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His delivery of his message makes the songs feel almost comforting. The EDM star completed the trek – from New Jersey to California – in 6 months, and by his count, he covered 2,851 miles over that period.

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MIKE POSNERTaking his own advice, Mike Posner has just completed his walk across America. Posner came up with the idea for his Walk Across America about four years ago. In recent years, he has been affected by deaths of people close to him, such as EDM star Avicii , who inspired “I Took a Pill in Ibiza,” a childhood friend and his father, who lost his battle to brain cancer in 2017, the Detroit News said.MIKE POSNER

After those few weeks, Posner was back on his feet and continued his walk across America. Just days before he completed his journey, Posner posted a video to Instagram stating that he wasn’t yet finished and that this was merely the beginning.

My name is Mike Posner and I walked across America. Keep Going,” a bearded and shirtless Posner, 31, captioned an Instagram video of himself celebrating on the beach with the Pacific Ocean behind him.

Posner said he’d be in Colorado for a few days and won’t be able to walk for several weeks. Since the bite, Posner has been posting videos of both his physical therapy and himself freestyle rapping from the hospital bed.

American vocalist, songwriter, and producer Mike Posner merges melodic, soul-inflected pop-rap and club-friendly beats. His distinctive light rasp first emerged on both the national and world stage via his debut single, “Cooler Than Me,” from 2010’s 31 Minutes to Takeoff. The mostly acoustic “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” from his 2016 sophomore LP was nominated for a Grammy for Song of the Year, while a dance remix by SeeB reached the Top Ten in over two dozen countries. Posner is also half the duo Mansionz with hip-hop artist Blackbear.

After announcing his walk across America in January, Mike Posner has finally finished his cross-country trek. The 31-year-old Cooler Than Me” singer began his walk in Asbury Park, N.J., and completed it in Venice Beach, Calif.

On December 18, 2015, a remix EP of The Truth was released. It featured SeeB’s remix of “I Took a Pill in Ibiza”, as well as a remix by JordanXL of the single “Be As You Are”. Then, on March 17, 2016, Mike Posner announced his second album, At Night, Alone. , which was released on May 6, 2016 and featured both originals and remixes of “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” and “Be As You Are”. David Jeffries of AllMusic noted an improvement for Posner in the album, writing “this might not yet be the ultimate showcase for his talents, but At Night, Alone is both a welcome return and a significant step forward.” On February 17, 2017, Posner announced that the third single from the album would be a remix by American electronic duo Grey of Posner’s song “In the Arms of a Stranger”.

It was like those old Q&A’s in Rolling Stone,” back when the musicians had something to say, Mike Posner has something to say, which is so strange, because so many of today’s stars are just front people for middle-aged men, but Posner not only wrote his own hits, he’s got a brain, he thought about it all, sitting there you’d be inspired to be a musician, techies build edifices for money, artists explore the mind.

According to a previous statement, the walk is something he wanted to do for years and decided it was finally time to accomplish it. Posner said the journey changed his life, making him more authentic and more himself.

Posner, who is responsible for the hits ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ and ‘Cooler Than Me’, is currently attempting to walk across the US, and was crossing the border from Kansas into Colorado on Wednesday (August 7) when the incident occured.

POSNER: I would share even more. My own sort of borderline is when stuff involves other people. Like, if you ask me a story and the story involves someone else. But I try not to have, like, really any secrets about my life. It takes a lot of energy to have categories of private and public, you know. And it’s a dangerous game to internally go, OK, I’m going to let people know about this stuff that I think is nice about me, and I’m not going to let people know about this stuff which I think is icky. That takes a lot of energy to keep that up in all your interactions. And I’ve found it’s a lot more liberating – scary, but liberating – to just go, it’s all public domain. There’s no secrets here.

Then, in 2016, Posner once again saw success in his own solo career — a remix of his song ” I Took A Pill In Ibiza ” became an international hit and was nominated for a Grammy. Now, Posner is back with his third studio album called A Real Good Kid.

