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The only thing more touching was watching the singer scoop up her daughter in her arms as she walked off stage. Did you know the song was P!nk’s first number one song as a solo artist? The singer puts in the work with every song.

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P!NKAfter incredible success and demand, esteemed performer and international pop icon P!NK announces her Beautiful Trauma World Tour will extend in to 2019 with an additional 37 spring dates across North America. Throughout her career, now over a decade long, P!nk has racked up three Grammy Awards, two Brit Awards, and 12 Top 20 hits, including two (solo) number ones: “So What” and “Raise Your Glass”. With album sales over 30 million and single sales over 70 million, she has experienced both critical and commercial success. In 2009, Billboard named her the number one pop artist of the decade.

Three-time Grammy Award winner, esteemed performer and international pop icon P!nk will perform at the Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center (WESC) on Thursday, May 2, 2019, as part of her Beautiful Trauma World Tour 2019. To celebrate the announcement, the exterior of the WESC, the 5th Street LED board and the exterior of the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Sports Science Center were lit in pink Wednesday evening and will be again Thursday evening.

P!nk is known around the world as one of the most captivating live performers of her generation. Across her Funhouse and Summer Carnival tours in 2009 and 2010 respectively, P!nk performed to 2.9 million people over 194 dates. This global superstar has confirmed 26 European dates following on from her announcement last week of 25 dates across the US and Canada. The Truth About Love Tour supports the release of her new album, The Truth About Love, which entered the iTunes charts at #1 globally upon its release.

P!nk next issued Try This in November 2003. The album continued her progression toward more rock-oriented material, due in part to the songwriting collaboration of Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong on eight of the album’s tracks. Try This’ lead single, “Trouble,” cracked the upper regions of Billboard’s Top 40 and earned P!nk a Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. On the home front, P!nk wed motocross racer Carey Hart – whom she had initially met at 2001’s X Games – on January 7, 2006, in Costa Rica.

She got a chance to catch her breath with “Beautiful Trauma,” which got the Busby Berkeley treatment as dancers rolled her around on a velvet bench. For the night, the Fargodome looked less like a football arena and more like a Las Vegas showroom as dancers rolled around on luggage carts and swaying streetlights — all pink, of course.

Her achievements have not always been recognized. Rarely does Pink come up in conversations about her era’s greatest, most important pop stars. When MTV awarded her the Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs two years ago, many including myself wondered if she belonged in the company of icons like Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, and Kanye West. When her album Beautiful Trauma put up the year’s best sales figures — many of those albums bundled with tickets for her acrobatic live show — I was forced to reckon with the scope of her success and how much she means to a huge number of people. I might not consider her an icon, but somebody does. A lot of somebodies do. But with new album Hurts 2B Human, out tomorrow, her unique career path has led somewhere all too familiar.

Although P!nk’s enthusiasm never subsided, the second act of the concert featured a series of intimate, stripped-down performances. Ballads such as Barbies” and Fkin’ Perfect” pulled away from the theatricality of previous numbers, though honestly left something to be missed. P!nk introduced Raise Your Glass” with a heartfelt account of her daughter Willow’s difficulty with self-confidence in her physical beauty. After discussing her own experiences with being seen as too masculine and unattractive, P!nk invited her daughter to dance alongside her to an instrumental interlude during the song.

Hurts 2B Human is full of songs like that. Pink remains a consummate professional, and this time around she’s employed a small army of fellow pros including Martin, Shellback, Teddy Geiger, Beck, Sia, Julia Michaels, Chris Stapleton, and Greg Kurstin along with aforementioned Ruess, Reynolds, Cash Cash, and Khalid. Together, they hit all the expected beats and deliver consistently strong performances. But Pink has spent the second decade of her career undoing that sense that you’re hearing a wild card, and Hurts 2B Human puts that notion to bed once and for all.

Since then, her career has been unstoppable. Married with two kids, Pink still finds time for her career, and for supporting organizations such as UNICEF and Save the Children. This superstar isn’t shy to talk about the things that are important to her, but there’s still so much about her that you don’t know.

