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The sheer eagerness and audacity almost made me do it, but there are always signal issues at these things and it took at least 10 minutes to upload each 30-second clip, so there was no way I could live stream the whole show.

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Juice WRLDAt only 20 years old, Juice WRLD has built his career off of his massive following on Soundcloud. Don’t expect to find him delivering parcels any time soon. Since Higgins started recording songs on his phone in 2015 while still at high school, the 20-year-old has evolved from SoundCloud rap also-ran to chart-busting mainstream name. Exploring anxiety and unrequited romance over booming trap beats and minor-chord guitars, he has won a fanbase raised in an internet era in which genre tribalism has been dissolved. Tracks such as his Sting-sampling 2018 breakout hit Lucid Dreams have earned him billions of streams and the approval of Alicia Keys, who covered it at this year’s Grammys. Not that Higgins saw that. I was taking a piss and missed it,” he laments today.

In early July, Lucid Dreams” peaked at No. 3 on the Hot 100. For a second, it looked as though it might reach No. 1, but it couldn’t knock Cardi B and Drake off the throne. The track also became his first platinum record—not too shabby for a song that sat on SoundCloud for five months before even hitting 100,000 plays.

JUICE: 120 percent yes. SoundCloud is a beautiful place because you can just share and you’ll never know who will stumble upon your songs. It’s a bigger opportunity than YouTube, because it’s strictly music.


It’s the kind of relatable revelation that’s found across much of Juice WRLD’s music and which makes his mucic so meaningful. That, more than anything else, is why Juice WRLD is one of rap’s fastest-rising stars.

Bennett and Juice’s second collab was bigger than the first, racking up nearly 150 million streams on YouTube and setting up Lucid Dreams” to be a Billboard smash. It’s Cole Bennett’s third most-watched music video ever—behind only videos from America’s favorite love-to-hate rappers: Lil Xan and Lil Pump.

Juice WRLD is a grown-up. The 19-year-old who was drowning young heartbreak in the palliative haze of drugs on Goodbye & Good Riddance,” his debut album? That was so last summer.

Juice WRLD gives the audience the hits they want to hear, but he has a creative approach to every concert. Before he takes the stage, Juice WRLD will usually include other performers in his concert. The experience of the music includes stage effects, and he includes the audience in his performance. The concerts often combine music from multiple artists. Although Juice WRLD will give the crowd most of the entertainment, he includes collaborations from his selection. The visual display of the show will often include smoke and lights. Often, Juice WRLD will use songs in concert before releasing them. The concerts give fans a chance to listen to his songs before anyone else.

Up-and-coming rapper Juice WRLD burst onto the music scene in 2017 with the hit song “Lucid Dreams.” His following, much of which was introduced to his work through the streaming site SoundCloud, was treated to another breakout song in “All Girls are The Same” later that year as part of a three-song EP titled “Nothings Different.” Pitchfork praised that song as a “Best New Track.” “All Girls are the Same” and “Lucid Dreams” were the Chicago rappers’ first time on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, debuting at 92 and 74, respectively.

Juice seemed to shift away from this schtick on last fall’s collab record with Future on WRLD ON DRUGS,” a forgettable and somewhat inexplicable — save for the pair’s shared thirst for the numbing balm of addiction — link-up. But on his second album, Death Race for Love,” Juice returns in some ways to his brand of sad rap, with all its strengths and weaknesses, while graduating effectively toward some sonic versatility and playfulness.

Juice WRLD concerts feature a blend of his popular hits and new material. He wants to give his fans the music they enjoy, but he tries to expand the list of songs to include his upcoming albums. Collaborations are common occurrences, and remixes of fan favorites often appear as well. Juice WRLD concerts will have a different setlist for each city.

The mosh pits were good and the video displays on the screen were very cool and it was loud so you could here the music great. The bass was amazing. The artists microphone sounded good to the actual song.

In less than a year, Juice WRLD travelled from unknown Illinois teenager to emo-rap icon who, two nights before we meet, supported Nicki Minaj at London’s 20,000-capacity O2 Arena.

