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Click here for important information regarding proof of residence or property ownership. His solo work isn’t on Spotify and neither is In Rainbows, which Radiohead initially released independently. And he is damn good.

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ToolTool not only mastered alt-metal with their 1992 debut EP Opiate, they gave an immediate indication of how they would advance the genre. Guitarist Adam Jones and vocalist Maynard James Keenan co-founded the band in the late ’80s with drummer Danny Carey and bassist Paul D’Amour. Justin Chancellor took over for D’Amour in 1995, as Tool continued to bring in elements of prog metal, thrash, industrial, math rock, art rock and psychedelic rock.

Indeed, a 14 minute long session entitled “Divorced” appears on The Melvins’ 2000 album “The Crybaby”, featuring all of the band at various times. There are around 75,000 different mutations that can cause disease in people. Dr Liu estimates prime editing has the potential to fix 89% of them.

Prime editing improves on CRISPR-Cas9 (and all of the tweaks researchers have made to it in the last seven years) in several crucial ways, Liu said. It can change any of DNA’s four nucleotides, or letters” — denoted A, T, C, and G — into any other, a total of 12 possibilities.

Garth Brooks: The best-selling album artist in the U.S. in the SoundScan era (since 1991) is not only absent from streaming services like Spotify, but his music isn’t even available on iTunes. Brooks says it’s because he believes so strongly in the album, which he says is a reflection of who the artist is at that time.” Like Metallica, Brooks owns his own master recordings, though, meaning he would make a lot more money from streaming than most artists who are only paid performance royalties.

There have been six official videos released: “Hush”, “Sober”, and “Prison Sex”, “Stinkfist”, “Ænema”, and “Schism.” “Hush” was directed by Ken Andrews of Failure, the next two were Adam with Fred Stuhr, and the latter two were directed by Adam. He built the guy in the “Sober” video, and also the so-called “meat tunnel.” The rest of the band did the video editing and production.

A completely magical concert – tight, solid sound, video and light extravaganza. This is a concert NOT TO BE MISSED – Tool live sets the standard in audience experience.

Nothing about Tool’s dark, prog-leaning music is orthodox — and neither are the rock band’s concerts. Unlike most vocalists, Maynard James Keenan prefers to hang back away from the front of the stage. Sometimes he’s shrouded in darkness, and other times he’s illuminated by colorful, immersive videos — and lets his bandmates take center stage. That frees up Tool’s instrumentalists to let loose. Drummer Danny Carey pounds away with both finesse and aggression on a massive rig, while guitarist Adam Jones and bassist Justin Chancellor thrash and slash in mesmerizing ways.

Crispr-Cas9 is not perfect, however. Often, it leads to cells with a haphazard mix of edits, including extra chunks of DNA called insertions, or missing chunks of genetic code called deletions. These are less of a problem when scientists are working on cells in a dish, because those that are affected can be thrown away. But when genome editing is used to rewrite faulty genes in people’s lungs, hearts and other tissues, far more precision is needed.

This first report of prime editing is the beginning rather than the end of a longstanding aspiration in the life sciences to be able to make any DNA change in any position of a living cell or organism, including potentially human patients with genetic diseases,” said David Liu at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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Prime editing’s ability to get human genomes to accept a repair template was therefore particularly impressive to other scientists, since no one has found a good way to do it,” Urnov said. In a study that rocked the genome-editing world, for instance, scientists reported in 2017 that human embryos with a gene that causes the heart disease hypertrophic cardiomyopathy rejected the healthy gene that was introduced via CRISPR. Yet using CRISPR to cure cardiomyopathy and some other inherited genetic diseases would likely require homology-directed repair.

Some pressings of this album are missing this song; there’s no good way to tell just by looking if a given copy is without, though it seems that copies marked “(P) 1997” may be the offensive batch. This mess is probably due to a machine screwing up somewhere. See Question E10.

