MigosWhile their rise to fame was somewhere between fast and meteoric, the Atlanta trio Migos are steeped in the Southern tradition of hip-hop groups, having come together over their shared love of acts like the Hot Boys and OutKast. Southern hip hop trio Migos is quickly making a name for themselves with their swagged-out personal style, high-energy performances, and catchy singles like “Versace”. Taking the stage donning sunglasses, backpacks, and plenty of bling, the rappers cut a stylish group as they get the crowd bouncing to popular songs like “Hannah Montana” and “Flight Night”. Whether they’re freestyling between tracks or hyping up the crowd with call-and-response vocals, Migos always brings the party on their can’t-miss tours.

Just hours before, hundreds of fans waited in the blistering cold of a late January night — all the way down West 16th Street, past the Western Beef Supermarket — for this very moment. And the Migos had been waiting, too. If you don’t know,” Quavo informed the crowd, Culture came out last night at midnight.” Snaps were already open in a sea of extended arms. Lights from phone flashes illuminated the stage as they steadily recorded, each person anxious for another beat to drop.

Migos was formed in 2008, by Quavo (born Quavious Keyate Marshall), 11 Takeoff (born Kirshnik Khari Ball), 12 and Offset (born Kiari Kendrell Cephus), 13 and they originally called themselves the Polo Club. The three members are directly related and were raised together; Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle, and Offset is Quavo’s cousin. 14 The three of them grew up together in suburban Atlanta , approximately 40 minutes northeast of Downtown in Gwinnett County “I ain’t going to sit here like, ‘My neighborhood was hard, and I had to get out there and grind.’ We made it hard for ourselves. We chose to stay on the streets,” Quavo said. 15 The group released their first full-length project, a mixtape titled Juug Season, on August 25, 2011. They followed with the mixtape No Label on June 1, 2012. Assisted by Tucker Toenjes and Mitchell Thomas.

The group has also shared their own dreams of branching out, with Offset telling Vice’s Noisey that the group had requested “some pop beats” so they could “try and do something different.” Although Takeoff admitted they weren’t particular fans of “that kind of music,” they were open to exploring EDM-infused tracks. “I want to do a song on a beat like that,” he said.

Battling fickle tastes has been a constant for Migos since the trio stormed the hip-hop firmament in 2013, bringing a Gucci bag full of flashy new tricks, including their trademark stuttering, rapid-fire triplet flow and an endless series of sticky catchphrases, ad-libs and vocal tics (Grrr,” That way!”).

Man, that was rough. Regardless of whether or not Quavo meant his criticism to come across so harsh, it certainly would’ve been tough to hear. The real knife twist was when rapper and occasional actor T.I. burst out laughing, which really makes you feel for The Lyrical Gift up on stage. It wasn’t a terrible performance by any means, but certainly not the level of quality Rhythm + Flow is looking for.

In the past it’s been largely assumed that, depending on which style you prefer, the home of hip-hop is the East or West coast of the States. However those in the know would point to the South as having a real stake as the home of rap these days and in 2014 no one has been more indicative of this than breakout stars Migos.Migos

Beyond finding doppelgangers at shows, Quavo is staying busy with his new gig on an animated TV show. In August, the Quality Control Music artist announced he’s executive producing a kids’ series about Atlanta’s Hip Hop scene.

Offset, Quavo and Takeoff make up the Migos, but the trio recently added a new member to its group: Will Smith. 12. Migos have released two studio albums, 12 mixtapes and one EP.

There are three members currently in Atlanta rap group Migos: Quavo, real name, Quavious Keyate Marshall; Offset, real name Kiari Kendrell Cephus; and Takeoff, real name Kirshnik Khari Ball.

Elsewhere, such subtlety is not a priority. Most Migos tracks hammer home Velcro-like catchphrases with merciless repetition. Versace , the breakout track of 2013, repeated the fashion house’s name, a fascinating reductio ad absurdum that had many old-schoolers gnashing their teeth at the death of hip-hop’s core lyrical function.

