Blanco Brown – ‘Old Town Road’ Gets A Country

If you have a double standard and race is the denominator, racism is going to be explored as a factor. On April 19, Brown filmed himself performing a simple line dance to the track and posted it to his Instagram page.

blanco brown tour – Blanco Brown’s ‘The Git Up’ Should Be Enjoyed, Not Debated

Blanco BrownTim McGraw and ” The Git Up ” singer Blanco Brown come together for a remake of “Don’t Take the Girl” that no one saw coming. A big part of the Old Town Road” legend is that the song appeared exactly once on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. When Lil Nas X uploaded Old Town Road” to SoundCloud, he labeled the song country” — partly because it sort of is a country song, and partly because that genre tag made the song more likely to appear on various SoundCloud charts. (This was one of many, many canny decisions that Lil Nas X has made. The kid knows what he’s doing.) When Old Town Road” was banished from the country chart, it became a sort of internet cause, which helped fuel its rise. In being rejected by the country authorities, Lil Nas X took hold of that perception — of a racist and set-in-its-ways country-music governing body — and used it to leapfrog into the pop mainstream. This won’t happen with The Git Up,” which spent a week at #1 on the Hot Country Songs chart before Gwen Stefani’s boyfriend’s Southern rock power ballad reclaimed the top spot.

Last week, the track became Brown’s first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, landing at No. 66 off the strength of a combined viral boost by way of TikTok and YouTube. In its second week, the song reached No. 51. Not unlike Lil Nas X ‘s out-of-nowhere megahit “Old Town Road,” which would go on to receive a Billy Ray Cyrus’d update and a high-budget video stacked with cameos , “The Git Up” has been positioned as a meme of sorts complete with a dance tutorial clip from Brown himself that’s currently sitting at around two million views.

At this point in time, in 2019, people view him as the Achy Breaky guy, as well as being the dad of Miley and also hopping on Old Town Road. And yes he actually has a good catalog of music that is shadowed by that stuff. He was big in the 90s and did belong with those superstars I mentioned, although their music withstood the test of time while Billy Ray’s did not.

By this point, the story of Old Town Road” feels like music-industry legend, even as the song remains #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. A 19-year-old Atlanta kid buys a beat from a Dutch teenager. (The beat samples an old Nine Inch Nails instrumental, but neither teenager has any idea who that is.) The Atlanta teenager records a bunch of non-sequitur cowboy-based lyrics over it, pushes it hard on social media, and blows up via the social-media app TikTok. The teenager gets signed. Billy Ray Cyrus jumps on the remix. And before anyone has any idea what’s happening, a cultural phenomenon is born. At this point, Old Town Road” seems likely to break the record for the longest-reigning #1 single. This is not a repeatable feat. Blanco Brown would still like to repeat it.

But rap also owes some of its survival and current mainstream popularity to outright cultural appropriation. In 1986, hip-hop pioneers Run-DMC teamed with white rockers Steven Tyler and Joe Perry to record a remake of Aerosmith’s 1975 shuffle, Walk This Way” At the time, Aerosmith was all but washed-up and struggling to remain relevant. The Run-DMC collaboration changed all that, rocketing to No. 4 on the pop charts. Walk This Way” not only rescued Aerosmith, it thrust Run-DMC into the pop music major leagues and helped broaden hip-hop’s popularity among white people.

I completely forgot about the songs you mentioned. I guess his catalog is bigger than I recalled! I suppose that is the problem when your first hit is a huge mindless ditty like Achy Breaky. It overshadows everything else and can hurt you in the long run, as Trigger noted in his article that he linked above. When I think of Alan I think of Chattahoochee and Remember When and Midnight in Montgomery and so many other songs.


Having assimilated both African American blues and Scots-Irish folk, Hank Williams’ original compositions played a major role in forging the white-meets-black sound we know today as country music.Blanco Brown

Edgar Evan Moore IVYou’ve followed the instructions. You’ve done the dance But now, the official video for Blanco Brown’s viral hit “The Git Up” premieres Friday at 6 a.m. on MTV, CMT, BET, and on a billboard in New York’s Times Square. Not bad for a track that Blanco says he created just to make people smile.

Ah, the osmosis theory, which has never panned out. It only stuffs the genre full of interlopers who have never heard of Charley Pride, and think Old Town Road” was added back to the country charts after Billy Ray Cyrus remixed it because country is racist.