The better reading of the Recommendations Clause identifies the necessary and expedient” modifier not as a grant of exclusive discretion to the president over when to make recommendations but, rather, as a limitation on the president’s positive duty to recommend. That is, the Framers did not draft the Recommendations Clause to require presidents to recommend measures they shall judge necessary and expedient” in an attempt to ensure that Congress could not require a recommendation using its legislative powers. That would be contrary to the clause’s purpose of ensuring presidential participation in congressional lawmaking. Rather, they did so to permit presidents to define the limits of their independent duty to make recommendations, as a limitless duty to continually recommend any and all measures to Congress simply would not be administrable.

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As you can probably tell by the more-thrash-than-usual style, “Maynard’s Dick” is actually not a “new” song. It was rumored to exist for a long time, since the “Opiate” days, but only surfaced on this CD.

One of Liu’s earlier CRISPR inventions, called base editing , can make only four of those changes: C-to-T, T-to-C, A-to-G, and G-to-A. It cannot, for instance, correct the sickle-cell-causing mutation in the hemoglobin gene, which requires changing a T to an A at a precise spot.

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Moreover, unlike other executive functions, there is no reason to think the power to make legislative recommendations to Congress should be exclusive to the president. Even the OLC opinion concedes that the ability to make recommendations to Congress—unlike the authority to nominate officers, receive ambassadors, or enforce the laws—is widely shared with other persons.” OLC dismisses the distinction, but it actually carries an important difference: Unlike making appointments, conducting diplomacy or prosecuting breaches of the law, others can make legislative recommendations to Congress without frustrating the president’s ability to do the same.

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Tool: Maynard James Keenan’s band doesn’t have a unique reason for staying away from digital music – like many on this list, he doesn’t want his band’s work consumed in random pieces. Unlike most, though, Tool is truly committed. The band’s music isn’t on iTunes or Spotify and it has never allowed its label to split up its songs into a greatest-hits collection. Gotta respect those principles.

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Chancellor says Tool, through it all, never stopped working on new music. He says he, Jones and Carey were in the studio every day, experimenting with new sounds and musical ideas.

Prior to the release of 10,000 Days, a tour kicked off at Coachella on April 30. The touring schedule was similar to the Lateralus tour of 2001; supporting acts were Isis and Mastodon During a short break early the next year, after touring Australia and New Zealand, drummer Carey suffered a biceps tear during a skirmish with his girlfriend’s dog, casting uncertainty on the band’s upcoming concerts in North America. 78 Carey underwent surgery on February 21 and several performances had to be postponed. Back on tour by April, Tool appeared on June 15 as a headliner at the Bonnaroo Music Festival with a guest appearance from Rage Against the Machine ‘s Tom Morello on ” Lateralus “. 79 Meanwhile, “Vicarious” was a nominee for Best Hard Rock Performance and 10,000 Days won Best Recording Package at the 49th Grammy Awards 80 The music video for “Vicarious” was released on DVD on December 18.

Once rapper and business mogul Jay-Z bought the streaming service Tidal in 2015, it was only a matter of time until he started using his own impressive catalogue to entice subscribers. Earlier this month he pulled The Blueprint, his critically acclaimed sixth solo album, from every major digital service except Tidal. Some of his other major works, including Reasonable Doubt and The Blueprint 3, are also Tidal-exclusive now.

The prevailing executive branch reading of the Recommendations Clause, and President Trump’s aggressive use of that reading to reinterpret duly passed triggering laws and amend pending legislation, strips Congress of the ability to acquire important policy input from the executive branch. The next president could mitigate this problem by reinterpreting the Recommendations Clause consistent with its purpose and separation of powers principles and by faithfully executing triggering laws. Until then, Congress could seek redress in the courts and prevent the bottleneck of executive branch information through smart use of its own legislative and oversight powers.

Prime editing is like pressing Ctrl-F to find the bit of text you want to change, then pressing Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to copy over the new text (or the command key if you’re a mac user).


Sonically, the band’s music has always been melodic yet intricate, but a lyrical pattern developed over the course of their career. While the early material dealt with anger at the establishment, Tool eventually began to concentrate on self actualization and finding enlightenment, rather than fixating on the outer world.

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