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January 2016 brought self-released album ‘Joytime’, which came with a slew of iTunes hit singles including ‘Keep It Mello’ with rapper Omar LinX and ‘Want U 2’, while his reputation sky-rocketed.

marshmello concert – The Dolan Twins, Trevor Wallace, And The Jabbawockeez

MarshmelloI came across some interesting information about Marshmello’s supposed identity and hometown after doing some googling. The conversion of his peers at school happens quickly, which also rings true. Think about the guy who taunts Marshmello by biting into a s’more at lunch — two notes of Marshmello’s music, and he’s wearing a white bucket.

Tyga, who also features on Marshmello’s song Light It Up, is well known for having dated Kylie Jenner. Marshmello is spreading a positive message in his new music video.

Nothing is known about childhood and early life of Marshmello. Even if he is really Chris Comstock, as many people and media houses claim, nothing is known about Chris Comstock except that he hails from Newtown Square, Pennsylvania and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music.


His debut studio album, Joytime , was released in January 2016, which included the lead single and Marshmello’s debut single “Keep It Mello”. Marshmello’s second song in 2016, a platinum-certified single titled ” Alone “, was released in May via the Canadian record label Monstercat Having peaked on the US Billboard Hot 100 at number 60, it became his first single to be certified platinum in the US and Canada with over a million copies of certified units. a That year, he released three subsequent singles. In 2017, after releasing singles such as ” Chasing Colors “, ” Twinbow ” and ” Moving On “, Marshmello collaborated with American R&B singer Khalid to release ” Silence ” as a single, which was certified platinum and multi-platinum in eight countries. Succeeding another single, one of his best-selling singles, a collaboration with American singer Selena Gomez , titled ” Wolves ” was released.

As the BBC points out, Marshmello’s concert is a first for Fortnite, but virtual livestreamed concerts have been offered in video games for years. Minecraft held ‘Coalchella’ (a play on real-life Coachella) in 2018, and, in 2013, hosted a live festival put on by electronic dance music label Monstercat. A decade ago, U2 put on a live virtual performance in Second Life, which also saw a concert from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and an attendable livestream of BBC Radio 1’s One Big Weekend in 2007 and 2006, respectively.

While Fortnite’s world isn’t as expansive as Second Life’s or Minecraft’s, and doesn’t allow the same build-your-own-virtual-life freedom, it has a massive 125 million players — and this is likely not the last time developer Epic Games will put on a virtual event featuring real celebrities to draw in even more.

Those who missed the event got to enjoy a repeat performance at 11pm Pacific Time. After the music ends there’s a three-second countdown, and then it’s back to battle royale business as usual.

Excitement over a few hundred people sharing a virtual space may be a far cry from the 10 million people who shared” the Marshmello show, but this weekend’s concert is certainly a mindblowing development and a mainstream moment” demonstrating the future potential for large-scale shared experiences in a virtual world.

The American electronic music producer and DJ performed live in the game at 2pm EST on Saturday, in a virtual reality spectacle that was lauded by fans.

He remixed and released the Swedish DJ Avicii’s song ‘Waiting for Love’. The American EDM duo Jack U’s song ‘Where are U now’ featuring the singer Justin Bieber was also remixed and released by him in 2015.

For many gamers, “Fortnite” has become the place where they gather and socialize with friends, if only because of the sheer number of people playing the game.

His debut studio album, Joytime, was released in January 2016, which included the lead single and Marshmello’s debut single “Keep It Mello”. Marshmello’s second song in 2016, a platinum-certified single titled “Alone”, was released in May via the Canadian record label Monstercat. Having peaked on the US Billboard Hot 100 at number 60, it became his first single to be certified platinum in the US and Canada with over a million copies of certified units. That year, he released three subsequent singles. In 2017, after releasing singles such as “Chasing Colors”, “Twinbow” and “Moving On”, Marshmello collaborated with American R&B singer Khalid to release “Silence” as a single, which was certified platinum and multi-platinum in eight countries.

Gray, a former Nike employee and husband to 2013 Mrs. Nevada America winner Ruth Gray, is the fifth high-profile executive to leave the hotel in the last 10 months. Officials with the Palms confirmed Wednesday (Oct. 2) that Gray had left his post at the hotel and casino, although one inside source says Gray’s exit is not connected to Marshmello’s short-lived residency.

The buzz only helped drive Marshmello’s earning power: In late 2015, he took home $30,000 for his first major gig, a Halloween show in New York. Then Shalizi planned a tour, focusing on small clubs that would sell out and drive demand. Marshmello earned scores of new fans—and grew his social media presence (he now boasts 7 million followers between Twitter and Facebook)—by spending hours posing for selfies after shows.


Adding to the spectacle, there were various in-game events that occurred throughout the concert, sending players into zero gravity or causing massive yellow balls to appear from the sky.

The fact that Tiësto performed as Marshmello that one time almost certainly means the decades-in-the-game producer isn’t the man in white. Sure, it would be an amazing late-career reinvention for him, but it’s hard to imagine Tiësto working with anything like the video-game-nostalgia-mining tunes that Marshmello has perfected. This was a fun one-off gag, but he’s not our man.

