russell dickerson tour with thomas rhett – Carly Pearce & Russell Dickerson Team Up For Co

On Friday night (September 20th) the Very Hot Summer Tour rolled into New York City, Thomas Rhett, Rhett Akins, Dustin Lynch, and Russell Dickerson played to a sold-out crowd at the iconic, Madison Square Garden.

russell dickerson tour setlist – Russell Dickerson Performs ‘Blue Tacoma’ On TODAY

Russell DickersonRising country artist Russell Dickerson recently updated his tour’s live console. NEW YORK – These days it’s hard to turn on a country radio station without hearing one of Russell Dickerson ‘s hits — think “Blue Tacoma” and “Yours.” But it wasn’t that long ago that Dickerson was struggling to have his music heard.

We’ve been featuring Dickerson since before he was signed to his record deal with Triple Tigers and way before his debut album. He was the very first artist at our first event in January of 2016 and we’ve championed his career since then. With two number one hits, Yours” and Blue Tacoma” and sold-out shows, he is well on his way to superstardom and here are 5 reasons why you should be sure to head into the venue early to catch his opening set.

Russell Dickerson recently celebrated his second Platinum certification with his No. 1 single Blue Tacoma,” off of his full-length debut album Yours. The smash single, which has amassed over 221 million worldwide streams to date, has been a staple on country playlists and radio since its release.

Every Little Thing” comes from Dickerson’s album Yours.” The song is just now, though, beginning to gain attention and airplay from radio stations around the country.

With the official Yours EP release on January 18, 2016, the rising star landed at No. 14 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. 2016 continued to prove to be a big year as Dickerson made his debut on the legendary Grand Ole Opry stage in June of 2016 and also toured with superstar Billy Currington. In 2018 Russell Dickerson scored a support slot on Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker’s co-headlining Summer Plays On Tour.

Dickerson now heads out on the Very Hot Summer Tour with Dustin Lynch, Rhett Akins, and headliner Thomas Rhett. The tour hits our area on September 20th at the iconic Madison Square Garden. Grab your tickets now.

With his current single, “Every Little Thing,” climbing the country charts, Dickerson is on his co-headlining tour with Carly Pearce. The pair opted to call their string of shows The Way Back Tour, in honor of knowing each other for more than 10 years.

The couple’s ceremony was one spontaneous event after the other with the couple improvising throughout the day. Russell and Kailey even escaped their own Nashville wedding for a bit to go take impromptu photos in a field near the reception at the Houston Station (the same location where they had taken their engagement photos).

I’m excited to be the second act and, again, be able to take my time and have a little production package, and rethink the set because it’s different playing in a club than it is in an opening slot in an arena. I love figuring that out. I love feeling the crowd, and just to be in these iconic venues. I mean, Madison Square Garden? Come on! It’s crazy.

Russell Dickerson grew up in the thick of the country music scene in Tennessee. His passion led him to pursue a degree in music from Belmont University located in Nashville, Tennessee. There he was involved in a renowned vocal performance program where he was introduced to his future wife.

Davis did a few cover songs, including Starving” by Hailee Steinfeld and a short guitar play of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Before leaving the stage, Davis announced he was working on a second album and played one of the songs that will appear on that album.

Dickerson is currently touring alongside Thomas Rhett as part of the Very Hot Summer Tour” with upcoming stops in New York, Chicago and Nashville. Russell Dickerson, revving up the crowd for the cameras.

There was never a back-up plan for rising country artist Russell Dickerson. Even the years of traveling from show to show with minimal pay, there wasn’t any other option but music.

Russell is rising to the top in country music with history-making success both in streaming and on country radio. His debut single, ” Yours ,” was the No.1 song for two consecutive weeks on the country radio media base chart, and the smash hit just passed 150 million streams on Spotify. Russell was named in the Top 10 Country Airplay Artists of 2018 by Billboard, and the music video for his latest single, “Every Little Thing” can be seen below.

Speaking with on the red carpet of Nashville’s BMI Awards last November, Dickerson said the song’s love-of-your-life theme should come as no surprise to fans – Kailey inspires a huge portion of his work.

