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It’ll always be my baby, but I didn’t know how to do” it. Backstage somewhere are WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and Kofi Kingston, who days later will become just the fourth black world champion in WWE history.

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WaleWale ‘s new album Wow… That’s Crazy has officially debuted in the top 10 on this week’s Billboard 200 chart. Wale really began to rise in 2006 when his song, Dig Dug became a hit in his own hometown. Since he was locally known, he continued writing and recording music for his local region. In 2006, Mark Ronson discovered Wale and agreed to sign him to Allido Records, which happened in 2007. Under the label, Wale released multiple mixtapes and began appearing in the national media. He appeared on MTV and in a variety of magazines that are Black-American-focused, to help promote himself and his music.

To build hype for The Gifted, Wale released “Sight of the Sun,” a remix of the Fun. song of the same name. 60 This was similar to the songs “Bittersweet” and “Fly Away,” which he released prior to Attention: Deficit.

Johnson and the rest of UCB met Wale through Kenny Burns, a former executive of Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records who was also from D.C. In the early aughts, UCB was being courted by Roc-A-Fella, but after Tre was shot during a show in 2003, the label’s interest fizzled.

Though his detractors have questioned his relevance among today’s listeners, he has proven to be a mainstay in hip-hop through his consistency. He’s bounced back from label changes and opened the door for a bevy of rappers from the DMV area, like Fat Trel and Phil Ade. Even Logic recognized Wale as an inspiration to him during a 2016 radio interview on St. Paul, Minnesota’s GO 95.3.

In an interview back in 2012, Wale discussed wanting to put an album together that was just for himself. He said that he had talked about it before, but he planned to put a Go-Go album together but explained that it wouldn’t be what most people would think of ass a cheesy Go-Go” album. He said he planned to only rap about 40% of the album, and that it would be mainly about getting that type of sound out.

What’s more insane than grown men and women decked out in tights jumping off of cages and dropping one another on their heads? A Grammy-nominated rapper who moonlights as a wrestling nerd.

Wale also made history as the first rapper to open the State Of The Union,” gracing the stage with an unforgettable performance before President Obama’s final State Of The Union Address. A regular guest of the First Family, he participated in First Lady Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher” initiative for higher education as well. Expanding his cultural influence, Wale teamed up with Villa for a limited-edition line of sneakers. These included the Asics Bottle Rocket,” the Timberland Gift Box Set” and the VILLA x Wale x ASIC Gel Lyte III “IC Champion.” Wale’s label imprint, Every Blue Moon encompasses the scope of his creative vision with musicians, comedians, and screenwriters under its umbrella.

As part of Opening Night festivities and the Kings ongoing commitment to youth, Wale will host a pregame studio session with over 50 local high school and college-aged students from the Men’s and Women’s Leadership Academy, My Brother’s Keeper, Sacramento Youth Speaks and Sacramento State University. During this session, Wale will discuss his background, lessons he’s learned throughout his music career and will share words of wisdom before encouraging the students to interact in a Q+A session.

Wale has been teasing the new single all week, recently posting Urban Dictionary’s definition of Situationship” on Twitter. A detailed analysis (this ain’t the name of my single tho) coming in 2 days,” the rapper noted.

Nonetheless, Wale continued to deliver solid bodies of work following his debut—four albums and numerous mixtapes. Included in that bunch is a sequel to The Mixtape About Nothing and a full album, The Album About Nothing, which was released in 2015.



Another previously released single. Poledancer” is fun. A Wale strip club record. The Southern bounce screams Magic City. His flow is easy with a fun delivery. The way Megan comes on this record, a true boss. She just has a presence. That’s what she shares with the late Pimp C, a voice that demands your attention. By far one of my favorite guest verses from Megan.

Fresh off the debut of his sixth album Wow… That’s Crazy and in anticipation of Opening Night, Wale took to the studio to write and record a Kings-themed song with an accompanying music video to be used as part of the team’s intro video for select games throughout the season.

I like this lineup. The keys are hot chocolate warm. Ari! She sounds great. Wale always grabs the hottest vocalist to deliver on his albums. Wale leads with the first verse. The horseplay line, ha. I need somebody that hates to party.” The subject matter works in his favor. He’s talking about life as he knows it. Tired of wasting our time with love.” Boogie! I like this flow he’s using. Boogie is another rapper that talks about love and relationships in a fresh way. Falling back is progress, it’s all about perspective.” Boogie delivered. I would’ve loved Cliche” as a single; the record just works. Ari with a gorgeous run to close. Her phone should be ringing to do hooks right now.

