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While it’s early, NLE Choppa seems to have the Midas Touch without the greed that the king would eventually regret. NLE Choppa‘s height is 6ft 1in. The music video has achieved 15 million views on YouTube.

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NLE ChoppaAmerican rapper and hip-hop artist NLE Choppa is one of the genre’s most promising newcomers. Tiana Major 9 and EarthGang – “Collide” Lena Waithe’s upcoming film Queen and Slim is one of the most anticipated of the year, starring Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith as a couple who unexpectedly kill a police officer after being pulled over. The first single from the film’s soundtrack is “Collide,” by EarthGang and Tiana Major 9. The rest of the soundtrack will feature songs by the likes of Ms. Lauryn Hill, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby, Vince Staples, and Coast Contra featuring BJ The Chicago Kid and Syd, along with previously released songs from the likes of Roy Ayers, Bilal, and Mike Jones.

An online viral sensation, NLE Choppa — born Bryson Potts — has quickly established himself as the next big act from the Bluff City. In less than a year, he has generated 249 million views on YouTube – with successful videos for Shotta Flow” (96 million views), and its remix, featuring Blueface, (77 million views).

On Saturday (Aug. 31), Choppa jumped on his Instagram page and shared a video of his unfortunate mishap. In the clip, the young rapper, who was wearing a medical boot after injuring his foot in a four-wheel motorbike accident, was performing Shotta Flow 3” when he turned his back to the crowd, took two steps back and fell. He tumbled so hard he almost greeted fans in the front row. Choppa quickly hopped up and continued to rap his abrasive lyrics from the song without hesitation.

Propelled by youthful hubris and innate talent, NLE Choppa , is making his presence known. The emerging Memphis rapper proves that practice makes perfect. Shotta Flow 3,” demonstrates a gifted determination.

Choppa is lucky to have a supportive family. Leading his fan club is his mother, Angela Potts, who has been behind her son since he first expressed interest in becoming a rapper. She became Choppa’s manager, and when he started to get looks from record companies, she helped him review each contract. She also helps out with video shoots and other music events.

There’s little to not like about the newest Memphis sensation. At only 16 years old (wtf), NLE Choppa has already received cosigns from Memphis legend Blac Youngsta and Cash Money boss Birdman.

Established and up-and-coming musicians, vocalists, rappers and bands spanning a diverse spectrum of genres and styles. Young upcoming rapper NLE Choppa was shot dead in the streets of L.A. at around 7:40pm today. It has been ruled over as gang violence.

Memphis rapper NLE Choppa rose to fame almost overnight on the back of a viral hit and a charismatic social media presence. NLE Choppa isn’t down with the NBA YoungBoy comparisons.

There has been multiple news related to Choppa’s death that has surfaced the media in past couple of months. However, every single news turned out to be nothing but a hoax.

Youngboy Never Broke Again – AI Youngboy 2 Youngboy Never Broke Again (also known as NBA Youngboy) is one of the rap’s most interesting figures: he doesn’t get the most media coverage or radio spins, but he’s one of the most streamed rap artists in the country. While legal issues have held him back from his usual prolific musical output, this week he released AI Youngboy 2, the sequel to his 2017 mixtape of the same title and his first release since 2018’s Realer. The new project has 17 tracks and only two guests, Quando Rondo and NoCap, who both appear on the same track.

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The Toronto-born rapper spent his summers in Bluff City with his now-infamous father, Dennis Graham. Drake would later, put on for the city in videos like Worst Behavior.” The video is like an artsy tour of Memphis. Drake’s father even credits his talent to his roots in the city. “That’s why his metaphors are so phenomenal now, because he’s been in Memphis,” Papa Graham told WMC5 Action News. “He considers Memphis home more than he does Toronto.” Drake has helped the Hip-Hop economy rise in a lot of ways with an affiliation with BlocBoy JB. But Choppa represents the other side of his affluent Canadian counterpart.

In the past, the rapper has earned acclaim as an indie rapper from Complex and Pitchfork for his 2013 release, Just In Case. He’s worked with the likes of 03 Greedo, Kato and Denzil Porter while making moves across the stages of A3C and SXSW.

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He first caught the attention of the hip hop world as part of a music video called “No Chorus Pt 3” which was uploaded by Memphis rap collective Shotta Fam.

16-year-old NLE Choppa — aka Bryson Potts — recently inked a deal with Warner Music Group after turning down a $3 million deal with an unnamed major label competitor. Warner’s deal with the rapper included the creation of a sub-label titled No Love Entertainment. That deal was structured through Warner Records, part of the mighty Warner Music Group umbrella.

Continuing, he explains, This is why I tried to make the video (for ‘Shotta Flow’) as Memphis as it way we dance, the culture, our unique haircuts, the way we talk, some of the slang, and guns. Memphis is a tough city.” NLE Choppa talks shop with DJ Boy Wonda, the producer and owner of WonWorld studios in Manhattan. The conversation yields much in the taut chat.

NLE stands for No Love Entertainment. Just showing no love, took that part of myself and turned it into a brand. Choppa just a name people back home call me.

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As for Choppa, the young man deserves credit for his video performance. Directed by Cole Bennett, the remix video takes all of the charisma of the original version and brings it on the mainstage. Guns are swapped for grills; long clips for hot dogs. It’s cheeky, with Choppa dancing up a storm. Not only does this give the remix a fun, song-of-the-summer air, but it also acts as a sneaky bait-and-switch. For all the humor of the video, Choppa does not dull his edge. People come for his accessible visuals, and they stay to hear his raw raps.