But the songs were longer too. One of Migos’ strongest points has long been their tightness, but many of Culture II’s songs test the crowd’s considerable energy. BBO is not that great a track to begin with (Migos’ attitude to women is appalling, a downside that bad bitches only” miserably reinforces) but it seems twice as long as you remember, even if Takeoff does lower his hood for it.

But what about the No. 1 Bad & Boujee”? The song has already made it to the Golden Globes stage this year. I really wanna thank the Migos — not for being in the show, but for making ‘Bad and Boujee,’ ” said Donald Glover while accepting the Golden Globe for best television series, musical or comedy, for his FX show Atlanta , on which the Migos appeared during its debut season.

Takeoff, Quavo and Offset of Migos perform at THE FADER FORT Presented by Converse during SXSW on March 20, 2015 in Austin, Texas. Migos are an American hip-hop group consisting of three members: Quavo, Takeoff and Offset. They are originally from Atlanta, Georgia.

It feels like another shift is coming in the Migos sound, likely with Offset at the front. Considering how he was incarcerated during their early success and had the least number of words on Culture, it feels like it’s finally his turn at the helm. It’s difficult to shake the feeling that the next Migos project will be a much darker, more mature sound as they’re finally able to open up about their rise to fame.

Trouble had been stalking the group for some time. In March 2014, they had exchanged gunfire with another vehicle while on the road in their van near Miami, according to Rolling Stone. Then in April 2015 Quavo and Offset were arrested on guns and drugs charges at Georgia Southern University, where they had been booked for a gig, after police officers smelled marijuana coming from their trailer. Also arrested was the Atlanta rapper Rich the Kid. Quavo and Rich the Kid were fined and sentenced to community service — but Offset, who already had a criminal record, received an eight-month jail sentence. When you’re young, black and successful, cops don’t like that,” was manager Kevin Lee’s interpretation of events. With Offset in jail, Quavo and Takeoff teamed up with Rich the Kid on the song “Free Offset,” released in September 2015, though his freedom did not come until December that year.

The concert was so much fun! I went as a birthday trip with my girlfriend and a couple homies and we had a great time. The arena had a cool set up and I appreciate that the floor seat sections were labeled which made it easier to find out where we were supposed to be sitting and stake out our seats. The visuals were awesome and flowed well with the music. 21 Savage and the Migos were great performers. They had good flow, good energy, and really flashy jewelry which made for a cool scene. The only complaint I had about it was that Offset wasn’t there and we were not informed. I think Quavo and Takeoff did a great job, but it’s still noticeable when one of them is missing.

Drake ran into them at the Birthday Bash Atlanta radio concert, which is a you know New York has a Summer Jam. And I think 2 Chainz was bringing them out that day, if I’m not mistaken. But we had just put out Y.R.N., which was the first mixtape that was put out when we signed the guys. We dropped it on that Tuesday, Birthday Bash was that Saturday, and Drake walks right up to me, Hey, Coach, is this your group? Man, I’ve been listening for the last four days!” And he quoted a lyric off of one of the songs. And then like, a week later, he reached out and was like, man, I want to jump on one of those records. And we wasn’t even thinking about him jumping on Versace,” but he sent the verse back on that song.

Kirsnick Ball (Takeoff”) and Kiari Cephus (Offset”) are two of the three members of Migos, the hip-hop group that formed in 2009 and hails from Lawrenceville, Georgia. To date, the group has released two studio albums – Yung Rich Nation which reached No. 3 on Billboard’s Hip Hop Albums chart in 2015 and Culture, which debuted at No. 1 on the Top 200 Albums chart in February 2017. Takeoff and Offset, alongside third group member Quavo, have collectively collaborated with a handful of high-profile artists on their albums and mixtapes, including Drake, Chris Brown, DJ Khaled and 2 Chainz, among many others.

Back in 1964, as The Beatles were enjoying their run as the most popular musicians on the planet, they became the first band to place 14 songs inside the top 100. Since then, plenty of groups have made their mark and shown how they can own the Hot 100, but none have been able to do so in the same way as The Beatles. Several solo acts have seen their name appear in more than 14 slots, but no groups.

