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Like similar experiments by Young Thug and Lil Tracy, the hybrid was an unexpected success for the rapper: his debut single “Old Town Road” was a viral hit on social media and streaming, sending him toward the upper reaches of the Hot 100.

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Lil Nas XVideo still from the music video for Old Town Road on YouTube. Ross Scarano: Let’s say 6. The song is cleverer than it needs to be, the porch line in particular, and doesn’t out-stay its welcome. But of the Lil Nas X songs I’ve heard, it’s not the one I’m most interested in.

Six months after he posted the song on the internet, three months after Billboard said it wasn’t a country song and two months after it went to No. 1 on the Hot 100 — where it’s stayed put ever since, fending off would-be chart-toppers from superstars like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran — Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road” has finally been embraced by the Nashville establishment.

Montero is the rising rapper and Internet star who rose to fame after his song ‘Old Town Road’ went viral on social media after it was released on December 2018. The music video includes a theme from the game ‘Red Dead Redemption’. His song also appeared at Number 83 on Billboard Hot 100 on March 11, 2019, and eventually, it went to #19.

Exactly. And then finally, if we look at the lyrics, this is just through-and-through full of country music lyrical tropes. You got to be on a road. You gotta have a cowboy hat, right. You got to be wearing Wrangler jeans in this case, right.

At first, I thought, I’m just going to rap,” but then later on down the line, literally probably two, three songs before Old Town Road,” it’s like, I’m going to do what I want to do. I’m going to make the music I want to make, and if people like it, then they like it. If they don’t, then they don’t.” Before it was even taken off the country charts, I was just happy to be on Billboard at all. Even after they did take it off, I was like, Okay, at least I’m still on Billboard.” Then, I started to think about, I was like, Why?” After listening to other songs that’s actually on that chart, it’s like, Wait a minute, something’s not right, basically.” Then it felt amazing to get support from country stars because it’s like this is their lane. It’s like you’re getting respect from people who’ve been doing this for some time. This is my first time dabbling into anything country influenced.

But the industry’s gatekeepers are less interested in this mutability. For decades, Nashville has essentially framed and marketed the rural experience as white — despite and in defiance of the deep black roots of country music. So when an artist like Lil Nas X — who is black, and raps, and is from Atlanta, with no ties to the country music business — lays claim to rural aesthetics, even in a way that’s partly tongue in cheek, it causes real disruption. In late March, Old Town Road” appeared on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart before it was removed for being deemed insufficiently country , causing a furor. But resistance led to embrace: a remix of the song featuring Billy Ray Cyrus , which in turn has been played by some country radio stations, which helped the song land on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart.

He has the longest-running Hot 100 hit of all time and could soon win Grammy gold, but Lil Nas X is determined to stay weird – and refuses to be categorized.

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Around the turn of the century, a pair of young white rappers, Bubba Sparxxx and Colt Ford, were beginning to work with Shannon Houchins, a producer in the Atlanta rap innovator Jermaine Dupri’s camp. Houchins would go on to produce most of Dark Days, Bright Nights,” Sparxxx’s independent debut album, which got him signed to the major label Interscope and partnered with the producer Timbaland, who steered country-rap to its first big breakthrough moment: Sparxxx’s single Ugly,” a hip-hop and pop hit with a video that included a pig sty and a tractor race, and went to No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. Sparxxx’s follow-up album, Deliverance,” was a stunning and elegant cross-genre statement radically unlike anything that had preceded it. It made less of a broad impact, but in the wake of Sparxxx’s innovations came a wave of artists who effectively identified as country rappers focused on rural storytelling and signifiers — growing up far from cities, partying at mud bogs and so on.

It’d never have made it out there without the meme culture that embraced it,” says Hill, who created waves of videos and images that put a funny spin on the song and posted them to social media from his family home, promoting the track himself without record label intervention. As others shared the memes and began posting their own, the song – an absurdly addictive mix of twanging banjos, cowboy tropes and booming hip-hop production – took on a life of its own. When the Billboard chart excluded it from their country charts, a move attacked as racially motivated, a row ignited in American pop culture over the types of music black artists are allowed to create. That only really shone more of a spotlight on it,” says Hill, who then re-released the track with a guest verse from country icon Billy Ray Cyrus.

With some irony, the song was listed on the country charts where it peaked at No 19 in March. Then Billboard said it was not country enough and took it off, attracting enough controversy to propel it up the pop charts.


Lil Nas X’s Smash Makes Country Wonder if Rap Is Friend or Foe. Again. Lil Nas X recently returned home to Atlanta and stopped by his former high school to give students the surprise of a lifetime.


On the final day of Pride Month—and fresh from wrapping up a set at the Glastonbury music festival in the U.K. this weekend—rapper Lil Nas X officially came out as gay.

These songs, simply put, are great: vivid, funny, full of feeling and supremely catchy, even if they don’t quite offer a clear picture of who Lil Nas X is offstage or off-screen. Like Old Town Road,” they’re short — around two minutes apiece. (He whistles in more than one of them.) But within those tight structures he’s flexing new muscles. In Panini” he sings in a weathered rock-dude whine over a throbbing trap beat; the credits acknowledge the song’s interpolation of Kurt Cobain’s vocal melody from Nirvana’s In Bloom.” F9mily (You & Me),” produced by Travis Barker of Blink-182, has fuzzy Warped Tour guitars and a groove that goes half-time at one point as though designed for a mosh pit.

And Lil Nas X did not by any means start this experimentation with the classic country sound—white artists have been doing it for years, and Black artists have been similarly shamed for playing along. While many argue Beyoncé’s country tune Daddy Lessons” off of her similarly chart-smashing 2016 Lemonade” is truly an homage to authentic country, some country fans were quick to dismiss her as an imposter for genre-experimentation as well.

Old Town Road” debuted in the 19th spot on the March 16 edition of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. But the following week it was gone — having been moved to the Hot Rap Songs chart, where it entered at No. 24.

The plaintiff also sued Lil Nas X’s new record label, Sony Music, saying it chose not to properly vet the 20-year-old’s music because it was far more important” to preserve the chance to generate millions of dollars of revenue from his career.

In just three weeks on the chart, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” has bound all the way to No. 32 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the young breakout rapper’s first top 40 hit on the listing.

Lil Nas X followed that up with a video he filmed while taking a bathroom break. The kid certainly knows how to multitask. In a new interview with TIME that was published on Thursday (Aug. 15), Lil Nas opened up about about the impetus behind his decision to come out.

Lil Nas X has created a country trap song for the masses. The 20-year-old from Atlanta, GA, born Montero Hill has entered the same rarified space in culture where top superstars like Ariana Grande and Post Malone seamlessly experiment with any genre—hip-hop, country, and pop—and gain acceptance beyond bounds.

The question of is it country enough?” is by far the most baffling argument in music in recent years. Country no longer follows the rules of its legends. The traditional guitar and the fiddle solos found in some of the popular country to grace those same charts are now usually just the co – stars to the modern pop sounds (which ironically, have major trap influence.) No, Old Town Road” is not authentic country, but country is no longer authentic country either.

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