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Writer: Alexander Grant – Benjamin McKee – Cameron Thomaz – Daniel Platzman – Daniel Reynolds – Daniel Sermon – Dwayne Carter – Josh Mosser – Robert Hall – Sam Harris – Tyrone Griffin Jr. It has a very human sentiment.

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Imagine DragonsSynthesizing arena rock with EDM, this Las Vegas-based quartet defined mainstream rock in the 2010s. In May, Imagine Dragons boarded a red-eye from Las Vegas to Tampa for the 97X Memorial Day Backyard BBQ at Vinoy Park. Reynolds capped their energetic set by diving into the crowd and surfing to the back of the lawn. Then the band did what they always do: Hang out by the merch tent with excited fans.

The Las Vegas-based band tore through a set full of its dance-inflected, percussion-heavy rock anthems. At every gig, the band always tossed in a few originals. “We never did a full cover show,” said singer Dan Reynolds.

Imagine Dragons is known for a very distinct, drum-heavy style, as befits a band with two able percussionists (drummer Daniel Platzman and frontman Dan Reynolds). According to the New Yorker , this is not just a stylistic choice. No, this signature sound was born out of necessity. During their early days in Las Vegas, the band played a lot of parties, and the parties generally took place in casinos. They immediately discovered that they were competing with the sound of a whole bunch of slot machines, and learned to counter the clanging by developing an explosive, percussion-driven sound that could cut through the gambling.Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons Music Pack is brought to you by Universal Music. Speaking to Forbes , frontman Dan Reynolds says the band doesn’t have any timeline regarding their fifth studio effort.

I haven’t been on the Imagine Dragons bandwagon as long as some have. I picked them up after Night Visions came out and they quickly became an act I needed to see. Their catchy blend of pop and rock elements was always going to be a winner live. And it was.

Sermon: I think it was about the same, in that we sent stuff that back and forth to each other. Really, when we get into the studio – like some bands, they get into the studio and they write a record. For us, that’s just not the way it’s ever been, and it probably never will be that way. We just like to write a lot. So we already come into the studio with a lot if ideas, so it’s really just a matter of picking and choosing, editing, and recording them for real… It’s more that, for us, than it is the other way. At the same time, everything’s a little different: If we were to do it just the same every time, it’s like I was saying earlier: It would drive us crazy. So I don’t think any two songs have been written the exact same way.

After filling in for a Bite of Las Vegas festival spot (the band Train was set to play) in 2009 and consequently performing to over 26,000 people, Imagine Dragons’ strong live performance could be said to be responsible for their fast tracked success. The band played a series of sold out shows around the US and Europe and have won many awards such as The Best Breakout Band of 2013” from Billboard. In April 2013 they released a live album entitled Live at Independent Records” which showcased their live talent.

That assessment comes from Dan Reynolds, founder, lead singer, and songwriter for the group. At a Qualtrics tech conference earlier this year, Reynolds took the stage for a live interview, even though he was supposed to be on vocal rest in preparation for the band’s performance that night.

It’s Oct. 24, and Platzman and his band, Imagine Dragons, are in Ybor City for a concert with Awolnation. It’s the third of four shows in four nights, including a wild gig in Atlanta the night before, after which the band hung out until 2 a.m. signing autographs for fans. No one slept well on the eight-hour drive to Tampa.

Imagine Dragons at their most simplistic, even if things are never really quite that simple. The open-armed rhythms and Reynolds’ singsong cadences give this Evolve track a nursery rhyme air, but the backing track is as detailed as anything they’ve recorded. Bonus points for a unexpectedly blazing old school solo from guitarist Wayne Sermon.

