Marshmello Music Dance Mobile Game Debuts With Joytime III Album

MarshmelloOne white helmet. Collect new characters to help you play through all of the songs! Build a strong team and crush those music tiles! Open your chest to discover and unlock new powerful characters! Will you get the legendary Marshmello?” as the blurb puts it. In-app purchases of the game’s virtual ‘gems’ currency will provide the monetisation.

His musical style includes groove-oriented, synth and bass-heavy electronic dance music. 8 Inspired by other masked DJs like Deadmau5 and Daft Punk , Marshmello appears wearing a full-head-covering white-colored bucket. 52 Despite the anonymity, his career received international recognition in 2015 when he began releasing tracks online, including remixes of Zedd’s ” Beautiful Now “, Jack Ü’s ” Where Are Ü Now ” and others, as well as his own single “Alone”.

The game transported 10.7 million simultaneous online players to a large-scale virtual stage. They watched Marshmello perform a 10-minute set. Fortnite’s map limitation of 60 players saw thousands of individual matches attending the virtual concert.

What makes this particular concert such a big deal is the scale of the event and the mainstream appeal of a popular platform like Fortnite. By almost every conceivable measure, Fortnite is the most popular video game in the world and, with the free-to-play game bringing in over $300 million per month, one of the most profitable video games ever.

Becoming one of the fastest rising dance producers in history, Marshmello has earned over two billion streams to date, sold out more than 350 consecutive shows worldwide, and is currently ranked seventh in the world on Spotify. His first major release was an official remix of Jack U and Justin Bieber‘s global hit Where Are U Now’. He has since released collaborations with Selena Gomez, Khalid, Migos, Anne-Marie, Logic, James Arthur, and Juicy J.

It’s part of a wider digital push for the ‘Joytime III’ album, which includes one of YouTube’s ‘Spotlight Stories’ – a 26-minute mini-documentary telling the story of how Marshmello built a global brand that is rooted in all aspects of today’s culture and transcends music”. Which must be nice.

The DJ ( who’s a Fortnite enthusiast himself ) tweeted that more than 10 million people attended the virtual event this past Saturday, during which he played a 10-minute live set on a custom digital stage, with accompanying custom graphics (like the one seen above).

Marshmello is an American DJ known for his collaborations with Selena Gomez, Larsson, Anne-Marie, among others. He work has earned him four Billboard Music Award nominations. His solo music video Alone” boasts more than one billion views on YouTube.

I’d like to start off with saying that i was late to Brännbollsyran in Umeå, Sweden. I spent some well deserved 140€ on a ticket, just for the saturday. Not only did i get to watch Future and Brooks, but also Marshmello later at night. And the only thing i have to say, is What. An. Amazing. night. It was truly something to behold both visually, and being in audio. I have to say this myself, it’s 100% worth buying tickets to one of Marshmello’s live performances.

Marshmello didn’t need to lure people to an arena for his concert. They were already waiting for the musician inside Fortnite.”. If you enter the game right now and head over to the football field in Pleasant Park, you can see the stage is currently under construction.

Marshmello is one of the busiest producers in EDM. Earlier this year he became one of the first artists to perform an in-game concert on Fortnite. He’s also recently worked with major pop acts like Bastille and Chvrches. However, his hook-up with Bay Are rap trio SOB X RBE comes firmly out of leftfield.

This kind of video game not only allows users to play against each other, but also to interact with other users, as is the case with Fortnite —a player can use their voice chat” function to talk to anyone they come into contact with. This is where it is important to stop and think about the risks involved in interacting with strangers in the digital realm.

On Saturday, Marshmello, a popular DJ, performed a live virtual concert inside the even more popular online video game Fortnite. If you missed it, it’s worth checking out the full 10-minute set.

Marshmello stayed independent and struck deals on a song-by-song basis, making it easy for him to collaborate with artists on different labels. Keeping control of his copyrights enabled him to further goose his social presence by giving influencers his music to use in their videos. In turn, they would tag him, thereby introducing him to their followers. This was part of what Shalizi likes to call infinite algorithm” of social media.

Fortnite: Battle Royale , a free online video game released in 2017, allows up to 100 characters to fight for survival on a dystopian island. According to the game’s developer, Epic Games, it had more than 200 million registered users worldwide in November, making it the world’s most popular video game.

As dazzling as this concert was, getting up before 6:00AM on a Sunday morning is a big ask. Sunday is a day of rest, and waking up before the sun is the exact opposite of rest. Many Australians therefore missed the event, and have been left out of the loop while the rest of Fortnite‘s community rides the concert high.

Marshmello today released a new song and video titled Light It Up” featuring Chris Brown and Tyga The superstar DJ and producer’s latest choice of collaborators drew criticism from Chvrches, with whom he released the single Here With Me ” last month.

If you missed Marshmello’s in-game Fortnite concert at nope ‘clock this morning, don’t feel down. An encore concert has just been announced for later today, starting at a time you’re more likely to feel like partying.

And no worries for folks who weren’t able to attend the event (or its encore on Sunday) — Marshmello uploaded the full set to YouTube, where it’s since garnered nearly 12 million views and is No. 4 on YouTube’s Trending at press time.

Together they have shared Roll The Dice, a three-song EP produced entirely by Marshmello. Musically, Roll The Dice leans much more to the rap world with Marshmello’s electronic largesse scaled down in favor of something more low-key and beneficial to Yhung T., Daboii, and Slimmy B’s flow. Stream the whole EP below.

Dance music mystery man Marshmello has managed to remain anonymous despite the flurry of attention his tracks have received since he first hit the scene in 2015. His preference for going incognito extends to his DJ sets, where he wears a giant marshmallow head to conceal his identity while fans dance the night away to his body-rocking blend of house, trap, and future bass. He may be an enigma, but there’s nothing mysterious about his appeal – Marshmello has his finger on the pulse of dance music’s hottest trends, and his cutting-edge sets treat fans to a mind-blowing mix they can’t hear anywhere else. Whether he’s dropping the beat on originals like “Alone” and “Keep It Mello” or quickening pulses with his epic remix of Zedd’s “Beautiful Now,” Marshmello always treats ticket buyers to an unforgettable night of bass-induced euphoria.

As the BBC points out, Marshmello’s concert is a first for Fortnite, but virtual livestreamed concerts have been offered in video games for years. Minecraft held ‘Coalchella’ (a play on real-life Coachella) in 2018, and, in 2013, hosted a live festival put on by electronic dance music label Monstercat. A decade ago, U2 put on a live virtual performance in Second Life, which also saw a concert from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and an attendable livestream of BBC Radio 1’s One Big Weekend in 2007 and 2006, respectively.

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