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He’s handed a cup of purple medicinal liquid in a polystyrene cup which is known in the hip-hop world as lean” , a powerful codeine-based cocktail that is supposed to make you lethargic and slurry.

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Young ThugYoung Thug is the 102nd most popular rap & hiphop music artist and the 89th most famous Young Thug is described by fans as: Overplayed, Noisy, Funny and Gets the party going. Time has proven that some of the songs on Super Slimey managed to capture that ineffable essence that people hoped would arise from these hip hop heavyweights joining forces. “Real Love” sounds like the manifestation of whatever is going on on SS’s cover art. If Young Thug is the hissing irradiant-green serpent, Future is the dark beaked creature intertwined with it. The song’s strength lies in the fact that it doesn’t feel like discrete parts being stitched together, but feels like everything is happening at once. You could listen to “Real Love” and believe that it was recorded in one take with Future and Thug standing side-by-side – drawing on each other’s energy and channeling that through croons that underlie the verses. Songs like this confirmed the conviction that these two are magic-makers and have the potential to be explosive when brought together.

After Thug’s 2015 single Best Friend ” went platinum , pick up the phone ” became his highest-charting song as lead artist, peaking at 43 on Billboard’s Hot 100 This would later be succeeded by Havana ,” his collaboration with Camila Cabello that would top Billboard’s Hot 100 in 2018. However, his current highest-charting song as lead artist is The London ,” which debuted at 12 on the Hot 100.

Despite arriving to the public from opposite ends of the hip-hop industrial complex, Young Thug and Virgil Abloh, the artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton and the founder of his own label Off-White, share a fantastical quality. It is as difficult to imagine today’s youth culture without them as it would have been to predict their unlikely rises to fame. Another thing the world’s first postmodern rap superstar and the world’s first architecture-student-turned-fashion-emperor have in common is the democracy inherent in their work; even more than the things they make, their legacies will be defined by the thousands of SoundCloud rap careers and Instagram t-shirt labels launched in their image.


R. Kelly: The singer was previously arrested on Feb. 22, 2019 and charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. He spent that weekend in jail until a woman who described herself as a friend paid $100,000 (10 percent of his $1 million bond) to get him released.

I can’t even rap, this sh- keeps skipping words,” 21 Savage said, frustrated in the opening moments of his set. The audio cut in and out early in his set, deflating the energy from the massive crowd. After a technical-difficulties pause, the Atlanta rapper carried on with his performance, which was accompanied by a short documentary that reflected his tumultuous year, first detailing the story of his rise as a rapper, and then chronicling the U.K.-born but Atlanta-raised artist’s arrest by ICE earlier this year for overstaying his visa.

Jeffery Lamar Williams, also known as Young Thug, is an American singer, record producer, rapper and songwriter from Atlanta, Ga. Young Thug first received fame after collaborating with other popular rappers, including Gucci Mane , Shawty Lo , Future , and Rich Homie Quan In 2011, Williams released a series of mixtapes starting with I Came from Nothing and ending with I Came from Nothing 3. After signing with 1017 Records in 2013, he released 1017 Thug, which was well-received by his fans. Since then, Young Thug has released six commercial mixtapes, titled Barter 6, I’m Up, Slime Season 3, Jeffery, Beautiful Thugger Girls and Super Slimey.

Micah: And yet here we are, five years later, hailing it as the best rap album of the decade, distraught that there was only ever one stop on the eponymous tour, and that we’ll probably never get the Part 2 that we want. In February 2015, Quan stepped away from the group to work on a solo project, Thug called him Bitch Homie Quan” onstage, and that, apparently, was that.


Me: Young Thug is one of the best and atleast the most unique rapper. One of the decade’s most copied rappers finally reached No. 1 on the album chart, years after his aesthetic rubbed off on hip-hop.

The morning Young Thug is due to play his first headline show in London, another American rapper is making headlines. Tyler, the Creator has been banned from the UK by home secretary Theresa May , apparently because he made statements that may foster hatred, which might lead to intercommunity violence in the UK”.

