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Always encouraging women to push through despite barriers and disparities, just as she has in her own career, Natti used the emotional moment to send an inspiring message to the ladies. From that day on, he became her mentor and has guided her career.

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NATTI NATASHARecognized globally as the most watched woman on YouTube with over 4.52 billion views, Dominican singer Natti Natasha is looking to break new ground with the release of her first studio album titled ilumiNATTI. While she still throws down in the Latin urban circuit, IlumiNATTI shows that Natasha is a woman untethered to its conventions. She touches upon her reggae roots with Dawn Penn-like swagger in No Voy A Llorar” Quién Sabe, ” sung from the viewpoint of a woman with a boyfriend — and a roving eye — is a lavish feast of genres. Much like the song’s protagonist, Natasha establishes the Dominican-grown bachata sound as her number one, but flirts with touches of Eighties synthwave, and welcomes sweet nothings from a saxophone. Meanwhile, her balada romantica, La Mejor Versión de Mí,” is dedicated to a love of the self — a culminating moment in a record she describes as an act of ultimate self-possession.

Rob Kardashian may be banned from Instagram , but that hasn’t stopped him from exchanging flirty messages on Twitter with Dominican pop star Natti Natasha The Arthur George sock mogul made it known that he is interested in the “Sin Pijama” singer after he retweeted a sexy photo of the songstress earlier this month.

This talented singer has been involved in music from a young age. By the age of seven, Natasha was focusing on her talents, registering at the school of Fine Arts in Santiago. She quickly learned how to master her voice and gained the attention of Latin music icon Don Omar. Natasha kick-started her career by signing to Don Omar’s Orfanto Music Group, releasing her first songs under Orfanto Music Group, turning the heads of industry figures and fans with the collaborations Dutty Love” with Omar, and Crazy in Love” with Farruko. In 2017, Natasha released the Criminal” with Latin superstar Ozuna. The track became an instant hit, quickly climbing to the Top 5 of Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart. Natasha continued her reign of the charts throughout 2018: her Becky G collaboration Sin Pijama’ peaked at No 3 on the Hot Latin Songs Chart. Within three weeks of its release, the song was certified platinum and became YouTube’s most-watched song of the year by a female artist.

One fan said to Khloe that Natti’s “a dominican singer your brother has a crush on,” and another noted, “Arguably the biggest female Reggaeton artist in the world rn but yeah who is she.” Yet another follower thought Robert from “KUWTK” and Natti, the singer would make a fine couple. They posted, “It’s a Latin singer. From Dominican Republic. A good and beautiful person.

Well, I was in the Dominican Republic, and, I don’t know. I just loved music and I started knowing people who sang or produced. As a little girl I was in the church chorus. And then I got into Bellas Artes, which is a school in the Dominican Republic. Like a nonprofit, but I started getting the first feel of the music environment and all that. But it was always something that I was always inclined to do. Then with some friends, without planning it, you know, some of them were producers and some of them were rappers, singers. And like, just out of like, playing around, we actually started recording and doing small presentations and stuff like that. But it was always something that I saw myself doing.

That’s one of my favorite moments. You go into the studio, and you record for hours, for days, months. No sleep. And I love the creative part. But when you get onstage and you actually get to sing in different parts of the world—I look at people, in their eyes, I try to vibe with them. I try to see how they’re feeling. I really want to share this moment with them. I say “surreal” a lot, but it actually really feels like that, and it feels like a blessing. There are no words to actually describe the adrenaline. And, I sometimes can’t believe it because all these people have heard this song, and they’re all singing it at the same time. And then singing in the same space that Daddy Yankee‘s singing. Like, he’s my padrino musical musical godfather, to tell you the truth. I keep learning from him every single day. Like, he’s been here for years, and he still performs like the first day. He still goes into that studio like the first day. So I mean, I’m still learning. I’m still a little sponge.

I feel like it was very her style—Caribbean. It has a mix of both worlds. And I have another collab with Kany Garcia, which is a Bachata. I didn’t go to the balada, and she didn’t come to the urban, but we found ourselves in a good medium. And I love these two women, and I feel like each one represents women in their own way. Like, that’s what I was really looking for. And I don’t know, it’s people that I really vibe with that even though we didn’t know each other in person, ’cause when I met each one of them, I was impressed. I really get happy like, when I meet other artists. Especially girls. ‘Cause if you know the struggle, you’re gonna respect them.

