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Born in 1992, his rapid success in the electronic industry at such a young age was quite incredible. All Access Staging built custom, clear acrylic top carts with pre-loaded fixtures. It turns out not very much.

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PORTER ROBINSONIn 2010 an 18-year-old unknown named Porter Robinson began turning heads on the electronic dance scene for his spastic, high-octane production. Now Mr. Robinson is a star of electronic dance music, or E.D.M., but the sounds that appear on his first full-length album, Worlds” (Astralwerks), released on Tuesday, would no doubt be puzzling to many of his fist-pumping boosters. After several years of performing at bacchanalian festivals like Ultra and Electric Daisy Carnival, Mr. Robinson has rejected that mind-set and the head rush of adrenaline that currently dominates the scene. On Worlds,” he has opted instead for washes of gorgeous textures, contemplative storytelling and remarkably sharp melodies.

It turns out not very much. With the support of Goldenvoice, the promotion company behind the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Southern California, the first day of Second Sky sold out instantly. So they added a second day — and that one sold out too. Now Robinson, who this year was nominated for the best dance recording Grammy under his alias Virtual Self, is wondering where his ambition can take him next.

Whether you’ve been following him since you first heard “Spitfire,” when he had only 1,000 followers on Soundcloud, or if you fell in love with him during his Worlds live set, Porter Robinson has been able to make dance music history and touch our hearts in ways that we didn’t think were possible. And regardless of at what point throughout his career we found him at, there is one thing that’s for sure- that he has changed our lives.

I love Porter Robinson and his music, it was amazing to be able to see him live again. Madeon is wonderful as well, it been amazing watching him rise to fame. I remember when Madeon opened up for Lady Gaga in 2011, true talent there. Southside Ballroom is a HOT mess, emphasis on the word hot. I could NOT enjoy the event at all. It was like there was no air conditioning in the building, and when you have a thousand people in one room, you NEED air flow. Not to mention the venue looks like they haven’t finished construction. The show was COMPLETELY oversold, you literally had people falling on top of you the entire time, which seems inevitable, but I have been to many shows and concerts before and that is not normal. I really thought I was going to pass out because It was so hot and I could not move at all. I will never go to Southside again, but Porter Robinson and Madeon are amazing artists and people in general.

This ability would be on full display years later as the modern era of Porter Robinson began. In an interview with Billboard , he described his drastic shift in sound, straying from electro. “I genuinely don’t want to be playing electro bangers anymore, but when I do change the style of my show into the live thing I’m going to do later this year, I want the shift in focus to be clear,” he said.

2017 is one of the more intriguing years in Porter Robinson’s career. As fans await new material from the EDM mega-star, ominous tracks and visuals begin popping up on his social sites. As the year rolls on, it becomes clear that Porter is reinventing himself as Virtual Self This all builds to a fever pitch starting with his release of the track, ‘ Eon Break’ Just before the year’s end, he hits fans with a debut Virtual Self performance in Brooklyn. As this is a defining moment in the man’s career, it goes without saying that it belongs among the best of Porter Robinson.

He has successfully been able to convert feelings into sounds, which is something that is not only difficult for a producer to emulate, but is rare to physically possess the ability to do so. Porter has a gift; he invades our minds with his music. There is some sort of element in his music that our heart just naturally feels so connected to once we hear it, as if he peered into each of our souls and knew what would fuel it. We feel euphoric, we feel happy, we feel spiritually balanced and just whole.

Throughout his career, Robinson has constantly evolved and elevated his artistic vision in search of his next creative challenge and his new sound. Here, DJ Mag gathers the key moments and releases that have defined Porter Robinson.

A: I don’t know exactly what a concept record means. I think the record is definitely about something. And I’ve said this so many times, so pardon me if it sounds rehearsed or something. But to me, “Worlds” is meant as kind of an appreciation of fiction and stories and escapism and fantasy. The whole album to me is directly channeling my nostalgia for games that I played growing up. Video games specifically. And anime. And movies. It doesn’t have this real place in reality. It has its roots, I think, in the ideas of fiction – particularly the most fantastical kind of fiction. That’s why you kind of hear sci-fi elements throughout it and fantasy elements throughout it. I use instrumentation from N64 videogames. I’d say the album isn’t a story itself but is instead about stories.

Fueled by his love for anime and Japanese culture, 2014’s Worlds served as a nostalgic journey using melodies that provoked true emotion. As for his live show, his Worlds Tour” featured Robinson singing, playing synthesizers, and triggering samples. The authentic beauty from both the album and live performance would lead to Robinson attracting an uber-fanbase across the globe.

Madeon first came to global attention with his gamechanging video and track Pop Culture” in 2011. Early last year, he released his highlyanticipated debut album, Adventure, which spawned the singles You’re On,” co-written with Jimmy Napes (Sam Smith, Disclosure), and Home.” Having sharpened his live skills as an opener for Lady Gaga and with sets at Coachella and Lollapalooza, Madeon launched two tours in support of A dventure: Adventure Live and the Pixel Empire Tour.

