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The rapper and producer surfaced as a founding member of Odd Future , an outlandish alternative rap crew that gradually permeated the mainstream as it begat a multitude of related projects.

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Tyler, The CreatorRight after making history with his latest album IGOR, Tyler, The Creator announces his North American tour. These musical mood swings were frequently matched by Tyler’s movements. On the buzzing, massive Igor’s Theme,” which opened the concert, the rapper stood nearly motionless — a deer caught in the emotional headlights. Other times, the music would appear to fill the musician’s body, leading to seemingly spontaneous dance outbursts, some as harried and unpredictable as a cut electric cable twisting and sparking on the ground, others more graceful and liquid.

Tyler’s transition has been far more than physical, too. Beginning with the 2017 release of the remarkable Flower Boy, the 28-year-old California rapper has managed to bring greater context and complexity to his early career both within the Odd Future collective and as the solo provocateur behind songs with titles such as AssMilk,” deploying homophobic slurs with such discomforting regularity in the past that Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara wrote a blog post rightly calling him out for it in 2011.

We arrive at Alan’s in East Finchley, a crate-digger’s secondhand paradise that was recommended by a friend. Okonma jumps out of the car and spends nearly an hour flicking through the racks, playing records, chatting to other customers and asking for tips. His manager tells me this is how they spend their time on tour, in music shops and vintage stores. Okonma has a ritual for hunting new sounds. If the artwork grabs him, he looks at the year. If it was made between 1974 and 1982, he will look to see who was involved; if it is a name he recognises, he will pick it up. He tries Roy Ayers’ LP No Stranger To Love. Alan comes over to adjust the RPM (Roy would be very upset”) as Okonma nods along to the track Don’t Hide Your Love.


IGOR (pronounced EEE-GORE) , released on May 17, 2019, is Tyler, the Creator’s sixth studio album The announcement of the album came after some speculations the week before , followed by the release of four snippets on Tyler, The Creator’s social media platforms.

Tyler Okonma was born and raised in Los Angeles County, splitting time in Ladera Heights and nearby Hawthorne. He got his first taste of fame when The Los Angeles Times ran a “teen on the street”-type story on the then-16-year-old skateboarding enthusiast, who was also interested in music and fashion. Around this time, Tyler began making music with Odd Future ‘s other core members, and in 2009 released a solo mixtape titled Bastard. By the end of the following year, OF ‘s surreal and filthy material, epitomized by Earl Sweatshirt ‘s mixtape Earl – most of which Tyler produced – had earned them a loyal following. It was during that year that a video Tyler directed for the OF track “French” took off, topping a million views by December and drawing attention to a slew of additional crew-related mixtapes that followed.


Tyler “the Creator” Okonma is the ringleader of the California-based rap collective OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All). In 2011, he released Goblin, on which he pushed the envelope with provocative language and shocking antics — the video for “Yonkers” finds him eating a cockroach and committing suicide by hanging. He won the MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist in 2011, beating out Wiz Khalifa, Kreayshawn, Foster the People and Big Scan.

At the time, the ban was controversial; looking back, it seems absurd, whatever you think of his output. Those who approved argued that Okonma was a homophobe and a misogynist. Certainly, his early records were peppered with bitch” and faggot”; on one track, Blow, he rapped from the perspective of Ted Bundy, the serial killer pop culture can’t seem to leave alone. But Eminem, who built his early career on a cartoonishly violent alter ego, was never banned. When another American artist, Offset, rapped: I cannot vibe with queers ,” in early 2018, he was forced to apologise, but his band, Migos, played a show in London two months later. It remains unclear why Okonma was singled out for music he had made years before and no longer performed.

Tyler has since returned to the UK for the first time since he was banned from the country in 2015, and is currently in the middle of his international Igor tour.

Tyler, the Creator brought the Igor tour to Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Monday, October 7. Blood Orange and Goldlink opened. Tyler did it pretty good on stage. Sometimes he had to take a break because his astma. But Taco and Jasper continued the song if that happened.