Since her debut in 2000, P!NK has released 7 studio albums, 1 greatest hits album, sold over 60 million albums equivalents, over 75 million singles, over 2.4 million DVDs worldwide and has had 15 singles in the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (four at #1). In addition, she is the recipient of three Grammy Awards (twenty nominations), one Daytime Emmy Award, two Billboard Music Awards, seven MTV Video Music Awards (including the 2017 Vanguard Award recipient), two MTV Europe Awards, two People’s Choice Awards, was named Billboard’s Woman of the Year in 2013 and has sold out arenas all over the world.

The best song is without a doubt her duet with country singer Chris Stapleton. It’s a surprisingly good country song, one that may well find its way to country radio. It’s a bold choice and a testament to P!nk’s versatility as an artist. And the song is beautiful, even if she goes a little carried away with the country accent. Likewise, the song Circle Game,” which talks about motherhood and her relationship with her daughter, is a touching, well-crafted track. But if the album takes a turn for the better around the last four songs, it’s too little too late.P!NK

Artifact Alias : An interesting case. She has said that she got her stage name from Mr. Pink of Reservoir Dogs , but she did have pink hair at the start of her career, possibly to explain where the name “Pink” came from. However, right after her first album, she starting going more toward blond with pink highlights, and is now fully blond, and has probably left a few newer fans wondering where the hell the name Pink came from.

Reid signed Choice to a record deal in 1996 and, according to Pink’s mother, initially marketed them as a white trio singing black R&B. Choice relocated to Atlanta to work on an album that would never see the light of day. The group performed at the record company’s annual Christmas party in 1998 and bombed, but Pink stood out. Reid allegedly gave Pink an ultimatum: Go solo or go home. Pink chose to go solo, and Choice disbanded, but its single Key to My Heart” lives on through the Kazaam soundtrack.

It was apparent, however, that Pink had a talent for music. By chance one evening, an executive from MCA took notice of the sassy teenager and asked her to audition for an R&B group that was forming. The group, known as Basic Instinct, welcomed Pink into the fold. Despite a record deal and plenty of studio time, the band never could find traction. Basic Instinct disbanded just two years after it was assembled. A second run with another R&B band, this one called Choice, also came to a quick end in 1998.

Instead, Pink found solace in music, and as early as the age of 13 she was navigating the complicated Philly club scene. By the time she was 14, she was already an experienced vocalist and dancer, and started to write her own songs. She also had a regular singing gig every Friday night at a Philly nightclub. But it proved to be a hard life for her to manage, as she was swallowed by a world of drugs (she nearly overdosed at the age of 15) and petty crime. She eventually dropped out of high school before returning to earn her G.E.D. in 1998.

It’s an impressively polished show but pleasantly performed with no interest in perfection – an ideal match for a pop star who’s impressively added to her fan base over the years by refusing to sand down the emotions in her lyrics, by bringing her messiness, wounds and humanity into her music. From particular vantage points, the heart stage served as all too apt a metaphor for P!nk’s music and persona: bent and crooked in places (thanks to its assorted stairways), but still together, bright and filled with irrepressible energy.

Courage,” another of the inoffensive yet predictable tracks on the album, repeats a vocal hook quite similar to the one in Katy Perry‘s Chained To The Rhythm,” and indeed, it sounds like a pop song that is already two years old.

It’s unlikely that Pink will be remembered as an artist who exploited black culture, black music, or black cool. Pink’s responses to questions about race nearly 20 years ago were ignorant, as were the ways her race was characterized in the press, but it was also broadly reflective of the way race was discussed in the mainstream in the early 2000s. This was when Bill Clinton was affectionately known as the first black president” and just before Justin Timberlake enjoyed a decades-long hood pass for hitting falsettos over some Timbaland beats.

The show in general was great. P!nk puts on an all-out show, good music and impressive acrobatics! There was a fair chunk of down time in between acts but nothing major. One of P!nk’s albums was called ‘Missundaztood’ because she thought everyone had the wrong image of her.

While Pink’s third studio album, Try This, sold fewer copies than her previous work, it earned her the Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance for the single “Trouble”. The song is dedicated to her fans who have been supporting her over the years. The song celebrates people who feel left out from the popular crowd.

One of the aforementioned videos, for the “Women Are Strong” segment, leaned heavily into P!nk’s feminism, invoking #MeToo and reiterating her support for gay marriage. The next detailed a discussion she had with her daughter, who expressed concern that she looked too much like a boy (also included was her mother’s admirable response). Houston crowds occasionally exhibit an inability (or unwillingness) to reconcile performances with the politics of the artist. To their credit, support in the arena was full-throated and sincere.

