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NLE ChoppaQuick rising rapper who caused a bidding war between the labels Interscope, Republic, EMPIRE and Caroline for his representation. With poise, charisma and cleverness way beyond his years, 16-year-old NLE Choppa burst onto the scene and immediately grabbed our attention and captured our hearts. In just under a year, Choppa has amassed an astonishing 170 million cumulative views on YouTube and has gained a cult following that transcends age and socioeconomic status. His breakout hit Shotta Flow” has more than 79 million views alone for its raw, true-to-life music video, while the newly released remix featuring Blueface has garnered over 27 million views and counting. Choppa’s first release under the new deal, Free Youngboy,” has already hit 8.5 million views. A young boss with street-savvy, Choppa and his family grew No Love Entertainment (NLE) from humble beginnings in Memphis to a burgeoning full-fledged imprint with Warner Records. NLE Choppa continues to take 2019 by storm and solidifies his place as the next global superstar.

NLE Choppa’s height is 6ft 1in. His net worth is estimated at $5 Million USD. NLE, his name, and brand stands for No Love Entertainment. He currently manages an online store selling various merchandise that bears his insignia. He also uses the alias Baby Mexico Choppa and was formerly known as YNR Choppa. He is a member of the collective, Shotta Fam. In several of his Instagram photos, he can be seen brandishing various firearms, (most likely for props). Choppa doesn’t just drill rap, he also incorporates soft melodies into his songs. In a Genius interview, he expresses dreams of investing in real estate and owning his brand shoes store. NLE Choppa shares a close relationship with his mother Angela Potts.

Considering the success of the original Shotta Flow,” and the quality of each subsequent version of the song, this release strategy is genius. Fans searching for the original Shotta Flow” will undoubtedly stumble upon the auxiliary versions, making for an incredible content loop and SEO play. It also helps that each of these tracks is bursting with charisma and dark humor, boisterous bars, and the type of raucous spirit that screams quintessential Southern hip-hop.

I basically love any rap song that crams on as many rappers as possible and dares all of them to do anything they can to stand out. It’s never not beautiful. And right now, it looks like J. Cole’s new Revenge Of The Dreamers III compilation will be nothing but that. I’m excited, and you should be, too.

Shotta Flow 3” is knuckle-biting music. Shotta Flow 3” is crack-your-teeth-on-the-cement music. If there is ever a Shotta Flow 4,” it will have big shoes to fill.

In the blink of an eye, NLE Choppa went from a Memphis high school student to a viral sensation. Clearly, NLE Choppa has had enough of the back-and-forth and he’s ready to move past the constant shadow of NBA YoungBoy.

While it’s early, NLE Choppa seems to have the Midas Touch without the greed that the king would eventually regret. About 10 million viewers agree and now, with blessings flowing, he will harness his burgeoning power for the upliftment of an entire city.

Part of it is the presentation. Choppa packages himself as a wild young hyena, waving guns and flashing gang signs. But he keeps moving. Like fellow viral Memphis breakout BlocBoy JB, Choppa is a hell of a dancer, and he hits a wild new step seemingly whenever there’s a camera pointed at him. He is also better-looking than any kid I knew when I was 16. He emits levels of charisma that we just never see from WorldStar-level street-rappers.

This week has been busy in the hip-hop world. Highly anticipated albums from Gucci Mane, Kash Doll, and G Eazy hit streaming services. There’s also new music from Jadakiss, newcomer 24 Hours, rap veterans Black Moon, Yo Gotti featuring Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Uzi Vert, BlueFace, and many others.

The ground that also bred Elvis Presley, a pioneering culture vulture of Rock music, has endless creative and customs and heralded Stax Records hails from Memphis, as does Hypnotize Minds. The same soil that birthed Elvis, offered rural urbana the Three 6 Mafia, Gangsta Boo, LaChat, 8 Ball MJG, Tela, Young Dolph and current fan favorite BlocBoy JB, among many other talented individuals like young Choppa.

From its blown-out bass to the gaps in production for NLE Choppa to shine with his energetic and lugubrious delivery, assigning Shotta Flow 2” the lowest ranking feels like a bit of a crime. It’s not that the song is missing the searing and coring spirit of the original, but rather that the production struggles to cede the floor to NLE Choppa’s voice. The blare of the bass competes with Choppa’s register, making for a mildly subdued listen. The No homo” quip also loses the young man a few points.

His style can best be described as a hybrid between Blocboy JB and NBA Youngboy. He usually sings, but as of late he’s been all about the street rap. And, according to his first hit Shotta Flow”, he wants all the smoke.

The rapper was born as Bryson Potts on November 1, 2002, in Memphis, Tennessee. As a teen at Cordova High School, he began freestyling and rapping with friends for fun when he was 14, and officially launched his rap career at the age of 15 in 2018.

Bryson Potts was born during 2002 in Memphis, Tennessee (USA). At present, Rapper NLE Choppa’s age is 16 years old. Still, his father and mother data is not available currently. NLE has no interest in studies. He did his education through homeschooling.

Bryson Potts (b. November 1, 2002), better known by his stage name NLE Choppa, is an American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. He got first popularity surge after releasing the official video of the track Shotta Flow,” which has more than 91 million views as of August, 2019.

At the very, very beginning of Shotta Flow” – if you listen closely – there is a barely audible quote that says, I wish everything I touch would turn into gold…” The ominous statement paraphrases King Midas, a famous ruler more known mostly for his existence in Greek mythology. Midas was blessed, and subsequently cursed, for being able the reconfigure matter into gold.

NLE Choppa, real name Bryson Potts, was a hooper at Cordova High School in Memphis, Tennessee (Class 2021) before gaining hype as a rapper. Potts started rapping in December 2017 with his debut song No Love Anthem”, currently sitting at a little over 100,000 views on Youtube.

In June of 2019, NLE Choppa dropped Shotta Flow Remix” ft Blueface The collaboration, featuring two of the hottest rappers, received a positive response. On YouTube alone, it has been streamed over 90 million times in 3 months. Shotta Flow 3” arrived in July of 2019 and the single followed the same path as its ancestors. Camelot,” his latest heat, has already amassed over 80 million streams in 3 weeks. He has also made his music festival debut and continues to collab with other trendsetters.

On June 14, 2019, he released the single, “Free Youngboy”, produced by CashMoneyAP. The music video has achieved 15 million views on YouTube. The title of this song is a reference to NBA YoungBoy, who was arrested for shooting and because he violated his parole. This song was the first release from his own label No Love Entertainment (NLE), which he launched in partnership with Warner Records 20 According to Billboard magazine, No Love Entertainment is next slated to release unspecified new music from NLE Choppa, though no details have been provided. 20 On September 13, 2019, NLE Choppa released a new single titled “Camelot”. 21 The song has so far peaked at number 37 in the US, becoming his second Top 40 hit, following “Shotta Flow”.

His followers are more than 10 million for his single Shotta Flow”. It releases in January 2019. Additionally, NLE regular effort makes him a big star. He is also getting endorsements of different products. There are many subscribers on his YouTube channel. Actually, he holds an account on Spotify too. His other tracks are Drip”, Redrum” and No Love Anthem”.

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