Born Jarad Higgins in 1998, Juice WRLD grew up playing piano, drums, and guitar, then began freestyling in high school. With his distinct lyrical sensibilities shaped by a love for punk-pop bands like Panic! at the Disco, he soon established himself by shunning major streaming services and building a massive following on Soundcloud. Within weeks of premiering the video for his acclaimed single All Girls Are The Same”— featured as a Best New Track” on Pitchfork in March 2018—Juice WRLD scored a deal with Interscope Records. By the end of the year, he’d racked up more than a billion streams on Spotify alone, with his songs earning 69 million hours of play for over 52 million fans in 65 countries.

His biggest hit, Lucid Dreams,” is soothing and intuitive, with a heartbroken melody and a sample of Sting’s Shape of My Heart” — it’s the Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” of 2018. Like that P.M. Dawn song — one of hip-hop’s most controversial crossover hits, back when crossover hip-hop hits were still controversial — Lucid Dreams” is lush loner music, an inheritor of the emotional hip-hop of the last decade, delivered with the raw texture of the SoundCloud rap generation and a deeply keen sense of pop efficiency.

The 20-year-old Chicago rapper rose to fame ridiculously fast after the release of his singles Lucid Dreams” and All Girls Are The Same.” His debut album, Goodbye & Good Riddance, peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard 200, further spreading the rapper’s voice and expanding his fan base.

Despite the turning tide in hip-hop, WRLD on Drugs” glorifies drug use to an extreme extent. Each track on the mixtape contains several references to drug use or drug dealing, ranging from prescription drugs like Oxycodone and Xanax, to illegal drugs like ecstasy and codeine. Future and Juice WRLD have each rapped extensively about their respective drug use in the past, so seeing it referenced in every aspect of the mixtape is hardly a surprise.

Born in Chicago , Illinois , Juice Wrld gained mainstream recognition after the release of the single “Lucid Dreams” in 2018, which peaked at number two on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 ; 4 this helped him gain a recording contract with Lil Bibby ‘s Grade A Productions and Interscope Records 5 “Lucid Dreams” acted as the second single for his debut studio album Goodbye & Good Riddance (2018), which peaked at number six on the U.S. Billboard 200 , and was eventually certified platinum The album enjoyed positive critical reception, and contained four other singles: “All Girls Are the Same”, ” Armed and Dangerous “, ” Lean wit Me “, ” Wasted “, all of which charted on the Hot 100.

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It doesn’t feel like any of the songs on the album were filler or that he didn’t put thought, feelings and work into any of them, but just that he wanted to showcase all of his growth in 22 songs.

Juice’s mother didn’t let him listen to hip-hop, but his older cousins introduced him to Cam’ron , Jeezy , classic Lil Wayne. They put me on to Cassidy , one of the best battle rappers to do it; Meek Mill , when he had the braids,” he says. They gave me substance.” He formed a group called Team Imperial with his neighbors. Juice, by far the youngest member, impressed the older kids with his freestyles. He hasn’t lost that talent: I watch him casually improvise for 15 minutes over a beat one of his houseguests has just made in the living room. It’s the best genuine freestyle I’ve heard in ages, though Juice laughs it off like it’s child’s play.


Of all the artists working in the emo-rap lane, Juice WRLD feels the most authentic. He has expressed affection for anything from alternative to post-hardcore: Black Sabbath, Fall Out Boy, Senses Fail, Megadeth, Panic at the Disco, Three Days Grace” and more.

On Death Race,” his strongest, most polished melodies are on display, and the record does feel manufactured to chart as high as possible — and, with a bloated 22 songs, no less. Indeed, Juice even throws in a tired dancehall-tinged pop track with Hear Me Calling,” along with a serviceable Travis Scott imitation on Big” — which squanders a delicious sample and beat switch in the middle — to cover all his bases.

Bibby and G-Money had been thinking of starting a label, and Lucid Dreams” was the push they needed to launch Grade A Productions. When they first signed him, Juice had around 2,000 Instagram followers. (Today, it’s 5.5 million.) But the brothers nurtured his career, scoring in-demand director Cole Bennett to helm a music video for All Girls Are the Same.” And in the first step toward what would become a major-label bidding war, Bibby brought Juice to Def Jam executive vp Steven Victor.

