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He seems to reinvent himself at every turn, fashioning his home base of Toronto—arguably the most diverse city in the world —into a sort of passport to roam the global musical zeitgeist and then deliver it back to his fans.

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PUSHA TWhile performing at the Danforth Music Hall for his first show in Drake ‘s hometown since their now-infamous feud began, fans started throwing drinks at Pusha. The Daytona” rapper picked his verse right back up as the two embraced in front of a crowd of thousands of fans. And of course, Pusha T’s response with Story of Adidon” has vaulted the feud into the stuff of legend — which itself helped lead to Scorpion.

That feud has remained in a weird stalemate during most of 2019, but Swift’s comments in this Rolling Stone cover seems to imply that West had direct involvement in Pusha’s feud with Drake. For what it’s worth, Pusha has literally said that the information came from Drake’s producer 40 However, it’s possible Pusha said that to take the speculation off of West (or that simply everyone knew and the information could have come from anywhere).

Drake’s credit is the world’s most strategic rapper. And he’s going to have to be every bit of that as he walks up to the release of Scorpion. In the Grammy-nominated Back To Back,” Drake rapped, I waited four days, n—-, where y’all at? But this time, Drake knows exactly where Pusha is — at his neck. He’s behind the eight ball of a diss record so personal, so revealing and already so acclaimed that he’s in need of a proverbial third-quarter explosion to rewrite his story.

Pusha-T entered the game in 1999 with his brother No Malice (Gene Thornton) as Clipse on The Funeral” from Exclusive Audio Footage. While the album was scrapped, this didn’t faze the pair, who went on to release Lord Willin’ , Hell Hath No Fury , and Till The Casket Drops in the space of seven years. In 2009, No Malice announced he had become a born-again Christian and couldn’t rap about his former lifestyle any longer. This forced Pusha to go solo.

Following the success of Lord Willin’, Clipse fell into a music industry vortex caused by one corporation, Clipse’s label Arista Records, merging with another corporation, pop music powerhouse Jive records. The relationship almost immediately proved sour, with Jive investing much more heavily in its pop stars at the time than in its urban artists”. This didn’t even come close to stopping Clipse, the group released mixtapes alongside Philly rappers Sandman and Ab-Liva as the Re-Up Gang. Eventually, Clipse would form Re-Up Records, the label that the duo released their seminal album Hell Hath No Fury on in 2006.

He is 41 now, and committed to the work, making canvases that look similar from far away but up close reveal a fluency in pointillist detail. On Daytona,” his fourth solo release — at seven songs totaling 22 minutes, it’s an EP masquerading as an album — he remains rigorous, declaiming with a severe voice salted with light gravel.

It’s enough that he’s calling his own shots now, industry-wise. Daytona is so named because the Rolex Daytona’s my favorite watch,” as Pusha told Vulture’s Craig Jenkins in May And I feel like me and Ye are letting the world see that this album is us having the luxury of time to create it.” No one piece of jewelry shines brighter than a firm release date.

Nike isn’t the only brand that’s partnering up with a video game company Adidas announced yesterday that it will be teaming up with Call of Duty and rapper Pusha T to release exclusive Ozweego sneakers.

Pusha was supposed to play the Rave in August, with hot new rappers Valee and Sheck Wes on the bill. Those two openers weren’t available for the makeup date, but Pusha offered something more inspired, and unexpected, with Phony PPL. The five-piece R&B band’s dizzying 50-minute set spanned from Elijah Rawk’s trippy, spacey guitar solo during “Cookie Crumble” to Aja Grant’s cool, jazzy keyboard solo near the end, where other members deservedly took a wine break.

Pusha’s Adidon” is a response to Drake’s recent, relatively sweet-tempered diss Duppy Freestyle ,” which is itself a response to the recent Pusha track Infrared ,” which is a response to the 2017 Drake track Two Birds, One Stone ,” which is a response to 2016’s HGTV ” from Pusha, which is a response to Drake’s 2013 Tuscan Leather ,” which is a response to Pusha’s 2012 track Exodus 23:1 ,” which extends a feud that dates back to the mid-aughts.

Pusha T loves the family business. Throughout Clipse’s 2002 debut, Lord Willin’, the Thornton brothers spun tales about the inner workings of the drug trade and their place within its lineage. Pusha’s brother No Malice eventually grew conflicted about the turmoil he enacted upon his friends and family and turned to Christianity, while Terrence only seemed to get more enamored by the life. From there, Pusha T’s stories of strategic manipulation grew and grew, along with his undying love for rapping about selling cocaine. So it’s not a total surprise when Pusha’s manager compares the Virginia rapper to Logan Roy (via Vulture), the cold, unflinching, patriarch of HBO’s Succession The two fictional men (yes, I believe Pusha T the rapper is as much a fictional character as Logan Roy) run their respective empires (a drug trade here, a media conglomerate there) with a similar kind of ruthlessness.

This backstory lends tonight’s show a celebratory atmosphere. Tellingly coming out to Tony’s Theme from Scarface, a stoic Pusha stands like a titan before triumphantly launching into If You Know You Know , a trap anthem with ticking hi-hats so infectious they have a crowd of British teenagers screaming back niche references about jailed US drug trafficker Big Meech’s penchant for bringing tigers to nightclubs.

Pusha T: That was a concern during that whole time. That was a concern. I always felt that I had rap album of the year. I always knew it. That was a bit of distraction in regards to me being able to campaign that from the day that I put out the album up until something like the Grammys. That was a bit of a distraction. We were sort of strategic about that. Very strategic on how we discussed it and what we talked about, because that wasn’t part of the album. That was extra credit.

On Friday, Pusha still looked ready for war, in all-black tactical gear with his braids tied back, but he was fighting an uphill battle. Like Scorpion,” Echostage has the ability to engulf: Even with a thousand-plus crowd, the venue can feel sparse, its energy dispersed.

Rap beef, in its highest forms, is a blood sport. It should go without saying that this war of words remains just that. But it does leave Drake in a precarious position. One in which a response, of some sort, is expected.

Complex magazine named Philadelphia one of the 15 best sneaker cities in the world , and on Thursday a shop in Old City was one of only two in-store locations where sneakerheads could pick up a highly-anticipated launch from rapper Pusha T.

The incident comes about a week after Pusha performed at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival with a F-k Drake” graphic projected onto a giant screen behind him. He later blamed a corny ass tech dude” for the blip.

Pusha’s dense, stellar, ego-stroking wordplay on “Numbers on the Board” was backed by his DJ’s sharp, old-school record scratches. Those annoying recorded vocals were thankfully nowhere to be heard when Pusha performed his scorching portion of “So Appalled,” a standout track from West’s classic “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album.

Pusha T’s Daytona , released on Friday, is 22 minutes of some of the best music of 2018, a tightly packed, seven-track brick of swagger and menace, flawlessly produced by a right-leaning microblogger In a year that has brought blockbuster rap albums the length of movies and blockbuster movies the length of baseball games , Daytona is that rarest of gifts: an intricately appointed and lavishly exciting work that actually leaves you wishing there was much more of it.

The Daytona” rapper picked his verse right back up as the two embraced in front of a crowd of thousands of fans. And of course, Pusha T’s response with Story of Adidon” has vaulted the feud into the stuff of legend — which itself helped lead to Scorpion.

Videos posted online showed several people on stage appearing to attack a person. On Twitter , Pusha-T said he wasn’t the one being attacked. Other videos of the moment show what appear to be Pusha-T’s bodyguards fighting back the attendees who rushed the stage. It is still not entirely clear what transpired on stage.

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