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Lil’ Boat 2 serves as a sequel to his debut mixtape Lil Boat and was a response to the day one fans who wanted to hear Lil Boat rap as opposed to the melodies he sang on his debut, Teenage Emotions.

normani kordei ig – Ariana Grande, Normani & More Team Up For Charlie’s Angels” Album

NORMANIBorn in Atlanta, Normani grew up in New Orleans before moving to Houston at 9 years old with her family after Hurricane Katrina. Brandy’s chart takeover was all thanks to her singles “I Wanna Be Down,” “Baby,” “Brokenhearted” and “Best Friend.” The tracks enjoyed spots across the Billboard Hot 100 chart (with many of them in the Top 10). Her self-titled album debuted on the Billboard 200 chart at No. 98 with arguably her best album Never Say Never entering at No. 3. Brandy went on to live on the charts for a whopping 89 weeks.

BH: Having worked with Normani in the past, I’ve been able to experience the evolution of her personal style. Right now, she’s focusing on bringing all the nostalgia of the 90s to her music, performances and style on stage.

But the video elevates what was a very good song into the stratosphere. It manages to dip into millennial nostalgia—the video’s opening harkens back to the days of watching 106th & Park after school—while orienting itself toward the future: Normani as a bonafide pop and R&B star.

Grande, who co-wrote the song along with Normani, Max Martin, Ilya, and Savan Kotecha, congratulated Normani Friday morning. The killer choreography, which takes place on the same basketball court from the set of Jennifer Lopez’ I’m Real (Remix)” video , has inspired fans to try their hand — or butt — at the dance move.

In the second best Battle of the night, Royce Lovett faced off with Kiara Brown on Turn Your Lights Down Low.” They were different artists, but they each brought strengths to the table and gave an exciting and original performance. The song choice and arrangement were interesting, showcasing Stefani’s abilities as a coach. Stefani chose Lovett as the winner, but Brown wasn’t on the chopping block for long. Both Clarkson and Stefani hit their buttons. Clarkson was really going for a steal on this night. This time, it panned out for her. Brown became the first artist to switch teams rather than opt for the save, and she joined Team Kelly.

Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood has X embracing the dark, uncompromising aesthetic of his first album that his fans lauded. Its small guest list includes Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, and The Lox. Only Slippin” and No Love 4 Me” were released as singles but that didn’t stop the album from going three times platinum. There’s a six-month difference between the release of both albums, which made DMX the second rapper after 2Pac to release two No. 1 albums in a year. Despite his legal and addiction troubles in recent years, DMX is one of hip-hop’s most distinctive personalities and his first two albums are evidence of that.

There to perform her record-breaking single, “Motivation” , the former Fifth Harmony member strutted on stage in a velour tracksuit, a one-shoulder bra top, and high top Air Force 1s. The man behind her outfit? Bryan Hearns, who also happens to be the go-to designer for Cardi B and Ariana Grande’s tour wardrobes. He talked to Refinery29 about the inspiration behind her retro look.

The 22-year-old singer and dancer, who got her start on the competition show, X Factor, recently turned heads on Wednesday night during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She performed her slow-burning single, ” Waves ,” which features Atlanta hip-hop artist 6lack (pronounced: Black).

Former Fifth Harmony member Normani dropped the video for her song ‘Motivation’ to much acclaim on Friday, and it’s now the number one most added song on pop radio in the United States. Normani is paying tribute to the artists that inspired her to pursue her dream with a catchy new single, “Motivation,” which dropped on Thursday along with an epic music video.

The pressure of being the only black girl in a group branded for the mainstream pop world, unsurprisingly, wasn’t lost on Normani. When she first auditioned for the X-Factor, the show that would introduce her to the world, she was just 15. By the time she met her new bandmates — Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui, and Cabello, she knew that her experience would be different whether she liked it or not.

Previously, Normani was a duet partner to both Khalid on “Love Lies” and Sam Smith on “Dancing With a Stranger.” Both songs hit the top 10 of the Hot 100, according to Billboard. She is a former member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, which announced its hiatus in March 2018, and a former contestant of Dancing With The Stars, having competed during Season 24 in 2017.