You might expect this seeming disjunction to influence his music, but his lyrics rarely ponder the realities of his complex existence, instead portraying a bombastic and often surreal version of his life. His latest mixtape, Slime Season, presents an almost sci-fi version of rap excess. He talks about his own beauty (I’m a fuckin’ stunna, ass big, Hummer”) and outlandish personality (I’m an earthling in disguise”) in a way no other rapper would. His surrealist imagery is compounded by his music videos, which combine hip-hop cliches with Lynchian dream sequences – his recent video for Best Friend features Thug walking in on himself making out with his female alter ego, before his ghost sits down to a breakfast cereal dinner party.

Ahead of So Much Fun, Young Thug released a music video for The London” which featured J. Cole and Travis Scott He also made an appearance on Post Malone ‘s recent single Goodbyes” So Much Fun is Thug’s first full-length solo project since Beautiful Thugger Girls, but he released an EP called On The Rvn last year, along with the YSL compilation Slime Language To promote that album, Thug sent our office a friendly snake named Digits,” and sent other snakes to Noisey, Mass Appeal, and The FADER.

Young Thug defies categorization and is a true iconoclast. Emerging on Atlanta’s hip hop scene with his 2011 mixtape series, he launched into the mainstream with his knack for melodicism and unique vocal style. Thug’s highly anticipated new album So Much Fun is scheduled to release later this fall. He recently earned his highest chart placement on the Billboard Hot 100 with his latest single The London” ft. J. Cole & Travis Scott and produced by T-Minus. The London” also earned a spot on Spotify’s 2019 Summer Song Predictions list. Thug was recently featured on Ed Sheeran’s song Feels” on Sheeran’s collaboration album, No.6 Collaborations Project, as well as Post Malone’s new single Goodbyes” and on Lil Nas X‘s new remix of Old Town Road (Remix)”. In addition to his music, Young Thug recently launched his fashion brand SPIDER which premiered during Wireless week in London earlier this month.

THUG: I’ve always felt different—from the beginning. I used to think that I saw things that other people didn’t see, that I could put things together in a way that the average person couldn’t.

Grammy® Award-winning artist Young Thug and chart-topping rapper Machine Gun Kelly announced they are joining forces for a tour across North America this fall, including a date at the Fox Theatre in The District Detroit on Saturday, October 26 at 8:00 p.m. Special guests KILLY and Strick will open the show.

Charity: Musically, Tha Tour overwhelms me. I haven’t gone longer than a month since its unceremonious release five years ago without at least thinking about Tha Tour. It’s one of those albums in which musicians sound out all their ideas so profoundly, through sounds, without needing to tell you very much in explicit terms. It’s one of those albums where even beginning to explain what any given song is about” would reveal you to be an artless dweeb.

My friends and I were actually the first people to ever book Hudson Mohawk and Rustie in North America. We were all young as shit. He was an introvert bedroom producer. I was some arrogant Canadian, and we just kept in touch and always traded music. We’re on the same label now. It’s a real-world friendship, because we don’t really play in the same circles anymore, but we’ll go for Thai food.

Eyeballing the throne of Hip hop royalty, Young Thug began to create a sound and style that would inevitably place him on top. Young Thug’s catchy verses and raw lyrical talent distinguished noise from art, clearly being the latter his creations are the best that remain of Southern hip hop. He is the embodiment of the evolution of Southern hip-hop. Young Thug is the representative for a generation that doesn’t see hip-hop as a hobby but a lifestyle. Keeping true to himself, his art, and his home Young Thug will stand alone as the one true savior of the Southern movement.

Emerging through a smoked-filled stage, the two dripped in swag and performed Young Thug’s So Much Fun collaboration alongside a marching band of trumpets and gleaming lights. Oh, that’s bright.

We get to the venue, and I’m told Thug will be there in about 30 minutes. I am told this every 30 minutes for the next five hours. Eventually it’s agreed that we’ll have to wait until after the show – which is explosively energetic and musically ramshackle, Thug mostly shouting over the full versions of his own songs, with the vocals still turned up – and then at around 11.30pm, I am shown into the dressing room.

But first, can we agree that Tha Tour Part 1 isn’t just the best collaborative rap project of the decade.” It’s the decade’s best rap album, and its most essential rap album, full stop.

