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Where they gave me the opportunity of collaborating with Daddy Yankee on “Otra Cosa” and “Criminal” with Ozuna , which was, like, that song that actually gave me a second chance of being here.

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NATTI NATASHARecognized globally as the most watched woman on YouTube with over 4.52 billion views, Dominican singer Natti Natasha is looking to break new ground with the release of her first studio album titled ilumiNATTI. That’s one of my favorite moments. You go into the studio, and you record for hours, for days, months. No sleep. And I love the creative part. But when you get onstage and you actually get to sing in different parts of the world—I look at people, in their eyes, I try to vibe with them. I try to see how they’re feeling. I really want to share this moment with them. I say “surreal” a lot, but it actually really feels like that, and it feels like a blessing. There are no words to actually describe the adrenaline. And, I sometimes can’t believe it because all these people have heard this song, and they’re all singing it at the same time. And then singing in the same space that Daddy Yankee’s singing. Like, he’s my padrino musical musical godfather, to tell you the truth. I keep learning from him every single day. Like, he’s been here for years, and he still performs like the first day. He still goes into that studio like the first day. So I mean, I’m still learning. I’m still a little sponge.

The ever-widening world of Latin music comes to take over Las Vegas several times a year now, and when a holiday weekend or awards show like the Billboards or Latin Grammys arrives, these rising and established artists are infiltrating the clubs for afterparties extraordinaire. Exploding Latin trap pioneer Bad Bunny performed for the second time at Drai’s Wednesday night, and after the big Billboard show at Mandalay Bay, its nightlife headquarters Light plays host to Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha.

Becky G — who’s experimented with reggaeton in her music — clearly agrees, saying on the Billboard panel that it’s not just a girl’s thing. We can empower each other all we want but, at the same time, the men also need to take responsibility to support us.” The singer added that in the coming months, she’d like to see more of her male peers saying, ‘Hey, I know this dope writer… or she’s a dope producer, let’s get her in the session.'” This, she believes, will help carve space for more female reggaeton artists to succeed. It’s not that there’s a lack of talent or that there’s a lack of ambition on the side of women artists, songwriters and producers, but that there’s a lack of opportunity,” Becky G said.

This year, Natasha was recognized as YouTube’s most-watched female artist and continues to gain momentum with standout Latin collaborations with Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, Becky G and more. In February 2019, she released her album, ilumiNATTI” and is currently on tour with Daddy Yankee in Latin America.

But US media still pigeonholes Latinx artists who don’t primarily sing in English, so that even when their music is massively successful, very few of them become mainstream pop stars As Gomez acknowledged, it has taken longer to build traction as an artist than it did her first time around. On the English side I had all the push in the world as far as radio goes and media goes, but I was making music that I didn’t really care for,” she said. Now, on the Spanish side, I’m making music that actually means something to me, but the push and the media and everything, that’s taken time to really build.” Gomez doesn’t yet have the name recognition of many of her contemporaries on the other side of the language divide.

Beginning her career as a protégé of famed reggaetonero Don Omar in the early 2010s, Natasha finally came into her own in 2017 when she signed with Pina Records (Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee). Once under new management, the hits began to flow — Criminal” with Ozuna, Amantes De Una Noche” with Bad Bunny, and one of 2018’s biggest Latinx songs, Sin Pijama” with Becky G.

Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista (born December 10), known professionally as Natti Natasha, is a Dominican singer and songwriter. She was signed to Don Omar’s label Orfanato Music Group. Her debut EP, All About Me, was released on March 28, 2012, by Orfanato Music Group. Her debut album, Iluminatti, was released on February 15, 2019, by Pina Records and Sony Music Latin.

And, yes, that’s totally right. But there’s also another side of the story: the group of women who have fought hard to be recognized as leaders of the genre. From Lisa M to Ivy Queen and Karol G to Natti Natasha , meet the urban Latin female singers who’ve stood out on the Billboard charts during the genre’s evolution.

Natti Natasha (born Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez) is a chart-topping reggaeton, urban, and Latin pop singer. Mentored by Don Omar, she has not only rung the bell at the top of the Latin pop charts across the Americas and Spain, but has consistently placed in the Top Ten.

Natasha’s single Criminal” with Ozuna actually dethroned Despacito” from YouTube’s worldwide top spot on its way to racking up more than 1 billion views. Imagine the energy when two of the top Latin artists in the world join forces at Light Thursday night.