Some songs on the album flow into each other, so Posner’s instructions make sense, as listening to the album out of order would disturb the overall musical experience. But narratively speaking, putting the album on shuffle wouldn’t make a difference — this is mostly due to the fact that there’s really no narrative to be found.

Before joining Human Rights First, Posner was a lawyer with Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal in Chicago. He lectured at Yale Law School from 1981 to 1984, and again in 2009, when he taught with former Dean Harold Koh. He was a visiting lecturer at Columbia University Law School from 1984 to 2008. A member of the California Bar and the Illinois Bar, he received his J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley Law School (Boalt Hall) in 1975, and a B.A. with distinction and honors in History from the University of Michigan in 1972. Posner resides with his family in New York City.

On his website, Posner said the journey had a three-part mission: to enjoy my life and help others enjoy theirs,” be as authentic to other people as possible,” and help others to experience transcendence.” He also aimed to spend more time listening to people and invited others to participate – even for just a mile or two.

The I Took a Pill in Ibiza” singer shared two other posts from his West Coast arrival: one being a photo with his hands in the air and the checkmark emoji as the caption, and the other being a smiling video of the singer cheering on the beach with a camera crew behind him.

Keep Going is a mixtape by American singer-songwriter Mike Posner. The project contains 16 tracks and features guest appearances from Wiz Khalifa, Elohim, Talib Kweli, Ty Dolla $ign, and Logic. Including Sage Wisdom” interludes from Sean Diddy” Combs, Steven Tyler, Bun B & E-40, and Mike’s Mom giving words of encouragement for Mike over voicemail, praising him for his Walk Across America movement.

Keep Going” starts off with a message from the man himself. In the opening of the mixtape Posner asks you, in a rather therapeutic tone of voice, to take the time to be in the moment to listen to this album and listen to it completely.

Slow It Down” is all about Posner sharing his own learning curve of life, in hopes of inspiring others as well with his own hard lessons. Knowing how and when to slow your own life or thoughts down is probably one of the most valuable skills to possess, especially given the busy and interconnected world that we live in today. Have a listen to this smooth slow jam and let it inspire you to take a breather from time to time as well.

When Posner crossed into Colorado on Wednesday, he was walking on a dirt road in the Eastern Plains – specifically Road N” and Road 39.” While this can’t be confirmed, this pin appears to be the location of Posner’s Colorado border crossing per this intrepid journalist’s scouring Google Maps.

And now Mike faces us with the last man on the team no longer standing behind him. Mike comes to us in this album as neither soldier nor monk, but as he is, a musician and storyteller, finding in his melodies and lyrics that beginnings always do hide themselves in ends.

I didn’t even know City Theater existed. What a delightful little theater for intimate settings. Mike Posner was great with his audience. He asked us to meet someone new and give each other back massages which was so adorable. The money benefited his best friend’s family which just made it even better. It was so great being in such a small theater because you know that it is just his super fans then (which showed when everyone sang almost every word of every song!) Can’t say enough great things about this show.

He also thanked his nurses and people from the helicopter team before giving an update on his walking status. When he wasn’t walking, he meditated and did a lot of yoga. Posner documented the experience on social media.

Mike Posner, performing here at an NFL halftime show, says walking across America has changed him. Initially, Posner planned to stop in La Junta, Muleshow, Alamosa, Jasper, Pagosa Springs, Piedra and Kline while in Colorado. Although he said he will continue his walk, it’s unclear when.

The “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” singer, 31, took to Instagram Thursday to share a video of him in the hospital along with an explanation of what happened. MCCAMMON: That was Mike Posner talking about his latest album, “A Real Good Kid.” Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

Braving chilly, rainy weather, some of Posner’s biggest fans turned out to cheer him on and send him off on his new journey. Singer Mike Posner, known for his hit songs Cooler than Me” and Please Don’t Go,” was airlifted to a hospital after being bitten by a rattlesnake.

