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The movie was watched by nearly nine million viewers and launched the Jonas Brothers‘ next single, “Burnin’ Up,” which helped whet demand for the release of A Little Bit Longer later that year.

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Jonas BrothersAfter building overwhelming anticipation, GRAMMY® nominated multiplatinum powerhouse trio, Jonas Brothers, announce the details for their 40-city Happiness Begins Tour this summer and fall with special guests Bebe Rexha and Jordan McGraw. The JoBros’ love of Coors is verrrrry well-documented. In fact, they drank so much of it at Nick and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding that they RAN OUT Fortunately, they learned from their past mistakes and made sure that Joe and Sophie Turner’s wedding was stocked up with the stuff, complete with a custom label. They also featured the beer in their video for the song Only Human. Safe to say they seriously love this stuff.

Nick, Joe and Kevin celebrated the occasion with their fans – midway through the concert the guys took a shot and toasted to the fun they were having on-stage.

The extended wedding celebration of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra has apparently seamlessly carried over to the holidays, where the newlyweds will be spending their first Christmas together as husband and wife.

The Jonas Brothers released their first album, “It’s About Time,” in 2006 after working with a variety of writers and music producers that included Billy Mann (Destiny’s Child) and Desmond Child (Aerosmith). ” Year 3000 ” was a cover of the song written by the British band Busted, and “Mandy,” which would later be featured on the Nickelodeon show “Zoey 101,” was their first original single.

For fans living in Las Vegas, this may be your best shot at seeing Bruce Springsteen, short of a tribute act. The singer hasn’t made a tour stop here since a 2002 date at the Thomas & Mack Center, but his new concert film is headed to movie theaters for two nights. Western Stars,” the movie that features Springsteen performing all 13 songs from his album of the same name while backed by a 30-piece orchestra, also includes archival footage and previously unreleased music. See it Saturday and Wednesday at the Colonnade and Village Square.

After building overwhelming anticipation, GRAMMY® nominated multiplatinum powerhouse trio-Jonas Brothers—announce the details for their 40-city Happiness Begins Tour this summer and fall with special guests Bebe Rexha and Jordan McGraw. The announcement coincides with the launch of the pre-order for the band’s highly anticipated comeback album, Happiness Begins, as well as the launch of their official merch store online today.

While this isn’t Noah’s first time in the studio – she sang the theme song for Disney’s Ponyo with Frankie Jonas in 2009 – it’s her first official release after signing a big record deal last September.

When the Jonas Brothers weren’t jumping around on the main stage, they were serenading fans almost face-to-face on the B-stage, which at one point, rose high above for the soaring harmonies of Hesitate.” The audience felt like a big family reunion in itself, consisting of Jonatics” from across the band’s different eras (as evidenced by many who wore tour shirts from earlier aughts). In between love ballads When You Look Me In The Eyes,” and I Believe,” Nick took a minute to send fans gratitude.

At the end of the concert, the Jonas Brothers chose to end with Sucker, the single that announced their comeback, instead of Burnin’ Up, the penultimate song of the night and an iconic signifier of their younger days. The message was clear: Despite their fanbase’s foundation in nostalgia and their tumultuous history, the Jonas Brothers want to be looking toward the future, not their past.

Making history once more, the band released their platinum selling album, Happiness Begins, which debuted at #1 upon its release, marking the biggest opening by a group in three years. The album became the third #1 album of the Jonas Brother’s career and represented a landmark moment for the group and pop at large as they retain the place at the top of the charts they claimed a decade ago.

The brothers then hosted the Teen Choice Awards and began filming “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam,” which premiered in September 2010. Continuing their collaboration with Disney, the brothers acted alongside their younger brother, Frankie Jonas, in the Disney show “Jonas,” a comedy that imitated their real lives as rock stars.

The Sucker” singers revealed that before they were able to reunite for their comeback album and tour, they had to relearn how to be brothers after fame led to their falling out.

The singer and Game of Thrones actress, who attended the awards ceremony with Jonas, was seen in a live Instagram story shared on DJ Diplo’s account. In the video, Turner is walking down the aisle in a bridal ensemble and veil. Brothers Nick and Kevin are seated in the front row in the video. An Elvis Presley impersonator can also be seen officiating the ceremony as the couple exchanged vows.