The definition of “pop” has indeed changed as Latin music has taken over airwaves across the nation. Pop singers, from Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez to Katy Perry, have cashed in on the trend in recent years, and it’s for a good reason: When it comes to global streaming numbers, Latino urbano music consistently outranks even pop behemoths such as Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.

On February 15 Dominican singer, songwriter, and rapper, Natti Natasha released her debut album illumiNATTI on all digital platforms. Unlike other artists, Natti has been on the scene for a minute, releasing singles and being a part of collaborations with up and coming artists, as well as solidified artists such as Ozuna, Bad Bunny, Ken-Y & RKM, just to name a few. Listening to the opening tracks of this album you can tell that the album is definitely Natti Natasha, with her vocals and her usual sound of reggaeton. Amidst the release of her album here are a few quick answers to those questions you have been asking. That title? Natti explains in a Billboard interview that the name came from a mix of wanting to shine light and attention to women, which is the overall theme of the album which we will dissect later.

Spanish designer Custo Dalmau, founder of fashion house Custo Barcelona, supported by Dominican artist Natti Natasha, on Saturday presented his desire for rebellious glamour, which breaks with established rules, with colorful pieces in which metalized and novel fabrics dominated, at the New York Fashion Week.

Natti Natasha arrives at TIDAL’s New York City offices dressed in a custom emerald green and black Louis Vuitton leather jacket; she’s about to rip the runway at Custo Barcelona, her first show at New York Fashion Week for Spanish designer Custo Dalmau. Still, the Dominican born artist is far more ecstatic to share a few songs from her debut album: the diverse, enchanting ilumiNATTI.

Tired of seeing the lack of female representation, Carlile has taken matters into her own hands by organizing a destination festival called Girls Just Wanna in Mexico Jan. 30- Feb. 3 at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, 2019. The fest will feature her and GRAMMY winners Maren Morris , Indigo Girls and Patty Griffin Also on the lineup GRAMMY-nominated artists KT Tunstall , the Secret Sisters , as well as Margo Price, Lucius and Ruby Amanfu.

Natti Natasha was number two on the Billboards Top Female Latin Artists Poll Only Shakira came in higher. That’s amazing considering how much people love Shakira. Overall she came in number fifteen and Shakira came in ninth out of all the artists on the charts (both genders).

Founded by international music icon Marc Anthony and veteran talent agent Michel Vega in April 2015, MAGNUS Media include operating divisions handling artist management, music publishing, digital and video content creation, television production, a music label, a sports division, a talent agency, and an entertainment-centric marketing practice focused on leveraging the power of top Latino content creators worldwide.

Natasha has worked with many Latin artists including, Daddy Yankee, Ozuna and with Becky G. Other collaborators include Bad Bunny, Thalía, Pitbull, Cosculluela, R.K.M & Ken-Y and Anitta. Mejor” rules with 21 million in audience (a 21% gain) earned in the week ending Oct. 20, according to Nielsen Music, and moves 18-12 on the Latin Airplay chart.

Natti even earned three Billboard awards and became most streamed songs on Spotify. In 2012, she released her first duet album All About Me” which accumulated a massive revenue. She even signed a contract with Pina Records. Recently, Natti collaborated in Amantes De Una Noche” with Bad Bunny reaching more than 35 million YouTube views.

Now you see there’s a wave,” Gomez’s manager Marc Jordan, who once steered Rihanna’s career, told BuzzFeed News. Everyone seems to be winning at the same time.” And Gomez, who now sings in Spanish, has pivoted from her teen-in-the-pop-machine past to a sexier adult persona, carving out a unique wholesome-but-naughty lane for herself. If reggaeton as a genre has shifted from the fringes of Latin music to become mainstream pop , or reached the boy band stage , so to speak, then Becky G is emerging as the genre’s winking, self-made Britney.

A reggaeton artist that can go back to her Dominican roots is always appreciated, and that’s exactly what Natti Natasha did with her latest bachata single, “Quién Sabe.” In a song about the regrets of infidelity, Natasha mixes fast-paced guitar riffs with the usual drum machine we hear in most of her songs. As Natasha herself described in the music video’s comments section , this is the ideal song to dedicate to someone if you’ve ever failed them. The video is just as melodramatic as one would expect, featuring Natasha and her two romantic interests settling their differences during a Catholic mass at an ancient, castle-like church.

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