Major hits like Lucid Dreams” and All Girls Are The Same” rapidly gained hundreds of millions of plays on SoundCloud, putting Juice WRLD’s name on the map for good.

Nine months ago at the Riverside Theater, you could tell that Juice WRLD — playing one of his first big shows after breakout single “Lucid Dreams” went viral — was going to be a big star.

Juice Wrld will perform at the Chevy Court stage on Friday, Aug. 30 at 2 p.m. The concert is free with admission to the NYS Fair. To fully see and appreciate the grind that led to this impressive rap stardom, here’s a timeline of Juice WRLD’s journey toward success.

See below for a list of Juice WRLD tour dates and locations. For all available tickets and to find shows in your city, scroll to the listings at the top of this page.

Juice WRLD’s debut album Goodbye & Good Riddance peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart, at one point sitting behind just Drake, Post Malone and Kenny Chesney.


Still, the prevalence of Xanax in such a subgenre still feels alarming. And it should. It is a part of what makes Juice WRLD and the whole of SoundCloud rap such a popular phenomenon. There are many ways in which this generation approaches the conversation of prescription drug abuse, whether it be celebratory, dejected acceptance, or complete disavowal, such as in Lil Xan’s aforementioned Betrayed.” No matter the approach, there is one constant underlying theme of escape.

Despite its flaws, the mixtape does deliver some solid tracks. Realer N Realer” features the artists playing off each other in ways that no other track on the album does and even sees Juice WRLD pay tribute to his recently-deceased friend XXXTentacion. Oxy” is incredibly high-energy and features a stellar Lil Wayne verse, although Future does choose to revive his screeching falsetto delivery from King’s Dead,” which can make the song painful at times.

Yet Juice’s penchant for ear-worm melodies was burdened throughout by often laughably lovelorn lyrics that resembled the angsty, diaristic scrawl of a teen whose heartache over a months-long relationship’s demise is perceived as the end of the universe. Standouts on the album were lost among this repetitive aura. But the simplicity of his hooks, while petulant, was also part of what made them undeniably catchy.

He went from unknown Illinois teen to Billboard-topping emo-rap icon in under a year, and his introspective, genre-mashing music draws on both Nirvana and Migos, offering up admirably honest rhymes about mental health, drugs and heartbreak. 20-year-old Juice WRLD, a self-proclaimed old soul”, tells Jordan Bassett about his love of mid-noughties emo, his relationship with XXXTentacion, getting sued by Sting and disastrous shows with Nicki Minaj. PHOTOS: Andy Ford.

Bandit” swoops in as YoungBoy’s highest-charting Hot 100 song and Juice WRLD’s second-highest hit following Lucid Dreams” from 2018, which clocked in at No. 2.

Despite the theatrics, the show took on a somber tone during the middle of Juice WRLD’s set, as he and his tour mate Ski Mask the Slump God paid tribute to the late XXXTentacion.

Juice wrote the song in 20 minutes, and now hates it. With a passion,” he says. P-A-S-S-ion. It’s getting tired to me. I still play it, but I’m glad I dropped the album.” Sting told Billboard he considers the remake beautiful” while the original song’s co-writer Dominic Miller called it the most intelligent version of that riff that I’ve ever heard” and concluded, it’s done in a very beautiful way”. Still, Sting joked that the royalties from the sample will put his grandkids through college” and ultimately sued for a reported 85% share of its earnings.

Don’t expect to find him delivering parcels any time soon. Since Higgins started recording songs on his phone in 2015 while still at high school, the 20-year-old has evolved from SoundCloud rap also-ran to chart-busting mainstream name. Exploring anxiety and unrequited romance over booming trap beats and minor-chord guitars, he has won a fanbase raised in an internet era in which genre tribalism has been dissolved. Tracks such as his Sting-sampling 2018 breakout hit Lucid Dreams have earned him billions of streams and the approval of Alicia Keys, who covered it at this year’s Grammys. Not that Higgins saw that. I was taking a piss and missed it,” he laments today.

In the past couple years, Lil Peep and the controversial XXXTentatcion were on the front lines of a surging new wave of emo rap. Peep died from a drug overdose in 2017, XXX was shot and killed in 2018, and Juice WRLD is carrying the torch.

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