Wale will help the Sacramento Kings kick off the season by performing at halftime. George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” is one of Wale’s favorite songs. Supported by Mark Ronson and Rick Ross, a quick-witted D.C. rapper who scored several Top Ten Billboard rap hits during the 2000s.

Sitting down with the morning trio, Wale proved to be one of the most entertaining interviews in a minute as he deflected questions about his love life throughout the interview while questioning everyone’s motives behind their questions. Even still though Wale went into an unknown Grammy experience, his anxiety issues, and why he feels like he’s a light” in the music industry.

He wanted me to hear the record in the studio and was like, ‘Let me know if you have any more ideas or want me to change something.’ He did different versions of his verses He switched his first verse and re-rapped it. But, I was like, ‘Yo, keep this version, cut out some of the words you want to say over. But, this verse was it.’ I was just married to that first verse. It was just that first verse, originally. Then, he came and did the second verse a few weeks later.

On his sixth album, Wow… That’s Crazy, Wale taps into the two impulses that have fueled the best of his music for the past ten years: His love for women (especially Black women) and unrelenting need to vent on social issues and how they affect his mental state. In fact, he first began promoting the collection with a trailer billing it as a therapy session in which each of his personas — the tender but impulsive womanizer, the revolutionary free thinker, and the somewhat petulant, sensitive artist — share space on the psychologist’s couch. For better or worse, Wow… That’s Crazy lives up to its billing with a polished presentation that indulges Wale’s most engaging and frustrating qualities.

In March 2008, he signed to Interscope Records. That following year he released the Back to the Feature mixtape and his debut album, Attention Deficit. The hype leading up to the album’s release was intense at both the home front and abroad. But low sales plagued the album, as it only sold 28,000 in its first week.

Wale is one of the coolest, realest people I’ve ever met in my life. I pulled up to the studio and he’s showing love ASAP. We’re pouring up champagne. We’re toasting. We’re making crazy records. He’s showing love. I don’t even worry about retweets. I get online and genuinely show love, and he’ll retweet it, and make sure people know who I am. He’s a real one, literally. He’s one of the realest I’ve ever worked with.

In the past, it always seemed a little like Wale chafed at being typecast into the ladies’ man” category that hits like Lotus Flower Bomb,” Bad,” and his verse on Rick Ross‘ Diced Pineapples” boxed him into. While he clearly worked strenuously at his craft, scribing elaborate verses full of polysyllabic rhyme schemes, internet rhymes, and punchlines so clever that his more anthemic singles required multiple playbacks to catch them all, Wale’s most successful records have always been the ones in which he dropped his guard, slowed his flow, and spoke to a specific romanticism. In short, he may have wanted the respect of a Canibus at his most lethal, but earned a more positive reception when he imitated LL Cool J at his most tender.


Most recently, he appeared on a remix of Rick Ross’ “No Games” single and called out Complex for omitting him from their 50 Best Albums Of 2013 list (again). Also, his latest album The Gifted debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, and he’s currently on the international “What Dreams May Come Tour” with J. Cole. Oh yeah, he may or may not have a go-go album in the works. Stay tuned.

Wale had always admired and liked Seinfeld and wanted to incorporate him somehow, in his music. He released a mixtape, Festivus, on December 24, 2014, that was chock-full of the Seinfeld holiday, Festivus. If you are a fan of the show and episode, then you know it had to be a good one. Wale refers to Seinfeld as super smart and a wise person. He wanted to learn about the entertainment business from Seinfeld , and wanted him to actually be a part of one of his albums. After finally tracking Seinfeld down, he was able to get the actor to do some dialogue from his famous television series.

It was a nascent time for Best Kept Secret, Balmoris says. The duo were still getting their feet wet in music production and their whole experience working on The Mixtape About Nothing was a learning process.

Wale has dropped his sixth studio album, Wow … That’s Crazy. The project is his first LP for Warner Records, which he signed with last year. Wale announced that he will be releasing his upcoming album, Wow…. That’s Crazy, on October 11.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Sacramento Kings announced Saturday that Grammy-nominated rapper Wale will be debuting a brand-new song during his performance at the opening night halftime ceremony.