And she’s hit the ground running. Her single with Khalid, the inescapably catchy “Love Lies” was number one on the pop chart for 2 weeks and had been on the charts for a record breaking 24 weeks before that, which she said was purely serendipitous. “Khalid literally said, ‘I don’t want to go in and make a hit for the sake of making a hit.’ And then we made a hit! We just created our favorite song.” They just wanted to create something their friends “would be proud of and would bop to,” and they simultaneously FaceTimed their best friends and “literally had a party” while writing the bridge to see if it worked (it did).NORMANI

We’re all so excited for you to hear this poppy, mildly trappy at times, action filled, dream of a soundtrack. these songs are so right for this film! this has been such a unique and exciting experience for me and i’m so excited to see it and scream whenever i hear all my friends’ voices,” she continued.

Grande’s impressive chart run has surely inspired Normani to reach similar career heights, and with a debut album just around the corner, the “Checklist” singer is more than capable of achieving it. However, according to Capital FM, fans shouldn’t be expecting the project to drop until sometime next year , because during a recent radio interview on the Zach Zang Show, Normani confirmed the upcoming album is “a little more than half-way” completed, and will be released in 2020.

Emerging singer Normani was right at home during her ESSENCE Fest performance on Sunday. The New Orleans native, who recently hit the road for the first leg of Ariana Grande ‘s Sweetener tour, has experienced plenty of success since her former pop group Fifth Harmony went on indefinite hiatus last year—and performing in her hometown only added to the glow.

The first album, Sweat, is an upbeat, party-orientated hip-hop album that aims to capture club vibes with tracks like Na-NaNa-Na,” Flap Your Wings,” and Tilt Ya Head Back.” It debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard charts and went platinum two months after its release. Suit, on the other hand, had smooth, R&B-tinged production with songs meant for the grown and sexy audience. Nelly showed his evolution as an artist on Suit with the different musical sounds he took on and the mellow vibe he exuded on each track. The album spawned two Top 10 singles in My Place” featuring Jaheim and the global hit Over and Over” featuring Tim McGraw. It was Nelly’s third consecutive No. 1 and was nominated for best rap album at the 47th Grammy Awards.

Kordei was one of the heavy favorites on Season 24 in spring 2017 with partner Val Chmerkovskiy, but the pair finished in third place. Dancing” was keen to have another member of Fifth Harmony on the show and actually extended an invite to Brooke last year, she revealed. But she turned it down to focus on her solo career because she had just gotten signed (Fifth Harmony is currently on hiatus).

And while a comparison to Beyoncé can’t possibly feel like a bad thing, especially for a young artist breaking out with a solo career following years in a formulated group — Fifth Harmony — Normani is less pleased with being called by someone else’s name than simply enjoying the cosign of her hero as she ventures out into the world, truly for the first time, on her own.

She was amazing :great opening act for Ariana. I love that she even rocked some Fifth Harmony songs. I would totally see her in concert again. Killer vocals. In the clip, the singer lives out her dreams of becoming superstar with a number one hit on BET’s hit music video countdown show 106 & Park”.

The social media platform was filled with reposts of Normani’s choreography-heavy music video for “Motivation,” which media outlets like Billboard and fans likened to the 1990s and early 2000s work of Ashanti, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Ciara.

In the final Battle of the night, Team Gwen’s Kyndal Inskeep and James Violet sang I Could Use a Love Song” by Maren Morris. It was another great Battle from Stefani, who has been showing a lot of good qualities as a coach, including choosing songs that suit both artists in a Battle and allow for creativity. Inskeep and Violet made huge strides between rehearsals and their final performance, which was dynamic and fun. Stefani decided that Inskeep was the winner, but Legend tried to use his steal and Stefani tried to use her own save for Violet, whom Stefani told she had always been planning on saving. The episode ended with a cliffhanger, and Violet’s choice will air on Tuesday night’s episode.

The video opens with a young girl playing Normani as a teenager as she excitedly watches BET’s classic countdown show 106 & Park in her livingroom. As she gazes up, she fantasizes about the hosts introducing “the number one video in the world right now,” and announcing her name as the artist.

James said the album will drop in September and will be a reflection of “growth and evolution, good energy and positivity.” The German-born Panamanian artist wants fans to know that although his inspiration is always love, this one won’t be like his debut, 2016’s Eldorado.

Normani was only 4 when 106 & Park” hit the airwaves. But she came of age in an era when black girls of all shades were captivating pop audiences. To see her pay direct tribute to that is sweeter than any dose of nostalgia.