Thirteen of the songs found on Culture II appear on the Hot 100 this frame, and the group is featured on a Gucci Mane single that is holding on once again, giving the trio 14 appearances on the tally. That’s not the greatest showing ever when all artists are included, but when looking only at groups, Billboard states that only one other name has managed to own that much real estate in a single turn.

If 2016 was the Year of Quavo, the torch was passed to Offset in May 2017. On Gucci’s Met Gala”, Offset had the best feature of the year, kick-starting a sixth-month run where he would wash Drake on Metro Boomin’s No Complaints”, lay waste to 21 Savage and Nicki Minaj on London on Da Track’s No Flag”, and single-handedly carry Juicy J’s Flood Watch”, Cousin Stizz’ Headlock”, and Ski Mask the Slump God‘s With a Vengeance” to popularity. The moment Offset claimed the ‘best hip-hop feature’ title belt, though, came on Patek Water”, the stand-out song on Future and Young Thug’s collaborative album Super Slimey. Alongside the only two Atlanta rappers more popular, and arguably, better, than Migos, Offset laid down the best verse on the entire project.

In just under three years, rap trio Migos — which consists of Quavious “Quavo” Marshall, Kirsnick “Takeoff” Ball, and Kiari “Offset” Cephus — went from releasing the relatively successful 2015 album, Yung Rich Nation , to crushing the charts with their critically acclaimed 2017 breakout album Culture The Gwinnett County, Ga. natives followed up with the highly anticipated Culture II in 2018 and racked up chart-topping hits during their meteoric ascension to fame — from “Hannah Montana” to “Versace,” and the Grammy-nominated hit, “Bad and Boujee” featuring Lil Uzi Vert.

Migos dropped their first download-only mixtape, Juug Season, in August 2011. They have released a further 14 mixtapes, as well as two studio albums, since then. Their strong childhood bond created an innate understanding between the three rappers that fuels a prodigious work-rate: they allow each other just 15-20 minutes to record a verse, which helps explain the urgency in their sound. They are also renowned for littering their lyrics with pop-culture references — everything from Malcolm in the Middle to Hannah Montana — the result of all those hours they spent as teenagers working inside the bando with the TV on.

For weeks, as the song turned into a sensation through a torrent of internet memes and listens on YouTube and Spotify (with now more than 250 million combined streams), representatives for Migos had been trying to book the roguish group — made up of the rappers Quavo, Offset and Takeoff — a performance on late-night television, a rite of passage for rising acts. They were repeatedly brushed off.

Quavo and Takeoff began rapping early, the former recording mixtapes as Crunk Boy by the time he was in the eighth grade. His classmates did not see his potential. Everybody laughed at me,” he told XL Magazine in May 2014. When Offset spoke up in support of his cousin, Quavo persuaded him to try rapping, too. The following year, in 2009, the trio had formed their first group: Polo Club.

There may be debate about the origins of the group’s name—is it short for amigos,” the Spanish word for friends,” or is it slang for a drug house?—but nobody’s debating whether Lawrence­ville-raised Migos is making a big impact. The trap trio has become so iconic that actor, rapper, and fellow Atlantan Donald Glover thanked them in his 2017 Golden Globes Award speech, calling Migos the Beatles of this generation.” Indeed, the group tied the Beatles for the most simultaneous entries for a single group on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Keeping it in the family, Quavious Marshall (aka Quavo) is Kirshnik Ball’s (aka Takeoff) uncle, and is Kiari Cephus’ (aka Offset) cousin. The trio have collaborated with various other artists like Drake, Justin Beiber, ASAP Ferg, Soulja Boy, Travis Scott and R. Kelly. Their 2013 single Versace” was a viral hit, and peaked within the top 100 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was this single that got Drake involved in wanting to take part in a remix, which he performed live at the 2013 iHeart radio Music Festival.

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