Still, six years ago you might’ve thought that the Jonas Brothers wouldn’t ever trade brotherly jibes with each other in front of a music journalist again. But here they are, promoting their first album in ten years, Happiness Begins. In the US, its lead single, Sucker” became not only their first Billboard Hot 100 number 1 , but the first from a boyband in the US since B2K’s “Bump, Bump, Bump” in 2003 (“Sucker” peaked at 4 on the UK charts ). They’ve also announced a world tour, done the requisite carpool karaoke – they’re back back.

PARTY WITH ME PUNKERS. Before they signed with Walt Disney and conquered the world, the Jonas siblings looked more fixated in attracting the attention of the Warped Tour’s Kevin Lyman than every second lovestruck braces-sporting preteen in the American Midwest. In the early 2000s Nick, Kevin, and Joe were obsessed with emulating emo-punks Fall Out Boy and MxPx, to the point where they spent weekends loading into a van and playing house shows and beer-soaked clubs. Look hard enough on the Internet and you’ll be able to find grainy clips of the band in its fast-and-loud phase—a time whey the brothers sported faux-hawks and Hot Topic studded belts. Here’s footage of them blowing the speakers at New Jersey’s famous Stone Pony, as well as putting the pop-punk boots to the a song familiar to anyone who has ever been on the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland.

Fans watch as the Jonas Brothers perform at Talking Stick Arena on Oct. 5, 2019 in Phoenix. The Jonas Brothers consist of Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas.

Now 31 years old, Jonas is able to have the best of both worlds — working with his brothers and spending time with his wife and daughters. A fan takes photos while the Jonas Brothers perform at Talking Stick Arena on Oct. 5, 2019 in Phoenix.

Jonas Brothers is performing all across the US, from the East Coast to the West Coast. The band also performs in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South America, the Caribbean, Russia, Asia and Europe. Be prepared to buy Jonas Brothers tickets when they come to a city near you, especially if you live outside of the US.


Not long after the Vegas nuptials, a Ring Pop wrapper allegedly discarded by Joe Jonas sold on eBay for $2,900, which speaks to the Jonas mania that lingers. On Friday, there will be JoBros fans camping on the street to score SNL tickets, like they did back in 2009, when they needed to convince mom or dad to camp out with them too. In the coming weeks, the Jonases will announce extra dates for a North American concert tour, as well as shows in Europe. A documentary chronicling the band’s comeback, Chasing Happiness , arrived on Amazon Prime Video on June 4, and an album, Happiness Begins, drops June 7.


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The Jonas Brothers released their comeback single Sucker last week and the video features each of the brothers’ real-life partners , Nick’s wife Priyanka Chopra, Joe’s fiancé Sophie Turner and Kevin’s wife Danielle.

For the record, they’re not calling it a “triumphant return.” But to Kevin, Joe and Nick, it sure does feel that way. “It’s really amazing coming back to it all with a whole new dynamic and perspective as well,” said Kevin.

The Jonas Brothers started the group in 2005 and split over creative differences in 2013. They announced in February 2019 that they’d reunited. Nearly half of the 21 songs they played in Phoenix are on the Happiness Begins album released in June, a full decade after their last studio album.

The brothers performed their songs Sucker,” I Believe,” and Only Human.” The performance was recorded on August 15, which also happened to be Joe‘s birthday.

In that six-year time period, a lot changes for all of the brothers: Kevin Jonas , 31, became a father. Joe Jonas , 29, got engaged. Nick Jonas , 26, had one of the most high-profile weddings in recent celebrity history. And that was just in their personal lives; professionally, each of the Jonas Brothers embarked on their own path based on their individual interests.


So it’s all thanks to a group of college-aged guys who probably at the time the song first came out were young enough to love it without any inhibitions or insecurities about loving the song, whether it was a guilty pleasure or not, and now they were adults, living their best life, probably drinking a bit, and enjoying the song in a whole new way” that Nick first began the conversations with Kevin and Joe about getting the band back together.

The Jonas Brothers grew up in suburban Wycoff, New Jersey, the sons of a church pastor. They started singing together as a group in 2005, but when they were signed by Disney a couple years later, you might say the brothers exploded.

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