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Following the singer’s scary fall during her Las Vegas residency show, “Enigma,” Thursday night, Gaga took to her Instagram to reassure her fans that though she had to get a lot of X-rays and is in pain, she’s going to be A-OK.

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Lady GagaGaga, 33, sparked speculation of a breakup while attending her longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno’s bachelorette bash on Friday. In the video, you can see the unidentified male fan pick the singer up after she invited him on stage at the Park Theater. A few moments later, it appears that he stumbles and both of them fall off of the stage.

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Lady Gaga was involved in a scary accident during her most recent Engima show in Las Vegas. She split from her fiancé Christian Carino less than six months ago and singer Lady Gaga appears to have found herself a new love interest.

Lady Gaga’s longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno has revealed some of the singer’s most-loved behind-the-scenes beauty secrets while opening up about how they incorporated these tips and tricks into their newly-launched cosmetics brand.

Her father is of Italian descent, and is the son of Giuseppe Anthony Germanotta and Angelina (Calderone). Gaga’s maternal grandfather, Paul Douglas Bissett, had French-Canadian, English, German, and Scottish ancestry, and her maternal grandmother, Veronica Rose (Ferrie), was of Italian descent. Her mother’s family is from West Virginia.

A thoroughly modern diva whose theatrical performances, outrageous attire, and anthemic dance-pop songwriting earned both wide acclaim and chart hits.

Lady Gaga decided to give her Instagram followers a quick peek into her nighttime routine yesterday after her performance at the Park MGM’s Park Theater (where she was literally dropped by an excited fan, but all is forgiven ) — and it’s exactly as extra as you’d hope. If you were expecting multiple baths and a mummy-like bodysuit that costs upwards of two-thousand dollars, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that’s exactly what her post-show self-care process entails.

Lady Gaga fell off the stage at her concert in Las Vegas Thursday night, as she was bouncing around — and dry-humping — in a fan’s arms. The fan named Jack took a wrong step and the two of them tumbled off the stage spectacularly.

After the fall Gaga played ‘Million Reasons’ with Jack by her side, telling the crowd: I think that’s amazing… we fucking love each other so much we fell off the damn stage.

Following the singer’s scary fall during her Las Vegas residency show, “Enigma,” Thursday night, Gaga took to her Instagram to reassure her fans that though she had to get a lot of X-rays and is in pain, she’s going to be A-OK.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was born on March 28, 1986, in Yonkers, New York, to Cynthia and Joseph Germanotta. Now known as Lady Gaga (the inspiration for her name came from the Queen song “Radio Ga-Ga”), she has become an international pop star.

Gaga was performing her sold-out Las Vegas residency show Enigma on Thursday night when she plummeted off of Park MGM’s Park Theater stage while hugging a male fan she had invited onstage with her — something she builds toward every show before a stripped-down performance of her hit, A Million Reasons”.

It had to be this one, surely? Yes we know, in some countries it’s just considered an EP or an extension of The Fame, but even Gaga said it was its own body of work. It ranks as our favourite because it is quintessential Gaga. Bad Romance, Telephone and Alejandro are her best consecutive releases to date, all of which were accompanied by groundbreaking videos that stunned pop culture. It’s one of the rare albums where every single song could’ve received the single treatment, especially tracks such as Dance in the Dark, Monster and So Happy I Could Die. It’s pop perfection, and it’s where Gaga really showed the world that she was a force to be reckoned with.

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Entertainment Tonight has reached out to Gaga’s representatives and Park MGM for comment. There is no official word on whether or not she sustained any significant injuries during her fall.

In 2008 Gaga released her first album ‘The Fame’ to lukewarm radio play; Gaga toured around Europe and in gay clubs in the US to promote the album – however it was not until her first hit ‘Just Dance’ came to mainstream attention in 2009 that Gaga exploded onto the music scene.

Gaga fell off the stage during her Enigma show on Thursday, October 17. In a Twitter video, she could be seen inviting a fan up and hugging him. The two took a tumble after he lifted her in his arms and took a wrong step.


Lady Gaga (born March 28, 1986) is a pop singer known best for smash singles such as “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance.” Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Find more Lady Gaga news, info and pictures below.

Gaga most recently starred alongside Bradley Cooper in the Warner Brothers remake of the classic film, A Star is Born,” released October 2018. Her performance led her to an Oscar Nomination for Best Actress, a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, a Critics’ Choice Award and National Board of Review Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture.

Lady Gaga took a frightening fall with a fan onstage during a performance of her Enigma residency at the Park MGM on Thursday night (October 17) in Las Vegas, and now, the fan is speaking out.

She has amassed an outstanding 30 million global album sales and 150 million single sales, making her one of the best-selling musicians of all time. Gaga is also one of the biggest living forces in social media with over 60 million likes on Facebook, over 71 million followers on Twitter and over 25 million followers on Instagram. Her fifth studio album Joanne” was released in October 2016 and debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200, marking her 4th consecutive #1 album – the first female to do so in the 2010s.

