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It’s definitely a venue that everybody wants to play, especially in Country music. My favourite songs make me feel a way that only songs can do. Watching this song resonating with people is really a dream come true.

matt stell songs – Country Singer Matt Stell Dishes On New EP, ‘Everywhere But On’

Matt StellMatt Stell’s star is on the rise, with an EP due out in the spring of 2019, his April 27 Grand Ole Opry debut rapidly approaching and plenty of attention being given to his current single, “Prayed for You.” The song resonates with a diverse fanbase in part because each of its three co-writers – including the artist himself – brought their own perspective to the subject matter. The third video his Matt explaining how his song Prayed For You” changed his life and became his debut single. Matt also expresses what it means to him hearing his song on country radio and getting to play at the Grand Ole Opry.

The first single from Matt Stell rises to number one on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart this week, making Prayed for You” the first debut release to top the chart this year.

I guess the first time I heard it was when my hometown radio station played it, and that was awesome. It wasn’t long after that satellite radio picked it up. Since then, I’ve heard it in Nashville on the FM dial while driving my truck on Music Row, and that’s just full circle. I remember when I got to town driving up and down just wondering how I was ever going to get any of those doors to open up for me, or anyone to pay attention to what I was doing. Then fast forward a few years and I just feel like I’m the luckiest guy there is. That’s really such a surreal moment because radio means so much, especially in Country music. To hear my song played in a lineup of people that I grew up listening to is pretty amazing.

There’s some lines in Everywhere But On” that are super autobiographical. I spent years in a trailer, driving all around the South and Midwest playing this music. There’s a line in that song, My mail’s still going to mama’s house,” and to this day I have mail that goes to my mom’s house that she has to bring to me. That’s super true. The second verse talking about all the different jobs that I’ve done, especially when I moved to town and I couldn’t tour as much. I was having to do other things to make money besides music so there’s a lot of truth in that song.

Matt Stell, our Swag Spotlight for the week was born in Central Arkansas and now lives in Nashville. His passion is writing and performing, but it wasn’t always the obvious choice for his career path. After moving to Nashville and trying his hand at being a professional songwriter and artist, he had taken a medical missions trip to Haiti and saw how the doctors and nurses were able to change people’s lives drastically. After returning home, Stell decided to turn down a pre-medical program acceptance at Harvard Law to stay in Nashville and change people’s lives with his music. We discussed how that trip changed his life in so many ways. Well, you can’t go there without having that place have a profound effect on your life,” Stell says. It took only a few hours to get there and it may as well have been on a different planet.” He came home with a serious gratitude for the way we are able to live and for the ability to make a living doing what he loves.

Country newcomer Matt Stell has received continued praise for his breakout single, Prayed For You”. The love song was not only picked up on all three of Spotify’s leading country music playlists including Hot Country, Wild Country & New Boots, but was also included in NYCountry Swag’s What We’re Listening To: September Picks” playlist.

Probably six weeks before I got accepted to Harvard, I met Ash Bowers who runs a publishing and management company that I’m a part of now. We met through two great friends I co-write with, who had mentioned me in a write with Ash one day. I almost felt that with that opportunity with Ash, if I left, I would be leaving a stone unturned. I felt like it would be quitting if I left and I couldn’t stand that. It was a real pivotal point. I’m a big believer in taking advantage of opportunities even if you’re unsure and I haven’t regretted that decision once.

Matt: Right after college I fell head-first into country music. My first taste of music had a lot to do with the Texas scene. I spent a lot of time in a van and trailer touring the South and Midwest on my own. I had some success writing some songs with some bigger artists there that did well on their charts. I finally decided to see if I could do that in Nashville. After being in and out a week a month I finally moved here full-time about five years ago now.

Elsewhere on the Everywhere but On EP, Best Shot” singer Jimmie Allen stops by for an appearance on Home in a Hometown.” Stell had a hand in writing all seven tracks on the project, with co-writers including Ash Bowers (who co-produced the project with Stell), Chris Tompkins, Allison Veltz and Paul Sikes.

Stell know “Prayed for You” was what they hoped to write, but could not have imagined that the song would so rapidly make its way up the charts. In this month’s episode of New In Nashville, we talk to Matt Stell, who’s breakout single ‘Prayed for You’ is exploding across country radio.

You could say 2019 has treated Matt Stell pretty stellar so far. Not bad for a guy who didn’t even pick up a guitar until he was 20 and who almost convinced himself music was just meant to be a hobby. Because Matt thought he had other plans. First there was sports. and then there was medicine. But it was the offer of his dream publishing deal that lead this former basketball player turned pre med student down the path that would eventually take him to the revered Opry circle”.

Newcomer Matt Stell is a co-writer on his top-fifteen debut single, “Prayed for You.” But it was actually his collaborator, Allison Veltz , who came up with the idea for the hit song.

Matt Stell has burst onto the country scene with his single Prayed For You The track written by Stell, Allison Veltz and Ash Bowers has already racked up over 13 million (with an m”) streams on Spotify, is featured on listener favorite playlists like Hot Country and New Boots and has just gone to radio.