The lead single Walk Me Home” is standard pop fare, but works well nonetheless. It’s incredibly catchy and destined for significant radio play. And it’s certainly one of the better tracks on the album. The same could be said for Hurts 2B Human,” another inoffensive pop cut.

P!NK will play Spectrum Center Charlotte on Saturday March 9 2019. To ensure tickets get in to the hands of fans, Fan Registration for the North American tour dates will be available here through Ticketmaster’s Verified FanÒ platform beginning today, Thursday, May 3 at 10am local time through Sunday, May 6 at 10pm local time. Presale tickets for registered fans will go on sale beginning Tuesday, May 8 at 10am local time, while limited supplies last.

P!nk recently wrapped up her Beautiful Trauma World Tour that grossed nearly $400 million and sold more than 3 million tickets. After 2 sold out shows in 2018, pop sensation P!nk is bringing her Beautiful Trauma World Tour back to American Airlines Center on Sunday, March 24, 2019 with special guest Julia Michaels.

The risks paid off. M!ssundaztood went quintuple Platinum and cemented Pink’s superstar status. She was suddenly much more difficult to pigeonhole: a pop star equally capable of selling the surging rocker Just Like A Pill,” the hip-hop-inflected Family Portrait,” and a piano-lounge duet with Steven Tyler called Misery.” For 2003’s Try This she worked closely with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, duetted with Peaches, and cut a track with producer William Orbit — an even more radical approach that resulted in the commercial nosedive some had predicted for M!ssundaztood. When the hits dried up and sales hit a career low, she began to rein in her more outré impulses while still finding ways to infuse her music with her signature attitude.

There’s little evidence to suggest that Pink actively tried to convince people that she was black. Sure, she had cornrows for a time, but it was the early aughts, and white musicians from Justin Timberlake to Christina Aguilera had them. She sometimes spoke with a blaccent, but so do a lot of corny kids who listen to hip-hop. Still, Pink hesitated to call herself white, and she even winked at racial ambiguity.

International Pop Icon P!NK has announced an additional 5 live dates across Europe next summer as part of her Beautiful Trauma World Tour 2019. Famed for her immensely powerful and unique voice and her high-octane live shows, fans are in for a spectacular treat when she arrives here next year. Kicking off at Amsterdam’s John Cruijff Stadium on the 16 June, the Beautiful Trauma World Tour will now visit Norway & Denmark, with additional shows also added in the UK and Germany.

The first single, What About Us” from her highly anticipated seventh studio album, Beautiful Trauma” has over 100 million streams worldwide and hit #1 on iTunes in 26 markets, Top 5 in 36 markets and Top 10 in 48 markets on the day of release.

In 2018, P!nk and REVERB partnered together on the Beautiful Trauma Tour to accomplish three things: support her work with UNICEF and No Kid Hungry, reduce the environmental footprint of the tour, and empower her fans to take action for both.

Word Salad Lyrics : “Feel Good Time” has some pretty surreal lines (e.g. “paint our money black, spend it on the enemy”). The song was written by Beck and William Orbit, so the lyrics generally sound more like something Beck would sing.

Just weeks after wrapping her record-breaking Beautiful Trauma World Tour, Billboard is honored to announce that Grammy-winning singer and songwriter P!nk will accept the Legend of Live award at this year’s Billboard Live Music Summit & Awards, Nov 5-6, in Beverly Hills.

Outside of her famous stage name, Pink found time to explore other avenues of expression. She wrote songs for Cher’s album Closer to the Truth (“I Walk Alone” and “Lie to Me”) and for Celine Dion (“Recovering”). In 2013 she gained critical praise for her acting chops, starring as a sex addict, opposite Mark Ruffalo and Gwyneth Paltrow, in Thanks for Sharing. She has also made time to explore her more folksy side, releasing a chart-topping folk album, Rose Ave., with musician Dallas Green, under the band name You+Me.

To date, the musician P!ink is still producing mega hits. Therefore, our list is not final and is calculated per the date posted. P!nk’s first studio album was released in 1997 titled Can’t Take Me Home. In recent years, she has been ranked in the top highest paid musicians in the music industry.

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