In early January, 16-year-old Memphis rapper NLE Choppa uploaded a three-minute clip to YouTube of him and his friends dancing, joking around and toting prop guns to the tune of a boisterous hip-hop track called Shotta Flow.” Helped along by reaction videos from popular hip-hop vloggers , and combined with Choppa’s melodic, heavy-hitting delivery, the rowdy clip quickly made rounds on the internet, reaching 300,000 views within two weeks of its release, according to YouTube – and racking up more than 10 million views to date.

I basically love any rap song that crams on as many rappers as possible and dares all of them to do anything they can to stand out. It’s never not beautiful. And right now, it looks like J. Cole’s new Revenge Of The Dreamers III compilation will be nothing but that. I’m excited, and you should be, too.

The rapper has already developed quite the buzz with one of his latest videos Shotta Flow” racking up over 10 million views in little over a month along with a bit of controversy surrounding the video’s imagery of firearms.

In June of 2019, NLE Choppa dropped Shotta Flow Remix” ft Blueface The collaboration, featuring two of the hottest rappers, received a positive response. On YouTube alone, it has been streamed over 90 million times in 3 months. Shotta Flow 3” arrived in July of 2019 and the single followed the same path as its ancestors. Camelot,” his latest heat, has already amassed over 80 million streams in 3 weeks. He has also made his music festival debut and continues to collab with other trendsetters.

The young rap artist isn’t particularly talkative, which defies his charismatic persona in his videos. He’s charted as a rapidly moving meteorite in this musical universe and he’s on a collision course with Planet Hip-Hip. As this story is being written, Shotta Flow” has amassed well over 9 million views and growing, with visuals that tell a sobering tale of Memphis. And, so as impossible as it seems, he’s also peeking out from the soil of his native land.

On February 15, 2019, NLE Choppa reportedly turned down a record deal worth $3 million. In an attempt to scoop up the rising star, record companies, the like of Republic, Interscope, and Caroline Records engaged in a bidding war. He opted to partner with UnitedMasters. Under the distribution company, despite not getting an advance, NLE Choppa will retain full ownership of his music.

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At the very, very beginning of Shotta Flow” – if you listen closely – there is a barely audible quote that says, I wish everything I touch would turn into gold…” The ominous statement paraphrases King Midas, a famous ruler more known mostly for his existence in Greek mythology. Midas was blessed, and subsequently cursed, for being able the reconfigure matter into gold.

Shotta Flow” marks the second collaboration between Choppa and producer Midas800 , the first being Hit the Scene.” Midas can be recognized by his signature tag , referencing Greek mythological figure King Midas.

With the release of Shotta Flow 3” on July 19, it’s time for a Shotta Flow” power ranking, and to give some flowers to the young man lighting up the rap game from Memphis to the universe.

With poise, charisma and cleverness way beyond his years, 16-year-old NLE Choppa burst onto the scene and immediately grabbed our attention and captured our hearts. In just under a year, Choppa has amassed an astonishing 170 million cumulative views on YouTube and has gained a cult following that transcends age and socioeconomic status. His breakout hit Shotta Flow” has more than 79 million views alone for its raw, true-to-life music video, while the newly released remix featuring Blueface has garnered over 27 million views and counting. Choppa’s first release under the new deal, Free Youngboy,” has already hit 8.5 million views. A young boss with street-savvy, Choppa and his family grew No Love Entertainment (NLE) from humble beginnings in Memphis to a burgeoning full-fledged imprint with Warner Records. NLE Choppa continues to take 2019 by storm and solidifies his place as the next global superstar.

Bon Iver’s appearance on ‘CBS This Morning’ featured an interview with the band as well as video of songs off their 2019 album ‘i,i’ and more from their recent show at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

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Potts was raised in Memphis , attending Cordova High School while also playing basketball 3 He began freestyling with friends at the age of 14 and started taking music seriously at 15. 4 He is of Jamaican ancestry.

Accordingly, SoundCloud tapped NLE Choppa to showcase the feature. Supporting his single Shotta Flow 3 ,” SoundCloud demonstrates how mobile profile editing works.

When the Memphis artist first began rapping, he used the stage name YNR Choppa. He released his first single, No Love Anthem,” and debut mixtape, No Love the Takeover, under this moniker before changing his name to NLE Choppa. It’s unclear what the YNR” stands for, as Choppa has not spoken about his past stage name in interviews, but he has said that Choppa” was a nickname he got as a kid.

There are no sure things in rap, especially these days. Too many potential pitfalls are out there. A young rapper can fuck up their career about 15 different ways before it even gets started. Choppa raps about guns, drugs, violence, arrests, depression — all things that can tear down a rap career, things that have cost plenty of young rappers freedom and even life. But Choppa’s potential is unlimited. And if Choppa isn’t a massive star within the next few years, it’s because somebody — possibly Choppa himself — fucked up. Because all the ingredients are there. A few months ago, Billboard reported that Choppa had turned down potential millions in label deals so that he could have his stuff independently distributed. Going forward, he’ll own all of his music. That’s a smart decision and a good start. We’ll see how he goes from here. And if NLE Choppa is starring in a network cop show and hosting unendurable awards shows in 30 years, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

On Shotta Flow 3,” NLE Choppa unleashes some of his funniest lyrics to date: This bitch suckin’ my dick, like a flavored cucumber (Ayy)” and Big titties on a choppa like I’m working at Hooters.” Quick switches in flow have him enunciating every word of his punchlines, bringing us back to the days of Big L’s most valuable poet disses. Shotta Flow 3” also features NLE Choppa leveling up from a bite and snarl to a gnashing howl.

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