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twenty one pilotsFrontman Tyler Joseph has a knack for writing about connecting and overcoming in a culture that is saturated by a kind of isolation. The band took a much-discussed hiatus,” going largely silent during the lead-up to the last record, leaving hungry fans eager to piece together a story about their eventual return. Part of the band’s appeal is in their emphatic embrace of the powerful idea that music can be a life-saving force when people are struggling.

Blurryface, Twenty One Pilots’ latest album, opens a new chapter in the Columbus, Ohio-based band’s story. A chapter which finds the duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun disinterested in expectation and certainty, instead absorbing themselves in the undefined and breaking new ground as they fearlessly reimagine the possibilities of their music. Blurryface reflects these sentiments, each track lending itself to the idea of candid expression and genuine identity, ultimately revealing a collection of dynamic and diverse songs; linear in arrangement and poignantly honest.

Twenty One Pilots shook the world with the release of their 2015 LP BLURRYFACE, an album that would go on to sell over 7 million copies worldwide and earn the band their first ever GRAMMY® Award as they shattered longstanding chart records, and captivated audiences worldwide on sold-out arena runs and at international festivals.

Eerie and atmospheric, it took singer Tyler Joseph’s prevailing concern – the demons faced by people with mental health issues – and applied it to the film’s cast of villains and outcasts.

The thinking, the group’s 29-year-old singer and songwriter Tyler Joseph said, was that other groups were practically begging: It was just a bombardment of ‘come see us play.’” So Joseph and the drummer Josh Dun played tiny, unpromoted gigs on any nearby bill they could join, leaving strong impressions with their theatrical antics and genre-agnostic songs. Eventually, they’d announce a big hometown show, go all-out — lights, grander stunts, fresh set lists — and tell everyone to be there.

The band’s fifth album Trench is scheduled for release in October 2018, preceded by singles Jumpsuit and Nico And The Niners – and most excitingly for music fans, the band has announced a new headlining tour, The Bandito Tour 2019, set to start in January and finish in August 2019.

The superstar duo – Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun – have just unveiled an absolutely brilliant reimagined version of their latest single The Hype, ditching the epic rock sing-along of the original in favour of a mellow, R&B-tinged take on it.twenty one pilots

The 2015 song Stressed Out” off their fourth studio album, Blurryface,” became a top 10 single on Billboard’s Hot 100 in 2016. The duo expresses various genres in the music, including hip-hop, electric, indie pop and rock.

The band began the Blurryface Tour on May 11, 2015, in Glasgow, Scotland. The tour spanned the United States, Australia, Asia, and Europe. 83 The U.S. leg began September 8, 2015 and featured Echosmith and Finish Ticket as openers. 84 Twenty One Pilots performed “Stressed Out” on Late Night with Seth Meyers on September 14, 2015. 85 The band announced a London show in February 2016, and later announced a run of UK dates, with a second London date added. The band Transviolet served as openers. 86 This run of UK dates ended the initial Blurryface Tour.

Today the band are in St Petersburg, Russia. Later tonight they’ll play to 12,000 people as the second leg of their Bandito Tour marches on. The tour has already taken them across America, returning to the likes of Madison Square Gardens while there are three nights at Wembley Arena on the imminent horizon. Later this year, the band are set to headline Reading & Leeds. Already, it seems like Twenty One Pilots’ gut instinct was the right one; but there’s never been any reason to doubt them.

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This album is their hidden gem. Only fans who truly know Twenty One Pilots would know about these songs. They are a blend of nostalgia, self-identity, struggles with mental illness, and inner turmoil. Forest” is a popular song of theirs that is about everything going on inside our heads and how to deal with it.

Twenty One Pilots (stylized as twenty one pilots, and sometimes as twenty øne piløts) is an American musical duo originating from Columbus, Ohio. The band was formed in 2009 by lead vocalist Tyler Joseph along with former members Nick Thomas and Chris Salih, who left in 2011, and currently consists of Joseph and drummer Josh Dun. The duo rose to fame in the mid-2010s after several years of touring and independent releases.


Last October, Twenty One Pilots celebrated the release of TRENCH with the first leg of The Bandito Tour,” a massive headline world tour that began October 16th in Nashville, TN. The first leg of the tour will traverse the U.S. through the fall followed by dates in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United Kingdom.

My favorite part of the night may have been the encore. After Joseph played the softer ‘Goner,’ the duo went into fan favorite ‘Trees.’ Throughout all seven times I’ve seen these guys they’ve always ended with ‘Trees.’ It’s the perfect Twenty One Pilots song and ends with the dueling drum solo the guys play on top of the crowd.

The problem was that Twenty One Pilots still had a drummer, Chris Salih, the very same person who had introduced Dun and Joseph. When he left in 2011 citing financial pressures , Dun was immediately drafted in.