McGraw noted in a post on Twitter that he finally crossed paths with Blanco after hearing that “Don’t Take The Girl” was one of the first country songs he was turned on to.

While The Git Up” is Brown’s first release as a solo artist, he is far from a newcomer. Brown has worked as a hip-hop and pop producer for Chris Brown , Fergie and Pitbull , among others. He also produced Goalie Goalie ,” one of the theme songs for the 2018 World Cup.

It’s hard to figure out what to do with Blanco Brown’s The Git Up,” the cowboy boogie song. It’s not country, it’s not rap, and it’s not Old Town Road.” Blanco Brown’s delivery on the song is a rap delivery. The ad-libs are rap ad-libs. The beat, full of 808 thunks and trap hi-hats is, more or less, rap, even if it’s also full of murmuring pedal steel. (Blanco Brown produced the beat and played the pedal steel.) But the lyrics aren’t rap lyrics. They’re dance instructions. They’re nothing but dance instructions. This puts The Git Up” into a legacy that includes both Mr. C The Slide Man’s Cha-Cha Slide” and every square-dance barker ever.

I’ve seen all of your coverage about black artist in roots and country, but let’s be real about that. Half of the artists you tout are more American than country, and the real country ones really don’t put out very high quality music. Tony only does good music when he’s imitating George Jones. I’ve yet to see quality original music from him. Aaron is so under the radar he’s a non contender and his music is pretty bland. Rhiannnon is a true talent but she falls way on the periphery of the country music spectrum, as do the Drops. The only artist that really has my personal fandom at the moment is Yola, and she’s definitely more Americana than country.


It’s that tenet of country music — the emphasis on storytelling — that resonated with Brown, who primarily grew up in the tough Bankhead area of Atlanta but spent his summers staying with relatives in the Georgia countryside. Instead of handing off his songs, he started hanging on to them. Album track Tn Whiskey,” for example, had some interest from Kane Brown’s team but its creator had already grown attached to it.

It has some line-dance vibe to it, and the vocal is auto-tuned nasally. If that’s all it takes to be Country”, well that’s the insult. One of the biggest songs in the country from one of the most unique voices out.

Literally just heard, and heard about, this track online today. This honestly doesn’t offend my sensibilities as much as Old Town Road” and I’d even venture to say it sounds much closer to what most chart gatekeepers would consider country” in comparison to Old Town Road” (which is clearly, simply a trap” song).

There is no one process to how I create! I go by feeling and that’s the most important thing. Sometimes it’s a melody and other times I’m inspired by random noise and then I create accordingly! I’ve worked on Honeysuckle & Lighting Bugs for roughly eight years now. Each song has a message and a purpose. This album bridges my world and the reality of this world together while staying true to country feels and 808’s.

While The Git Up” is popular online, Brown’s label is just now making an official push to get the song played on country radio. Brown said that music fans are a lot more open to new sounds and mixing of genres than ever before.


Why not just engage with my comment instead of making these cute little asides about how I’ve been trained by the media?” I’ve never blamed country music for anything. It seemed like you always took the really reasonable criticism against Billboard both personally, and on behalf of country music as a whole, which wasn’t really necessary. You did write a lot about Lil Nas X, and worked it into articles and reviews that had no conceivable connection (unless someone was really motivated to make one.) But look who cares how much you write about something – what’s more important is getting it right. I agree this article broaches the issues mentioned more objectively and honestly than previous ones, but that also underscores that you got it wrong the first time.

Aside from Broken Bow also being the label Billy Ray Cyrus signed to around the same time the Old Town Road remix was released, you hit pretty much every nail on the head here.

One thing us honkies need to stop doing is appropriating” PC phrases. It’s childish to just throw the same bullshit at the little whiny black artists who use phrases like that. Black people are just as much a part of country culture as white people are. Are we gonna claim that Charley Pride wasn’t singing country when he released You’re My Jamaica”? Lets be adults and stop whining when artists are trying to make a living and get their name out there.

His music caught the attention of BBR Music Group, a Nashville-based record label with artists like Jason Aldean and Zac Brown Band, which put out his self-titled EP in May. His songs combine trap music styles such as 808 drum machines, aggressive synths and tempo with melodic strings, lap steel and guitar and lyrics about Southern culture.

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