickly capitalized on his success with many high profile remixes for artists such as Skrillex , Diplo, Zedd and of course Adele (though the last one was unofficial). This is when questions began to arise. Who the hell was this newcomer with a bold new sound, being supported by heavy hitters on their Soundclouds and obtaining official remix opportunities for artists such as Zedd and Skrillex. The question that was on everyone’s mind was – Who Is Marshmello? Before we get into the real answer lets take a peek back at some of the more entertaining theories.

What is also not surprising is that along with the fandom came fraudsters who tried to scam players. “Apart from the number of users it attracted and the fact that it had an audience 25 times larger than attended the legendary Woodstock Festival, the incident puts the issue of security back into the spotlight,” wrote ESET security researcher Luis Lubeck.

Although the game is free to download, it makes money by charging players for costumes and other accessories in a virtual in-game currency. Chvrches posted the message after the release of Marshmello’s new track, which features the US singer.

The Metarama Gaming + Music Festival, to take place Oct. 19-20 at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds, will feature musical artists such as Snoop Dogg, rappers Lil Yachty and Logic, pro gamers including Ninja and NickMercs, superstar DJ Alan Walker, and top game streamers such as DrLupo, Jacksepticeye, Pokimane and Sodapoppin.

Reader, I’m shocked and thrilled to say I enjoyed it too. The show was so hilarious, so strange and joyful in the way that Fortnite is, with goofily-dressed people doing their goofy moves and building towers into the sky. The music, God help me, was catchy as hell, and I even emote-danced along of my own volition. Marshmello referred repeatedly to making history ,” which could refer to either the size of the audience on their servers around the world or the idea of a concert in a video game. And it did feel special. From the crowd to the choice of star, the show felt like something that would only happen in Fortnite, but it wasn’t locked behind a paywall, level cap, or the need to own a certain brand of hardware. The fact that so many people of all ages and gaming skills could share in the moment together made it feel, paradoxically, precious.

The concept of an in-game concert is not new, according to Rolling Stone, but the massive success has helped to catapult Marshmello to internet fame, the kind of recognition that young new artists crave.

Update: April 10, 2017. It was spotted that a Comstock” was the writer behind Marshmello’s Keep It Mello” hit song. One white helmet. Two blacked-out eyes. And a loveable smile. Say hello to the new face of dance music: Marshmello.

He collaborated with fellow American DJ Ookay and singer Noah Cyrus on the 2017 single ‘Chasing Colours’. He collaborated with fellow American DJ Slushii, on the 2017 single ‘Twinbow’.

Talk of the man behind the Marshmello alias has been going on for years in EDM circles. Forbes notes back when Katie Couric was interviewing Skrillex in 2015, Marshmello called him. And to that, Katie announced, It’s Chris,” which Skrillex then corrected with, Oh, Marshmello.” Now, Forbes has concluded that Marshmello is, in fact, Chris Comstock, also known by his other stage name, Dotcom.

When the pre-show countdown ended, a glowing yellow light appeared on the stage, and eventually Marshmello blipped in behind his turntables. This was anti-climactic: Fortnite has released a Marshmello skin that mimics the musician’s trademark look, and a lot of players were wearing it. When the star of the show arrived, he was met by a horde of clones of himself. But there was something cool about it too, like he was just another player, or like every player could be him. Pre-recorded cheering played, and Marshmello shouted, Let me see everybody moving!” The set began, the screen behind Marshmello exploding with light and colors as electronic music played.

Developer Epic Games seems to have done some good planning for the event, announcing policies for streamers and disabling weapons during the concert to prevent players from killing each other A little before 2pm Eastern, I jumped into the only available mode besides Creative, which is called Showtime, and followed my squad to the flashing lights of Pleasant Park. The Showtime mode is a team-based mode with respawn where teams have to beat each other to 200 eliminations. But when I arrived at the arena, which has been being built in Fortnite all week, all I could do was watch the show.

In 2016 he remixed and released the song ‘Flash Funk’ from the League of Legends video game album ‘Warsongs’. He remixed and released Albanian singer Era Istrefi’s song ‘BonBon’ in 2016.

If Fortnite, a fairly standard battle royale shooter game, is really more like an online social space disguised as video game, the Marshmello concert is a big deal because it showcases the true potential for large-scale human gatherings inside 3D virtual worlds.

Fortnite: Battle Royale , a free online video game released in 2017, allows up to 100 characters to fight for survival on a dystopian island. According to the game’s developer, Epic Games, it had more than 200 million registered users worldwide in November, making it the world’s most popular video game.

According to Rolling Stone , 10.7 million users ‘attended’ the two 10-minute events featuring the fictional DJ known as Marshmello, a concert that the magazine said will prove to be “revolutionary” for the music industry.

Gray, a former Nike employee and husband to 2013 Mrs. Nevada America winner Ruth Gray, is the fifth high-profile executive to leave the hotel in the last 10 months. Officials with the Palms confirmed Wednesday (Oct. 2) that Gray had left his post at the hotel and casino, although one inside source says Gray’s exit is not connected to Marshmello’s short-lived residency.

Also out this month is the Wynn’s longtime executive vp nightlife Alex Cordova, who announced his resignation on Instagram Sept. 26. Prior to moving to the Palms last year, Nicolli and Craig had worked with Cordova at the Wynn where they helped architect Marshmello’s residency at Wynn’s nightclub XS.

As for how Comstock’s identity was uncovered, the publication notes that Marshmello is registered as a songwriter and musician through music royalty manager BMI. And according to BMI’s public database, searching for either Marshmello or Comstock yielded the same results — that is, until it was wiped. Forbes added that after they sent an email to Marshmello’s management proving the link to Comstock, BMI took away their info that was available for public search.

At this point, it’s well-established that Comstock is definitely Marshmello, and the young producer has already won awards for his music. According to Heightline , he started gaining serious notoriety back in 2015 via SoundCloud, and by 2017, he was catching the attention of other EDM artists and pop stars who were hoping to work with him. As noted before, when he’s not busily performing as alias Marshmello, he’s known as Dotcom and has a huge following under that name alone.

Tyga, who also features on Marshmello’s song Light It Up, is well known for having dated Kylie Jenner. Marshmello is spreading a positive message in his new music video.

His musical style includes groove-oriented, synth and bass-heavy electronic dance music. 8 Inspired by other masked DJs like Deadmau5 and Daft Punk , Marshmello appears wearing a full-head-covering white-colored bucket. 52 Despite the anonymity, his career received international recognition in 2015 when he began releasing tracks online, including remixes of Zedd’s ” Beautiful Now “, Jack Ü’s ” Where Are Ü Now ” and others, as well as his own single “Alone”.

Update: Feed Me, a dubstep and electro house producer, unintentionally revealed who Marshmello was when he posted an Instagram story, not realizing that Chris Comstock, dressed in white, was reflected in the mirror behind him.

From bursting into the electronic dance music scene in 2015 till date, Marshmello has one studio album, twenty singles, eighteen remixes, eighteen music videos and three other charted songs to his credit.

Marshmello closely guards his real identity although, oddly, Katie Couric revealed his first name to the public in 2015. When she interviewed EDM superstar Skrillex, Marshmello’s name happened to pop up on Skrillex’s phone as Chris Marshmello.” It was eventually revealed that his legal name is Chris Comstock.

What sets the world’s greatest DJs apart is that they are also great producers and songwriters, creating songs that transcend genre and appeal to a global pop audience,” says Robb McDaniels.

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