Tyler, the Creator has been interviewed by Nardwuar for a third time, with the pair discussing Tyler’s take on the likes of Jaden Smith , Stevie Wonder and Paul Weller — you can watch the interview below.

He showed off some impressive musicality early in the set, beginning Earfquake” by playing a piano stationed at the back of the stage, letting the crowd sing along to the chords before the song truly started. It was perhaps the most surprising moment of the night and one that endeared him to the already adoring crowd.

Tyler showed an interest to music from an incredibly young age, at the age of seven, he would take the cover out of an album’s case and create covers for his own imaginary albums including a track list with song times before he could even make music. At fourteen, he taught himself to play the piano and music became a constant in his ever changing home life, he attended twelve different schools over his twelve year education.

Tyler Gregory Okonma (born March 6, 1991), better known as Tyler, the Creator, is an American rapper, record producer, and music video director. He rose to prominence as the leader and co-founder of the alternative hip hop collective Odd Future and has rapped on and produced songs for nearly every Odd Future release. Okonma creates all the artwork for the group’s releases and also designs the group’s clothing and other merchandise.

Whether he’s bringing LGBTQ narratives to Hip-Hop through his music videos or changing the game altogether with his Camp Flog Gnaw festival , Tyler, The Creator definitely knows how to get his names in headlines. However, his latest attention-grabbing act may have went a little overboard and been a complete fabrication to begin with.

Ending the night with ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” was a solid move as the platform rose once again to give the artist full exposure to the bright lights of the auditorium. With a funky gospel buzz and a wave goodbye, Tyler, the Creator exited the stage knowing one thing for sure: He was definitely in the presence of friends in San Francisco.

IGOR debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, marking Tyler’s first album to hit the top spot. It moved 165,000 units during its first week. This record represents Tyler’s first #1 record in his discography, out of the five records he has released.

But for all intents and purposes, the Igor Tour proved to be just that: a show about Tyler’s alter ego. Tyler the Creator ripped through ten of the 12 tracks on Igor and stayed in character for the entirety of the show, breaking only once to tell the crowd that he’s finally grown to like Miami after all these years.

November is a city of a million people. November is the last time she looked at you before leaving for good. November is everything at once. Tyler achieves this by bending language, imagery, and sentiment in a way only hip-hop can afford things to be bent.

When all was said and done, I was battered, exhausted and sick of the human race. My fingers were pruned with other people’s sweat. Two people passed out. Another threw up. The children from the beginning of the set? Nowhere to be seen, but likely not having a great time.

The Lumineers and Tyler, The Creator are among the headliners for the 2019 Bumbershoot music festival. In all, the meticulously designed show proved to be yet another step forward for Tyler the Creator as he continues to level up as an artist.

The most pleading moment of Tyler, the Creator ‘s 2017 album, Flower Boy , comes when the 28-year-old artist demands: Take me back, take me back” on November.” The glitching bridge hounds our ears. The milky textures of Flower Boy fade away in favor of arduous percussion.


Tyler the Creator’s Igor arrived in Miami in more ways than one Sunday night. As a character, Igor took the stage in place of Tyler Okonma as the focal point and true headliner of the concert. The show represented the artist’s first headlining arena date in South Florida. As an album, Igor arrived as the predominant source of material performed throughout the night and proved itself to be perhaps Tyler the Creator’s strongest work to date.

The unfolding emotional roller coaster even drew out additional context in select older songs. On IFHY,” off of 2013’s Wolf, Tyler copped to being bad at keeping his feelings in check. I fucking hate you,” he roared. But I love you.” Moments later, on the slow, soulful Gone, Gone,” the rapper appeared to walk back this outburst, offering, Maybe I’m too dramatic.” Other past hits such as Okra” and Yonkers” felt less at home here, dispatched more in fan service and forcing the rapper to break character for stretches, distracting from the concert’s flow.

Though Tyler has not given any particular reason for the album’s name, it is most likely to make reference to the conventional character Igor , a hunchbacked assistant endemic in various Gothic horror stories.

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