Mike Posner has been hospitalized after an unfortunate run-in with a rattlesnake on the Colorado leg of his journey to walk across America. American singer-songwriter Mike Posner has officially completed his closely-watched 3,000-mile walk across America.

After six months and more than 2,800 miles, the singer-songwriter arrived at Venice Beach, California on Friday and successfully completed his journey of walking across the United States. The message comes alongside a video of the singer being wheeled through a hospital.

Posner announced on Instagram Thursday that, amid a journey to walk across America, he had an unfortunate run-in with a rattlesnake that sent him to the hospital. Mike Posner has made it to California, and he released a new mixtape to celebrate.

The 31-year-old musician began the trek in Ashbury Park, New Jersey in April and concluded in Venice Beach, California. At 31 years old, Posner is determined to find his way – and use his music to sort through his mixed emotions on life and fame.

Mike Posner was bitten by a rattlesnake in August. A month later, he released a 16-track mixtape called Keep Going.” Clearly, Posner follows his own advice. The singer-songwriter trekked 2,851 miles over the course of six months, starting in Asbury Park, New Jersey, on April 15th and ending in Venice Beach, California, on Friday.

The I Took a Pill in Ibiza” singer posted a video from his gurney on Thursday and seemed to be in good spirits even though the injury is setting his walk across the country back several weeks. There is no doubt that Mike Posner’s worth and assets will continue to grow in the coming years.

From the tone of such hits as his 2010 debut Cooler Than Me” and 2015’s I Took A Pill In Ibiza,” singing, songwriting pop-hop beardo Mike Posner had a seemingly breezy take on life, love and responsibility. If you could have squeezed together the two Justins — Timberlake and Bieber (Posner has written for the latter) — into one folksy, shaggy, club-rap trap, it would come out smelling sweet like Mike. There’s always been a melancholy edge to Posner’s innocence mission, but his light soulful rasp, gently thumping grooves and upbeat optimism always gives away his unique club kiddishness.

Posner came up with the idea for his Walk Across America about four years ago. In recent years, he has been affected by deaths of people close to him, such as EDM star Avicii , who inspired “I Took a Pill in Ibiza,” a childhood friend and his father, who lost his battle to brain cancer in 2017, the Detroit News said.

POSNER: No, it’s pretty cool (laughter). It’s pretty cool, actually. Most of my songs that have been successful for other artists came at a time when my career, you mentioned in the intro, was sort of at a standstill. And there was a period where I was what we in the record industry we call shelved. And that means that I’m making music, I’m making albums. But because I’m so ice cold, they’re not going to ever come out.

Posner said he’d be in Colorado for a few days and won’t be able to walk for several weeks. Since the bite, Posner has been posting videos of both his physical therapy and himself freestyle rapping from the hospital bed.

Luckily, Posner was airlifted to the hospital and received the antivenom in time. He had a special shoutout” for nurses Bo, Cassie and Whitney, and said he’ll be spending a few days in the hospital recovering. He said he can’t walk for a few weeks, but is enjoying having air conditioning and a nice bed.

The Miley Cyrus song is not on the new album. It’s a war story, about going overseas and getting your legs blown off and…everyone’s either humming Party In The U.S.A.” or singing it or it’s playing in the background and by time the protagonist gets back to Atlanta he no longer wants to hear it and no longer wants to see anybody. It was like 1962 all over again, the hootenanny era. Mike encapsulated the horror of the war in a song, more people need to hear it.

He also collaborates with a couple of artists, which creates some pretty beautiful songs. Throughout the album, Posner is continuously self-explorative. For example, he talks about the type of person he used to be and how he has changed.

Prince Akeem,” the sixth track, is the most fun song on the album. There’s a nice beat and a bright horn line sample in the background. Posner describes it as an alarm clock song,” which is not far off, but the song’s fun energy certainly accomplishes its goal — it would be great to wake up to.

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