Gaga got up and so did the fan. She was well enough to keep performing, and she shared two photos of herself post-show recovering from the experience. “Post show routine: ice bath for 5-10 min, hot bath for 20, then compression suit packed with ice packs for 20. #rocknroll #enigma #gaga #gagavegas #vegas,” she wrote. The Instagram was her way of assuring everyone that yes, she will be just fine.

Radio DJ Edith Bowman sent the internet into meltdown when she hinted that Lady Gaga was set to perform a ‘secret set’ at Glastonbury with Bradley Cooper.

During last night’s ‘Enigma’ show, Gaga invited a fan, Jack, to join her on stage. As he made his way on to the stage, Gaga jumped into his arms — but Jack lost his footing, causing both him and Gaga to fall off stage and into the crowd.

Gaga got back on stage and continued with the show. She even invited the fan back on stage and joked about them loving each other so much that they fell off the stage.

Media and the public is interested in every facet of Lady Gaga ‘s life, from her music and her music videos to her boyfriends and her family. There has been much speculation that Gaga was dating her A Star is Born co-star, Bradley Cooper Rumors are now swirling that Gaga dated and broke up with sound engineer Daniel Horton. Here are the details behind the alleged relationship.

Then of course you have the fact that Gaga performed what is probably her biggest hit, Born This Way.” That song is a full-throated roar against bigotry and religious persecution. It in and of itself is a political protest song. Maybe conservatives in the heartland weren’t listening very closely. Because when Lady Gaga sang the following lyrics, it’d be really hard not to find the political messaging in them.

While attending her longtime makeup artist friend, Sarah Tanno’s bachelorette bash on Friday night, Gaga shared the news with a selfie alongside the caption: An (sic) about to be married woman me, a single lady heart emoji also thanks Haus Labs for the makeup nail polish emoji.

On Thursday night (October 17) during her first performance back since taking a break for the summer, the 33-year-old and a fan were dancing on stage when they both fell off.

Later in 2008, Lady Gaga opened for the newly reformed New Kids on the Block. She also collaborated with them on the song “Big Girl Now” from the group’s album The Block. The following year, Gaga released an album of eight songs, The Fame Monster, followed by 2011’s Born This Way. In 2013, Lady Gaga released her third studio album, Artpop. The album didn’t resonate as strongly with her audience as her previous works. Among the shake-ups in her inner circle, she and her manager parted ways.

Gaga’s post caused many fans to speculate that she is no longer romantically involved with Horton. It is also possible that Gaga would prefer to keep her relationship from the public eye and has no intention to discuss it online just yet.

In 2005, Lady Gaga was briefly signed by Def Jam Records, but was dropped just months later. Being dropped by the label propelled the singer to perform on her own in clubs and venues on New York City’s Lower East Side. There, she collaborated with several rock bands, and began her experimentation with fashion.

So for everyone with their negative comments that have something to say, keep in mind don’t coment on something you have 0 clue about, I’ve personally spoke to Lady Gaga and we’ve had a conversation about it and how it was neither of our faults, people just need to stop now cause this is getting too much and it’s starting to affect me. I WASN’T DRUNK OR ANYTHING ELSE PEOPLE ARE ACCUSING ME OF. I WASN’T ANYTHING BUT IN AWE OF HER,” he went on to say.

When she performed for Stevie Wonder at the Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of Life an All Star Grammy Salute (2015), she confessed that his 1976 album “Songs in the Key of Life” was the very first CD she played at age six on the family CD player.

FYI Lady Gaga and Dan had been dating since July, and even though the two kept their relationship pretty private, they were seen kissing at brunch a few months ago and she once posted about a very romantic dinner date they had. Dan is an audio engineer, and he started working with Gaga before her Las Vegas residency.


Lady Gaga’s ex-fiance Christian Carino is now dating A-list celebrity publicist Robin Baum, six months after his split with the A Star Is Born singer-actor.

Some may dismiss pop as inauthentic. But for Lady Gaga—one of popular culture’s greatest, most extravagant creations—the inauthenticity is the point. No artist has more defiantly embodied that provocation this century than the one born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (in New York in 1986). Never wedded to the same image—one minute wearing a dress made of raw meat at the MTV VMAs, the next a coat of Kermit the Frog puppets on German TV—Gaga personifies pop’s surface obsessions while simultaneously upending them.

In 2016, it was announced that Gaga had been cast in a remake of A Star Is Born as Ally, a role previously inhabited by Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand She was slated to co-star with Bradley Cooper , who was also making his directorial debut with the project.Lady Gaga

Grammy-winning pop music superstar Lady Gaga brings her fabulous Monster Ball tour to Madison Square Garden, where she sings, dances and glams up the boisterous audience with “You and I” and other songs from her smash-hit “Born This Way” album.


In 2011 Lady Gaga founded the Born This Way Foundation, an organization committed to supporting the wellness of young people. It seems Lady Gaga is still recovering from her frightening stage fall during her Enigma show last week in Las Vegas.

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