When Twenty One Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph scrolls through his phone, there are hundreds of names in the contacts he doesn’t quite recognize: kids from the band’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio, who were the earliest fans of his two-man group, from back in the days when Joseph used to drive door-to-door hand-delivering tickets for club shows. When that grew too time-consuming, he and drummer Josh Dun would have fans meet them at a table outside the Chick-Fil-A in the Polaris mall’s food court. On show days, Joseph’s mom would stand outside the club and try to hawk tickets to passing Ohio State students. She’d be like, ‘Come see my son play music,’” recalls Joseph, who’s 27 but could pass for a teenager, with a puppyish, Joseph Gordon-Levitt vibe that turns into something stranger and more intense onstage.

They call this our fifth record, can you believe that?” Joseph suddenly interjected, referring to Trench.” What would he consider it? The third.” The group’s two albums in 2009 and 2011 were merely products he tossed together for the merchandise table.

In 2018, Twenty One Pilots released their fifth project, Trench.” The last time Twenty One Pilots performed in Iowa was at the Iowa State Fair on April 8, 2017.

Since then, the band has gone from strength to strength, gaining fans from all over the world with their energetic live shows and creating plenty of new music along the way.

Ride” spent five consecutive weeks atop the charts at Modern Rock radio outlets nationwide – the band’s second #1 single at the format in 2016 – while also ascending to #5 on the overall Hot 100.” Another global smash, Ride” is certified 4x platinum by the RIAA with additional platinum carts around the world. In addition, the track’s companion video – directed by Reel Bear Media – has now garnered over 683 millionviews via Twenty One Pilots’ hugely popular YouTubechannel.


In My Blood,” Joseph used a tiptoeing falsetto to reiterate his undying support and dependability, two qualities their fans have latched onto and paid back in return. Less than 24 hours after Election Day, amidst political and social unrest, Twenty One Pilots challenged the discontent with their brand of inclusivity complete with an all-for-one war cry of East is up!” echoed by fans.

Mid way through the set, the band crossed a catwalk to the second stage in the center of the roaring crowd of fans. The lights that hung above them set the tone for tracks such as Neon Gravestones” and Smithereens” as they flickered overhead to mimic rain drops.


Twenty One Pilots are one of the biggest bands on the planet, and yet still have the mysterious edge of a cult concern. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun explain why they’re still aiming high.

Twenty One Pilots’ discography is littered with songs acknowledging suicide and resolving to carry on. ‘Neon Gravestones’ is the first time Tyler has admitted he could lose this battle with himself, though. It’s the most direct he’s been with feelings of self-destruction.

Both Dun and Joseph grew up nearby in strict, religious homes, a topic they deftly avoid when recounting their childhoods today. Dun, with a gray knit hat pulled down snugly on his head, described himself as a rebellious kid who questioned authority throughout high school, but never caused serious trouble. His family wasn’t very musical, but his grandfather had a love of jazz that led him to his first instrument, the trumpet, which was quickly replaced by drums.

Ruby” is a song about a girl with Down syndrome who Tyler would see every Sunday at church. Lovely” is a song about suicide and depression. It’s about the fact that there is truly someone out there to help you get through your dark times. A touchy subject to some, but a true help to others. Slowtown” is about the fearing of growing up too fast and the time going by just as fast. Kitchen sink ” is one of their most popular songs that talks about self-identity. There are much more tracks on this album to listen to.

And then, finally, came the success. The band inked a deal with alt label Fueled by Ramen in 2012, and released their label debut, Vessel in 2013. Selling over 500,000 copies and (appropriately) peaking at 21 on the U.S. charts, Vessel was a breakthrough triumph for the groups. But, for Twenty One Pilots, it was just a hint of what was to come. What came was Blurryface a Triple Platinum chart-topper that brought the band into the mainstream with ubiquitous singles Stressed Out” and Ride.” The band struck gold again in 2016 with Heathens,” their contribution to the Suicide Squad soundtrack.

While Twenty One Pilots conquers the alt-rock charts with its anthems, there is something very delicate and introspective about their music as well – no doubt the reason they engage so well with a young audience.

My Blood ” marked the first track released from TRENCH to stand apart from the three-part narrative first established in the official music videos for Jumpsuit ,” the chart-topping first single, continued in the LP’s second release, Nico And The Niners ,” and ultimately concluded with Levitate ,” all directed by longtime collaborator Andrew Donoho and streaming now via Twenty One Pilots’ YouTube channel. All three films have amassed over 75 million cumulative views to date.

Drummer Joshua Dun was revealed on his way back on the catwalk over the crowd in a white t shirt with Atlantic City” written on it in marker. The duo continued to wow the crowd with their breathtaking light show and theatrics. Dun’s drum kit was on a lift, and would rise upwards to 30 feet high for his drum solos as he unleashed a drum beat that shook the arena floor.

This album was also the first one to have a love song which is the one and only, Tear in My Heart,” a song written about Tyler’s wife. Like every other album, Blurryface” also talks about mental illness. Ride” is about overthinking and not being able to stop thinking, something most of us can relate to. Stressed Out” is about the stress of growing up. Message Man” is about his fight with his worst enemy, his insecurities and dark thoughts.

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