Packing in radio visits with folks that have a passion for music is going to be a lot of my summer and fall. I get to jump on tour with a few of my artists buddies. I can’t really say much about that yet but that’s going to be fun. Playing these festivals is going to be a blast. Hopefully watching my song hit new folks’ ears and seeing how they respond to that is going to be really exciting as well. I’m just taking it as it comes now because it’s kind of a whirlwind.

In a way yeah, it really is. I don’t know many artists that the Opry doesn’t hold a special place in their heart about playing there. It’s definitely a venue that everybody wants to play, especially in Country music. It’s really special that there’s this venue that means so much. It’s going to be something else.

Walker hit the top of the charts with country hits She Won’t Be Lonely Long,” Live Until I Die,” What’s It to You,” and If I Could Make a Living.” Yet Walker is convinced that his best music is yet to come, and that belief is showcased in his new album Long Live The Cowboy. This show is a rare opportunity to see an accomplished artist like Walker, with his innate sense of how to please an audience, in an intimate venue like The Bowl.

The official Music Video for “Prayed For You” by Matt Stell featuring Savannah Chrisley. Stell, once a Drury University basketball player, will also open for Chris Young later this year during a stadium tour.

Right now our focus is on radio for this song but the first chance I get to get over there, you rest assured I will be there. I can’t wait. I’ve not travelled abroad and I would love to do that, especially with folks that I have something in common with, which is a love for music and a love for Country music.

After moving to Nashville in 2014, Stell got busy performing at writers’ rounds around town, which led to deals with publishing company Wide Open Music and veteran record executive Barry Weiss’ RECORDS label, with promotion from Good Company Entertainment. His debut single, “Prayed For You,” written by Stell, Ash Bowers, and Allison Veltz, is climbing the charts and has amassed more than 30 million streams. Its accompanying video, which features reality TV star Savannah Chrisley and pro hockey player Nic Kerdiles, has garnered more than three and a half million view. Stell will release a new EP in May, which follows 2018’s “Last Of The Best” EP. He’ll be on the road this summer performing at festivals, including Country LakeShake in Chicago and Watershed in George, WA.

He applied for a pre-medical program at Harvard University and was accepted. But six weeks before his big move to Massachusetts, Stell was offered a new publishing deal in Nashville.

After years of chasing what was starting to seem like a pipe dream, Stell and his future fiancée took a medical mission trip which again changed his course. Working with doctors and nurses to help disadvantaged patients in dire circumstances, he felt inspired to make a difference, applied for and was accepted to the (post-baccalaureate) pre-medical program at Harvard extension school. It would take nine long years of study before he would even see his first patient, so it was time to decide where his future would lead. But a funny thing happened while Stell was standing at his fork in the road. He met Wide Open Music’s Ash Bowers, who almost immediately offered Stell a publishing deal.

Stell’s schedule for the next few months is booked with shows from California to Georgia. “It’s hard to stay too far from home and family. I always love coming home,” said Stell.

Man, honestly it’s just been game changing for me. I got into music and always wanted to write songs because music makes me feel a certain way. My favourite songs make me feel a way that only songs can do. Watching this song resonating with people is really a dream come true. It’s really humbling. Folks are kind enough to drop a message on social media to let us know that they like the song or that they’re going to use it in their wedding, or that they’re going to use it to propose or something like that. It’s really, really cool to see that song resonate with folks.Matt Stell

The Arkansas native performs his top fifteen single, Prayed for You,” next Tuesday during the wedding of Paradise alums Krystal Neilson and Chris Randone in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

They can expect the purest representation of what I do. Country music has always been this tension between Saturday night and Sunday morning, and certainly that’s what you can expect from this EP. “Prayed for You” is relationship-based and has a spiritual element to it, but the rest of the songs on the EP are a wide range, from drinking a heartbreak away to losing somebody. They can expect Saturday night and Sunday morning on this project.

Prayed For You” is really about preserving long enough in life to allow good things to happen to you, whether that’s a relationship, work, school, family, etc. The song just kind of emerged as the front runner when we put the EP out. For whatever reason the song just resonated with people. It’s been a really fun ride.

Matt soon learned after a medical mission trip that his heart was divided between healthcare and music. Having been accepted into Harvard’s Pre Med program, Matt decided just six weeks prior to starting med school, that Music City needed to be his permanent home instead of Massachusetts. In 2014, he moved. Not long after, he accepted a publishing deal with Wide Open Music which eventually turned into a management and record deal as well. In 2018, he released his first EP, co-produced by Wide Open’s Ash Bowers. His debut single, Prayed For You”, was named one of Rolling Stone’s 10 Best Country Songs To Hear Now,” and has garnered more than 47 million on-demand streams. The video costars Savannah Chrisley and her now fiancé Nic Kertiles.

Overall, Stell’s EP Everywhere But On is a solid representation of his artistry that will make you want to root for his success. We can’t wait to see where his career takes him next and will continue to champion him on as he carves his own path in the country music industry.

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