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A year later, his collaborator, Avicii, took his own life Then his friend, rapper Mac Miller, died from an accidental overdose In Posner’s new album, “A Real Good Kid,” he’s focused on moving on.

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MIKE POSNERTaking his own advice, Mike Posner has just completed his walk across America. Musician Mike Posner had an ambitious goal: A 9-month, 3,000-mile walk across America. The singer-songwriter from Southfield spent six months traveling more than 2,800 miles. Mike Posner has been hospitalized after an unfortunate run-in with a rattlesnake on the Colorado leg of his walk across America journey.

He began in Asbury Park, New Jersey on April 15 and ended Friday in Venice Beach, California. He stopped in Detroit during the walk for an acoustic performance at City Theatre in the District Detroit.

A rep for the musician told ET at the time that Posner had arrived in Colorado when he failed to spot a baby rattlesnake curled up on the ground before it bit his left ankle. He was immediately airlifted to a nearby hospital where he was given anti-venom for the bite, saving his life.

Music video by Mike Posner performing Move On. © 2019 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. DETROIT – Singer songwriter Mike Posner walked across America for a total of 2,851 miles. Along his journey, Posner has stayed true to himself and his fans. He admits the walk is difficult but nothing worthwhile was ever accomplished by complaining.

After six months and more than 2,800 miles, the singer-songwriter arrived at Venice Beach, California on Friday and successfully completed his journey of walking across the United States. The message comes alongside a video of the singer being wheeled through a hospital.

Although born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in suburban Southfield, singer Mike Posner launched his career at Duke University, where he balanced his undergraduate studies in sociology and business with his musical pursuits. Like fellow undergrad Asher Roth, Posner began making pop-rap songs for the college crowd, filling his music with references to fraternity culture, dorm life, and young adulthood. He also compiled several mixtapes, one of which – A Matter of Time – topped the digital charts during the summer of 2009. After signing with J Records, he finished his degree and released his full-length debut, 31 Minutes to Takeoff, in the summer of 2010. The album featured the worldwide hit “Cooler Than Me,” and reached the Top Ten in the U.S.

Recording artist Mike Posner was bitten by a baby rattlesnake. I created this project, these songs and these affirmations to remind myself who I am when things get hard. I hope they can provide you the same strength,” he said at the beginning of the album.

Then, in 2016, Posner once again saw success in his own solo career — a remix of his song ” I Took A Pill In Ibiza ” became an international hit and was nominated for a Grammy. Now, Posner is back with his third studio album called A Real Good Kid.

Posner began his 2,851 mile journey in April in Asbury Park, New Jersey. He set out to fulfill his bucket list dream following the death of his father in 2017 and the passing of his friend Avicii in 2018. On August 8, Posner postponed his nine-month walk after being bit by a rattlesnake in Colorado. He resumed his walk across America a few weeks later after a speedy recovery.

Michael Robert Posner was born in Detroit, MI on February 12, 1988. He is best known for being a pop singer. He attended Duke University and earned a degree in sociology. He co-wrote the song Boyfriend,” which was performed by Justin Bieber. According to Celebrity Couples , Mike has not been previously engaged. He is friends with Big Sean. He grew up in Detroit, Michigan. His mother, Roberta Henrion, was a pharmacist and his father, Jon Posner, was a defense attorney. He has an older sister. Michael Robert Posner attended Groves High School and Duke University.

My name is Mike Posner and I walked across America,” Posner said on Twitter. Keep Going.” Posner celebrated the end of his journey by jumping into the Pacific Ocean and enjoying a well-deserved massage on the beach.

Just because we’re in the final stretch of summer doesn’t mean celebrities are done enjoying the sunniest time of year. From concerts to red carpets, here’s what the stars have been up to so far this August. First up, here’s Lizzo slaying a performance at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.

MCCAMMON: Mike Posner is about to release his third solo album, and this one was written in the aftermath of his father’s death. When we spoke, I asked if he felt like he had to write in order to process his grief.

