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NLE ChoppaNLE Choppa Radio plays music from NLE Choppa and similar artists. On January 10, 2019, NLE Choppa dropped his breakout single, Shotta Flow. Released under United Masters, on behalf of No Love Entertainment, the track quickly became a fan favorite. The track was streamed millions of times and it also received a satisfying 98% approval rating. It became extremely popular on various media platforms such as Spotify and SoundCloud. His single is also available in the iTunes store.

It’s not every day that a legend gifts a new artist with words of wisdom, but it happened to NLE Choppa. Stevie Wonder reportedly ran into a Choppa at an event and bestowed some advice that has stuck with him to this day. He told me keep working,” the rapper recalled of his brief conversation with Wonder. It might seem like a simple token, but Choppa cites Wonder’s words as the best advice he’s ever received.

With poise, charisma and cleverness way beyond his years, 16-year-old NLE Choppa burst onto the scene and immediately grabbed our attention and captured our hearts. In just under a year, Choppa has amassed an astonishing 170 million cumulative views on YouTube and has gained a cult following that transcends age and socioeconomic status. His breakout hit Shotta Flow” has more than 79 million views alone for its raw, true-to-life music video, while the newly released remix featuring Blueface has garnered over 27 million views and counting. Choppa’s first release under the new deal, Free Youngboy,” has already hit 8.5 million views. A young boss with street-savvy, Choppa and his family grew No Love Entertainment (NLE) from humble beginnings in Memphis to a burgeoning full-fledged imprint with Warner Records. NLE Choppa continues to take 2019 by storm and solidifies his place as the next global superstar.

In the blink of an eye, NLE Choppa went from a Memphis high school student to a viral sensation. Clearly, NLE Choppa has had enough of the back-and-forth and he’s ready to move past the constant shadow of NBA YoungBoy.

On Saturday (Aug. 31), Choppa jumped on his Instagram page and shared a video of his unfortunate mishap. In the clip, the young rapper, who was wearing a medical boot after injuring his foot in a four-wheel motorbike accident, was performing Shotta Flow 3” when he turned his back to the crowd, took two steps back and fell. He tumbled so hard he almost greeted fans in the front row. Choppa quickly hopped up and continued to rap his abrasive lyrics from the song without hesitation.

NLE stands for No Love Entertainment. Just showing no love, took that part of myself and turned it into a brand. Choppa just a name people back home call me.

Continuing, he explains, This is why I tried to make the video (for ‘Shotta Flow’) as Memphis as it way we dance, the culture, our unique haircuts, the way we talk, some of the slang, and guns. Memphis is a tough city.” NLE Choppa talks shop with DJ Boy Wonda, the producer and owner of WonWorld studios in Manhattan. The conversation yields much in the taut chat.

SeatGeek is the best way to browse, find, and buy NLE Choppa Tickets. Bryson Lashun Potts, better known as NLE Choppa, is a 16 years old American rapper and songwriter based in Memphis, Tennessee.

NLE Choppa (born in 2002) is an American Rapper, Musical Artist, Songwriter, Singer, and Musician from Memphis, USA. Furthermore, he is not an ordinary child. Choppa is a rising rapper of America. In fact, he poses an X-factor that is making him popular. Additionally, his full real birth name is Bryson Potts.

His newfound fame has connected him with rapper, Blocboy JB On January 30, they released ChopBloc.” Judging from its online presence, the song is poised to surpass a million stream. He recently released, I Don’t Need Help”, a 9lokkNine remix and Shotta Flow 2.” NLE Choppa apparently has a 15-track mixtape, No Love The Takeover, out as well. He has another project coming in the summer. As he continues to put forth songs, his future looks very bright.

The ground that also bred Elvis Presley, a pioneering culture vulture of Rock music, has endless creative and customs and heralded Stax Records hails from Memphis, as does Hypnotize Minds. The same soil that birthed Elvis, offered rural urbana the Three 6 Mafia, Gangsta Boo, LaChat, 8 Ball MJG, Tela, Young Dolph and current fan favorite BlocBoy JB, among many other talented individuals like young Choppa.

