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I put together a list of people I would like to see, who I’m really listening to that I think my fans might enjoy and who are able to put together a festival-size live performance — and I sent that to my managers.

porter robinson shelter vinyl – Fellow Feeling (Crystalize’s Future Trap Edit)

PORTER ROBINSONWith more than 70K tickets sold in one month, Porter and Madeon have announced additional tour dates including The Theater at Madison Square Garden in NYC, a 3rd LA show at The Shrine Auditorium, Boston’s Orpheum Theatre, Seattle’s WaMu Theater, and more.

In 2011, Robinson signed with OWSLA, a record label run by Sonny “Skrillex” Moore. As his first release for the label, Robinson created Spitfire, an extended play that helped make him a household name. The following year he produced “Language,” a song that took over the charts. In 2014, he released Worlds, his debut album, under the Astralwerks label.

The project came together when video-streaming service Crunchyroll, which specializes in Japanese anime, reached out to him about collaborating on an original piece of animation. The opportunity fueled Robinson’s longtime love for storytelling. He says he’s written short stories before and didn’t hesitate at the chance to work on this project.

For Porter Robinson‘s Virtual Self Tour, creative director and lighting designer Ben Coker designed a stage where the light comes up—through the floor. All Access Staging built custom, clear acrylic top carts with pre-loaded fixtures. Browse through the staging drawings here.

The theme of Worlds” lends itself to grandeur: The album was inspired by his passion for MMORPGs – massively multiplayer online role-playing games – and his reaction when some he favored ended suddenly when servers were shut down. Robinson participated in two that are now defunct -Star Wars Galaxies” and City of Heroes.” The characters and settings with which he engaged, once so vivid and planted firmly in his mind, are no more.

In their open letter, Fair and Scroggins requested that Robinson and Goldenvoice publicly apologize and donate to the Multivrs is Illuminated to support their next festival, in addition to the name change. When they and their supporters commented on Robinson’s Multiverse Festival Instagram page to voice concerns about the name, hundreds of Robinson’s fans fired back. Some of them used racist and sexist language, and accused Fair and Scroggins of “making it about race.” “This is why no one takes LGBTQ shit seriously,” one user wrote.

This scene might have been obscure, but it did yield some big names: Madeon, who most recently scored production credits on Lady Gaga’s Artpop; and Cazzette, who were the first act signed to the recently-relaunched 4th & B’Way imprint. At the age of 15, Porter was making a name for himself under his Ekowraith alias. They weren’t major hits, but he started getting his tunes signed; YAWA Recordings released a trio of Ekowraith singles.

Riding a wave of critical praise and fever-pitch online buzz driven by the duo’s fanbase, the shimmering electronic-pop single shot to #1 on Spotify’s Viral Chart (Global and U.S.), #1 on HypeM, and has since been streamed more than 10 Million times over the course of four weeks.

The two met as teenagers on online music production forums, where they exchanged work and inspired each other. The two bedroom producers eventually found fame outside their home studios. It was only a matter of time before they came together to collaborate on Shelter,” which also saw the pair travel the globe as part of the Shelter Live Tour, which concluded this past April with an appearance at Coachella.

I don’t get feedback. For example, I don’t know if Lady Gaga has ever heard my remix. As far remixing huge pop acts, I don’t know if it’s something I’d do again. I don’t think I really benefited much from it. It was the kind of opportunity I looked at because remixing a huge, major pop act seems like a once-in-a-lifetime thing, but in the end, her fans just want to hear her music, and my fans don’t want to hear Lady Gaga especially.

The second single from Porter Robinson ‘s debut album Worlds , Sad Machine” is the first track where we get to hear Porter singing. It’s a duet with the virtual singer (Vocaloid) AVANNA and marks a new direction in Porter’s music.

Robinson: Absolutely – I really hate the idea of any potential source of stimulus being unused. That’s why I obsess so much over lighting, video, cover art, and music videos. I really want the experience to be firing on all cylinders. I really want to drown people in the look and feel of any given project.

DJ Times: What is the true inspiration behind this project? It seems to be reminiscent of late ’90s and early 2000s electronic-dance music. Robinson: Utopia” was a word that came up a lot when I was coming up with song titles and the sort of decorative, atmospheric text that you see a lot in Virtual Self visual art.

When I did Virtual Self, I considered not even telling people it was me. I really felt like I was making the music for myself and some of the people who were incredibly enthusiastic about some of the things I love from the early 2000s. To get a nomination for that completely blindsided me. I was ecstatic. I’m not going to lie — I was jumping around my hotel room for 20 minutes.

Even after the Virtual Self project’s debut performance, the electronic music world was left with questions as to what it all means and why it started… until now. In this DJ Times exclusive, Porter Robinson for the first time opens up about Virtual Self and the inspiration behind this enigmatic project.

i make electronic music and i’ve been doing that since i was 12. i spent the last four-something years being on tour and DJing a lot. Over the past year, Porter Robinson has grown to be synonymous with the word prodigy” and he has become a sort of phenomenon in the electronic music community.

Robinson began producing at the young age of 12 – his understanding of electronic music and studio fundamentals entirely self-taught. From the very beginning, Robinson was viewed as a prodigy, creating music that he called Complextro,” a simple word he created to put on his MySpace page as somewhat of a joke. Little did he know, his unique ability to add classically inspired melodies and complicated fills would lead to him catching the ear of Skrillex, who, by 2011, was on his own, well-documented, career trajectory.

While this collaboration is a first for the two artists, they have played a pivotal role in each other’s work over the past decade of their young careers, providing feedback—sometimes brutally honest—about each other’s solo work. This laid the groundwork for a successful partnership. Having first met on an internet message board a decade ago as young Daft Punk fans who wanted to produce music, Porter and Madeon have pursued distinct but coincidentally parallel careers to become electronic music creators of their own, each has emerged out of the electronic music scene to become crossover electronic pop powerhouses.PORTER ROBINSON

Around 2011, Porter Robinson’s career is just starting to take off. Early on, Porter Robinson garners the attention of Skrillex who signs him to his new label OWSLA. In 2010, he drops ‘Say My Name‘ which reaches #1 on Beatport. Subsequently, he releases ‘Language‘ which hits #1 on Beatport as well. This all leads to his mainstream breakthrough and infamous Language Tour. As a result, Beatport invites him to their offices to stream a live set. This mix includes both of those tracks plus ‘Unison,’ a cut off his Spitfire EP from the record deal with OWSLA. Therefore, it definitely deserves inclusion in any discussion of the best of Porter Robinson.

Yeah, it’s very 2015, I guess. The company that I worked with on the tour visuals were called ILN — Imaginary Light Network. It’s one guy, and he has artists all around the world who will do the first frame, or build a reference illustration; he has other people who are animators, and none of them have met each other ever. And that blew my mind. Like, I went to New York, and I felt a little bit naïve: I met the guy, the head of ILN, and I was like, “Where are the offices? I want to meet everybody.” And yeah he’s never met any of them, he doesn’t know any of them. It’s very modern, and a little sad. I had in my mind this little community in this office where people were working together exchanging notes, and that wasn’t real at all. But you would never know it from the result.

During his career, Porter Robinson has performed live at numerous famous venues, including the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, the Theatre at Madison Square Garden in New York City and Metropolis in Montreal. Robinson has also made powerful remixes of songs by Lady Gaga and Avicii.

Growing up in the sleepy town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Porter began producing music at the tender age of 13, having caught the bug from Dance Dance Revolution. Shelter: the Animation” is U.S. musician Porter Robinson’s debut in the world of anime.

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