In 2012, Imagine Dragons hit it big with the Continued Silence EP and their debut long-player, Night Visions, the latter of which debuted at the number two spot on the Billboard 200 and landed the group multiple awards – it later went double platinum in the U.S., largely on the smash success of the Grammy-winning hit “Radioactive,” which became the biggest-ever digital rock track in America. During 2013, two other hits followed: “Demons” in the U.S. and “On Top of the World” elsewhere. The group spent the bulk of 2014 finishing its second album. Co-produced by Alex da Kid, Smoke + Mirrors arrived in February 2015 and debuted at number one, buoyed by the singles “I Bet My Life” and “Shots.” The band toured often between June of 2015 and February of 2016, eventually releasing the concert set Smoke + Mirrors Live, recorded in 2015 at a sold-out Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

The Dragons and their Las Vegas manager Mac Reynolds, who is also on the TRF’s board of directors, sought to bring in $2.5 million, which would have been an event record. But fueled by several big-dollar donations — including a series of randomly announced $15,000 pledges from ‘Neal — strong table sales and a lively live auction, the total ballooned past $3 million before the end of the evening.

Led by frontman Dan Reynolds , Imagine Dragons is an American alt-rock band that originated in Las Vegas. While the band began in 2008, the group boasted an entirely different roster than most are familiar. Before releasing their debut album, Night Visions in 2012, the band released eight EPs over four years, constantly shifting their sound and roster from folk to the crowd-shattering anthems they’ve been known for since.

Before today, those kids might have been casual fans of Imagine Dragons. Now, they might be fans for life. At every tour stop, that’s the goal: Connect with just a few more people than they did the last time through. That’s how careers are built. City by city, gig by gig, fan by fan.

Months after jokingly criticizing Imagine Dragons ‘ music, Foster the People singer Mark Foster has apologized. First off, Origins doesn’t sound generic and it can’t cause as an album it has almost as many different genres as individual songs.

The Las Vegas-based indie band, Imagine Dragons, is taking off like a rocket around the world. Building on the success of their platinum-selling (over 1.5 million copies) debut studio album, Night Visions, the band is drawing huge audiences in the United States, the UK and South America. And now for fans who want to be in the know about the group’s latest news, concert dates and videos, KWALL has created a website that’s as hot as the Dragons themselves. gives fans an intimate way to stay connected to the bands’ members: Dan Reynolds, Ben McKee, Wayne Sermon and Dan Platzman. Our designers and technology experts have created a multi-functional, edgy-looking site that lets fans enjoy a first-person experience with the guys, post fan pictures, upload fan art and tag photos.

In the next hour, those words are retweeted dozens of times by fans around the globe. McKee squirms as the rest of the band relishes the awkward, highly public nature of his introduction to his celebrity crush, and wonders how creeped out she must feel. Someone pulls up Lights’ bio, and says it looks like she’s already married.

He had suffered from depression most of his life, usually silently. But this time, Reynolds needed time away – they all did – and so at the height of their success Imagine Dragons took a year off. When they all returned to the studio the result was “Evolve” – their third album.

With Smoke + Mirrors, Imagine Dragons use the frenetic energy of life on the road to infuse their music with both raw tension and intense vulnerability. As on Night Visions—which prompted Imagine Dragons to rack up more than 3.9 million album sales and 24 million track sales worldwide—the band works with sharply crafted beats and grooves to dream up rhythm-driven rock music that’s artful yet visceral. Also revealing the band’s dedication to keeping it homespun, Smoke + Mirrors marks the first release recorded in their new self-built home studio. Working in a rented studio usually ends up with the creative process being somewhat rushed, so this was the best way to make something at our own pace,” explains Reynolds.

forty minutes or so later, the Dragons burst on to the stage to a huge ovation, got straight into it and kept the pace up the whole way through, only really stopping from time to time to thank the fans, be a bit grateful and have a bit of a joke from time to time.

Imagine Dragon’s fourth EP, Continued Silence, was a tipping point. It was their debut major label release and marked the first time they’d worked with British producer Alex Da Kid. Suddenly they sounded like genuine contenders. The EP’s second track, Demons builds from a gentle lilt into an exercise in large-scale catharsis: Don’t get too close, it’s dark inside,” warns Reynolds. It’s where my demons hide.” Torment never sounded so sweet.

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Imagine Dragons are the energizer bunny equivalent to music; the little engine that could, and never ever stops. They’re always looking ahead and forever excited by the next new thing. Such spirited tenacity is itself worthy of praise – a commendable work ethic we might all look to for inspiration and encouragement.

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