Energy! After the weight of Expectations,” the warmth of BGM” feels good. It’s like coming out of a cave to a summertime family reunion mid-Cha-Cha slide. Wale has always been an advocate of uplifting blackness, especially black women. BGM” is his most fun celebration of black women. It’s a few years late to be the soundtrack of black girl magic, but the song is a nice addition to playlists that affirm black women’s greatness.

All musicians have a style of music they typically stick to. Wale often includes some elements of the go-go style in his music which has been described by Cyril Cordor of all music, as a more raw, percussion-driven offshoot of disco.” This type of music had its start in Washington, D.C. Other descriptions of his style of music have been said to be a bit post-Kayne, post-Lil Wayne, and alternative-meets-hardcore.” Over time, music styles can change for some artists, but so far, Wale has stuck to his beginning roots of his music style.

Nearly two years after the rap battle on SmackDown Live, Wale sits in the bowels of Sony Hall, a former Manhattan basement club and Broadway theater that was recently renovated into a concert venue. Despite it being the first week of April, the Washington, D.C., rapper is sporting an oversize long-sleeved black shirt, trademark thick winter hat, and a cold that he’s trying to recover from. Slept with the fan on and s—,” he said.

Balmoris says that Nixon originally met Wale at a sneaker store at the Mall at Prince Georges. From there, they sent the budding MC their tracks, which eventually wound up on 100 Miles and Running. After that project was released, Balmoris says that Wale approached him with his ideas for The Mixtape About Nothing.

Wale went through a lot of hard times in his life, including the death of his cousin and his girlfriend’s miscarriage of his baby. During those hard times, according to Wale in an interview, he went into a depression and turned to the use of drugs to help himself cope. He also admitted to having low times with his career. He claims he didn’t get the same respect as his competitors, and named J. Cole, Drake and Lamar as examples. He would read negative comments on social media regarding his music, his character, and his career and admitted that it all began to get to him and affect him.

After a bidding war that included offers from Epic, Atlantic, and Def Jam, Interscope finally grabbed Wale for its roster in early 2008. Among the rapper’s first major-label singles the following year were the boisterous “Chillin,” featuring a hook from Lady Gaga, and the go-go-inflected “Pretty Girls,” assisted by Gucci Mane. Those hits preceded and appeared on the full-length Attention Deficit, which arrived in November 2009 and entered the Billboard 200 at number 21. Momentum was sustained with a featured spot on Waka Flocka Flame’s multi-platinum “No Hands.” More significantly, the first fruit of a new deal with Rick Ross’ Warner-supported Maybach Music Group was the compilation Self Made, Vol. 1, in which Wale was prominent. The album’s “That Way” became the rapper’s first gold-certified single as a lead artist.

Check out the full interview with Wale in the video above, and catch up on all of the lyrics to Wow… That’s Crazy on Genius now. Stay tuned next week for another new episode of For The Record.

It appears to have worked. On that April night in New York, Wale’s surrounded by beautiful women and a horde of friends while British wrestler Tyler Bate sits on a stool. Backstage somewhere are WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and Kofi Kingston, who days later will become just the fourth black world champion in WWE history. As New York rapper Rowdy Rebel’s track Computers” blasts from the speakers, Wale hops to the center of the stage.

After parting ways with Atlantic Records in February, 66 Wale released a surprise 4-Track E.P titled It’s Complicated on March 13, 2018. 67 68 Two months later, he release a 2nd E.P titled Self Promotion on May 8, 2018. 69 70 The 4-Track EP had a single guest feature in R&B singer, Jacquees On May 16, 2018, it was announced that Wale had been signed to Warner Bros. Records 71 Then on September 14, 2018, he released a 3rd E.P titled Free Lunch, with guest appearances from long time friend and collaborator, J. Cole and Eric Bellinger 72 73 On December 20, & 21, 2018 Wale released two singles Winter Wars and Poledancer.

On his own, Wale has now pushed four full-lengths into the top 10 on the all-genre tally, including a pair of chart-toppers. As a member of Maybach Music Group, which is a record label he’s signed to that also records and releases collaborative albums from time to time, he’s also snagged another three top 10s, bringing his career total to seven such wins.

But also on the rise around that time was Twitter, and Wale’s reputation quickly took a hit because of the burgeoning platform. Whether it was his combative attitude toward faceless online trolls or constant online feuds with his detractors, fellow rappers and even video models, Wale was labeled soft,” emotional” and wack” by his critics. A Washington Post profile from that time dubbed him a mercurial star” who couldn’t escape the lure of affirmation (and criticism) from social media.

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