Dickerson: There’s one story where they flew us out to the wedding to surprise the bride as she was walking down the aisle. It was really cool. We still keep in touch with them, and they send us pictures. They just had twins. That’s all because of a song. There’s other friends of ours that we played their wedding as well. We’ll get to have some people on stage to propose, and that’s always so special. It’s crazy how the power of music can bring people together.

I’m not out here to kind of just give it a whirl and walk away. I’m here to stay, and I want them to know that they can trust me, and I’ll just keep bringing the hits, try to keep writing good songs, and keep this thing going.

Though the openers were popular up and comers with hit songs on the radio, the crowd was still not familiar with some of the original songs Green and Davis played, and they would have had more of an impact on the hyping the crowd up had they played more cover songs.

What I keep telling myself is, “Just take your time during the show” because, for so long, I’ve been the opening act, and you’ve got 30 minutes to go out there, kick them in the face with some good jams, show them a good time, and introduce yourself. Now, it’s our show, so we can both take our time. I want the fans to get to know me even deeper now, including what music raised me. Go back and play a couple of my favorite old songs, just take my time and make the best of every moment onstage of this tour.

His two singles Yours,” and Blue Tacoma,” (released in 2018) have both reached No. 1 on the Country Airplay chart. Yours,” was named one of the best wedding songs in 2016 by the Knot, and it was also nominated for AMC Song of the Year in 2019. He became Spotify’s RISE artist and today, he has over 200 million streams.

In 2015, Kailey decided to make a music video for her husband, picking up a couple lessons from her filmmaking brother Toben Seymour, when she helped him on the set of a Norah Jones music video shoot.


Russell Dickerson is a part of a new wave of emerging country music stars, and his current single is climbing the country radio charts in the Top 30. His hit single, “Yours” was nominated for “Song of the Year” at the 2019 ACM Awards, and he was a 2019 iHeart Radio Music Awards nominee for “Best New Country Artist.” He recently wrapped his co-headlining The Way Back Tour with Carly Pearce, and Russell is joined by Dustin Lynch and Rhett Akins on the Thomas Rhett: Very Hot Summer Tour.

Just like his music, Russell Dickerson concerts are an upbeat and fun experience. He is a pro at getting the audience engaged and singing along to some of their favorite songs. There is never a dull moment between Russell Dickerson’s mix of upbeat songs blended beautifully with slower love songs. He is even known to toss in a church song here and there to keep the friendly, feel-good vibes alive. You may even have the opportunity to hear Russell Dickerson speak directly about the stories behind some of his top songs.

Green has an amazing voice, although I found his guitarists more entertaining than he was during his performance. Green stood center stage with his guitar in hand during his whole performance while his band stayed engaged with the crowd by tossing picks and dancing along to the music.

If you have seen Russell Dickerson perform live then you know he is a ball full of energy, running, jumping and dancing around the stage. One song after another he brings the crowd to another level each and every time.

Russell Dickerson doesn’t have to look far for inspiration for his music. The 31-year-old wrote both “Yours” and “Blue Tacoma” about his wife, Kailey, and hints his brand-new single also honors Kailey as well.

Dickerson: We all were at Belmont (University) together where we went to college. They had seen my relationship with my wife, and they knew what we had been through. So, it was easy for us to write a true honest love song.

And when Russell performs in Milwaukee Saturday, he’ll be back on the Summerfest grounds — except this time, he’ll be playing on the biggest stage, the American Family Insurance Amphitheater, for thousands of people.

This week’s choice for Kick It or Keep It is actually not a brand new song, but rather one from Russell Dickerson that was released in 2016. Russell Dickerson is taking fans on a ride in a “Blue Tacoma” through his new music video.

Every Little Thing” follows the back-to-back Gold and Platinum success of Dickerson’s last two singles, Blue Tacoma” and Yours.” He’ll be performing all three for huge audiences all summer long, joining Thomas Rhett ‘s Very Hot Summer Tour starting May 25th-26th in Orange Beach, Alabama.

