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He was also the lead singer of Christian groups Brothers of Grace, and Zach Williams and the Brothers of Grace. But as a teenager he drifted away from the values his parents had instilled in him. To visit her website, click here.

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Zach WilliamsHis own personal response to the voices that said he would never make it, Zach Williams came up with this song of deliverance and freedom. Now, the father of 2, Zach is bringing others to God through his music and it’s absolutely inspiring to hear this story straight from him. What a testimony.

He thought his life was fulfilling and he was doing what he had always wanted to do, but that left him empty, lonely, and further away from God and his family than ever before. For years he sought meaning and fulfillment in the unhealthy, and sometimes dangerous, lifestyle he was living.

Meanwhile, the new album’s title-track lead single hits the top 10 on both Hot Christian Songs and Christian Airplay on the latest, Sept. 28-dated surveys, and Williams performs an exclusive live version on the podcast.

The latest news and hot topics trending among Christian music, entertainment and faith life. Zach Williams spent some time sharing messages and music to inmates of Harding Prison, and we thought this message really hit home this Easter week.


He formed the band with members, Josh Copeland, who played the guitar, Robby Rigsbee, who was also the guitarist, Red Dorton was the notable bassist wile Creed Slater manned the drums. The band, released two albums, A Southern Offering, and Electric Revival. Electric Revival was released in 2009, two years after the band’s formation while A Southern Offering was released in 2011, a year after the band’s eventual disbandment. The band found moderate success with their albums and they toured the Southern United States and some parts of Europe in the promotion of their albums.

21 June 2019 – Franklin, Tenn – Multi award-winning artist and songwriter Zach Williams has announced the release of “Rescue Story,” his brand new song that is now at radio stations across the U.S. and at all digital and streaming platforms. “Rescue Story” is the first to release from Williams’ upcoming album, slated to release this fall.

As for Williams, he continues to find the light in his life again. When he’s not involved in church, family or prison ministry, he’s in the kitchen cooking up a meal. His TV, he said, is constantly tuned to the Food Network.

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Has your life changed because of your experience with MOC? It has really helped solidify the power of music. I can play bluegrass music till my ears bleed and not think twice about it. When you are immersed in music it is easy to take it for granted. But playing one-on-one concerts bedside at hospitals shows that the simplest song can help a person get through some tough times with a smile and thinking of fond memories.

While driving through Spain with his band, Zack heard a song on the radio. I heard ‘Redeemed’ by Big Daddy Weave come across the radio while we were in Spain. God just got my attention and basically said, ‘I see you differently than you see yourself. And I’ve given you this gift. I’ve given you all these chances. And, I want you to use this for me. And if you will, I’ll give you things you’ve never dreamed of.’” That night Zach called Crystal.

Heaven Help Me” and Walk With You” are just a couple of the songs that came to him when he looked back on his life during the writing process. So many times I was in the wrong places and making wrong choices, yet it was God who was keeping me safe, even when I thought he was too far gone,” he says. There Was Jesus” continues that same theme, and is also a highlight for Williams as the song is a duet with the iconic Dolly Parton.



But music would return to him outside of his church’s walls at around the time he and his wife started getting involved in prison ministry. ZACH WILLIAMS WAS BORN AND RAISED IN A SMALL TOWN OUTSIDE JONESBORO, ARKANSAS, NOT UNLIKE ANDY GRIFFITH’S MAYBERRY OR A SCENE FROM THE GOONIES.

Williams said he was so lost in his life as a rock musician that he wasn’t sure he wanted to perform anymore. Then he returned home to Arkansas and found his love of music again.

Accountability. Like you just said, community. It’s funny, I’m on the road so much now that a lot of the time I’m out on the road on a Sunday. So the only time that I get to watch or hear church is when I check the livestream out of the church I would go to when I was living in Arkansas or find ones from different pastors. I’ll also listen to podcasts. It always seems to be something that feels like it’s directed at what I’m going through in that moment, that day, or that week. I’ve always said it’s no coincidence whenever you hear those things. God is actually speaking to you through that. I think a lot of it is just getting with people who have the same beliefs and values as you do. I think that’s kind of what this band is – you’ve got a bunch of guys who want to be held accountable for everything they’re doing.

Fast forward to his late 20s and Williams was a leader of the band Zach Williams & The Reformation. On the wave of the band’s rising popularity and in the newlywed stage of his second marriage, Williams got the news from a doctor: he had early stages of esophagus cancer. Starting in high school, Williams experimented with drugs and alcohol, starting out as nothing more than teenage rebellion and spiraling into abusive habits and addiction. Instead of seeking help, Williams dove deeper into his addiction.

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Come experience new songs from Zach Williams like his most recent single, “Rescue Story” LIVE for the very first time, as well as some of your favorites like “Chain Breaker”, “Fear Is A Liar”, and “Old Church Choir.” He can’t wait to join you for an inspirational night of music and stories, and he hopes that this tour will help you to have a real encounter with the God who loves you and cares deeply for you.

It was during their tour of Europe in 2012 that Zach Williams found his conviction in Christianity. The band was subsequently disbanded and he returned to America, rededicating his life to God in Central Baptist Church situated in his home town of Jonesboro. Even though Zack Williams was no longer a rock musician, the music talent that resided in him needed a form of expression and he found it in Christian worship. Zach in 2014 became a worship leader in his church and continued singing until he released his debut and most popular project till date in 2016.

He would follow Chain Breaker” with his second single, Old Church Choir,” which held the No. 1 spot on Billboard Christian Airplay Radio for 20 weeks.

Before the release of his debut solo album, Chain Breaker on December 14, 2016, Zach Williams was signed by Essential Records owned by Provident Label Group. He became an artist on the label’s roster in 2016 and released his first single as a solo artist, four years after the end of his career as a member of Zach Williams & The Reformation. The single, which was titled Chain Breaker proved to be an instant hit, peaking on the Hot Christian Songs Chart at number one and reaching Top 10 on Christian Radio. Before he released the album, he released an Extended Play project, Chain Breaker, which contained five songs. The EP peaked at number 20 on the US Christian Billboard chart while his subsequent debut album, Chain Breaker, peaked at 184 on the Billboard 200 and number two on the US Christian Billboard Chart.

After that, Zach transitioned in to a position at the Refuge Campus of Central Baptist Church in Jonesboro, Arkansas in which he still serves. It came as a shock when the opportunity to sign with Provident Label Group as a new Christian artist arose. Never in his wildest dreams did Zach Williams think that he would be in this place of writing and recording music in the Christian music industry, especially from years of hard living on the road while in a rock & roll band.

Zach Williams is a reporter who covers state politics and the legislature, and also produces the Nonprofit First Read newsletter. He graduated from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and has a B.A. in Chinese studies from U.C. Berkeley. His writing, videos, photography and VR have appeared in publications throughout the New York City area, West Africa and California. He lives in Brooklyn.

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