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This decision solves the problem of how Marvel can set up its Blade movie. As we’ve seen with Guardians of the Galaxy, all it takes is one righteous movie to change our minds on a cast of weirdo characters.

morbius 2019 cast – Morbius Movie’s Existence Is Inexplicable, Spider

MorbiusAn early image of Jared Leto portraying Spider-Man’s vampiric villain has surfaced. Who’s that muscular, ripped, pasty-looking fellow wrenching the dregs of his comic-book movie career from the deathly places of despair? Why it’s Oscar-winner Jared Leto, who played Joker in 2016’s misfiring Suicide Squad turned Marvel’s latest big-screen antihero. The first trailer for Morbius has arrived online, apparently designed to confuse the bejesus out of any viewer not intricately acquainted with the corporate politics that lies behind Hollywood superhero flicks.

Fans likely have a lot of questions after the release of the first Morbius trailer, and there are some things you need to know before seeing the film. Morbius,” which stars Jared Leto, Tyrese Gibson and J.K. Simmons, is set to open in theaters on July 31.

Though Morbius isn’t a vampire in the traditional, supernatural sense , he has many of the same abilities. He possesses superhuman strength and speed, limited flight and the ability to hypnotize others. He also has a Wolverine-like healing factor that allows him to recover from otherwise fatal wounds. Morbius can sometimes infect his victims with “pseudo-vampirism,” though this only happens in rare cases.

Leto has made a habit of playing conflicted comic book villains, following his role as the Joker in Suicide Squad. It’s not yet know whether he will return for the sequel, or get that much-touted standalone film. Sony’s upcoming film is about Morbius who is a character that debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man #101, and Jared Leto will be bringing the Living Vampire to life on the big screen.

However, the big question on the minds of Morbius fans, as well as those who had never heard of the character until the trailer dropped, is if Jared Leto is the right choice to play the bizarre bloodsucker. Well, I believe he is perfect for the role and will fight fang and claw to defend his casting with the following concise and premeditated arguments.

I’ve been a professional nerd for two decades and I barely know who these characters are, and none of what I do know makes me want to see a movie centred around them. Sony can spend $US100 ($148) million or more apiece to put them into theatres, but all the money in the world can’t make these characters interesting if they aren’t already. And a bounty of Easter Eggs may get butts in seats, but if audiences don’t care about these lead characters, they’re going to get tired fast.

No matter how good the movie ends up being, people won’t be buying tickets to Morbius to see its obscure title character. They’ll be paying to see how—and how much—it will connect to the MCU. People are much more interested in finding out whether Michael Keaton is reprising his role as Adrian The Vulture” Toomes from Spider-Man: Homecoming in Morbius than they are in a weird-ass semi-vampire who is inexplicably missing his nose. The fact that Morbius is essentially third-billed after a Keaton cameo and a poster of Spider-Man does not bode well for this movie…or Sony’s other Spidey side story flicks.

The actual shot that sent a tiny corner of Twitter into a tizzy. Michael Keaton taunts Morbius, What’s up, doc?” Last seen during the mid-credits of Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Vulture is on the loose again, and for some reason, he wants to chat with our vampire friend here. Is this how the Sinister Six begin to form? Does he want Morbius on his side against the fugitive Peter Parker? Is it possible that this is not Adrian Toomes but somebody different? Well, no way on that last question. Sony needs the Vulture. They need to show you that their Spidey-less movies matter as much as their Spidy-full movies.

Obviously the theory is a bit of a stretch, especially when you consider how little we know about the timeline of Morbius and where such an event could have taken place. It’s especially difficult to understand because we still don’t know how exactly Adrian Toomes fits into the Morbius movie. But one thing is for certain after seeing the film’s trailer, Adrian Toomes definitely knows who Morbius is – so perhaps they very well did meet one another in prison.Morbius

Morbius, starring Jared Leto as the title character, will lay out the origins of a scientist who tries to cure himself of a rare disease but ends up turning himself into a “living vampire.” The character, who first showed up in a Spider-Man comic in 1971, is one of the many villains Spider-Man has faced over the years.

Most of Morbius’ victims die or are severely injured by his bite. Unlike supernatural vampires, Morbius’ victims do not necessarily become pseudo-vampires themselves. There have only been six instances where Morbius’ bite has turned other individuals into pseudo-vampires: Jefferson Bolt (a young man first seen in Marvel Team-Up #3), Emilio (a young man first shown in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #7), Vic Slaughter (a bounty hunter who first appeared in Morbius the Living Vampire #7), Nate Grey (in X-Man #24), Roxy (a junkie dying of a drug overdose in Legion of Monsters: Morbius #1) and Blade the Vampire-Slayer (in Peter Parker: Spider-Man #8). The causes behind these transformations have never been clearly explained, even though, in Blade’s case, Morbius’ bite combined with his unique physiology to turn him into a part-vampire with all the strengths of a traditional vampire and none of the weaknesses.

The cure, as it were, is vampirism, resulting in superpowers and six-pack abs. “And an overpowering urge to consume blood,” Morbius adds. Morbius, from Life and Safe House director Daniel Espinosa, also stars Adria Arjona, Jared Harris and Matt Smith.