Yeah, it’s very 2015, I guess. The company that I worked with on the tour visuals were called ILN — Imaginary Light Network. It’s one guy, and he has artists all around the world who will do the first frame, or build a reference illustration; he has other people who are animators, and none of them have met each other ever. And that blew my mind. Like, I went to New York, and I felt a little bit naïve: I met the guy, the head of ILN, and I was like, “Where are the offices? I want to meet everybody.” And yeah he’s never met any of them, he doesn’t know any of them. It’s very modern, and a little sad. I had in my mind this little community in this office where people were working together exchanging notes, and that wasn’t real at all. But you would never know it from the result.

In 2014 I launched Worlds Live, it’s something that I worked on and made a long time ago. It’s something my fans have a strong affection for. A lot of people really want to see that show exactly as it was several years ago. It’s something that they idolize, they could probably say it better than me, but they really have come to revere this specific show.

In 2014, Porter releases his debut album, Worlds Then, he proceeds to change the game as he embarks on the Worlds Live Tour where he incorporates live instruments, DJ’s, and even sings during his sets. Indeed, some of those performances deserve honorable mention in this ‘best of’ list. However, in 2015, before dropping Worlds Remixed, he returns to his roots and performs a string of DJ sets. This killer set from Tattoo in Toronto is a dynamite example. Some die hard Porter fans might not even know about this little gem of a set.

Elsewhere festival-goers were invited to write a postcard to themselves from the festival that could either be delivered immediately after the festival ended or a year later. It was a small touch that you might’ve missed it you weren’t brave enough to make it past the massive merch lines, but was there nonetheless. The day actually started out with a 30-minute set from Robinson as Virtual Self, a choice intentionally made to ensure more people made it out early and would then stick around to watch the bands they might not have been already familiar with.

In 2011, Robinson signed with OWSLA, a record label run by Sonny “Skrillex” Moore. As his first release for the label, Robinson created Spitfire, an extended play that helped make him a household name. The following year he produced “Language,” a song that took over the charts. In 2014, he released Worlds, his debut album, under the Astralwerks label.

Porter Robinson is an American electronic music producer and singer. He is known for coining the term ‘complextro’, a portmanteau of ‘complex’ and ‘electro’ used to refer to the intricately detailed style of house music as popularised by his Spitfire EP (2011). He drastically changed his sound, moving in a more indie electronic direction for his debut album, Worlds in 2014.

Making Worlds was an intriguing challenge for him. A huge part of my work has always been this effortful, expedited self-discovery,” Porter says. The first track he recorded for Worlds, the voluminous, ethereal Divinity Made,” was born of his seemingly impossible self-challenge to write a song that was beautiful, loud, yet vintage-sounding. That, in turn, calibrated the overall aesthetic for Worlds, for which he also recruited several relatively unknown vocalists.

Riding a wave of critical praise and fever-pitch online buzz driven by the duo’s fanbase, the shimmering electronic-pop single shot to #1 on Spotify’s Viral Chart (Global and U.S.), #1 on HypeM, and has since been streamed more than 10 Million times over the course of four weeks.

If you’ve already arranged your Porter Robinson tickets, consider attending a Madeon concert or Dillon Francis performance. I’m really controlling and obsessive with my music, videos, festival presentation, with every project I do I like to control the multimedia as much as I can.

Only sharing 3-D art and cryptic messages after the initial October announcement, Robinson saw his fanbase and, indeed, the entire electronic community begin to buzz about Virtual Self. He would go on to release a second single, Ghost Voices,” a glistening groover that Robinson categorized as Neotrance.” Then in late November, the five-track Virtual Self EP surfaced. Next, he unveiled Virtual Self live, with a smashing performance at a Brooklyn warehouse a week later.

Isn’t Porter Robinson one of the bigger names in the EDM scene?” Given how quickly he rose from prominence (remember, his Spitfire EP was the first release on Skrillex’s OWSLA imprint back in 2011, and he’s had chart-topping singles in the UK), yes. But with the release of his debut album Worlds just a couple months away, Porter Robinson’s shedding the glitz of EDM in favor of more personal, deeper music.

A young kid fresh out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Porter began producing at the age of 13, and devoted his life to perfecting his craft. Fast forward to 2011, where he released his iconic 11-track Spitfire album, following the release of his 2010 hit single “Say My Name” and later in 2012 Language ” was born.

The second single from Porter Robinson ‘s debut album Worlds , Sad Machine” is the first track where we get to hear Porter singing. It’s a duet with the virtual singer (Vocaloid) AVANNA and marks a new direction in Porter’s music.