The video was a poignant pause in the show that was clearly meant to give weight to his performance of his meaningful, J Cole-featuring hit, A Lot.” But what should have been the highlight of his set became instead the cause of its sudden end: 21 Savage appeared to grit his teeth through audio skips early on in the song, but as the technical issues continued, he abruptly and angrily called it quits, apologizing to the crowd and swiftly exiting.

Young Thug was born Jeffery Lamar Williams in Atlanta. The Zone 3 rapper was born Aug. 16, 1991, as one of 11 children of which he is the second youngest. His family lived in the demolished Jonesboro South projects. Thug also has a brother who is deaf and mute. The MC had American Sign Language interpreters in his 2015 music video, “Anybody,” featuring Nicki Minaj.

But the most pleasurable part of So Much Fun is Young Thug’s general bizarreness. Don’t be surprised if, 100 years from now, we find out this music contained secret communiqués with far-off alien species. Some truly strange lines on the album discuss kidnapping kangaroos and taking Amoxicillin for recreational purposes, burning the ham while smoking dope, keeping grenades in the ceilings of his cars, paying hit men with noodles, making a woman nut in her pants (like in a movie, apparently) and having sex with grannies. These lines highlight Thugger’s position as a freewheeling surrealist that continues the Weird Atlanta tradition of artists like André 3000, Janelle Monáe and Cee Lo Green.

So Much Fun proves to be an album completely unconcerned with its own legacy. Well, maybe not completely: the fact that J. Cole executive produced the whole damn thing seems to indicate that someone thought a co-sign from a so-called serious rapper could prove significant. In an age that relentlessly critiques the idea of genius and seeks to reduce its carbon footprint, it makes sense that Young Thug would release a LEED certified album (sustainable cover art included). I slept in the woods with the guys,” he raps, insouciantly. And when it was time to get up, they made sure the fire was safely contained within their own verses.

The LP doesn’t constitute some great leap forward in Thugger’s art. It isn’t what Reasonable Doubt was for Jay-Z, what The College Dropout was for Kanye or what Thank Me Later was for Drake. Then again, it’s really not supposed to signify an ambitious masterwork or exist in the same kind of grand hip-hop symbolic zone that Jay, Kanye and Drake all pushed towards from the very beginning of their careers. Instead, So Much Fun represents what we might expect a self-titled album to represent: a distillation of Young Thug’s artistry up to this point in time.

THUG: If you don’t like something, you kind of have to create your own look. When I didn’t like what I was listening to, I just had to create a whole different album, or a whole different mixtape. It’s still like that for me.


All jokes aside, the album is pretty good overall. The project features Gucci Mane, Quavo and Wyclef Jean to name a few. And yes there is a song called Harambe.

Thug was born amongst the masses eliminating any doubt that he wouldn’t be special. The second youngest child of 11 children developed a skill for standing out amongst many, early. Young Thug moved to Jonesboro, an impoverished suburb of Georgia where his lifestyle was engrossed by the crime, drug addiction and violence that surrounded him. It was there that he developed an insatiable appetite to succeed his current situation. After discovering and acknowledging his talent and creativity for music in 2010, Thug started a new hustle that would soon mature as one of the most promising music careers in the South.

Thugger teased the event on Instagram Thursday night, saying he rented out a Los Angeles Dave and Busters location to celebrate “Slime Language,” an album of collaborations with artists including Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, Gunna and Jacquees, with the release coinciding with his 27th birthday on Thursday.

Later, Young Thug and Gunna take the stage for a collaborative musical performance. Officer Drake Madison of the Los Angeles Police Department told the Associated Press that a firearm had been found inside the rapper’s car.

A boisterous, packed crowd gathered for Young Thug, eager to hear hits from So Much Fun,” his latest album and the long-awaited commercial breakthrough from one of the forefathers Atlanta’s modern trap boom. But the hype began to wane as time ticked on without a Thug entrance. When Hot,” a standout from his latest record, began to play, the crowd reignited, anticipating his delayed arrival. But as the song finished, the lights went up and Thug seemed to officially be a no-show — that is, until later in the night.

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