That being said it has become part of the Marshmello lure to never truly reveal the obvious. Chris will occasionally banter back and forth with himself using the Marshmello and Dotcom socials, and of course all questions around identity aimed towards the man in white are quickly ignored if not outright deleted. Can you blame them though? The re-imagining of Chris from Dotcom to Marshmello is currently one of the most successful marketing stories in modern day music. So yeah, while we may know the answer to the question of who is Marshmello now, that does not mean the stage character is any less fun.

And if you’re interested in seeing the set live in-game again, or if you live in a time zone that didn’t permit you to see it the first time, Marshmello announced on Twitter that he’ll be playing an encore at 2AM ET this Sunday, February 3rd.

While millions may have attended the concert, that doesn’t mean millions of in-game avatars were crowding one another for space. Like with the usual Fortnite game mode, the concert mode had a limited number of players (in this case, 60) per session, per The Verge. Unlike the usual game mode, though, for the concert mode, weapons were disabled, so folks could enjoy the tunes without worrying about being on the wrong end of a rocket launcher.

What makes this particular concert such a big deal is the scale of the event and the mainstream appeal of a popular platform like Fortnite. By almost every conceivable measure, Fortnite is the most popular video game in the world and, with the free-to-play game bringing in over $300 million per month, one of the most profitable video games ever.

The Metarama Gaming + Music Festival, to take place Oct. 19-20 at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds, will feature musical artists such as Snoop Dogg, rappers Lil Yachty and Logic, pro gamers including Ninja and NickMercs, superstar DJ Alan Walker, and top game streamers such as DrLupo, Jacksepticeye, Pokimane and Sodapoppin.

Fortnite ‘s Showtime event arrives after two days of hype amd a small collection of Showtime Challenges. Since Thursday, players have been asked to land at the Showtime venue and other specific locations around the Battle Royale map to earn a Marshmello-themed Spray, emote and Pickaxe. A full Marshmello Outfit is also for sale in the Item Shop as well. Marshmello has had a history with Fortnite since winning the E3 Celebrity Pro-Am alongside Ninja this past June.

At 2PM ET today, every one of the likely tens of millions of players of Epic Games’ battle royale title were transported to a virtual stage. There, Christopher Comstock — who goes by the DJ name Marshmello and is known best for his signature food-shaped helmet — began a 10-minute mini-set, all while while up to 60 players across thousands of individual matches were able to watch live. Epic, having learned from past one-time live events like its iconic rocket launch and its most recent freezing over of the entire game map , smartly launched a special game mode specifically for the show.

A virtual performance hosted inside of the world’s most popular video game may have been an early glimpse at a future cultural phenomenon. More than 10 million “Fortnite” players logged in to the game on Saturday to watch a 10-minute virtual concert performed by the electronic dance music (EDM) star Marshmello, a massive success for the game’s first live performance and evidence that players are interested in more than just shooting each other.

Reaching such truly large-scale shared singular spaces will require a bit more innovation and engineering work. Second Life servers currently top out at around 100 users in one shared virtual region, and a few years ago Altspace launched a system to mirror live events across multiple copied rooms to address their scaling challenges.

An interesting moment at the intersection of digital entertainment, virtual reality, music, and gaming took place this past weekend. It may be remembered as an iconic achievement in the use of online virtual worlds for a large-scale media event.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of electronic music or have never heard of the EDM producer Marshmello, Fortnite’s live in-game concert was still a shockingly stunning sight to behold — it was also an unprecedented moment in gaming. It truly felt like a glimpse into the future of interactive entertainment, where the worlds of gaming, music, and celebrity combined to create a virtual experience we’ve never quite seen before.


Marshmello got a boost from Coachella in 2016 even though he didn’t play the festival. Shalizi rented a nearby highway billboard and splashed an image of the DJ across it. Then he hired two bodyguards and a photographer to follow Marshmello around the festival, where he posed with celebrities like Zedd and DJ Khaled A year in, we already had over a million followers on Instagram,” says Shalizi (today’s count: 13.7 million). Marshmello returned to Coachella in 2017 and headlined the Sahara Tent, the festival’s premier electronic stage.

The duo mashed Marshmello’s melody with composer Antonin Dvořák’s String Quartet No. 12 in F Major American” to create an uplifting, cinematic feel to the piece.

His 2018 single with British singer Anne-Marie ‘Friends’ went platinum in multiple countries and the single ‘Everyday’ with American rapper Logic went gold in Canada. He released a hitherto unreleased single called ‘Spotlight’ which was in collaboration with deceased American rapper Lil Peep after a request from Lil Peep’s mother.

The concert, held at the in-game location Pleasant Park, was teased for days , showing up on Marshmello’s real-life tour schedule and, eventually, advertised via posters within Fortnite itself. Meanwhile, the virtual stage underwent various levels of construction. Then, Epic released a Marshmello skin, glider, and emote, alongside a special three-challenge quest for players to earn a matching pickaxe and other items.

Around the time that we started to see an explosion of work coming from Marshmello that we also saw a massive decline from Dotcom. When we say massive we mean like Dotcom stopped making music and using his socials basically entirely. I mean that in and of itself is a good of sign. But there is more. One eagle eyed fan noticed that Dotcom and Marshmello also appear to share the same tattoo on their thigh. So for us that was enough who answer the question of who is Marshmello, but of course more details continued to pour out.

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