The first time I actually heard it I was headed to my grandmother’s house. We were leaving Nashville, and I was with my wife. We had the radio on kind of low, and then I heard the guitar solo on “Yours,” and I was like, “Wait, I know this solo. I played this solo.” I was like, “Oh, this is it, this is it,” and turned it up and tried to get video. It’s just overwhelming. “Yours” was almost exactly four years to the day from when we wrote it until it went #1.

Russell Dickerson: Oh, man. Yeah! To have a #1 song is such an accomplishment of itself, so regardless of how long it took, it’s such a huge honor to have a two-week #1 single. The journey was four years. It was January 24, 2014 when I wrote the song, and January 22, 2018 is the day it hit #1. To go from having a demo, pitched around trying to get a record deal and everyone said no…no record deal. Then, we basically started our own label and XM radio picked it up, and Spotify put it on a big playlist there. All of these things started building on each other. Then, we signed with Triple Tigers Records, and that’s when it went to terrestrial radio, and it just blew up from there. I think it was a 42-week climb. To work for something that long and for four years to believe in a song after so many people said no. I felt in my heart that this was the song that was going to go all the way, so until it happened I wasn’t going to give up on it.

Kicking off on May 17 in Spokane, Wash., the 39-date tour will make stops in Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Nashville and more. Dustin Lynch, Russell Dickerson and TR’s father, Rhett Akins, will serve as support.

Shortly after the debut of the album Yours, Dickerson landed a spot at No. 1 on Billboard’s Heat Seeker chart and No. 14 on Billboard’s Top Country chart. And the video for the title song was nominated for the 2018 CMT Award for Breakthrough Video of the Year.

Russell Dickerson was born for the stage. I’m just naturally that kind of dude: a big, loud and over-the-top guy,” he says with a laugh. Yes, one of country music’s most talked-about new talents — and the voice behind the smash single Yours,” a stunning ballad inspired by his wife of four years, Kailey, that’s racked up over 33 million streams to date on Spotify, where he’s been on the Hot Country, Country Gold Playlists and more for over a year, and exploded since being serviced to country radio in April — need not go into entertainer mode” before he catapults himself onstage to deliver one of his notoriously amped-up live shows.

Russell Dickerson first stepped onto the scene in 2011 with a unique sound that put him in a class all his own. By slyly incorporating elements of R&B with the bright, tuneful sound of his contemporary country-pop, Dickerson gained traction in 2015 with the release of his single Yours.” The track debuted at the number 14 spot on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart, selling 2,700 copies in its first week. Yours” went on to become a crossover hit, topping several charts, and earning multiple accolades including Best Wedding Song of 2016” by wedding site The Knot. Dickerson’s debut album of the same name followed in 2017, premiering at the number one spot on the Billboard Heat Seeker Chart. The rising star made his Grand Ole Opry debut in 2016. To date, Dickerson holds over 200 million streams on Spotify and 30 million views on YouTube.

Dickerson: There’s one story where they flew us out to the wedding to surprise the bride as she was walking down the aisle. It was really cool. We still keep in touch with them, and they send us pictures. They just had twins. That’s all because of a song. There are other friends of ours that we played their wedding as well. We’ll get to have some people on stage to propose, and that’s always so special. It’s crazy how the power of music can bring people together.

Dickerson’s career is not nearly as extensive as it is impressive. He released an EP in 2011 titled ‘Die to Live Again’, which marked the official start of his music career. He did this through the help of the publishing group, Creative Artists Agency. While his first go did very little in traction for the singer, his 2013 single Green Light,” which was a satellite radio hit, would help set the momentum he needed to continue. In 2015 his hit single Yours” was released and sold more than 100,000 copies. The music video for Yours” earned Dickerson much praise and collected over 6 million views on YouTube alone.



In addition to appearances by Opry members, each Opry show also features a number of guest artists. Such guest lists can include the newest acts in country music, legends of the genre, and even artists from outside of country music who have been inspired or entertained by the Opry over the years.

When presented the opportunity to guitar tech on a major tour, he dropped his books and hit the road. He is an artist who isn’t satisfied with simply producing, packaging and shipping his music out. Watching other people live through music inspires him, a quality that is evident in his captivating ability to entertain.

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