Becky G was initially marketed as a kind of wholesome teenage hybrid of Kesha and Jennifer Lopez. She remembers writing her own debut single for the label, Becky From the Block ,” at 15 while eating chocolate chips in a closet of a recording studio. I won’t stop till I get to the top,” she raps in the song; the music video follows her through a kind of walking tour of her childhood in Inglewood — where she and her parents once lived in her grandparents’ converted garage — conveying her backstory. The song sampled ‘s hit , and in a sign of the power of Gomez’s backers, Lopez even made a cameo in the video.NATTI NATASHA

Natasha is the first international non-Puerto Rican female artist to join the Latin urban movement. The Dominican singer excelled after collaborating with Don Omar on the song Dutty Love.” But it wasn’t until 2019 that Natasha released her first album, IlumiNATTI.

Yeah. Of course. I’ve always had these little songs in there with English. Obviously, with me representing Latinos, I feel like that’s a very special touch we have. You know? Like, even if we do an English song, representing our community is a very important thing for me. Because we’re hard-working people. And right now vez la union you see the unity, how it’s all come together when before it used to be so hard to actually collaborate in an English song. It’s coming out now, you know, organically. So definitely, I’m working on it, but always with that Latin flavor.

In 2017, Puerto Rican singer Daddy Yankee released the song ”Otra Cosa” with Natasha and Criminal with Ozuna. In 2018 she collaborated with artists Bad Bunny, Becky G, Thalía and Cosculluela Natasha is currently signed to Pina Records.

There’s a long way to go before the industry can claim gender parity or equity, but after years of unacceptable standards, the change came seemingly overnight for reggaeton in a way that has not happened on, for example, country radio Natasha believes social media played a significant role in spreading Latino urbano music around the world and, consequently, in expanding the range of voices heard within the genre.

Other acclaimed music creators slated to participate in the ASCAP Song Camp include Grammy-nominated songwriter, audio engineer and producer Maria Elisa Ayerbe (, Ricky Martin, Il Divo); Grammy-nominated songwriter Stacy Barthe (Rihanna, Katy Perry, John Legend); singer-songwriter and actress GALE (Farina, Sebastián Yatra, David Bisbal); artist-songwriter Elena Rose (Becky G, MYA); two-time Grammy-nominated recording engineer, songwriter and producer Suzy Shinn (Sia, Dua Lipa, Panic at the Disco, Weezer); singer-songwriter Shari Short (Miley Cyrus, Gente de Zona) and producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Ali Stone (David Guetta, Camila Cabello, Mario Bautista).

In 2017, her song “Criminal” featuring Ozuna got her on the charts and now the Dominican-born singer, nicknamed “La Baby,” just dropped her first studio album, ilumiNATTI. “My days have been hectic but fun,” she tells CHICA. As the 31-year-old Latin urban-pop artist ascends, here’s what you need to know about her journey.

Natti even earned three Billboard awards and became most streamed songs on Spotify. In 2012, she released her first duet album All About Me” which accumulated a massive revenue. She even signed a contract with Pina Records. Recently, Natti collaborated in Amantes De Una Noche” with Bad Bunny reaching more than 35 million YouTube views.

This week, Latin artists from reggaeton to flamenco to synth-pop reckoned with their roots. Natti Natasha strayed from the pop-reggaeton sound she’s known for and took it back to the old-school churches of the Dominican Republic for a bachata ballad, Nacho and Ozuna united for the reggaeton romantico they do best, while flamenco stalwart Buika and Chilean group The Holydrug Couple experimented with different upbeat genres to create something new.

Multiple GRAMMY-winning pop star Taylor Swift is set to headline Amazon Music’s “Prime Day” concert that will stream live on Prime Video. SZA , Dua Lipa and Becky G will also have performances. In an exclusive interview, the singer sits down with the Recording Academy to go deep on IlumiNATTI, her experience in the music industry, representing her culture through music, and more.

Earlier this year, Natti Natasha scored the title of the most watched woman on Youtube.” Her presence and visibility on the social media is in direct contrast to Rob who’s kept a low profile within recent months.

And if women were having trouble breaking through in Latin urban genres when Gomez first began her reverse crossover, they are now some of the biggest winners, largely thanks to YouTube Michelle Rivera, who studies reggaeton as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan, said YouTube has allowed Latinx artists to bypass Billboard and radio-dictated genre boundaries and conventions.

Rob Kardashian ‘s flirty texts with Natti Natasha seem to have caught his sister Khloé Kardashian off guard. Khloé peppered Rob with questions about his new connection on Sunday, June 16, after seeing his exchange with the Dominican singer.

Latin pop singer and reggaetonera Natti Natasha will perform in El Paso this fall. Reggaeton and Latin pop singer known for her 2012 debut album All About Me. She also had a lot of success with the single “Dutty Love,” which topped the US Latin charts.

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