More broadly, the advice that I’d give to up-and-coming musicians is that they should avoid feeling like they have to do what everyone else is doing. One, it’s devoid of art just copying people. It can help you to learn to write music by emulating other people. But to try to succeed through copying just doesn’t work. I don’t think it’s possible to become significantly successful through just imitation. So I would just say focus on having your own style. Even if it sucks at first, it’s better to try to be unique than it is to emulate. I know I spent years and years copying and it never benefitted me.

At age 26, Porter Robinson already stands as one of America’s greatest, most ambitious producers of his generation. From his humble beginnings as a self-taught bedroom producer, Robinson has risen to a level of creativity and artistry all his own, continuously challenging the electronic status quo and transforming his sound over and over again.

A: Oh, certainly. I mean, the track order was very deliberate and I definitely wanted people to hear it in order. I’m so grateful for people to listen to my music, no matter what. But I’d rather someone listen through the whole album for free than just buy one of the songs, if that was the choice. It’s hard to avoid the temptation sometimes and some albums are just loaded down with filler. Not to say that mine is this perfect album or whatever. But I wanted each song to have its own place and they were all meaningful to me in some way.

To capture the immersive spirit of ‘Worlds’ in a concert setting, Robinson launched a live tour in 2014, which saw him abandon the DJ decks in exchange for live instrumentation via real-life synthesizers, triggered samples and his own vocals. Robinson, who took home the Best Live Act title at DJ Mag’s inaugural Best of North America Awards in 2017, teamed up with creative studio Invisible Light Network to produce a multidimensional visual universe that combined anime, pixel art and Tumblr-inspired computer programming. Rather than making flashy animations or abstract art, Robinson and co. created alternate realities that featured animated characters and interconnected storylines that explored love, longing and adventure and reinforced the themes of fantasy, escapism and nostalgia heard on ‘Worlds’. While it was Robinson’s debut live trek, the Worlds Live Tour elevated the artist from DJ button-pusher to creative visionary and helped raise the bar for live electronic music.

i make electronic music and i’ve been doing that since i was 12. i spent the last four-something years being on tour and DJing a lot. Over the past year, Porter Robinson has grown to be synonymous with the word prodigy” and he has become a sort of phenomenon in the electronic music community.

The collective effect feels almost weightless. However, notes Porter, making music is so hard for me, because I like subverting the status quo. I get bored easily — I like new ideas.” And, as he would soon learn, laying down those tracks was merely the first phase of his renewed artistry. The music was meant to be evocative of imagery. The whole theme of the album was this sense of escapism, an homage to imagination.” So that’s how he’s presented it live.

During his career, Porter Robinson has performed live at numerous famous venues, including the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, the Theatre at Madison Square Garden in New York City and Metropolis in Montreal. Robinson has also made powerful remixes of songs by Lady Gaga and Avicii.

In 2016, He released the single Shelter” with electronic artist Madeon Both being very close friends for a long time, they went on a North American tour, which would expand to a European tour with stops in Japan and Australia. The Shelter Tour ended with the last stop being Coachella 2017.

While he has experimented with many genres and has written music under many monikers, including Bloodsphere, Audiomission, and Antigon Moore, Robinson’s journey truly begins with Ekowraith. As Ekowraith, Robinson released high-energy hands up music, an offshoot of Eurodance, which combined his passion for video game culture with his newfound love for electronic music. ‘Booming Track’, his debut single as Ekowraith from 2008, which he released when he was just 15 years old, sounds like a playable track off the Dance Dance Revolution soundtrack. It’s a fitting tribute, as DDR and other rhythm games, like Beatmania, were Robinson’s intro to electronic music.

The thing with Skrillex is that he’s an example of someone who’s massively successful without ever selling out. All he did was make the music that he loved and millions of people got on board, as opposed to other electronic musicians who just pander to the mainstream pop audience. He never pandered. He only did whatever it is that he wanted, and I have enormous respect for him for that.

It helps, of course, that Robinson has been singularly obsessive when it comes to the look and feel of all things Worlds — as he describes the process of designing his acclaimed live show and all the album art, it starts to sound less like an album and more like a big-budget film or video game. On the week of the release of Worlds (Remixed) I spoke to Robinson from his home in Chapel Hill, NC about his collaboration with Aguado, finding inspiration on Tumblr and other virtual communities, and the pros and cons of being your own art director.

Because I was not coming from that culture, it freed me up from a lot of constraints that D.J.s have imposed upon themselves, like referencing other people’s sets or letting a song ride out for a long time. I was definitely among the first electro-D.J.s to mix super fast: one break, one drop, and you’re out and on to the next song. Now that’s like every D.J. set.

The theme of Worlds” lends itself to grandeur: The album was inspired by his passion for MMORPGs – massively multiplayer online role-playing games – and his reaction when some he favored ended suddenly when servers were shut down. Robinson participated in two that are now defunct -Star Wars Galaxies” and City of Heroes.” The characters and settings with which he engaged, once so vivid and planted firmly in his mind, are no more.

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