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There are no sure things in rap, especially these days. Too many potential pitfalls are out there. A young rapper can fuck up their career about 15 different ways before it even gets started. Choppa raps about guns, drugs, violence, arrests, depression — all things that can tear down a rap career, things that have cost plenty of young rappers freedom and even life. But Choppa’s potential is unlimited. And if Choppa isn’t a massive star within the next few years, it’s because somebody — possibly Choppa himself — fucked up. Because all the ingredients are there. A few months ago, Billboard reported that Choppa had turned down potential millions in label deals so that he could have his stuff independently distributed. Going forward, he’ll own all of his music. That’s a smart decision and a good start. We’ll see how he goes from here. And if NLE Choppa is starring in a network cop show and hosting unendurable awards shows in 30 years, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Memphis, nicknamed Bluff City, has several other distinctions, which has clearly contributed to the city’s unique brand of gutter, amped rap music. In 2018, the metropolis ranked as the fourth most violent city in the United States of America. In 2017, it ranked #3 and back at #4 in the previous year. Urban blight is nothing new to Memphis as USA Today reported that more than a quarter of the city’s population was under the poverty line.

Bon Iver’s appearance on ‘CBS This Morning’ featured an interview with the band as well as video of songs off their 2019 album ‘i,i’ and more from their recent show at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Lord is this song a riot. The literal embodiment of a riot. Fresh beat, fresh bars, and a combination of everything that made the earlier Shotta Flow” installments fantastic, Shotta Flow 3” earns the No. 1 spot because it showcases Choppa’s rapid growth. The breathy opening delivery works well with the blown-out bass line, as opposed to the shouting competing with the bass on Shotta Flow 2.” The rhymes are getting crisper as well, with Choppa ironing out this breakneck flow to absolutely glide over the production. The rudimentary schemes that glued us to his earlier performances have evolved into railing multis.

Real name Bryson Potts, he was born on November 1, 2002. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, he grew up in the Grind City. He attended Cordova High School and played basketball for their team. He also took karate lessons growing up. Though he did not reveal any gang affiliation, he explained that most of his colleagues are crips. He describes Memphis as being a tough city. As he is a new rapper, not much is known about his upbringing. However, as information becomes available, his profile will be updated accordingly. In an Allhiphop” article, Choppa shouts out Drake for helping Memphis stay prominent in hip-hop music. With regard to music, NLE Choppa began experimenting at age 14 and started rapping seriously at age 15.

NLE Choppa’s height is 6ft 1in. His net worth is estimated at $5 Million USD. NLE, his name, and brand stands for No Love Entertainment. He currently manages an online store selling various merchandise that bears his insignia. He also uses the alias Baby Mexico Choppa and was formerly known as YNR Choppa. He is a member of the collective, Shotta Fam. In several of his Instagram photos, he can be seen brandishing various firearms, (most likely for props). Choppa doesn’t just drill rap, he also incorporates soft melodies into his songs. In a Genius interview, he expresses dreams of investing in real estate and owning his brand shoes store. NLE Choppa shares a close relationship with his mother Angela Potts.

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16-year-old NLE Choppa — aka Bryson Potts — recently inked a deal with Warner Music Group after turning down a $3 million deal with an unnamed major label competitor. Warner’s deal with the rapper included the creation of a sub-label titled No Love Entertainment. That deal was structured through Warner Records, part of the mighty Warner Music Group umbrella.

SeatGeek will process your order and deliver your NLE Choppa Tickets. NLE Choppa’s height is 6 feet 1 inch (185 in cm) and his body weight is 75 (165 in lbs). Soon, other singles released are Shotta Flow 2” and I Don’t Need Help”.

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Subscribe for updates on music videos, interviews, performance videos, etc. NLE Choppa’s eyes see all of this apparent desolation, yet his hope for the future swells far beyond the bleakness of national statistics.

With the release of Shotta Flow 3” on July 19, it’s time for a Shotta Flow” power ranking, and to give some flowers to the young man lighting up the rap game from Memphis to the universe.

Memphis rapper NLE Choppa rose to fame almost overnight on the back of a viral hit and a charismatic social media presence. Young upcoming rapper NLE Choppa was shot dead in the streets of L.A. at around 7:40pm today. It has been ruled over as gang violence.

