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It makes things much easier throwing a fly if the fish are eating the bait. Gill’s character graph, though, is pretty one-track, and he seems content to play Mr Perfection with a disarming smile on all the time.

panga movie cast – Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Panga’ Takes Over International Markets

PangaRooted in the subculture of societal facts PANGA is an emotional roller coaster tale of a middle class Indian woman; A forgotten kabaddi world champion who catalyses an inner desire to give a new meaning to her existing role as a wife and mother and takes an ingenious decision to come back to the sport despite the challenges of age stereotypes and a new generation complexities which creates an upheaval in her life as she is torn between family responsibility and love for the sport. Based on the short story by H.P. Lovecraft, the film follows Nathan Gardner (Cage) and his family after a meteorite lands in the front yard of their farm. As things unravel, the family finds themselves battling a mutant extraterrestrial organism as it infects their minds and bodies, transforming their quiet rural life into a technicolor nightmare.

While Jassi Gill essays Jaya’s husband with an understated quality, child actor Yagna Bhasin is simply outstanding as her son. Richa Chadha, as Jaya’s best friend and comeback mentor, and Neena Gupta as her mother add value to the narrative despite minimal footage.Panga

Kangana Ranaut, who is known for delivering stellar performances on the silver screen collaborated with ace filmmaker Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari for ‘Panga’. The film which revolves around the life of a Kabaddi player started on a low note but seems to have picked up as it went on to collect Rs 5.50 crore on Sunday.

Kangana Ranaut couldn’t take a Panga against Varun Dhawan’s Street Dancer 3D, which is dancing towards the Rs 50 crore mark at the box office. As a sports story, Panga” is less heart-pounding than sweet. Jaya has to fight her aging body, her teammates’ idea that she’s too old to play (she’s all of 32) and societal notions about mothers.

Jaya is just like most mothers – who want to micromanage everything, not asking for husband’s help or having no confidence to let him take over. Plus, Jaya is not as mature and confident as Tara Shinde (played by Vidya Balan) in Mission Mangal, who works for 15 hours a day on her ISRO project and comes home around midnight but bluntly tells her husband not to guilt-trip her because she loves what she does.

As Ashwiny has said, women supporting and empowering each other is a rarity. In her film, the protagonist has to deal with jealousy from her team captain on the one hand; but on the other, Jaya has the strong backing of her BFF Meenu and her team-mate Nisha.

Both movies faced competition from Ajay Devgn’s production Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior Directed by Om Raut and starring Devgn as the legendary Maratha warrior, the period drama has been holding strong since its January 10 release, and has reported a box office haul of a little over Rs 224 crore.

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In that sense, Panga works better as an ode to the self-sufficiency of the sisterhood. On more than one occasion, the movie hints that it’s really the selfless sacrifices of women that allow another woman the luxury to be selfish. That it takes an army of women for one woman to chase her dream – the neighbour who doubles up as a babysitter , the mother who keeps the kitchen running, the friend who becomes a personal coach, and the roommate who turns cheerleader.

Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari has successfully served up an inspirational package. Watching Jaya’s gradual comeback take shape despite the hurdles in the way, you understand this film is trying to work the same way a motivational pep might be doing, to anyone chasing a dream that might seem impossible. Credibly, too, the narrative imparts its message of womena¿s empowerment without in-your-face vibes.

It’s a nice, tender moment that singularly encapsulates male incompetence, often presented in movies as endearing but in reality a product of patriarchal conditioning. Yet, Panga doesn’t dwell on these moments or make it specifically about them. It’s a film that acknowledges the structural and cultural oppressions that come in the way when a married woman with a child chooses to pursue a career but mercifully resists the urge to make it an exploitative sob story out of it.

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A heartwarming sports drama that captures the real essence of a tightly knit Indian family as a Kabaddi player finds herself surrounded by stereotypes. Her family comes to the rescue as she realizes her passion to become a National level player in a story of triumphs, struggles and overcoming obstacles.

Neena Gupta as a typical Indian mother and Richa Chadha as Jaya’s no-nonsense friend Meenu stand out with their exemplary acting. Gill’s character graph, though, is pretty one-track, and he seems content to play Mr Perfection with a disarming smile on all the time. Kangana is as usual a delight to watch. She inhabits her character so thoroughly that the actress in her totally disappears and it’s as if we are watching Jaya on screen.