There are presumably limitations here to crossover potential – don’t expect Thor to drop in – but this remains a remarkable development. With presumably little control over Sony’s Marvel movies (and Sony hasn’t produced a truly decent comic book film by itself since 2004’s Spider-Man 2 ), Disney is allowing its rival studio to suggest to fans that these films are all part of the same tapestry of superhero flicks. In Hollywood terms, this is like Quentin Tarantino allowing Uwe Boll to use characters from Pulp Fiction in his latest venture. This appears to be the price of keeping Spider-Man in the MCU.

If one villain represented the antithesis of everything Morbius hated about himself and his monstrous transformation into a living vampire, it would be Basilisk, the demonic monster inhabiting the body of serial killer Wayne Gifford. Tired of his human life, the serial killer performed a ritual that transformed him into the beast known as Basilisk.

The first trailer for the upcoming superhero film Morbius” dropped Monday, and it features a popular Marvel Cinematic Universe character. The “Morbius” cast includes Jared Harris, Adria Arjona, Matt Smith and Tyrese Gibson, though the most intriguing guy is the cameo at the end of the trailer.

After his first two Vampire Tales stories, Morbius concurrently became the star of his own feature in Marvel’s bimonthly Adventure into Fear anthology series, beginning with issue #20 (Feb. 1974) and continuing through issue #31 (Dec. 1975), the last issue of that title. These were written, successively, by Mike Friedrich , Steve Gerber (who had written the first Morbius solo story in Vampire Tales #1), Doug Moench and Bill Mantlo , working with a wide variety of pencilers.

In the trailer, we get plenty of action as we see Leto’s Dr. Michael Morbius transform from a sickly man into a wall-jumping vampire. As per the first trailer released last week it’s believed that Harris will play Dr Michael, Morbius’ mentor in the movie. However, some fans have theorised that he’ll actually appear as classic villain Doctor Octopus.

Edgar Wright’s adaptation of Bryan Lee ‘Malley’s “Scott Pilgrim” comic-book series is a masterpiece of style, using movie, videogame and comic-book tropes to illustrate the way an entire generation views their struggles. Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) can’t just meet a girl he likes and date her; he has to prove that he’s better than everyone else she ever dated by fighting them in epic battles. Along the way, he comes to terms with the fact that he’s kind of a selfish jerk. The impeccable aesthetics and soundtrack and cast of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” go a long way towards making up for the tricky adaptation, which truncates the timeline and, as such, makes the characters’ journeys appear more superficial than need be. But it’s still an incredible achievement in every other way.

With rock ‘n roll’s reputation as the Devil’s Music” and Morbius having been giving a run in Marvel’s occult-based horror magazine Vampire Tales in the early 1970s, Morbius might finally prove to be the role that allows Jared Leto to incorporate his rock star lifestyle into his acting. Or, at least, he could drop a killer tune for the soundtrack.

Jared Leto looks entirely in his element as Michael Morbius, playing both the dying, desperate scientist and the bloodthirsty villain with equal, Leto-y intensity. His action and animation as The Living Vampire looks cool as hell, but cooler than butt-kicking vampire action is the split-second cameo at the end of the trailer that turns his corner of the Spider-Verse on his head.

Fans speculated that Harris, who appeared as a concerned friend trying to help Morbius see the light (without killing him) was actually classic Spider-Man villain, Doc Ock. It’s not the only Spider-Man spin-off on the way, though. Tom Hardy will return as Venom in 2020, and Sony is also working on a standalone movie for the Korean-American female superhero, Silk.

The first trailer for Morbius arrived in January of 2020, with all the dark, brooding mood you might expect — plus a few interesting surprises. Overall, the trailer summarizes Morbius’ motivation for the film: he’s terminally ill and desperate to find a cure, permitting Jared Leto to shine as one of those gaunt, waxy, haunted characters he so clearly loves. Hubris is an underlying theme, too, with several shots of Morbius receiving awards yet feeling unsatisfied with the slow progression of his research. That’s what drives him to undertake the absurd steps he does to cure himself with bats, no matter what his mentor or colleagues say.

Sony’s Morbius the Living Vampire movie is gearing up to reportedly begin filming next month and is currently in the casting process. Also starring are The Crown’s Jared Harris playing Morbius’ mentor, Adria Arjona (True Detective) as the film’s main love interest, and Tyrese Gibson (Fast & Furious) as an FBI agent trying to hunt down the living vampire.

Then there’s the real twist – the trailer equivalent of a post-credits scene, introducing Michael Keaton. While his role is still officially unrevealed, fans will know he played Adrian Toomes, A.K.A The Vulture in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming – last seen in prison, holding onto the knowledge of Spider-Man’s secret identity. Although that nugget of information isn’t quite as potent since the events of Far From Home, the character is another clear link to the core MCU. Of course, it could be a bluff on Sony’s part – even Marvel itself hasn’t shied away from double-casting actors, with Gemma Chan portraying both Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel and Sersi in the upcoming The Eternals – but Keaton’s appearance and his known links to the MCU is deliberately intended to hook viewers into a film they might otherwise pass by.

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