Memphis rapper NLE Choppa rose to fame almost overnight on the back of a viral hit and a charismatic social media presence. At just 16, the rapper was fielding record deal offers from major labels, sometimes with advances in the millions. Ever the entrepreneur, NLE Choppa turned down the contracts, opting instead for a distribution deal that allowed him to keep the rights to his music. With just a few punchy tracks to his name, the young rapper was already world famous by early 2019, with streaming numbers in the millions.

While it’s early, NLE Choppa seems to have the Midas Touch without the greed that the king would eventually regret. About 10 million viewers agree and now, with blessings flowing, he will harness his burgeoning power for the upliftment of an entire city.

At just 16, the rapper was fielding record deal offers from major labels, sometimes with advances in the millions. Ever the entrepreneur, NLE Choppa turned down the contracts, opting instead for a distribution deal that allowed him to keep the rights to his music. With just a few punchy tracks to his name, the young rapper was already world famous by early 2019, with streaming numbers in the millions.

There has been multiple news related to Choppa’s death that has surfaced the media in past couple of months. However, every single news turned out to be nothing but a hoax.

Right now, Choppa raps almost exclusively over harsh, unforgiving Memphis rap, a form of the genre that’s barely evolved over the past two or three decades. This is punishing, simplistic music: a few drum-blats, maybe some eerie horror-movie piano, a whole lot of empty space. And yet Choppa is about to make this stuff sing. He turns it into mass-appeal music simply by existing on it. I hope that never changes.NLE Choppa

The young rap artist isn’t particularly talkative, which defies his charismatic persona in his videos. He’s charted as a rapidly moving meteorite in this musical universe and he’s on a collision course with Planet Hip-Hip. As this story is being written, Shotta Flow” has amassed well over 9 million views and growing, with visuals that tell a sobering tale of Memphis. And, so as impossible as it seems, he’s also peeking out from the soil of his native land.

Blueface, baby! Yeah, yeah, aight!” On the remix of Shotta Flow,” we must admit the West Coast star ran away with it. From his unmistakable entrance to his switch-up in flows, to his delivering a fresh set of bars otherwise absent from his most recent string of singles, Blueface takes a Southern hit and brings it to the West. With his star high and his vocal tone as distinct as Choppa’s, Blueface seems like the perfect collaborator.

Potts was raised in Memphis , attending Cordova High School while also playing basketball 3 He began freestyling with friends at the age of 14 and started taking music seriously at 15. 4 He is of Jamaican ancestry.

2019 NLE Choppa Entertainment, Inc. He totes guns in videos, but when you peel back the layers, NLE Choppa has gigantic ambitions. Chuck Creekmur reports. Tap Sell on NLE Choppa Tickets and set the number of tickets that you want to sell.

This week has been busy in the hip-hop world. Highly anticipated albums from Gucci Mane, Kash Doll, and G Eazy hit streaming services. There’s also new music from Jadakiss, newcomer 24 Hours, rap veterans Black Moon, Yo Gotti featuring Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Uzi Vert, BlueFace, and many others.

When the Memphis artist first began rapping, he used the stage name YNR Choppa. He released his first single, No Love Anthem,” and debut mixtape, No Love the Takeover, under this moniker before changing his name to NLE Choppa. It’s unclear what the YNR” stands for, as Choppa has not spoken about his past stage name in interviews, but he has said that Choppa” was a nickname he got as a kid.

Warner Records today announced that the company has partnered with NLE Choppa for the launch of his label, No Love Entertainment (NLE). NLE Choppa will christen the venture with the release of brand new music (details forthcoming).

If you are NLE Choppa’s avid fan share this news to make others aware of the fake news regarding his death. In April 2019, NLE released another single called “Birdboy”, produced by SGULL.

NLE Choppa, real name Bryson Potts, was a hooper at Cordova High School in Memphis, Tennessee (Class 2021) before gaining hype as a rapper. Potts started rapping in December 2017 with his debut song No Love Anthem”, currently sitting at a little over 100,000 views on Youtube.

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