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Panga is inspired from the life of a national level Kabbadi player from India. It follows her triumphs, struggle and overcoming of stereotypes and reflecting upon the importance of love and family support in order to become successful.

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Directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, Panga” has an understated realism — about the tempos of family life and the Indian middle class. The drama, too, is understated: bumps in a road paved with good will rather than a clash of values and goals.

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Panga opened with just Rs 2.7 crore at the domestic box office. However, it saw an increase in the collection on Day 2 and 3 as it earned Rs 5.61 crore and Rs 6.6 crore respectively. Its first Monday at the box office saw a dip in the collection as it earned just Rs 1.65 crore. Even on Tuesday, the film didn’t see any difference in its box office numbers as it earned Rs 1.65 crore. The film has earned Rs 18.21 crore till now.

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Panga tells the story of a kabaddi player who makes a comeback in the sport after becoming a mother. The film is directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. A type of modest-sized, open, outboard-powered, fishing boat common throughout much of the developing world, including Central America, the Caribbean, parts of Africa, the Middle East, and much of Asia.

Panga, starring Kangana Ranaut and Jassie Gill, opened to low numbers at the box office. The film rakes in Rs 2.75 on the first day but it was expected that good reviews and word of mouth will help the film shine at the box office but looks like, it didn’t happen. While Panga had a good business on weekends, it failed to work its charm on the first Monday and almost crashed. According to Box Office India, Panga collected Rs 1.25 on its fourth day, making its total box office collection as Rs 16 crore approx.

Panga is a difficult film to be objective about. While it is, undoubtedly a fine example of thoughtful storytelling, it’s tough to congratulate lead actress Kangana Ranaut for a film with a strong message about feminism and motherhood just days after her remarks targeting women who were against the death penalty when it comes to the 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case. A few days ago, during a press conference, Ranaut said that any woman against the capital punishment for rapists should be thrown injail with those rapists, and all but blames the mothers for the actions of their sons. Equally difficult is the task of criticising second lead Richa Chadha’s uninspiring, one-note performance, given her real-life activism to raise awareness about human rights violations against the backdrop of India’s current political unrest. But we must separate the art from the artists, and so here we are.

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While talking about her training for the film, Chadha told Firstpost, We trained under international coaches and it was really tough. We had to build a lot of muscle. As a result, all of us look a bit broad in the film. I still have some of my leftover muscle,” she says while showing her arms.We trained with the international players. They had booked trainers for about three months. But I could train only for a month because I was also shooting for Inside Edge 2 and Shakeela around the same time. But I worked a lot on my body to make it a little tougher,” the actor adds.

On a related note, Kangana Ranaut has just been honoured by the fourth highest civilian award of the country, the Padma Shri. She has been awarded alongside Karan Johar , Ekta Kapoor and a total of 118 eminent personalities across fields of art, literature and education, medicine, trade and industry, sports, public affairs, social work and science and engineering.

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So far, the film has collected Rs. 14.91 crores. Of course the collections cannot afford to take a dip and weekdays would need to be on the same levels. As along as at least Rs. 10 crores more come during rest of the weekdays, there is a possibility of Panga keeping the steam on during the second week as well.

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New Delhi: Kangana Ranaut’s much-awaited film ‘Panga’, which hit the silver screens on January 24, has received rave reviews from the critics and fans. The sports drama co-starring Jassie Gill, Neena Gupta and Richa Chaddha couldn’t set the box office on fire on its opening day. The film started on a dull note and minted a total of Rs 2.70 crore on first day.

Jaya’s life is a happy one, but in one telling scene, she remarks, with a tinge of sadness, I could have done so many things, and what am I doing”. It’s not a grand moment, or a sentiment that is professed with fanfare or pompousness, but it is an important window into Jaya’s heart. She doesn’t regret trading her kabaddi shoes for the maternity smock – it was a decision she made, it wasn’t forced on her by a demanding, unsupportive husband – but as a departure from the idealised, self-sacrificing trope of motherhood in Bollywood, Jaya is keenly aware of exactly how much she has given up to play wife and mother. And every once in a while, she allows it to sting.

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