Her new single, Motivation ,” is a fun and fast-paced song with an immaculately choreographed music video to match Normani’s music video for Motivation” pays homage to the music videos of female pop icons from the early 2000s such as Mya , Beyonce and more. With her stunning looks, a buttery smooth voice, and amazing dance movies, the world is not ready for Normani.

The dance-heavy video opens with a young Normani glued to the television while watching BET’s 106 & Park, dreaming of the day her own video tops the countdown. She spends the rest of the video turning those dreams into a reality as a grown-up Normani pays homage 2000’s pop and R&B favorites while making the streets of Los Angeles her personal stage. Normani twerks and shows off her unparalleled dance moves throughout the video while mainly wearing a graffiti crop top with “1996”—the year the singer was born—written across the chest.

On season 17 of The Voice, superstar recording artist Normani Kordei has been enlisted as one of the advisors helping the artists prepare for their next phase of the competition. Kordei, who rose to fame as one of the members of the girl group Fifth Harmony, knows what it takes to succeed on a televised talent competition: she competed on The X Factor 2012.

In the most different move of any of the group members, Brooke announced that she is penning a memoir. “Finding Your Harmony” will be released in April 2019, so fans can probably expect some details from her life before and during Fifth Harmony.

Normani Kordei graces the latest issue of Paper Magazine with a vibrant, colorful, and eye-pleasing spread that captures the young music star on the rise. The photoshoot is serving Destiny’s Child Survivor” album artwork tease mixed in with other early 2000’s influence. These images could be capturing history and a possible icon in the making. Normani is originally from New Orleans but later relocated to Houston, Texas after the devastating tragedy of Hurricane Katrina at just the tender age of 9 years old. She disclosed to the magazine stating It changed my life forever. It was our dream home, but the hurricane happened. We had to start over completely. My mom asked me in the car if I wanted to move to Dallas or Houston. I said Houston, and one of the reasons was because of Beyonce. I will say that was one of the main reasons” she laughed.

The former Fifth Harmony member just released a music video for her song Motivation,” which was co-written by Ariana Grande, and it is incredible. From the fashion to the dancing to the sets, the fast-paced, impressive video will take you all the way back to the early ’00s when Normani was just a young girl daydreaming about being a music star while watching BET’s 106 & Park in her grandma’s house in New Orleans.

At the height of his massive popularity, Nelly became the first rapper to release two albums simultaneously when he dropped Sweat and Suit on the same day in November 2004. He originally planned to release one album for his third solo effort, but he eventually decided to drop two albums that could hold all the music that was being recorded at the time.

This year locals and those from far and wide came together to watch performances from iconic artists like Missy Elliott and Mary J. Blige and hitmakers like Pharrell Williams and Timbaland to emerging artists like Normani and H.E.R at the biggest festival celebration of black culture in the country that took place July 5-7. But the festival was more than just music, it was a space where conversations around food, politics, business and more.

Unfortunately, it seems fans could be waiting a while longer before Normani touches down in the UK, because according to the singer’s official website, there is currently no news in regards to a 2020 tour However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the “Slow Down” performer won’t eventually make her way over to the UK, and just to be sure, I have reached out to Normani’s representatives for comment, and will update with any new information the second it becomes available.

Normani isn’t a slacker, even when she was a child, as the video for her new single, Motivation,” indicates. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone , she revealed that Ariana Grande co-wrote the track.

Since then Normani’s connection to the beloved singer has only grown closer and more complicated. A self-avowed fangirl of Bey (her first Instagram is a signed birthday note from the singer), Normani, especially of late, has often been compared to her idol. Online forums comparing side-by-sides of their performances, noting their impressive dual talents for singing and dancing (where so many performers only have one), their quiet, grounded humility off stage and self-professed dedication to church and family are just a few of the factors that make the two seem karmically aligned in pop culture history.

You see a group, you see one black girl, and just the way that society is and where we’re at especially socially, I always felt that I had to work, and still have to work, twice as hard to prove myself” she stated. Camila later apologized for her comments due to backlash from social media blaming it on her immaturity and commenting That’s why I barely go on social media. There’s no way to live life without making mistakes or saying the wrong thing. I’m not going to live like some perfect pop singer. I’m a human and the inhuman part of this public scrutiny.” Some might view this as a cowardly excuse for inexcusable actions but the two have appeared to choose the path of forgiveness and have since been photographed with all smiles at this year’s Billboard Music Awards.

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