He also collaborates with a couple of artists, which creates some pretty beautiful songs. Throughout the album, Posner is continuously self-explorative. For example, he talks about the type of person he used to be and how he has changed.

The singer-songwriter trekked 2,851 miles over the course of six months, starting in Asbury Park, New Jersey, on April 15 and ending in Venice Beach, California, on Friday. Posner has been dropping new songs every time he crosses a state border. His Colorado song was Prince Akeem ” featuring Wiz Khalifa.

Posner followed the video with a thank you message to more than a dozen ICU staffers and noted that he would continue physical therapy in order to properly walk again. Posner went to Instagram to graciously thank nurses, ICU staff and air medics. He stressed the importance of not giving up, and he was all smiles in a video he shared from his hospital bed.

When people hear the name Mike Posner, they’ll usually think of him as the guy from Cooler Than Me” or I Took a Pill in Ibiza.” The latter being the song that scored him a Grammy nod and has amassed over 3 billion streams worldwide. However, his latest release Slow It Down” sounds absolutely nothing like the tracks people are most familiar with- except for the clear musicality and lyrical brilliance shining through. The electropop may have been replaced by contemporary R&B that’s almost reminiscent of a slow jam, and Posner might’ve grown a full beard that matches his overall more rugged look- the common denominator in his music remains the same: high-quality storytelling.

The I Took a Pill in Ibiza” singer shared two other posts from his West Coast arrival: one being a photo with his hands in the air and the checkmark emoji as the caption, and the other being a smiling video of the singer cheering on the beach with a camera crew behind him.

I’m walking across America for myself, but I’m walking across Arizona for Ronnie. From walking over 20 miles a day to barely being able to walk at all, Posner doesn’t use that as an excuse to give up. He continues to work hard even in the face of adversity.

If you would like, you could follow Mike Posner’s final leg of his journey across America by going to or his Twitter or Instagram pages. Singer Mike Posner performs in the halftime show during the Thanksgiving Day game between the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears on Nov. 22, 2018, in Detroit.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to hit widespread fame and fortune early on in life, and today’s guest, Mike Posner, has done just that. He’s written hits such as I Took a Pill in Ibiza, which has billions of plays on various platforms. He’s also written for other artists from Maroon 5 to Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg to Avicii.

His goal was to walk from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The walk took Posner six months to complete, and he traveled roughly 2,800 miles. Posner cited a desire for self-growth and a realization of his own mortality as driving factors that pushed him to complete this walk.

He began in Asbury Park, New Jersey on April 15 and ended Friday in Venice Beach, California. He stopped in Detroit during the walk for an acoustic performance at City Theatre in the District Detroit.

On April 15, 2015, Posner released a stripped-down single, ” I Took a Pill in Ibiza “, on his Vevo account. 32 The song was shared in an exclusive EP titled The Truth that Posner made available to fans through his email sign up list. He later confirmed that the EP would be made available to purchase from online retailers on June 22. In addition, Posner stated that his second studio album would be released after the EP.

Posner tweeted that he had already walked 16 miles on Aug. 7 and was shooting for 8 more when he was bitten by a baby rattlesnake. He was taken to a hospital and given anti-venom. The tweet also included a video of Posner giving a thumbs up while being pushed in a stretcher.

Some songs on the album flow into each other, so Posner’s instructions make sense, as listening to the album out of order would disturb the overall musical experience. But narratively speaking, putting the album on shuffle wouldn’t make a difference — this is mostly due to the fact that there’s really no narrative to be found.

According to a previous statement, the walk is something he wanted to do for years and decided it was finally time to accomplish it. Posner said the journey changed his life, making him more authentic and more himself.

P.S. If you’re out of the loop, and today so many are, after riding the top of the Spotify chart for so long, I Took A Pill In Ibiza” is still number 48 on the Spotify chart, it was played 340,515 times yesterday, 583,372,214 times in its lifespan, never mind 515,179,767 views on YouTube. That’s the Seeb remix, the EDM edition. The acoustic iteration has 17,006,905 streams on Spotify, I Took A Pill In Ibiza” just might be the song of the year, shows how far honesty and serendipity will get you.

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